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Link Dump Fridays


A plate of gaming
Waits for your select tasting
Is it sweet or sour?

The best of the best
Will be treated to review
And the rest will rest

  • Loa and the Island Quest - Play as Loa as she goes back in time and explores an island and more in her quest to save the...universe?
  • Silversphere - Wait! No, come back! This isn't marble madness! Push crates and avoid danger to solve tricky puzzles. I like to think of it as if I'm some shiny robot dockworker on a crate pushing, puzzle solving rampage.
  • Wakerider - One of the winning entries from the DonationCoder Accessibility Game Coding Contest. DonationCoder challenged programmers to design accessible games that were either 1-switch (i.e. use only one key) or sound centric (no visuals necessary). In Wakerider, deftly pilot the boat around the course while making sure your wakeboarder in tow doesn't lose her balance.
  • Pandemic - Flash simulation game with eery similarity to DEFCON. Although, in this case you play a virus threatening to brighten the lives of little children, or wipe out the human or the other, I can't remember. Say, you look a little pale....
  • Islander Boys - What the game lacks in gameplay depth, it makes up for in pure production value and fun. Fun music, a singing chorus, coconuts, GIANT ENEMY CRABS, and well...some island flavor, make for an entertaining boat trip.
  • Save the Sheriff - Suffering from Snowdriftland withdrawal? This Mario inspired platformer puts you in the shoes of a heroic pig off to save the Sheriff. Rejoice in the pixilated goodness of the west!


Well I'm totally stuck on SilverSphere... Level 15 is making my brain go runny.

Anyone got any pointers or a walkthrough?


Pandemic is a great idea but the game is does not live up to the expectations, being just too linear. To kill off the world's whole population, you must

first reduce the visibility of your virus to 1

by switching off some of the lethality (like sweating etc.), otherwise the borders of uninfected countries will be sealed off, making it impossible to reach global infection;

then, when the virus has spread to all countries, increase lethality to the max and voila.



SilverSphere is a clever little game, and some stages can be quite tricky. There are 25 levels total. In case you're stuck at one but would like to try the rest, or forgot the password to a particular level, here are the level codes:

Level 1

"origin" - this one is the default choice, duh!

Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Level 7


Level 8


Level 9


Level 10


Level 11


Level 12


Level 13


Level 14


Level 15


Level 16


Level 17


Level 18


Level 19


Level 20


Level 21


Level 22


Level 23


Level 24


Level 25




i can only get 1991 pts. how do people score over 8000 points?

i agree, it's too straight forward.......


Pandemic is really a game with a good amount of potiential. I would have liked to have seen some more feedback (ie. country changing colors? a display of the points you recieved that day). But it seems it may have a somewhat deeper strategy then at first glance because as I could easily cause a viral armeggedon on my second try, achieving anything near a high score seems difficult.
My strategy was basically

Get the infection as high as possible, starting with airborneness, then once every country is infected, max out the leathality


your haikus are great
they bring a smile to my face
I am quite impressed



regarding "Loa and the Island Quest", I really hate games using the z-x-c keys! Why? I am german speaking, our keyboard is different, we got z and y exchanged on our keyboards because the letters happen much more differently in the german language.

When-o-when will such game designers finally learn, that not everbody has an english keyboard??


tottaly agree with you Grid


Some nice stuff here - Islander Boys, while incredibly easy, was great fun; loved the soundtrack, and it's somehow just such a joyful-feeling game... I played through it twice! I'd say it's my favorite of the bunch.
SilverSphere is a pretty good puzzler, I'm up to level 13 - will probably try and finish it tonight. It's a bit like Sokoban, but with some good twists.
Pandemic was pretty neat, though as people have already mentioned the basic strategy is pretty simple. It's fun eradicating humanity, but there isn't much replay value there.
Save the Sheriff I'd played before.. it's a pretty decent platformer, very Super Mario 3 graphics; I found the controls a bit too sensitive and "slidey" but you can get the hang of it.. got bored of it after a few levels though.
Loa didn't really grab my attention as anything special - played around a bit then I quit.
Wakerider was just plain annoying.


Uh, is it just me, or is Pandemic simply broken? When I play it, there's no way to infect Western Europe as it has no airports, water plants or anything else - just 80,000 people with no apparent connection to the rest of the world.

None of the other commenters mention this, and I'd think it would be fairly obvious. But I don't see how my browser could mess this up while the rest of the game appears to work perfectly. Anybody else see this?



You just have to wait. What I did was that I lowered the lethality that way it would be able to be spread via land mass before the borders were shut down. After that you ahve enough points the kill the whole population in a matter of a few months.


I named my virus "George W Bush"



I hit the giant enemy crab's weak point for massive damage. :O


Silversphere: Wow. Some levels are pretty tough. Definitely a good time-killer.

Loa and the Island Quest and Save the Sheriff: I'm not really a fan of these types of games, but neither of these seemed out-of-the-ordinary to me after the couple minutes I spent on them.

Pandemic: Yes, it's a little simplistic, but I can see my sadistic and strategically-minded self going back a few times until I find the key to the high score.

Wakerider: I've definitely played better games with the same concept.

Islander Boys: It's pure fun. Sometimes there's nothing more therapeutic than throwing harpoons at a giant crab.

Evilwumpus January 27, 2007 2:25 PM

Do you have to infect western europe before public transport is shut down, or can you do it after? So far, I've only been able to kill everyone but Western Europe.

Evilwumpus January 27, 2007 2:34 PM

Nevermind, Western Europe just fell. I got 5,736 points in 101 days. Hint: If the countries are about to seal themselves off, make sneezing the only symptom of the disease. This will make for an entirely nonlethal, but still infective virus.


Anyone else noticed, that Pandemic geographics are totally off. Eastern Europe goes into deep Asia! The Ural mountains beeing the border of europa are much further in the west, Europe ain't that big as this game wants us to think...


I love Save the Sherriff. It's cute game that doesn't last too long, has a little story line, and interesting levels. Fun!


i cant earn any points to spend in pamidemic! I dont even get how to play.


I have no clue what to do for level 16 of Silversphere. Anyone have any clues?


Level 16 had me smacking my forehead for not thinking of the solution earlier.

You have to:

Push the first box that blocks your way into the claw. Push the box: right, up, up, left, down till it's next to the claw then push it in(left).
Use the other two boxes to control the ice box. All three of them are needed to form a new path across the water to the vortex.

Hope that helps.
Level 17 annoys me.

Alex Hagen January 28, 2007 2:17 AM


Build a bridge

Thanks for the passwords Siamjai. I knew what I had to do on all the levels, but I did get tired of repeating them and dying over and over again.


Islander Boys, altoguh simple game concept has the greatest replay value, I even played through it 4 times. and recently I caughed myself humming their song while riding my bycicle! It got really a nice atmosphere and some pretty humor!


A list of symptom effects for Pandemic:

sneezing = infectivity + 3, visibility + 1
coughing = lethality + 1, infectivity + 2, visibility + 1
sweating = visibility + 1
fever = lethality + 1
weakness = lethality + 1, infectivity - 1, visibility + 2
vomiting = lethality + 2, infectivity + 1, visibility + 2
immune system = lethality + 2, infectivity + 3
swelling = lethality + 2, visibility + 2
anticoagulant = lethality + 1, infectivity + 2
hemorrhaging = lethality + 3, infectivity + 2, visibility + 2
organ failure = lethality + 4, visibility + 1
boils = lethality + 2, infectivity + 4, visibility + 3
necrosis = lethality + 3, infectivity + 6, visibility + 4

More to come later.

Evilwumpus January 29, 2007 5:24 PM

I love WakeRider! It's a great arcade game and you only need one button to play it!
Silversphere is also pretty cool.


I can't do anything in Pandemic.

Im clicking everything and nothing happens. The only things I can do is tick weakness or go to the next day. I cant gain any points, tick or untick anything else! Am I missing something here?


ok. dw, im stupid.

figured it all out. :-)


Silversphere: good idea, but no music apart from the annoying music between levels and the levels were tedious

Pandemic: Awesome fun, good music, only con was that you had to leave the upgrade screen for it to notice you had recieved more points

Islander Boys: Good music, fun simple gameplay, a good fun short game (felt sorry for the baby crabs though)

Coolbetti January 30, 2007 5:16 PM

Walkthrough for 15 - Just for Wasted!

Move the 2nd closest box to you down into the water
Move the other one down 3 and right 5
Walk clockwise around the path to be able to push it down into the water.
Walk down…
Move the next box in your path left 1 and up 9 (going over both boxes in the water)
Push it to the right into the water… (don't push it up!)
Push the last box right 5 and walk clockwise around the path to be able to push it back to the left and then maneuver it just like you did the last box and you will have a path to the top and into the vortex!

The trick is you have to do it FAST! Only 55 seconds!


Any hints on what to do in Silversphere level 20? I've been going over it and over it and have no idea what to do.


how do you play pandemic I have clicked everything and nothing really happens to I have to click and drag or what?


well that is easy my man , jst bring the box first downwords then move it again in the center when the yelloow will move , then u hav to blow that box with the other one stoping u to go from left midle towards down


omg, I spent half an hour on silversphere lvl 17, and then I stood on the vortex as it opened, and the game glitched and it didn't let me pass the level T_T!!

jackyeado February 3, 2007 9:16 AM

i need help with lvl 25 of silversphere

i cheated on the rest


hey guys i'm new here and i need help with lvl 16 of silversphere.

p.s. the directions above don't make any sense

() ()
(^ ^)


I enjoyed pandemic its addictive
you put the lethality right down to 1 and keep say, sneezing and you put the transmission on airbourne then you wait till it infects every country and then put all the lethality up and transmission. My virus was called Communism


Pandemic: In order to get uncheck boxes alread checked at start of game, you need to

earn enough points by killing people and spend them to take away symptoms instead of creating new ones.


pandemic is good i named mine anesta deacarobado
but theres 585,000 people but i got 584,999


get visibility to 1 not 0 1

use air and water born

get an infected person in every continant

then max it up and kill everyone


oh no
im stuck on lvl 25 on silvrshere
god any help

sean bond December 6, 2007 7:01 AM

cant figure out pandemic i cant seem to earn any points no matter wot i try

Murdoc Niccals January 14, 2008 10:25 PM

I just finished playing Pandemic… it's really easy if u know how to play… all you have to do is uncheck everything except sneezing, and then save up some points to fill up transmission, and then when all the countries are infected, crank up all the stuff to max, and you're pretty much done. It kinda reminds me of I Am Legend in the last days….



Pandemic: I cant seem to get under 85 days ... which gives a score of 6883 ... how the heck are people making 10,000+ ... on the all time high scores people are into the millions! ... if anyone has info, please post ... thanks and happy gaming!!



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