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Link Dump Fridays

John BeaverWe're sorry to announce that today's Link Dump Friday is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope you don't mind waiting. In the mean time, here are some other links to try.

  • Inward HelixInward Hellix - There are a lot of Internet riddle games to choose from. Several good ones have even been featured here on JIG before. Inward Hellix provides more style than most.
  • Le CourageLe Courage - an advergame (well actually a series of simple mini advergames) for a beer company but it has some stylish use of video. Note: You should be over legal drinking age in your country to play.
  • Reverse EngineeringReverse Engineering - It sounds complicated, and the interface doesn't really do it justice. Still, there may be a fun game in there if you take the time to wade through the muck.
  • Cryptic Movie TriviaCryptic Movie Trivia - A movie quiz with cryptic pictorial clues? Ahhh...Perfect Friday brain-food. It's another advergame, but nicely produced. (Thanks, Ms.45)
  • Dance OffDance Off - Upload a photo, pick a suitable background and music, and then create your very own dance. Just one of several PlayWidgets available from Large Animal. Note: you will be punished if you emulate the Macarena.
  • Mega HoopsUltimate Mega Hoops - Basketball is fun. Especially when the basket moves around. For some ultimate mega-fun, shoot some ultimate mega hoops.
  • School WarsSchool Wars - A simple real-time strategy game of territory supremacy on the school yard. Choose a color and then seek out the card suit symbols to occupy. Engage in battles to level up when successfully beating opponents. Another new game from Taro Ito.
  • Cart PlayerThe Cart Machine Simulator - A webtoy strictly for radio geeks who remember the days before iPods and digital audio when radio jingles were played out from satisfyingly solid carts. UK visitors may recognize old Radio One jingles from their childhood!

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Mat Annal of Nitrome for designing the smashing new banner for our Link Dump Friday feature that, had it not been postponed, we would be enjoying right now.

Normal service will resume next week.



I am outraged.. I am taking my business elsewhere...

wow.. I bet Harukio would have never delayed Link Dump friday..

How am I supposed to have a complete breakfast now?



For those of you reading thinking that I am a complete idiot, I would like to state on the record, that I am not an idiot. Thank you for your time :D
This reminds me--why do I stay up so late??


Because dear OH, JiGs is evil with the tempting you to stay up late ways. *nods lots*
And the Dance Off! Kinda want to post my widget of me dancing here *giggles*


I 2nd the idea of everyone posting a widget link of themselves dancing. A true Dance Off! :D

And we'll vote on the best one for a fabulous prize (let me rummage around the JIG studios for something fun to offer up).

Get your JIG on! \o/


Le Courage is fun :) I had a rough time with the third mini-game (protecting the barley from the storm) until i found out where to click :)

Ffirebrand October 19, 2007 6:26 AM

guys im having problems with the games on here i never used to but now when i click on any of them i get the quicktime player q up with a question mark

and the game wount load whats happened????? ive got the new version of quicktime player so any ideas?? love this site

cry cry FfireX


OK, I gave up - can't beat the final mini-game of Le Courage with that sun-stopping task...

Still it's a fun game and i love it.


I actually really like reverse engineering. The interface IS a bit clunky but it's actually quite rewarding if you figure out what to do.


OK, as for the last mini-game of Le Courage.

I found a walkthru and learned what I should do. Well, I had done it before, but it didn't help. Tried again and it didn't work. Or... The task is "to stop the sun" well...

it is NOT enough to stop the sun from plunging into the ocean until the timer reaces 0. I can do it, still the game goes. The trick is to

clickdrag the sun upwards. Thet'll kepp the sun up long enough. But, as I learned from the waklthru you must also bring it to the right where it can set behind the distant horizon - well, that damn sun just won't go right only a fraction and after some time it seems to stop responding to the click and drag altogether and falls into the water.

Compared to the other 4 mini-games this one seems to be very hard - even if you know what to do.

Pingcode20 October 19, 2007 8:18 AM

The last minigame isn't actually that hard once you figure out the trick. You don't *need* to keep dragging across, the sun just has a bit of inertia - Click on the sun, then drag the mouse past the upper right corner, and you'll make pretty significant progress. Don't bother with the sun needing to go into the horizon - once you've dragged it far enough to the top right it'll fall into the horizon on its own.


Hmmmmmm Reverse Engineering is a blatant rip off from the old Amiga Game clockwiser which I fondly remember playing (and you can still find it rehashed for the pc).
But still I do like these kind of puzzle games although it would have been better with a training section, So you didn't have to go through all the boring easy levels:)


School Wars is actually really old. The original was an .exe file I found a few years back, but I forgot where.
Wonder if anyone else knows?


regarding the final mini-game of Le Courage.

you have to click, hold and drag right up to the top right hand corner of the black - at the windows edge. and then let go, repeat.
It is easy once you you drag far enough.
once the timer runs out the sun sets and the game ends, this is why your clicks stop having an effect.

There is small bonus level once done.

I agree this level was far harder than the others and not at all intuitive.
(I only won the barely one by accident, did not even know what I had done until it told me)


P.S. I nearly fell off my chair once i'd seen this



I know that it's what I'm expected to do and belive me i was trying to do this, but the time was simply not enough for me :(

(The same was here with the barley level - beat it totally by accident :)))


don't get the lack of link dumped 'joke', either I'm really dumb or it's just not funny......


oh mannnnn, im stuck on inward hellix. and i'm only trying the tutorial... can anyone help me? i'm on lesson 7

Dyslexic Q-Thief October 19, 2007 12:02 PM

School Wars has more depth than at first glance, if you know the instructions. For some reason, they're in the download version and not the online one. Well, anyway, here's the relevant stuff:

Hearts heal their owner's dudes, but only if the dudes are sitting there.

Spades increase the amount of dudes their owner can have.

How dudes spawn your corner isn't random. Each player has a maximum amount of dudes, and everyone once in a while, if you have less than your maximum, you get a dude. How much your maximum is depends on your schools and your spades.

Which brings me to something that is not mentioned at all in the online version: school choice. Each school has it's own specialty:

Black: Average in everything.
Green: Terrible life and damage, but comes in massive hordes.
Purple: Great damage, but low life.
Yellow: Worst spawn rate and second worst damage, but has huge health.

Because of this, each school plays differently. The Yellows are only going to have a few dudes, but they will usually survive long enough to gain a large number of levels. They should retreat for hearts whenever they get too beat up. The Greens, on the other hand, should pretty much charge anything they see, as it's very unlikely that they will gain enough levels to be worth retreating with.

Other notes: You can make a box around a group of dudes to select them all. If you order dudes to attack a enemy dude, they will stop if that enemy dies. Increased dudes increases the speed at which territory is taken. Win by killing everyone else.


Thanks for that Dyslexic Q-Thief.

RedKlonoa - the download version of School Wars was created by the same person, Taro Ito of This Flash version was only just released, but you're right, the Windows-only version has been available for some time now.


Cryptic Movie Trivia is an advergame... for Magnum bars! _drool_

Oh WHEN can we get them in the states? Those are seriously the best ice cream bars known to man.



What do I do on tutorial three on Inward Hellix? I've been at this for a half an hour with GIMP and I still don't get it.

genius_advice October 19, 2007 3:30 PM

i can finish the tutorial
i'm stuck on level 4 =/



fiddle with the colour curves


Having trouble in Inward Hellix.
Can someone give a little hint for lesson 8???


Okay the movie trivia thing is driving me crazy. I know all of them but one:

the body builder guy standing next to the fan.

Anybody got a clue?

Big Daddy October 19, 2007 5:14 PM

If you know most of the movies... care to share via a spoiler?


Amy -

I was having trouble with that one too! I haven't tried this, but could it be

A Mighty Wind



I don't know that ether :(

But there are some more that i don't know, so you could help me with some spoilers:

- horse's head + whispering or gossiping
- ruler + two women
- kissing newlyweds + microphone
- spinning toy + revolver
- clock showing 4:50
- lubricating can or what

Wow, it's quite a lot, in fact that I don't know :(


bioLarzen - even I knew a couple of those...

The Horse Whisperer

Top Gun

9 to 5

Russell Scott October 19, 2007 5:47 PM

Inward Helix Walkthrough: Tutorial + 1

1st lesson:


2nd lesson:

(in source)


3rd lesson:

right click, "Save As", open in paint, and fill white


4th lesson:

IE: right click, "Properties", copy "Location" to url, and change to four.jpg
Firefox: right click, "view image", and change url to four.jpg


5th lesson:

in source, convert the numbers to letters by counting that many through the alphabet


6th lesson:

(in source)


7th lesson


(put each of the above into url)

(notice the letters on each page and put them together)


8th lesson

(in source)

right click, "save as", open in paint, and fill white

paint white over every other letter skipping first letter


(in source)

take first letter of each word in the first phrase, as illustrated in the other two phrases


(in source)

convert "flower" using the key



Level 1:


Stuck on Level 2


inwardhelix has got me stumped i cant get past 5 i cant view source aaaaaah i need my meds


After putting the letters together in level 2,

"dont go out please"

was one of the phrases. Still looking for more...


bioLarzen: the kissing newlyweds and the microphone is

The Wedding Singer

. I've not seen the others that haven't been answered.

The one with the fan isn't A Mighty Wind - I don't know what it is, either. Hard!



This is what I got on those:

- horse's head + whispering or gossiping= Horse Whisperer
- ruler + two women= Little Women
- kissing newlyweds + microphone= The Wedding Singer
- spinning toy + revolver= Top Gun
- clock showing 4:50= 9 to 5
- lubricating can or what= Grease

Emma: I thought it was "A Mighty Wind" too... made me so made when it said I was wrong!


right up to level 2 inwardhelix went to some strange simons riddle site and used paintbox filled in colour but couldnt quite get it i am tired


For Inward Helix:

Level 2:

First, you need to "turn the light on" by adjusting the brightness of the image...You should then get a circle around a spot, along with a message "Light is here". Then click on that spot.
URL for Level 3:


Thanx everyone for the titles.

I knew some of the titles, but some were totally unfamiliar :(


disco monkey! wheee.

this thnig is fun. it's a shame we can't upload our own music, I would totally have Night Fever.


I got a few of them for the movie trivia:

eggs/toast etc.+golf club=breakfast club

graduation hat+diploma=the graduate

married couple kissing+microphone=the wedding singer

tin can=grease

spinning top+handgun=top gun

horse head+whispering person=the horse whisperer

head w/ hair+spray bottle=hairspray

frying pan+golf hole+tomatoes=fried green tomatoes

4 wedding rings + a casket=4 weddings and a funeral

musical note+book=the notebook

2 mermaids on a rock=mermaids

england flag+guy on crutches=the english patient

clock at 5:51=9 to 5

ruler+2 women=little women

eiffel tower+lips=french kiss

martini glass w/ drink=cocktail

laundry basket+ballet dancer=dirty dancing


A few more:

exit sign+windmill=gone with the wind

judge's mallet+marilyn monroe=legally blonde

guy doing cannonball into water=splash

genius_advice October 20, 2007 6:05 PM

For Inward Hellix

Level 5:

View Source will give you the answer...


View Source again will give you a hint...


Does the picture look similar to another?

Comparing/overlaying descend.jpg with oneway.jpg gives...


Level 6:

View source...

Hint: Telephone numbers/letters...

Notice that the first number pad only has numbers from 1 - 3? Why's that...?

Second number pad gives the order...


Hint on Level 7 anybody?


Grrr, the movie trivia annoyed me...

the union flag is NOT the English Flag!


for Helix . . . Level 7

basic hint:

look at the source code

little less basic:

the comment about "7th after 6th" indicates that there is a . . . group of things with seven of something where normally there would be six.

key point:

When you find the thing with 7 instead of 6 . . . don't try to take the 7th off, don't try to put it with something else. Use it AS IS (other than no Caps.


Check the Hex values for the text colors. Each of these has 6 . . . except the one that does not. Do note that the 7th digit is not a hex value. copy it and put it in the URL - whole - just no caps. This is not the ANSWER, but it will give you a new page with the bigger clue to the answer. It will tell you what to do with what you just found.


For those who got their JIG on and posted a link of themselves dancing with the Large Animal PlayWidget, send me an email with a shipping address. I've got a T-shirt and a You Don't Know Jack trivia game for you. :)


exit sign+windmill=

gone with the wind

This one forced me to quit twice then look here for the answer. As soon as I read it I went: Oohhhhh! Yea--- Wait! That doesn't make sense!


Ok, weird little thing. I opened up two tabs, one for Reverse Engineering, and the other for Inward Hellix. So the music from both started playing simultaneously. It wasn't until I closed one of the windows that I realized it was two different songs. Anyway, they sounded good together.


I'm stuck level 4 of Helix.

There's something about the left hand on keyboard, but I can't guess what are the letters corresponding to 7 1 1 3... even on an english keyboard.
. A A D ???


Finally, I figured out level 4 by myself but I gave up at level 7, in spite of Orion explanations.

I put the hex value of text color in lower case, but it doesn't work.

And it seems impossible to continue the game from the level where I stopped yesterday )))-:


argh! It makes me want to scream! I can't beat the School Wars game. It seems impossible! Does anyone have a stratagy for winning it?

BrokenFixer October 26, 2007 4:05 PM

School Wars:

There is a long strategy post by Dyslexic Q-Thief about twenty posts up.

When your dudes sit on a Spade long enough, it turns to your color, and your maximum army size increases (additional dudes eventually spawn at home base). But once a Spade is controlled, wake your dudes up and move them to the next Spade.

Keep your entire force in one or two large groups. Your large army can very quickly kill the computer's straggling threats, so that your dudes spend most of their time productively seated on enemy-controlled suit squares.

Large armies can also be micromanaged effectively on Heart squares: your healthy dudes can form a protective front so that wounded dudes spend as long as possible seated (allowing them to heal) before waking up.

Since it is a four-player free-for-all, it is easiest to let the computer players beat each other up for you. Unless you're trying to level up your dudes, there usually isn't any point in fighting a grand melee close to the enemy spawnpoint - go steal unoccupied Spades and suffocate the computer players instead. Avoid fighting over territory that the computer players seem fixated on - I always found plenty of uncontested spaces to steal.

Anytime the computer sends invaders to try to recapture my controlled Spades, I'll send a dude to "wake up" the enemy sitters and lead them off my territory.

Likewise, try to keep control over your army whenever they're not actively converting a square. If you stop paying attention for too long, an enemy dude will draw them off and cause them to sit somewhere useless.

Whenever a new dude spawns at your home base, click the minimap to find them, click to activate them, click the minimap to find a good incursion point, and click to send them to that square.

When attacking, clicking on enemy dudes is usually counterproductive, since once that enemy dies, your units will sit uselessly in place. Instead (similar to Starcraft) attack the relevant ground square beyond the enemy, and your dudes will enter combat automatically.

Play as Black rather than Green so you don't have to micromanage as many dudes. In my experience, it is much easier to persecute Purple or Yellow first, and avoid mixing it up with Green. The enormous Green armies constantly wake up the other opponents, bogging down their expansion. On the other hand, 1-vs-1 the Green opponent poses no threat, since their feeble dudes are just xp fodder.


Inward Helix Level 3 Question:

I got glad as the answer, but it doesn't work. What does "What type are you?" mean?


Wow! I just figured out School Wars on my own (except for the spades part and the advantages/disadvantages of the schools) without reading the VERY helpful comment about it posted here by Dyslexic Q-Thief. I tried playing green, but I noticed their health was bad and wasn't paying attention to the spawn rate. I then played yellow and after losing a few, I actually won one.

My main strategy was to try to capture hearts when feasible (i.e. they're close together or no other enemies are around yet) and use them as "outposts" to where my dudes can retreat to and heal. And while I send out one group of dudes to fight, another group is resting up (and a few are marking territory or guarding hearts I already own). Then when the first group has low health, I send them to an "outpost" while the other guys fight. Rinse, repeat, and have fun!

If the graphics were spruced up, and maybe even some tasty powerups added in, I think this game would be AWESOME (except that it promotes schoolyard violence, but that's nothing compared to some other games out there...).


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