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JohnBOctober is almost here, and you know what that means! It's time to celebrate Apple Day! Yes, the holiday everyone looks forward to all year long is finally near. Now you can eat as many apples as you like without worrying about people teasing you. And if you live in Japan you're doubly lucky, as Health and Sports Day is also in October, making sure you'll be in top condition to burn off that apple fat at the end of the month.

  • slingjr.gifSling Jr. - Hooray, more Sling! The folks at Ezone have excreted another goo-throwing game based on the original Sling. Just as addictive as the original, though it's awfully short...
  • gravitee.gifGravitee - It's golf. But it's in space! Kind of an odd game to wrap your head around, you're trying to punt the ball through the ringed planet. Unfortunately each planet has its own gravitational pull, so it's never just a straight-shot to the goal.
  • hex1.gifHexiom - An interesting but not-quite-original puzzle game where you shift shapes around the board and place them next to each other. The number on the top indicates how many sides should touch another shape. The later levels get pretty tricky.
  • dungeonbanner1.gifDungeon Banner Escape - A banner room escape game in the style of Babarageo STG Banner and Rob Allen's banner game. Use the arrows at the bottom to move, and click around to get more information and to collect items. Pay special attention to stones that change color when you click them.
  • FeudalismFeudalism - A rather complex RPGish game of amassing an army and conquering the world, one city at a time. Includes lots of weapons, skills, magic, and a variety of units to control.
  • The BattleThe Battle - Somewhat similar in gameplay to the previously mentioned Feudalism and Bowmaster Prelude except with heavy artillery. Wipe out the enemy and their fortress by amassing an army using limited resources. Protect your oil well as that is your only source of income.
  • Ocean ExplorerOcean Explorer - The only shooting you'll do in this game is of the photographic kind. Venture into the depths of the ocean to find rare fish to take pictures of. The latest game from John Cooney and Armor Games.
  • Stunt Bike Draw 2Stunt Bike Draw 2 - It's like a glossy version of Line Rider with gameplay attached, except Jay couldn't even complete the first objective. But don't let his incompetence prevent you from trying.


The banner dungeon escape is weak. Weird puzzles at first, then easy puzzles. I liked Sling Jr. and the Stune Bike game more!


ocean explorer is fun, but much to short.


The Battle is pretty fun, I just wish it remembered my progress between browser sessions.

On a related note, I wish the Lost Vectors guy would hurry up with his sequel to Bowmaster.


i came into a glithch in feutalisum where one of my men was flashing and his score was nan when i sold him i got nan cash aka unlimited it was wicked


I keep coming across a glitch in Feudalism. After a short while playing, I can't get money any more. Every time I go to collect money from completing a quest, I just get the options for asking for a new quest and looking at my stats instead of the 'well done' speech.

Anyone else having this problem?


How do you start quests in Feudalism? I accept them and then nothing happens.

Steven Johnson September 28, 2007 4:28 PM

Gravitee is quite fun. While I finally passed the first objective on Stunt Bike, it is far to difficult to be any fun.


Well, in the Stunt Ride game I'm definitely better than Jay because i could solve the first level - heck, even the second :), but the third one... impossible :)


Well... I got thru that level right after I submitted this previous comment :)

A nice little game, shame it's only a handful of levels (5 or 6 altogether), but I'm pretty sure 15 levels of this would be boring...


Gravity is a huge idea and a very enjoyable game! My only side note is that sometimes it seems unneccessarrily long time before the game decides the ball is out of play. Some seconds ago it took more than 15 seconds...

Apart from this minor problem it's a fun game.


Sorry for the flood, but I have to share this: the very first "level" in Gravity. I try a shot, seems a bit too strong - the ball rockets past the blue target-planet and out of the screen. The arrow sowing the direction of the ball slowly runs along the top screen border to the right. Then starts to run down the right screen border, reaches the right bottom corner. From there the arrow runs along the bottom border to the left and almost reaches the bottom left corner before the ball reappears on the screen, flies past the starting planet, recocheting on the target planet then bouncing back on it and making it through the hoop - a hole in one with a ball around 20 seconds off-screen, flying almost all (literally) around the screen :)))))))) Now, if that's not the luck of the century then what is? :DDD

I wish this game had a replay or a save function...


Here's a screenshot - it says I took 1 shot and the putt distance is 2208 km's :)))

And now I'm really out of here :)))


Hexiom is pretty entertaining. Though it might not be very original, it's nicely implementing and has a nice learning curve, not too steep. I managed to complete all levels but four, but I'm definitely coming back for the random levels.

Sling Jr is much too short. Though I'm glad I played it since I saw the demo for Sling fire, and that's gonna be good.


Woo! I won at The Battle with a score of NaN!


Yeah, so how do you do quests in Feudalism? I click accept quest and then nothing happens. I can't figure out where to go to do this quest... anyone?


The hardest thing in The Battle is saving up money for research, but it gets all too easy once you get to a level with a gun turret near the enemy HQ.

You can simply kill all the enemy units on that level EXCEPT the turret, then pull back your forces and wait for the money to pour in. You can easily develop all technologies to the max in just one level. No more problems with research funds ;)

After that, it's all fun and games.



you have to go to the map view and select the town they told you to go to, get there (occasionally fighting rogues on the way) and then click on the city hall of that town, they'll then pay you. If you have to fight rogues for them, once you go into the map view, you'll see a mountain with a flag. You have to head there and fight the rogues there, as well as any on the way there and back, then head back to the town you got the quest from in order to get paid.


"Stunt Bike Draw 2 - It's like a glossy version of Line Rider with gameplay attached, except Jay couldn't even complete the first objective. But don't let his incompetence prevent you from trying"

I beat the first couple levels, but i couldnt beat the one with two cacti and trucks


I got an error playing Feudalism, after a random fight with rogues, I clicked continue on the victory screen before it finished tallying the gold/exp. It would then flash between the map screen and the victory screen, but I couldn't do anything after that. Oh well, I was getting bored with it anyways.


bj8rn: The Battle is pretty easy with this strategy:

  • Use your base's cannon (click on the background) for all assassination of enemy units.

  • Right out of the gate, pay for two or three or four Gun Men. These units will man the oil wells and turrets. Manning the oil wells is especially important, since money will flow in more quickly if the wells are staffed. (You can just click the Gun Man button four times-they queue up.)

  • While saving up money, just kill all their units with the cannon. Don't worry about their base. Destroying the base gets you bonus points, but you can't spend points, so don't waste the money.

  • Buy all the weapons upgrades. These buff out your base cannon.

  • After your cannon is fully upgraded, and you've saved up enough money plus some spare cash to keep firing the Laser Cannon, buy the naval upgrade.

  • On all future levels, launch one or two battleships right after the Gun Men. These units will take care of the base.

Enjoy your victories.


A scorecard of 46 is good for 9 holes of golf, isn't it? Isn't it? And that includes a hole in one ;D Great fun but I'm completely useless at it, and loving it.


the battle scene for Feudalism is really bad. You have a spell to heal all troops, but there's no way to tell how badly they are injured. And I'm not sure whether I'm just trying to hit too many keys at once or what, but my guy locks up and won't move, and the troops go and kill all the enemy before I even get anywhere near them. That makes it pointless to upgrade my weapons and armor... just buy lots of reserve troops and send them in to die... the men are cheaper than weapons :|


charmander: I found it a lot more involving (and fun) to let all my stupidly unhelpable troops die off, then buff myself until I could take towns single-handedly. That way I actually got a piece of the action. Though I must say some of the special equipment combinations you can get are rather unbalanced... for example, two pieces with saintly * of priesthood or somesuch + one piece of mysterious * of death makes for a lot of one-hit-kills. ;)

In regards to the above, for certain stat increases you don't need the item that causes the change equipped.. ;)


biolarzen: are you sure about the number of levels? i played till level 7 (and obviously couldn't beat it). it's the one where you have to jump onto the conveyor belt on the right and then go all the way up. anyone who has completed that level, do you mind posting how you did it?


ocean explorer was really fun. (i think it was the fact that i love fish!) or maybe because i kept getting good scores ;D


Biolarzen, I had a similar experience in the second level. I managed to hit the ball completely around the outside of the screen, eventually coming to rest on the hoop planet. Unfortunately, it didn't go through... oh well, better luck next time!
I got a hit distance of 2725km, ha ha.


I played feudalism fora while,

Review: Forget it, its just tooo buggy, I hit on a half a dozend bugs at least.

No really, its just not yet ready for public.


In The Battle, something went kablooiee, Flash hung, my browser said "wanna kill this?". I said no, then when it asked again after a while, I said yes. In the meantime the game was hung, I couldn't do anything.

When I said yes, it went into a display loop -- I still couldn't do anything, no one died, no one moved, they just kept shooting. And, the enemy fortress, which was on screen, kept looping through a transformation into a robot!

I think it got hung at some point just as the enmey got destroyed.

Firefox on Ubuntu Linux, fairly new version.


Here's a screenshot showing the transformed fortress:


I actually really liked Stunt Bike 2. For whatever reason, I made it to the fifth level the first time. There's a lot more beyond that as well--spiked platforms you have to safe by hitting balloons, double jumps, moving conveyor belts, bombs.

It's more of a puzzle than an action game, but the cheerful graphics, peppy song and encouraging words from the marquee made me smile. Call it a good coffee break game.


I'm fairly suprised... I beat Stuntbike 2 with only a few setbacks...

I'm not that good...



it's interesting... I played Stunt Rider until it had a "congrats, you won" screen - or something to that effect :) and didn't go to any next level. I had no level with a conveyor belt - that's for sure...


argh. I'm stuck on Dungeon Banner Escape...

I have access to 3 floors (all 3 possibly, can't see any more doors as of yet) and all I have is a rusty can full of water. I've clicked on nearly every single inch of this place and I can't see anyhting I can either use the can with, change or collect :/

anyone able to help?


ahaaaa.... I found a


inside the painting on the third floor

now to see what I can do with what I found inside...


Walkthrough for Dungeon Banner Escape:

go around the first room and click on all the stones in the top-right corners that are light grey. Once they have all turned into a colour that is almost the same shade as the wall, one of the stones on the wall will have flipped open revealing a piece of metal. Pick it up.

turn to the screen that has a very dark stone with 7 lighter stones round the edge. Press the stones that are at the 12, 1 and 7 o'clock positions (roughly). The dark stone should break in two and fall down.

While on the same screen, click on 'Items' at the bottom of the screen. Click the piece of metal then click on the broken stone. The metal should be sharpened.

Go to the screen with the locked gate on it. Items > piece of metal > click on the gate. It will open.

go up to the next floor by clicking on the 'up' arrow in the same place where the arrows you use to move around the room are. move left, then click on the chain on the very right of the screen- a rusty can should appear, pick it up.

go down a floor. find the screen where the water is dripping down into a puddle then use the rusty can with the water to fill it up.

go up to the third floor. go to the screen with the painting, click on it, then use the can full of water on the grass of the enlarged picture- a key should be revealed, which you should pick up.

go right 1 screen, use the key to open the chest and retrieve the hammer.

go down to the first floor, find the screen with the crack in the wall and smash it down with the hammer. grab the crystal in the hole.

return to the third floor. find the door with the strange indentation in it. does the shape look familiar? it should, because you just picked the final piece of the puzzle up. Stick the gem in the slot, click on the open door and enjoy your freedom :)


...Came across a HUGE glitch in Feudalism. After dying, my unit somehow "won" and received "NaN" exp and "NaN" gold along with like 1208, then 5416 weapons, all doubling each time the "winning" screen appeared (like 20 times)....

Finally, I received a battle, where I somehow have 100000 hp and two main characters, with one main character constantly changing between nations and items and appearance...I can't control either character, and I can't die....What a weird glitch...


Hey guys, just finished Feudalism. :) It was a pretty good and addictive game, though a little repetitive.

Here's how I did it:

I chose Elizabeth, the woman with the reddish hair in the white dress. I got up to maybe level 10 or so just doing a few quick quests, mostly the rogue quests; however, at the VERY beginning I was just getting money so I could go to neighboring towns and get better armors and weapons. I started with priests in both rows, with a bunch of cheap archers behind them. Then, when I had my strength and constitution upwards of fifty(ish), I just searched around for some good weapons in faraway cities like Carthage.
Once I amassed 20000 gald, I went to Grouzeno to get a horse that gives you 1000 extra HP, 10 Defense, and 6 speed. Then I started my attack in the south, taking over all the little trade camps, ending with Lacrimosa. (It was then that I took my opportunity to raise my strength, dexterity, constitution, and intelligence stats up to sixty each!) Once that was done, I slowly started picking off the bigger towns in the south, like Caesarea, Carthage, and Alexandria. Alexandria has some very good fighters, such as the Golden Riders and the Blade Masters. I replaced my cheapo archers with Elite Archers in Alexandria, and added ten Elite Snipers to the mix.
Then I started on the Eastern towns, such as Suo, Ozumi, Kozuke, and Echigo. I added some black knights and some of the better ninjas to my reserve, and attacked the south-eastern cities of Matsuyama and Izumo, and ended with Nagoya.
Then I attacked the middle, starting with the ones by my hometown and ending on the island with Medvedevo followed by Grouzeno.
And then I moved northward, attacking all the smaller cities and then the Burgs. :)
I ended the game at level 46 with 115 strength, dexterity, constitution, and intelligence, 80 axe, 60 sword and throwing, 55 far east and Art of War, 50 mace and spear, 45 crossbow, and 40 each of dual weapons, dagger, staff, bow, and Patriotism.
I had 2495 hit points, 46 defense, 51% Dodge (with 10% shield), my damage was 127-207, my attack speed was 2.44, my hit rate was 110% and my critical rate was 121%. (Can you say "overkill"? >:D )
I used the Holy Axe, Breaking Centurion Armor, Bleeding Hero Helmet, and Lucky Guard most of the game. I had about 240K worth of gold, equipped items, and random junk I got from everyone I killed.
I could complete a whole battle without pressing the space button once, because my ten Golden Riders had about 1100 HP each and I had so many archers and crossbowen in reserve that one click of either button would kill most normal enemies with one click.

A few generic hints for those of you that may be stuck with the game:

1. While the top four stats take up twice as many points, ALL of them are important. Try to stock those up first if you possibly can.
2. Art of War and Patriotism are powerful tools. If you have really sucky people and the other countries you've already invaded have better, stick to raising Art of War. But Patriotism, if your home-country characters are really good, is even BETTER than Art of War. If I did this again, I probably wouldn't choose Elizabeth - I'd choose Edgar and stock up on Patriotism, because those Golden Riders are WICKED SWEET when they're powered up to twice their normal HP and attack. :)
3. Before you invade cities that AREN'T in your homecountry, check ALL their towns for good weapons and buy them if you could use them in the future. Otherwise you'll have attacked all your neighbors and you won't have access to any good weapon stores!
4. Your homecountry will NOT get mad at you if you attack one of thier cities. I suggest working on invading your small cities before doing anything else with the other countries.
5. Sometimes, you will end up with weapons that have a blue background in your inventory/stats screen. If they have both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE effects ("Increases such-and-such stat, but decreases other such-and-such stat"), get rid of it. It's REALLY not worth it. What you SHOULD keep are the ones that have ONLY POSITIVE benefits. Breaking, Lucky, Bleeding, and Strong are great examples of ones you should keep (though there are more in the game). Breaking + Lucky + Bleeding is a VERY potent combination, so even if you have weak armor with one of these benefits, try keeping it - would you rather have high defense or have kinda low defense, but be hitting something critically every time you attack?
6. Stock up on lots of archers and crossbowmen. Eventually it will get to the point where your warriors can keep doing their thing and you can click the archer and crossbow buttons one button after the other, keeping the multiple attack going on the enemy and not even have your character attack.
7. Once you're starting to get lots of money, invest in lots of the Scroll of Small Healing tags. If you're really starting to lose health, you can click that button rapid-fire and keep yourself alive while your warriors beat up the enemy. When you're REALLY raking in the dough, move up to Scroll of Healing.
8. Scrolls of Bloody Rage are FREAKIN' SWEET. When you have enough money to get them, invest in quite a lot of them, especially when you're attacking the bigger cities and have to fight twice in a row.
9. To keep your archers safe from harm, invest in weak characters (for Elizabeth, it's acolytes) and put about eight of them in reserve. This will keep your archers from being pulled into the front lines so their power can be added to the special attacks.
10. In general, the "capital" of each section will have the best weapons, armor, and infantry to choose from. For the south, that place is Alexandria (which has amazing melee weapons and infantry). For the east, Nagoya is where you want to be (which has impressive armor and ranged weapons). For the North, that would be Wanderburg (armor = win), and for the middle section, that would be Grouzeno (which has the best darn horses in the game).
11. If you aren't really into the Dual Weapon thing or in any of the Eastern Weapons, consider getting a horse from Grouzeno. They have impressive movement speed, have great defense, and they give you a strong HP bonus, especially if you get one of the horses from Grouzeno. While horses are expensive, they are quick stat boosters.
12. Do not take any Rogue quests from towns in the beginning until you have at least twenty people total (10 in the front lines and 10 in reserve) and are level 7+. I made the mistake of taking a dangerous rogue mission early game that cost me my life. Thankfully, I could restart no problem. :) But if you're one of those people that just CAN'T stand to die, follow my advice. Take the Package quests and stock up on gold instead, so you can get a lot of people and good weapons with you.

Hope this all helps someone in the future!

On a side note, I wish Feudalism had a "You Win" screen at the end. :( You can just kinda roam around afterwards, and it gets boring really quickly.


Turns out I was able to exploit the infinite NaN money glitch from before purely by luck...The game just glitched, but gave me infinite money....I finished the game with a huge team of Golden Riders and those Black Samurai(s?).....

Boring in the end....Unlike the above poster, who used skill to win, I got a lucky glitch ;|...But it was still fairly fun for a while.

Tau Firewarrior September 30, 2007 2:43 AM

when i click on save on feudalism, it doesnt save for some reason and when i lose a batle i have to start again! it didnt used to do this...

PandaKnight September 30, 2007 5:32 AM

Feudalism kinda sucked, but The Battle was hella fun.

By the end, I was using the direct-line pass-through-anything laser and spamming jets. Nothing else. Rush straight to killing their base like that. Over and over.

Easy win.


"The Battle" is the first game I know that got it right, war is about oil!

Otherwise I consider "crimson warfare" a better implementation of that theme, in "the battle" at normal setting I just bombed whatever came out of the enemy castle, took all the stuff with a set of soldiers, and then destroyed his castle with 2 marines.



the robot in The Battle is the "boss" you have to beat in the last level.


First I liked Stunt Rider a lot but now I'm not so sure anymore... There are many small things that may be unimportant alone but added up... First, the "pencil" is rather hard to position at the beginning and if you don't hit the right starting pixel the biker will surely fall right at the start. Second, I found it more and more annoying that when the biker's performing the jump the "camera" follows it and only a small portion of the whole track is visible. A stationary cam with the whole track would be much better I think.


Sling jr. stops just as it becomes interesting.

Also, where are the subtitles? I cannot have sound turned on while I'm playing at work.. :)


I've been experiencing the same glitch as Nikki, but only after I loaded a game. Grrr, going to play The Battle now.


I've been experiencing the same glitch as Nikki, but only after I loaded a game. Grrr, going to play The Battle now.


I just invaded all the towns in Feudalism - NOW WHAT?
Am I just meant to walk around doing nothing in particular or is there another way to finish the game?
I'm confused.
[Olga, level 49]

Darkehriku October 15, 2007 4:40 PM

Feudalism is awesome. After you get the great hero it's smooth sailing for a loooonnnngggg time.


i got this awesome shot on gravitee on hole 7.i took the shot, the shot was a bit too fast, went out of the screen for a few seconds in the bottom left corner, comes back, sligshotes past the hoop planet, flew between the red and blue planet, slingshots around the blue planet, flyes right next to the hoop planet, and slingshots thru the hoop. Nice shot!


i got a hole in one on hole 4, i shot the ball at the red planet, it lingshted around, flew back to the white planet, bounced off, skim earth(well, a planet that looks lik it, swung aroud, made 2 revolutions of the white planet, and lew strait into the hoop.

The Shaddow Knows! August 7, 2008 9:33 AM

You may wish to re think your IE6 Support Policy, as 60% of the world still use it or compatible protocols!

Crap that it is! But nobody ever got fired for buying "Microsoft", or "IBM" !!! More's the pity!


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