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Link Dump Fridays

ArtbegottiEverybody panic! There are less than 100 days left to complete your Christmas shopping! You'd better start now! Begin by purchasing a silly clown outfit by the end of October. After that, be sure to grab a large bird to cook by the middle of November. After that, the rest should be a breeze. But before you spend hundreds of dollars on Halloween candy, be sure to check out this sugar-coated Link Dump Friday!

  • LinkzLinkz - Race against your opponent to slide the colored pegs around the corners of tiles to clear them. But watch out, newly-appearing pegs could throw your strategy askew!
  • StarfallStarfall - You're a star. And you're falling. Hit the pink and purple stars to stay alive. Reminds me of Orisinal.
  • The Good Food FightThe Good Food Fight - Get a good look at the recipes available on this site... before they're splattered across your monitor!
  • Name That GameName That Game - From the website for the PBS documentary, The Video Game Revolution, a shortie (and oldie), but a goodie. How well can you recognize sounds from classic video games? I got 8 out of 18.
  • Lights Out 3DLights Out 3D - A pretty nice recreation of the classic handheld games that probably only I remember. Click a cube to change the on/off state of the adjacent cubes, in order to turn all of the cubes off. Use Shift and Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) keys to peek 'inside' the cube.
  • Prowlies at the RiverProwlies at the River - An award winning animation short from the Brackenwood collection by Adam Phillips. Bitey takes a stroll down to the river for a drink only to find a bunch of Prowlies there, and he decides to have a little fun with them.


Hooray, LD Friday!


Should be ctrl not alt (for lights out 3D)


Brackenwood rocks! I personally love "Little Foot" which is also on that site and I thoroughly recommend it!

Lights out 3D would be cool, but it's not very Mac friendly.
You need to use the ctrl key to see into the bottom layer and on a Mac ctrl-clicking is the same as right-clicking on a PC. So trying to click in the inner bottom layer brings up the Flash contextual menu. If you let go of the ctrl key and click fast enough before the other two layers come back down you might hit the desired box, but most likely you'll miss and mess things up. It would be much better if the game simply used letter or number keys rather than modifier keys to move the layers.
I'd leave this comment on the author's profile, but I don't have a Deviant Art account.


The first Brackenwood flash? :suddenly feels old:

...I guess I could see if there's some I haven't seen or summat.. though I am up rather long past my bedtime. X_o


I feel somewhat responsible for the Bitey movie. It's a movie I linked to Jay as an example of Adam Phillip's work. It isn't atually the first in the series, but the story lines aren't that so tight that you couldn't watch them randomly.

Anyway, heres the rest of his animations:



Hey, show some props, Adam Phillips is one of the most talented flash animators out there, don't just link his Brackenwood section, link his whole site, the people deserve to know. Anyway. I submitted BrackenSack, the only brackenwood game, to jay a long time back when it first came out. I made a link dumb, but never got a review. Since it is JayIsGames, I feel that Bracken sack is a bit more fitting submission than one of his movies, though they all deserve praise.

Remember everyone, the more you visit Phillip's site and even tell about it, the more likely a studio will throw munies at it for a real movie production!


Linkz is really cool. Highly addictive and with a nice balance of strategy and luck.


Yay 11 out of 18. Classic arcade sound test. Great idea.

Also I'm sure I've seen lights out 3D before... oh well.

And linkz is just fun.


Hahahahaha....The Good Food Fight is a hoot!!
Such silly fun...what a giggle.

I've sent an 'ambush' to my 'serious stock-trader' husband...I can't wait to see him sitting in front of his five monitors (yup, these guys are serious nerds) & having food flung at him by a manic ninja!! tee hee...


Oh good, I like the addition of icons on LD Fridays!
Speaking of, I LOVE LD Fridays! I like relaxing and trying out a variety of games that might show up for a full review sometime=.


The icons are due to a suggestion from Mongle recently, and I couldn't agree more. It's frustratingly difficult finding a game when you go through previous link dumps and all you have to go by are the game titles, links, and short blurbs (that's a technical term we use around here.) ;)

So, cheers Mongle! :D

Scoobysnack September 21, 2007 1:28 PM

13 out of 18 game sounds...there were a couple I should have gotten.

Fun ... I haven't thought of Pitfall or some of those other games in years. Brings back memories of my old Intelevision game system.


i noticed the new icons too. i didn't realize the entry would be icon-ized when i submitted it, jay! XD so does this mean that the icons will be available for selection in the HANDY-DANDY-FAVORITES-BAR on the left side of the screen, or are the icons more just to give a mini-thumbnail of the game for easier identification, and you'd still have to find the specific LDF to access the game?


LDF icons are unavailable for favorites until they receive a full review.


Adam Phillips stuff is so good. 30 films in 30 days have just had me laughing like a kid.


Has anybody been able to beat Good Food Fight? It's hilarious, but the food never goes where I aim the mouse - the food just seems to travel randomly. I haven't been able to hit the targets even once.


Dang, Jay! I actually had that idea a while back, but never mentioned it because I kept forgetting. I could have totally gotten a cheers! Oh well. Congrats to Mongle for beating me to it ;)


It took me ages to remember my TypeKey thing cus i don't leave comments very often, 3 times i think, always love the site though. I came across Adam Phillips and his fantastic flash stuff on another site completely by accident earlier this week and was just sucked into how well he tells a story with first class use of animation, music and sound. jimlefevre is spot on about the 30 films in 30 days, 30 very simple funny jokes executed almost perfectly. I nearly wet myself.


Good Food Fight RAWKS! I love turning an innocuous food website into a war zone. >=)


Heh. Got 850 in Starfall before getting starved out.


15 out of 18 on the challenge! I'm geekier than I thought I was!!!

dancemonkey September 24, 2007 12:38 PM

17 out of 18, no sweat.

It plays a little clip of the NEXT sound in the quiz through the first 8 or so questions. That gives you a little preview. Sometimes I find it easier to answer multiple choice quizzes without seeing the choices. I just work myself into a lather when I have options.


How do you start the video game sound quiz?


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