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Link Dump Fridays

HarukioThe parade of frogs plays trumpets to confetti as the apple moon flies in at 5:67pm. A stitch in time won't save the fairies because no elephant turns on a dime. We are going to the newspapers! We are going to the newspapers! Chocolate! Chocolate! Fax the memo to us! Tuned cans dance falling into mediocrity. Believe it or not, that's a quote from a movie, or at least it might as well be. Can anyone tell me what movie I'm thinking of? Oh, and I'm not crazy, it's just LINK DUMP FRIDAY!!!

  • Turret Pong - It's pong, with guns! Use your turret to direct the ball towards your enemy's base-line.
  • Statetris You should hopefully know all your states from last LDF, now play Tetris with the U.S. of A.
  • Diggtris - Tetris Diggified! Play Tetris with shapes and colors determined by recently dugg stories on It may be hard to resist clicking "10 Tips for Razor Sharp Concentration" while you play, but don't worry, if you click a story the game will pause while you explore. PG-13 for the occasional foul language news title.
  • Play the Game - A stomping, clapping, follow the leader rhythm game. Be quick on your feet or be left behind.
  • Triangles - Avoid the triangles! Avoid the triangles! A left-hand/right-hand/keyboard/mouse coordination challenge.
  • Poco2 Escape 2.0 - An interesting point-and-click, escape the room game.
  • TriPeakz - The solitaire game sometimes known as Pyramids made twice as fun with head to head competition.
  • Notessimo - Create and share songs with this simple but fun web toy.

Judging continues on the entries for our 3rd Casual Gameplay Design Competition, and it's proving to be quite difficult. We will be announcing the winners on Monday along with the results for the Audience prize, so be sure to vote!! Deadline for voting is this Sunday night.


I dont think you are crazy.. I just think that you come up with your introductions by opening a random book and copying partial phrases down for our amusement here at the interwebz :)


Notissimo rules, but it needs a cut and paste.


Turret pong is a cool idea, but it's too easy. At around level 20 I was easily getting 15-0 or so every round.

Anonymous July 27, 2007 12:55 PM


groksocket July 27, 2007 1:40 PM

Sounds like some of the stuff from Paprika, which is a rockawesome film.


Did anyone else notice that the keyhole changes positions when you check the left side of the little house in Poco 2? lol


I'm addicted to the tetris games - but mostly diggtris because of the stories!

Crocker July 27, 2007 2:40 PM

The introduction is a little strange, it reminds me of a joke my friend always tell:
A ship was flying when one of the tires left the party. How many oranges remained in the jar?
Answer: None, because TVs aren't made of cheese!

Anyway, Triangles is quite easy, but is really fun. I just think it should have a pause button (at least I didn't notice any)


Turret pong is unplayable. All the bullets zooming around the screen make it impossible to keep an eye on the tiny red ball you are supposed to be aiming for. Your turret slides automatically side to side much faster than you can rotate your cannon, meaning that once the red ball starts towards you, there's basically no way to catch up with it. Is there some kind of limit on the number of bullets you can have on the screen at once? Because sometimes it won't fire when I hit space bar and I have no idea why. And then it stops mid-game and says "DEFEAT" and again I have no idea why. Awful, awful game.


Notessimo is pretty cute, for a Flash music composer.
Get quavers (1/8th notes) by doubling the tempo.

Cool how you can post your song... but there's no way to find other's people's songs (or them to find yours), so this could be improved... web 2.0 style. I'm surprised there wasn't a "song browser". That would be pretty cool.

An inspiring piece of work.


The quote's from Paprika! Ahhh, such a good film.


I found Play the game too hard, as i never knew when the sequence had eneded and when i had to start playing

Triangles was strangely good fun and addictable, i managed to get 10,000 twice getting my 53rd on the scoreboard, but then they magically disappeared even though there was worst scores than me, all i can think is that the top 50 stay there whilst any below that get cleared every so often?

And i got stuk on Poco2 with the drawers, i think i knew what i had to do i just couldn't get any result from it (even with the walkthrough).

Turret pong was too easy, and didnt keep my attention, nice idea though

Oh, and Harukio, keep up the good intros, always makes me stop and think.


Groksocket and James are correct! The "quote" is based off of the movie Paprika! I'd tell you more but my mind just exploded and I have to find the yellow lollipop of desire.

Anonymous July 27, 2007 7:03 PM

Turret Pong!!!!

It's just like that boardgame I used to play when I was younger... "Crossfire"!

I love it...


Wow. I find the Statetris game a bit offensive. It took me 9 mins to finish the game, I know barely any of the states and only finished it because of much trial and error and puzzle-solving skills, and at the end it says, "Eerrr you took ___ mins to finish. What planet are you from??"


Turret Pong's a good idea, but it needs mouse control. It's too hard to control using the arrow keys to slowly turn the turret.

Statetris is a neat idea well-executed, but I can think of an improvement: Make it so that the arrow keys rotate the globe, rather than moving the state around. This is less Tetris-like, but would add a bit of difficulty (especially with those huge Western and Midwestern states) and make support for HI and AK more feasible.


Yeah, what's up with the Statetris game? I finished in 4:30, and I think I only had two misses (mainly because of weird angles, not because I didn't know where they went). I tried to get each State in position as quickly as possible (although I did use the down arrow rather than space, again mainly because of weird angles and not being sure if things were lining up exactly). And then when I finish it says, "I don't think you've ever been into the States."

Well, it just so happens that I was born in the States and lived there for over twenty years. And if you're going to be insulting, you might want to get your grammar right, otherwise you sound like an idiot.

Maura: Canada? That's the planet right past Pluto, right? ;)


Ok, fellaw I appreciate the walkthrough but I have NO idea what you mean by this;

"Insert the badges into the drawers according to the channel numbers and their positions on the calendar grid(once for each color). Open the drawer corresponding to the star for each color

Take Badge of 8 and yellow key from the drawers"

What on earth do you mean? I tried all kinds of combinations with the drawers and I just DON'T GET IT. Do you mind elaborating because I'm just stuck right now.


Yeah, I am really lost at part 24 of the walkthrough.

Ben Chirlin July 28, 2007 1:19 AM

Paprika of course...a very trippy film that's like Spirited Away in the dreamscape. Sweet.


"Eerrr you took ___ mins to finish. What planet are you from??"

LOL! Remember, this is from a country whose "World Series" only has the USA in it.
(writing from planet Australia).


yow: Which World Series are we talking about here? Because if it's baseball, you do know that MLB includes Canadian teams, right? Not that it justifies the term "World Series," but you are trying to comfort someone from Canada. :)


Suho1004: hmmmm, an unfortunate coincidence for my rhetoric. But just because Canadians play baseball in the MLB doesn't mean that they should know all the USA states, or not be counted as an Earthling. (not to get off topic but...) Why isn't Japan in it?


For those of us who have absolute pitch, Notessimo is INFURIATING. Would it be SO hard to have an F actually BE an F instead of a (gasp) C?

(Listening and watching songs being played on this is like sitting in the passenger seat when the driver is unconcernedly running red lights one after another. It frickin' sets my teeth on edge.)


You guys... :| The creator of Poco2 Escape2.0 put a message down below the game asking nicely:
※Please do not publish a complete answer until November.

So I didn't read the walkthrough. :3 But I'm stuck where

you assign the dots from the side of the doll house to the box in the drawer. I've tried both combinations, but I'm not sure how to make it realize that I've finished.



I somehow missed the authors request not to post a walkthrough about Poco2 Escape. If course I want to respect this. Would it be possible to delete my previous posts then?


Your comments were unpublished as requested, fellaw.


Thanx Jay


argh, delete my other last post as well, |I just found out I can do this:



*gasp* Mario paint songs! now I remember what this game reminds me of... I borrowed Mario Paint years ago from a friend and I loved making random messes of songs :) this day is wonderful, for I have once again sped up all 3 of the mario songs! joy of joys :)


Ok, so I am cool with the "No Walkthrough" for Poco2...but November? I'm stuck becaaaaaause:

I have the Badge of 6 and have opened the red cabinet. There's a hole of the same shape in there, but I can't put the badge in when I try to.

Can someone just ALLUDE to any step I may have to do before that that I might have missed? Thanks thanks thanks.


The badge of 6 is not the badge to fill the first hole in the shelf.

You'll have to look somewhere else for the correct badge.


Ohhhh thanks. Does it have to do with these drawers I can't figure out?


YAY! I finished Poco2! :D


Turret pong just gave me carpal tunnel.
The trick is to load up on speed and extra balls, then wail on the spacebar like there's no tomorrow. I love it, destroyed my productivity since it was written up.

lopsidation August 1, 2007 12:31 PM

I think you have to get below four minutes for the statetris game to compliment you. Break the four-minute mile! After 5 tries I finally got exactly 3:59.9!
If you don't know geography(like me), just remember that the states always have to end up on the current surface, and remember where those pesky rectangular ones go.
Also, it's weird that 13 minutes on hard is the same rating as 13 minutes on easy. If you can complete hard mode in 4:00.1 seconds (I can't), It shouldn't insult you.
To add to my random list of comments, googlesearch (is that one word now?) deceasedcrab!


This intro paragraph makes perfect sense! It's taken from the totally insane/blisteringly genius anime movie "Paprika" that I and, apparently, only one other person saw while it was in theaters. The description of the parade of frogs refers to a dream all the characters in the film are sucked into. peace...


how do u open the drawer under the tv with no handle in poco2 2.o??


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