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DoraWho stole the cookie from the cookie jar? You stole the cookie from the cookie jar! Who me? Yes, you! Couldn't be! Then who? Dora stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

HEY FORGET YOU GUYS, YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING, GEEZ, WHAT'S WITH THE THIRD DEGREE?! I WAS MAKING LINK DUMP FRIDAY ALL EVENING, I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!... uh... oh. Are... are we doing a thing here? Like... a rhyming thing?... I knew that! I wasn't... I mean... look, those cookies were asking for it, okay? It's not like I'm a hardened criminal or anything! Just... don't go prodding around any uneven lumps in my backyard.

  • SecretnetSecretnet - Think you have what it takes to be a SUPAR SEEKRIT double agent and infiltrate the black market? Give it your best shot in this clever text adventure that puts you in the shoes of someone trying to infiltrate a chatroom full of folks that aren't exactly on the up-and-up. You have to love a super secret organisation whose security methods basically consist of asking you point blank if you're a cop, and then making you promise not to tell anyone about them. Presumably the Wii version of this would have included a special waggle for pinky-swearing.
  • Way of an Idea 2Way of an Idea 2 - Gravity is the star of this little physics puzzle game, as you draw lines to ensure that an apple falls on a certain historical figure's head. If only all life's problems could be solved by dropping fruit on famous people! I'm sure I can think of a few people who might benefit from a watermelon hitting them from a great height.
  • The Soul DriverThe Soul Driver - Being a massive fan of Rockstar's irresponsibility simulator Grand Theft Auto, there's definitely something I can get behind about a game centered on racing away from the cops as your wanted level rises. This arcade game sees you zipping down the road, dodging the popo, trying to rack up sweet, sweet moolah to upgrade your vehicle. To be frank, even if you were the world's most law abiding citizen, I don't think the face of the protagonist is exactly one that inspires trust and good will in people on the best of days.
  • RejoinRejoin - Everyone loves a good puzzle platformer, and everyone loves helping suspicious shadowy entities reunite with lost pieces of themselves, amirite? I mean... what could go wrong?! *cue sad trombone music* While certain hazards seem to have frustratingly finicky hit detection and are only too happy to kill you if you so much as glance at them, fans of stylish, evil-deity-centric action will want to check this one out.
  • Fat WizardFat Wizard - Big Boned Wizard is the latest action defense game from Matt Thorson centered around magic, mayhem, and... mouse movements! Fend off invaders as they swarm towards your precious dragon egg using a number of useful wizardly abilities, if you can master them. Although difficult to get the hang of, there's no denying the game is cheery, adorable, and frantic. Usually when I want to keep my husband away from something I want to eat later I just yell "HEY, BACK OFF BUTTSKI"... and then he ignores me. So maybe there is something to this flashy lightning stuff after all!


I think there might be an

Alternate Ending for secretnet

BuenoCabra July 15, 2011 1:32 AM

I haven't been able to get Soul Driver to respond to any keyboard input. I've tried it here and on Kongregate in both Firefox and Chrome. Flash is up to date. Any ideas?

[I just checked it on both Mac OS in Firefox 5.0.1 and Chrome 12.0.742.122, and Windows 7 in Firefox 3.6.3 and Chrome 12.0.742.112 and could not reproduce the issue. -Jay]

Leamony July 15, 2011 2:21 AM

Secretnet was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed playing it. It feels like it might be incomplete? We didn't get to know all of the characters, and it seems like there might be a lot more to the story.
Unfortunately, I can't get past 93% completion.


The character sprite in Rejoin is totally just a blacked out sprite of Zero from the "Megaman Zero" games. Not that it particularly matters, I just noticed it, is all :)


For Secretnet:

Make sure you PM iFire before you PM Darkil about a hit request.

And if there is an alternate ending (apart from the usual failure endings), I'd love to know.

Svarta Svansen July 15, 2011 6:26 AM

Dora, you're the best. That intro made my morning. XD

ThemePark July 15, 2011 7:32 AM

Secretnet SEEMS like a good and fun game, until you get to play it. I would hardly call it a text adventure, because there is no interacting through typing in commands, only through choosing between options, it is incredibly linear with only one way the story can go, and half the writing in the game being absolutely irrelevant, and it is over in 5 minutes.

It's a shame because the premise is a good one, and it could've been a lot of fun with more writing and multiple endings, but as it stands now, it's not really worth wasting 5 mins on.

I found out how to get 100 % completion though, and it does grant a different end text, the text making me think that the game is meant to feel unfinished.

For 100 % completion:

Talk to BurnZez first, or probably just before you talk to Darkil about his problem with car0t. That way you will get an option to ask him about his name, which is the 7 % that have been missing. The rest is obvious.


Off-topic for this link dump
but it's kind of a link dump
there seem to be updates to the Submachine Network since I last played. I mean, newer new updates.

Skellig July 15, 2011 2:35 PM

Graah! I've been going crazy trying to find the other ENDING! There has been 2 mentions of it on the kongregate forums.. and there is no information about this game on the internet. (except here..)
Can someone please.. PLEASE! find a way to get the other ending! (the other 100% ending.)


bandsix July 15, 2011 5:34 PM

As far as I know, there are only two 100% endings for Secretnet.

The only difference in getting them:

When you ask Darkil for a hit request you either:
1) Stall (lie)
2) Give him car0t's info
3) Nevermind

Note: You can't end the game with option 3.

Spoiler ending for option 1

You get found out by Darkil, who reports you to the Gatekeeper. You get banned from the channel. You report that you don't have any evidence for your investigation, that you could have done so much more and wish you could try again.

Spoiler ending for option 2.

You log out of Secretnet feeling guilty as you realize you had sentenced a man you do not know to death. You're unable to report your investigation out of guilt. You later find out who he is when his death headlines the newspaper you work for: he was an undercover CIA agent. You type up this report in hopes that it'll give you some closure.


I thought Secretnet sounded great but honestly, what even was that? Seemed as if it was the author had ambitious plans but then never bothered to implement them and instead just published some 5% finished demo. Half the characters are completely irrelevant to the plot (one of them exists purely to tell you they're not going to tell you what they're there for?) and as far as I can tell

you enter this chatroom as a reporter, then for absolutely no reason at all decide to order a hit on another person there, then regret doing it as soon as you leave again

Seemed as if it was the author had ambitious plans for a big plot worked out in his head but either then never bothered to implement them or couldn't work out how to and instead just published some 5% finished demo.

Skellig July 16, 2011 6:21 AM

That is what you call a creation from a mini ludum dare competition.

"originally made for the Mini Ludum Dare #27"

He has another game from another ludum dare competition too.


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