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Link Dump Fridays

DoraEach day we shovel fuel. Each day we work in silence!... wait, wait, no, that's only during the boring old work week! It's Friday, baby, and we're going to party like it's a year of some sort where you would party with free games on the internets!

  • Plimpton's Video FalconryPlimpton's Video Falconry - While a healthy fear of large birds with fathomless eyes and beaks that can cut bone has kept most of us from taking up this sport of kings, now, thanks to Tom Fulp and his band of merry men (including dubious historical narration by none other than master of nerds and Things We Can't Unsee, Chris Hardwick), we can finally experience the glory that is falconry. In this arcade game. Simply master your grabs and your claws and you'll be the terror of helpless, soft-skinned mammals in no time. Make sure you watch the backstory video at least once; that thing deserves some sort of award.
  • Hacker vs HackerHacker vs Hacker - Chances are, if you're on the internet, you've felt the clinging burr that is a virus at some point; infuriating and frequently difficult to dislodge. Maybe you'd like a little... payback?... what?! NO, not like that! Put down that hatchet, you psycho, sheesh. No, I was thinking of a little digital warfare, and in this good looking little defense strategy game you'll have to think on your feet and make the best use of your contagious little army to bring down an enemy hacker before they have the chance to do the same to you.
  • BlinkzBlinkz - D'aw. D'awww. D'aaaawwwwwwww! I can't help it. This little physics puzzle game is just shooo cyooot! Your goal is to reunite two blocks by clicking and removing the other (equally cute) blocks that sit in your way, without making the block you're aiming to get to the bottom topple off as well. It's a simple concept, and definitely fairly easy, but the kid-friendly presentation and cheery visuals make this one a keeper. I heart you, Blinkz, I totally do!
  • Feed the MooksFeed the Mooks - I love strawberries pretty hard, but while I'm not normally much for sharing (I defy you, Sesame Street!) I might make an exception for these adorable Mooks and this physics puzzle. The goal is pretty simple; feed like-coloured fruit to like-coloured Mooks to remove them from the pile, while trying not to make any of them fall off the carefully constructed Mook towers in the process. Simple, fun, and if you're easily entertained like me, you can lose quite a bit of time just giggling and waving your cursor over all the mouths on each level.
  • It's Dark In HellIt's Dark in Hell - We've all been there; you're minding your own business by mining, when you accidentally topple into a dangerous underworld lit only by some exceedingly goofy looking tiki torches. It's insufferable!... if not for the gold, of course. In this platform game, your goal is to light torches to keep back the darkness on each level, while grabbing the requisite amount of gold, all before time runs out and you meet a grim fate. The controls are somewhat clunky, however, and I have to honestly say that if I were trapped in a world full of lava, encroaching darkness, and unsettling tiki torches, gold would probably be low on my list of priorities.


lavamuffin June 10, 2011 3:17 AM

Woot woot, Kids in the Hall reference! Sweet.


Level 15 on Blinkz is stumping me.


Never mind, P.O.P. went the weasel once again. XD


In Blinksz, clicking on the same block when you retry a level tends to yield different results. Makes it kinda hard (if not impossible) to plan.



All in all, Blibks was a nice little one to kill some time - true casual game. 20 minutes should be about enough to beat it.



Cool. I didn't manage to spell the name of the game well in two tries...

My last one: B-l-i-n-k-z.

Hope I got it right this time...



hurray for bio! u finally got it right haha. BLINKZ was very cute, and Feed the Mooks was fun. poor grey Mooks

Anonymous June 10, 2011 3:14 PM

Wow, the history in Plimpton's Video Falconry, so much good retro!


in blinkz, has anyone gotten less than

18 clicks? how low does it need to be to get the "star"?

also, anyone else notice that the block shaped like a chinese peasant straw hat has slanty eyes?

Wildbreeze June 10, 2011 4:51 PM

I've got stars on every other level in Blinkz, but I cannot for the life of me get less than 14 clicks on level 15. :/


I wasn't really expecting to enjoy Hacker vs Hacker all that much as it seemed more likely to be a gimmick than a solid defense game. But if you can get past all the nomenclature, it's quite fun.

You can level up your stats; you have just enough resources to watch that it makes it interesting; there's a neat mechanic where the first time any row gets destroyed it wipes out all the enemies coming up it; it's got some clever enemies (such as the one that doesn't stay on one line); some neat ideas (you're not just defending, you're fighting back too); and a very well-constructed tutorial (doesn't try to tell you everything at once).

My main problem is that I'm not finding it very challenging yet, except that this isn't a big problem because you can just aim for a gold trophy on every level. Besides, it's probably going to get much harder - so far all of my opponents have been handicapped compared to me, starting out with less health and a smaller workspace. (It might also have to do with my play-style. Maybe I'm just lucking out and doing it right.)

Littleghost June 10, 2011 7:45 PM

I had to stare at George Plimpton's Video Falconry for a full minute before realizing that it was a joke. A fun and difficult joke, but a joke nonetheless. I still can't decide if it would be funnier if it was real or not, it's far too convincing.


Blinkz level 15:

Just click the blocks (eyes?) directly on the shortest path to the bottom, i.e. the adjacent block that the pink block is leaning/sitting on each time. 13 clicks will get you the star.

SkylerF June 11, 2011 2:12 PM

I just cannot figure out Mooks level 19!

Carny Asada June 11, 2011 6:23 PM

@nick: Yep. The yellow triangle has slanted eyes. Because apparently the game artist thinks it's still 1952.


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