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Link Dump Fridays

DoraRead the Link Dump! (Like a boss.) Click on all links! (Like a boss.) Get a burger! (Like a boss.) Control some zombies! (Like a boss.) Land on some deadly spikes! (Like a boss.) Miss with shurikens! (Like a boss.) Swallow sadness! (Like a boss.) Get first comment! (Like a boss.) Win the internets! (Like a BAWSS.)

  • Burger CatBurger Cat - Chances are, if you're a person, and you're on the internet, you've at least had a passing encounter with the LOLcat phenomenon, so this om-nom-nom adorable puzzle platformer should come as no surprise. The goal is to build and manipulate the terrain to enable the cat to reach the hamburger at the end of each level. It's cute, even if it is in dire need of a fast forward button, but I have to say it's also entirely unrealistic because after two steps the cat does not throw itself to the ground and demand to be carried the rest of the way.
  • Wizard of OzWizard of Oz - It's been a while since I checked in with my favourite conductor of magnificent strangeness, and what better reason to pay a visit than this surreal interpretation of the classic tale? I just... I just don't know what to say about this one. It sort of feels like something that can only be expressed through song. When yoooooooooou game with Minoto... puzzles ruuuuuule... yoooooou'll fiiiiiiiind monkeys and red bulls, and maybe a raccoon too...
  • Mindy in ZombielandMindy in Zombieland - Zombies, it seems, are everywhere, and today they're in your puzzle platformer starring opposite one very creepy little girl. (Sorry, Mr Harrelson.) Mindy has the ability to possess zombies (even ones that would rather eat her braaaaains) and force them to flip switches and perform other tasks for her, although doing this causes the zombie to crumble to dust in short order. It's a weird, quirky, and atmospheric little game that deserves a play despite the spike in difficulty later on.
  • Ninja DogNinja Dog - [Parental Warning: Censored profanity.] I'm really more of a cat person, you guys, but admittedly neither of my felines has ever shown a talent for ninjitsu. This cute little physics game is about (surprise!) a ninja dog. He wasn't always a dog, naturally, but unlike the rest of us who have read fairytales and know not to sass wise old men, he's been cursed in dog form to wander the land, helping people in need. Well... helping people and presumably dragging his butt all over their carpets because, well... dog.
  • Clowning AroundClowning Around - If you're like me and have seen far too many scary/unsettling clown films in your lifetime, then you probably believe all clowns should be punched in the jeans. So maybe, like me, you can take some solace in bashing them around with this little physics puzzle. If you're familiar with Cut the Rope at all then you're basically qualified to play this, but even if you haven't, the desire to cause harm to the soulless, grinning mug of a clown is inherent in most of us, so start slicing and fire away.


zbeeblebrox April 22, 2011 1:03 AM

Mindy is tough! Although it suffers from a pesky quirk unique to platformers, wherein the sides of a spike are just as deadly as the top.


i have one thing to say about ninja dog and one thing only. coconuts do not grow on palm trees.

now back to the game. SHURIKEN!

hyperkinetic April 22, 2011 7:23 AM

Hmm, I don't remember vampires being in The Wizard of OZ, must have been the director's cut...

Antara77 April 22, 2011 8:54 AM

Hello Peoples,

I have been working on Thee Wizard of Oz and managed to get as far as:

getting the Key (a no brainer, actually) and clean off the five fingered hand sign

After that I'm pretty much stumoed since anywhere I click yields either nothing or the same repetitive animation. Cute graphics, makes me think of the Stamp Rally Escape series. Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Wizard of Oz walkthrough.

Getting the new panel

Use the key to open the lunchbox. Then use the plow with the cow to get the dirty panel.

Go over to the Dark area and get the raccoon to start cleaning its dinner. And then get it to clean the dirty panel. (Ew)

Getting the heart

Give the new panel to the Spaceman. Click Dorothy, and drop down to the kitchen and take the leash.

Go back up and take Toto for a walk on the leash. After it's gone, go into the dog house (well, it's actually a mouse house) and take the Hand That Laughs.

Give the Hand to the leprechaun and take the heart.

Getting the bottle opener

Use the heart on the stone to get Dracula. Go to the Dark area and click on the bird to drop the coffin.

Put Dracula into the coffin and take the garlic back to the kitchen. Let the chef cut the garlic, and he will give up his knife.

Go into the mouse house and open the present with the knife. Take the bottle opener.

Flying away

Use the bottle opener on the bottle, and fly away back to Kansas on the tornado.

Menschenjaeger April 22, 2011 11:16 AM

I don't know...every time I saw Burger Cat say "I can has cheezburger," I couldn't stop myself from using the pickaxe to drop him into the abyss...


One thing I would say on the Oz walkthrough:

You sure that was a leprechaun? With the outfit and the heart he found, I would've SWORN that was Link!


"Clowning Around" is absolutely stupid!


After I click on the continue button, Burger Cat just fades to a white screen and does nothing. Strange.

[Try reloading the page, your browser might have not cached the entire file properly. If that doesn't work, try emptying your browser cache and reload the page. If that still doesn't work, try updating your Flash Player, and disable any browser extensions you may have. -Jay]


Burger Cat is HARD. I forget which level I'm on.
But Wizard of Oz was the EASIEST Minoto game I've ever played!


I can has cheez-WUTZ? HAMBURGEH? WHAR TEH CHEEZ? Burger Cat's fun, but difficult.


Ninja Dog 3.3 is HARD.

BuenoCabra April 22, 2011 11:18 PM

You had me at Burger Cat.


For such a short game Mindy in Zombieland sure packs in loads of annoying gameplay. Awful.


Umm, Angel, yes coconuts do grow on palm trees. Not on palm tree leaves though, but on palm trees, yes.


Burger Cat was pretty fun, aside from the fact that the cat walks painfully slow.

I played Ninja Dog up to the point where

you had to scare away the crows without knocking down the fruit (6.1)

but then abruptly rage quitted.

Seriously though, that

"hungry child"

section... is she really gonna eat all that fruit? Seems kinda over the top there...

loversrequiem April 23, 2011 3:00 PM

Mindy isn't working. Or is it part of the game that there's just a black screen and a mouse cursor in level 1? Nothing else happening, cursos cannot be moved oO


Mindy would be much better if the collision detection actually worked. Rapidly giving up on level 10 as the zombies just keep falling through the moving platform...


Burger Cat's fun, but the puzzles need a lot of work. I don't think I used every item in any puzzle. Also,

the dog is easily blockable.

Creator should either redesign the puzzles, or eliminate the extra items. I get the feeling I'm not using the intended solution, but rather a much simpler one.


Am I to assume that Wizard of Oz has multiple endings?



The only ending currently is the "tornado end"

But the sequel is out already!


Am I the only one who felt that Burger Cat doesn't walk slow enough? The designer took a cute little puzzler and added lots of fake difficulty by forcing you to place your tools while the cat is moving -- which is especially bad because you have to move your mouse up to the top of the screen every time you want to change a tool.

Another for the "not with a trackpad" files, I guess.

Night Stryke April 24, 2011 6:13 PM

Anyone else notice that when you hit birds in Ninja Dog, at the end of the chirping sound they make you can faintly hear what sounds like a cow? XD


Same here, rage quit on level 6.1 of Ninja Dog. It was fun up to there.

Blisterd May 8, 2011 6:13 AM

40 levels of Burger Cat and:

You turn into an Obese Cat!! :)


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