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HarukioA simple man once said, "I will not let words get in the way of my message." He then proceeded to smash a grapefruit on his head, prance around wearing socks too small for his hands, and draft a declaration of independence for the ocean and all the little fishies.
So as to follow the words of this great man, here is your link dump!

  • Monster Master - A card battling game highly reminiscent of Magic: The Gathering and other similar games minus the silly mana, and costly crinkly booster packs.
  • Dawn of the Bods - Why are you reading this description?! Shoot the zombies! GO GO GO!
  • Candy and Clyde - A WarioWare-like game with the choice to play goody-two-shoes or the sneaky creator of havoc.
  • Xeno Tactic - The latest tower defense game. There are still a couple of issues left to fix in this beta, but its mission-based gameplay and slick Starcraft-like interface makes it a must play for TD fans.
  • Gojirama - Phear da typing of the RIZARD!!! Groovy graphics but slow gameplay.
  • Brain Stopwatch - Are you a minuteman? Because you better know your seconds for this! (groan).
  • Flute Hero - Even more metal than Guitar Hero (because it's all metal baby!).
  • LOQUACIOUS EYESICLE WILD-BITES - A beary strange tale. (Quicktime Mov)

I just got back from HOBY and boy are my arms tired! (Charlieeeeeee)


flute hero=impossibly hard


58th place! woohoo!!!!!! 203044 points. it probably wont stay there long though.


As one might expect, due to the fact that the entire internet is obsessed with them (a spoiler in the sense that it helps you win Monster Masher with ease):

the ninja card in Monster Master is horrifically unbalanced. having two in your opening hand basically translates to you winning the game


Ooh, Xeno Tactic's graphics remind me very much of Alien Breed.


Monster Master is an interesting idea that suffers from several flaws. I don't really like it.

1) The cards' names. Uncreative to the MAX. Many feel like Yu-Gi-Oh ripoffs (Reborn? C'mon!)

2) The gameplay. This would not work IRL simply because of how little is done to balance cards off each other. It feels ripped off from YGO, too...


Xeno's Tower defense is completely a rip off of desktop tower defense, the only difference is that the new graphics are very hard to tell what you are doing and there are no shortcut keys at all. Playing DTD is much better in my opinion. Oh I like that Clyde and Candy game too :D. And flute hero is well insane.


Xeno Tactic is based on Desktop Tower Defense as it says in the credits of the game.


If you fail a mission in Xeno Tactic, you must play all missions before again?

This is pure cruelty and everything that is not game fun. :-(((


Yes, I agree Fuzzygrid. As pointed out in the post above, it is a game that is still in development. My guess is he doesn't have the shared object saves completed yet, since it doesn't save your progress.

A workaround is when if you see that you're going to lose, click the Quit button (top right) and then confirm by clicking 'Yes'. That will return you to the mission select screen with all your unlocked missions intact. =)


I attempted flute hero on insane... I managed negative 1346 points :P its better than I thought I'd do... for most of it I mashed as many buttons as I could...


Are we supposed to understand that prelude to the links?? Because I sure didn't, but what I did do was laugh out loud!


and that 'Candy and Clyde' one was indeed WW like :) having owned 2 games involving Wario's antics, I can confirm it :)

Dog Child June 8, 2007 6:15 PM

Argh. Flute Hero. I consistently get a few points below the bottom of the high score list for insane.


I liked Xeno's Tactics - the different obstacles on the playing field and the two directions add some variety.


1. There was major slowdown when lots of aliens were on screen at once.

2. The next wave couldn't be launched early *before* the current wave was finished, so some levels took a while.

3. There seems to be a bug in the gold counting. Every now and then, the gold counter would say NAN and all my money would vanish. This happened several times a game. It seemed to happen SOMETIMES if i. I got too much gold (over 200) or ii. sold too many towers in one go or iii. tried to build on a pre-existing tower.

4. Loses progress when dying. (this point has already been replied to)

5. I could see I was going to die, so I tried to quit to save my progress (I was nearly finished on the 3rd challenge). The flying aliens covered up the quit y/n buttons, and I couldn't press quit y/n or unpause. I had to close the window to exit.


I don't much care for the "random" rolls when two creatures clash in Monster Master. The game is poorly balanced, I think. Are there any other online TCGs that are worth a darn, though?


Candy & Clyde isn't working for me? the game loads just fine but then when I get to the actual game part it seems to freeze or something. Any ideas? This seems pretty fun =P

BrokenFixer June 9, 2007 2:36 AM

Monster Master: Here's an example 1925 deck that usually defeats the computer's maximum (2500)...

2x Black Hole (board control)
3x Psychic (board control)
3x Doom (board control)
3x Gift (card advantage)
3x Steal (card advantage)
1x Forget (card advantage)
3x Leprechaun (hold back and combo with board-clear)
2x Hydra (hold back and combo for 20 damage in 1 turn = insta-win)
2x Summon
1x Fire Sword
3x Dwarf (stall-blockers)
3x Golem (stall-blockers)
3x Skeleton (stall / filler)
3x Rat (stall / filler)
2x Barrier (cheap filler)
3x Curse (cheap filler)

Since you're simply waiting for Black Hole or a handful of Psychics, put out the minimum defense necessary to stall. Usually 1 Dwarf or 1 Golem is sufficient, but put out enough Skeletons or Rats so that you don't lose instantly to a Doom spell. Remember that the rightmost card in your hand is vulnerable to Forget & Steal.

A lot of potentially interesting game mechanics aren't strong enough to be visible: for example, Poison is buried on a couple of weak cards, so Antidote is worthless. Even the universal Cleanse isn't worth it. Sword and Shield aren't strong enough at +2 bonus for 30. (The extremely random combat mechanics typically favor having another creature in play, since 35-50 points buys a good creature.) Even with 3x Skeleton, Necromancy is still a weak card at 100.

The game designer could probably benefit from looking at MtG mana costs... it seems like Monster Master point values ignore card flexibility.

For example, Restore (heal 2 hp on yourself) is worthless -- if you're losing health then you need an answer (Black Hole, Doom). By comparison, Heal (heal 2 hp on monster) is strong. Similarly, Sacrifice needs a more useful activated result, such as Charge, Summon, Doom, Stun, etc.

Astral Masters ccg has greater complexity (and better art & card names...).


My thoughts:

*I really liked monster mash, but that could have been because I have not played one of these games in a while. It was nice to have the computer doing all of the shuffling :)

*Candy and Clive was to hard for my lack of patience. Neat idea, but maybe I wasn't in the mood

*Xeno tactic was slightly fun, but thats mainly because it is part of a "fun" game genre. The sound effects got on my nerves, and the upgrade colors were really ugly. However, I never mind playing one of these games.

*I thought Brain Stopwatch was a blast. It had me chanting "1 second, 1 second" the entire time. At the beginning, I did not know what 2 do for the first 3 times, and then when I figured out that I was supposed to stop the clock at the given time it wa a great challenge (for about 5 attempts). When I was 8 I used to do that type of thing :).
man I tried too hard to use the first 6 digits of the fibinoci sequence in that paragraph :P

*I liked the movie, pretty art and nice soundtrack, but it ended too abruptly and after the meatpacking scene went downhill.



Xeno Tactic goes on for ages... I'm at the final level now, but I've used the exact same tactic on every level so far, just with more fully upgraded towers and more plasma/freeze towers as I go along


I also hit this magic "money go away" bug in Xeno Tactics :-(

A strategy that works well also in later missions is not to make 1 snake tunnel through which have to go through but 2. When the monsters are at the end quickly close that tunnel with a cheap cannon, they will have to turn around. If they are on the other end, sell the closer gun and buy a block there, they will turn around again. and so on.

Don't forget air defence units for the air levels :-)

WooHooII June 9, 2007 8:41 AM

While sacrifice's effect isn't very useful normally, it can be very useful if you have psychic too. If your opponent has a strong monster, such as a hydra or dragon rider, you can psychic it, make it attack its own side, and then sacrifice it to get it out of your way.


Cany and Clyde is cute, but how do you win the cockroach level when playing as Candy?


Don't waste time with Xeno Tactic, its too busy trying to look flashy. Stick with Desktop Tower Defense - it may not look hip and cool, but its programmed correctly and a much more balanced game.

The 'missing gold' bug is a fatal flaw. Without gold, you can't participate in the game, and a glitch that regularly robs you of your commodities ruins all the effort put into the game.

Since I'm not blessed with a fast computer, all the 'cool' animations of Xeno Tactic only bog down the processes, and the gameplay gains nothing from it. Not to mention DTD allows you to play what you want without shoehorning you into specific missions or levels.

No thanks, I'll stick with the original. Desktop Tower Defense keeps a forum where the creator interacts with the players to find what features are needed, what bugs have been discovered, and so on. It results in a MUCH better gaming experience over some 'cute' graphics that don't make playing the game any better.



One thing i noticed with Xeno Tactic is that during the levels where the blobs come and spawn into a different monster when they die, often i would kill the blob and the new monster would be shot through a wall in my maze and basically skip most of ym maze and cost me a life or two.


CreedP, do you have to pay jay for advertisment posts? :-)


HAHA - no, its just that DTD is one of my favorite games discovered through JayIsGames. :)

Kero - that's common for Tower Defense, and if you have two blocks that only close a gap by corner, spawn monsters can sneak through. If your wall is solid (moving one line vertical or horizontal), they can't break through. That's in DTD -or- Xero.



Xeno Tactic: first the bugs (total restart, money away) got lifted, YAY!

Mission 6 is pretty hard, I got to level 52, but then died :(

The double-maze system works pretty well for me, in the beginning you buy only vulcans since they are the most cost effictive at low levels (5$ for 10 damage: ratio 2). First I catch the incoming streams together asap, and then make 2 snake lines. If the lines are long enough through the whole room, I can catch ground based units forever in this maze, because when they reach one end of it, I open the other tunnel, close the one before and they all need to go back.

I have a problem with air units tough, I just cant catch them all, even I got in later levels 2-3 full leveled up (red) air defence units.

Until now, after the maze was complete I started selling vulcans and making this speed-shooters instead, upgrading them to max. Maybe its a better strategy to just upgrade to vulcans? Since I just noticed at last step they become a "sniper-tower", with a real big range, so most vulcans would be allowed to be active all the time.

Capt_Poco June 11, 2007 9:01 AM

Dawn of the Bods won't load for some reason. It gets to the last bit and then stops.


I wish flute hero had a 'very easy' level too. It's so hard and fun!


Candy and Clyde was kind of cute, but the second time I played Feed It (I think that's what it's called), there was no fish food. I seem to get bugs like that a lot.


Actually Vida, the Clyde Feed It level isn't supposed to have fish food...well...not exactly ;)


if you want to hear how insane level of flute hero sounds if played corretly:

Yay, would have been 1st place if I would be ruthless enough to submit a bots work :-)


Oh. Hehe. Maybe I was playing as Clyde when there was no food. I thought I was playing a Candy game again after I closed the window and reloaded the game. Here I am blaming the game for bugs when it's just me not paying attention. :D


Um...I thought ths was a Games I watched that weird bear animation..
Just curious as to why non games are included?


AJ55 - you must be new here. Take a look around and get out of that box you're confined to. =)


if you get to level 6 on xeno tactics and dont want to have to beat all the previous five levels the next time you play use your browser history to open the page... works for me every time!

that game is freakin impossible...the highest iv ever gotten is lvl 62 and im completely overrun! its those silly air units...

Xenoed Out June 17, 2007 9:40 AM

On Xeno Defense, I made it to level 86 (mission #6) before getting overrun by air units.

I had 9 maxed DCA units, plus 13 maxed plasma turrets. I didn't bother with freeze turrets since you need to max out the amount of damage you can do and they just slow units down w/out doing damage. Instead, I laid out a double spiral pattern to funnel enemy units through as long a maze as possible, then combined that with an overflow chute that I could use to reverse enemies back through the spiral as needed. It works really well, but around level 80 enemy units were just piling up in the maze. Regardless, it's the air units that eventually did me in on level 79 (I think) and 86. 9 DCA turrets just isn't enough. Sorry, I just don't know that it's possible to get much further in this game... there might be a strategy variation were you start building up sonic turrets at some level (maybe after level 49?) since I think they are more effective against densely packed enemies, but... well... you still probably need at least 12-15 DCA turrets to handle the air units by level 79. :-(


Xeno Tactic seriously needs a quality adjuster and keyboard shortcuts.

Anonymous June 28, 2007 1:56 PM

dang, i got to lvl 72 on xeno tactics and died. stupid air attacks


xeno tactics has been ruining my social life lol, it's a great game but seems sort of impossible at mission 6..managed to get to lvl 93 with 9 lives but got totally wiped by the air attacks...there's still this bug of the money counting that bugs me alot, cos the prices that it says the unit should be selling for is totally different from what you get...even the cheap turrets it says you sell for 3$ but you only get $2..the money sort of adds up when you start bouncing the aliens around like crazy later on...

Xeno Tactic = Divorce Warning February 19, 2008 1:06 PM

I get to 85 on level 6. I just cant get any further It damn near cost me my wife.

I cant get enough air turrets to stop the flyers. Any suggestions? I have to limit myself to on play per day or I will keep playing to the exclusion of all else. Makes wife mad. She actually pulled the plug on the computer while I was playing.

Petter Svedén April 8, 2008 6:06 AM

Iv allmost sorted out what makes the money disapear. When your about to mark a tower of anny kind, make shure there isnt a red flashing cirkle somewhere on the map. Make shure the tower your attemting to press is "clean" of thet red circle. The circle may allso be on some other tower on the map so be carefull. Iv managed to come to level 84 ...or something. Then the doomsdaypropellers get me. I hate thos bastards! Sonic turrets seem to do the trick, trying not to loose money by beeing carefull allså does it. I rekn you can finish the game with 2 fully upgraded sonics and about 12-14 red airkillers in the middle.


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