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DoraYou've probably been too busy this week playing the entries for CGDC 8 for anything else, but right now you BELONG TO ME.... I, uh. I don't actually have any plans for you. This is why I flunked out of Super Villain School. I even forgot to set up the tank with ill-tempered sea bass to lower you into. What I do have is an odd array of flash games from around the 'net, including platforming, escaping, brawling, and Castle Picklehands. Really, isn't that just as good as sea bass anyway?

  • The Legend of the CheetocornThe Legend of the Cheetocorn - [Parental Warning: May not be entirely safe for children due to some mildly suggestive dialogue.] This is one of those times where I suspect someone out there is just trying to out-weird me. You play as Michael, who decides to defeat boredom with Cheetos, and thus finds himself sucked into a wormhole and transported to the magical land of Delaware where he sprouts a glorious mane of hair and rides the wondrous Cheetocorn. The platforming is actually pretty standard, but the game stands out because of its sheer strangeness. I can't remember the last time I was rewarded with an awkward massage. Maybe if it happened more often, I'd use my powers for good rather than evil.
  • Dino StrikeDino Strike - Who doesn't love a side-scrolling brawler? Who wouldn't love it even more if it involved beating up robotically enhanced dinosaurs to rescue them and make them fight at your side? Why, I imagine such a person as the kind that didn't like a game involving a good ol' fashioned dinosaur punch-up must be a no-good, dirty rotten... kitten-hater! And you're not a kitten-hater... are you? The gameplay here is pretty arcade standard, lifted straight from the days of Sega Genesis, but you can't tell me you've never wanted to punch out a triceratops.
  • Deep DiverDeep Diver - Have you ever wanted to be Steve Zissou? Of course you have. We all have. But you can't. But you can put on your red beanie and play this underwater exploration game where you try to find all the collectibles on every map without running out of air. The ending is rather unsatisfying, and tracking down treasure chests may not be quite as thrilling as tracking down the jaguar shark, but it's definitely pretty enjoyable while it lasts.
  • Cloud Powered JetpackCloud Powered Jetpack! - Sometimes I don't love games because they're beautiful or deep or challenging. Sometimes I just love them because they make me smile, and something about this silly, cheerful little typing game does just that. You know, when I don't want to bite the keyboard in half and spew the keys machine-gun style at the monitor. The idea is you fly your jetpack with the [arrow] keys, land on clouds, and then type out the proper word to refuel. Then, you take off before the bottom of the screen catches up with you. Theoretically. It's frustrating and fairly repetitive, but that little rug-rat is just so darned adorable.
  • Escape From the Haunted HouseEscape From the Haunted House - Cats hate getting wet enough that they'll even take refuge in a haunted house! I mean, apparently. Usually when my cats get wet they just glare at me, their eyes glowing with a baleful light, but I'm sure if a haunted house were nearby they'd be all for it. This point-and-click escape game is weird and silly, but it's also pretty cute, too.


Technocolor August 6, 2010 1:50 AM

Cheetocorn was surprisingly fun.

And really, really weird. ._.


Deep Diver seems like a poor man's Treasure Seas Inc. All the same mechanics are there.


"The ending is rather unsatisfying" -- you found an ending in Deep Diver?

Dynamike August 6, 2010 4:29 AM

Cant find the bottel to unlock area 7 :(

Dynamike August 6, 2010 4:34 AM

I cant find the map part in lvl 6 to unlock the new location :(

Malorion August 6, 2010 7:33 AM

Nick's right, and this one's pretty easy but if you like this type of game, it's still a bit of fun. Especially considering Treasure Seas seems to be the only other game of the type. Anyone know of any others?


Man, that cat escape one is bizarre. What does

24 days then a picnic

mean or imply... ?


Is there a glitch in Escape From The Haunted House where your mirrors disappear when you acquire the second one?

Because I cannot complete a puzzle now...


Well, I restarted since it is such a short game. There are also hints here:


Deep Diver was fun except...

There is no end to the game! I got everything. No congratulations message. Nothing. What a rip.


BCS, I found all three mirrors with no trouble.

So far as the ghosts are concerned

It's a room escape game. It wouldn't be complete without some kind of passcode, now would it?

Dragonfyre August 6, 2010 12:09 PM

I echo Ezra's statement, prey tell how did you find an ending in Deep Sea? I collected the main treasure (the 97500 one) in the last map and nothing happened. So I got 100% and still nothing happened >.

warriorofgod13 August 6, 2010 12:10 PM

Deep Diver is a fun game, but I can't find the new map in lvl 8! Please help!


Played Cloud Powered Jetpack for a minute or two. I was doing well until I plotted to fall back down a bit onto an immediately passed pink cloud.

Be warned, the clouds disappear when they leave the screen xD.


I found Deep Diver fairly enjoyable up to a point. That point being when I realized that if you upgrade in the wrong order, you can no longer progress. I got stuck in Level 8 after

upgrading my O2 to Max and not having enough hull strength to get to the map piece.

I think Level 5 may have a similar problem if you use up the O2 tanks. I don't feel like replaying just to get to the 'end'.


Sounds like a suitable ending, Dora. xD

Ground Chuck August 6, 2010 3:23 PM

I prefer to slowly drag my browser down to the bottom of the screen...Titanic style.


I got a glitch in the first level of cheetocorn and now im frozen but im getting tons of points!

hothotpot August 6, 2010 4:25 PM

I was really pleased with Deep Diver up until the end, or as you say, lack of one. I managed to find everything and completely upgrade all the components of my vessel. Then,

as I dove all the way down at the last level, I found the pirate ship and I thought I had found the ending, but nothing happened when I hovered over it. I even went all the way back to the surface, thinking maybe I had to go back to base to let the game know I had found everything, then dove back down to the ship and still nothing!


Spackobert August 6, 2010 5:02 PM

Dear Game-Makers of USA (in this case Cheetocorn),
when do you get it that the letters X an Z are not neighbors on the keyboard in Europe (and elsewhere?) which makes it almost impossible to play a lot of games! I will repeat this over and over again till the last gamemaker gets it!

"America is not the world"
The Morrissey


Kangra wrote, "I think Level 5 may have a similar problem if you use up the O2 tanks."

I used up those O2 tanks and couldn't complete level 5 for a long time. I came back at the end and got it; it's just barely possible with max O2 and max speed.

Malorion wrote, "Anyone know of any others?"

A lot of the gameplay in Operation Neptune is similar, but that's not a web game.


I echo Spackobert's comments. X and Z are only next to each other on some keyboards (even in the States)! Please provide an alternative or a means of editing controls.


Dino Strike is a bit short... and there are way too many items, seems a bit unbalanced.

Deep Diver was nice until there was no ending.
But, have you noticed, theres an

additional part of the map outside the sea, on the very left of the screen, on the last lever. Is there a way to get it?

Cloud Powered Jetpack is nice and there are no disasters =) The first (and only) time I played it and fell down I thought the girl would smash against the ground...

and Escape From The Haunted House is just cute!

And no, I've nothing better to do han play casual games :)


Speaking of triceratops, did anyone else read how scientists are saying it wasn't a real species anymore? It was actually just the juvenile form of torosaurus.

Just in case you were in need of a random tangent thought today.

Black Drazon August 6, 2010 8:00 PM

Hm, I wouldn't really compare Deep Diver to Operation Neptune, Ezra, but I'm just commenting because it's always nice to see someone mention it.

Wildbreeze August 6, 2010 8:24 PM

@tigrita, ugh, now I REALLY want to punch one! :)


An important point about Escape from Haunted House: There's something you don't usually have to do in escape games that you have to do here (and I think in some other games in this series?)

at some points you have to click on the cat icon to deploy the cats, which will enable you to solve some puzzles.

Also, KITTIES! Aw.

littlefish August 7, 2010 4:40 AM

Haunted house - anyone who have managed the upstairs code thing?

I have all ghosts, I've found the calendar and a 3x3 grid. I just don't get it to work...

Otherwise, I like the game.

littlefish August 7, 2010 6:33 AM

A little walk-through for the haunted house.

Only the red door can be opened

Weird painting - same room but with some kind of cat statue, and no hat

Take the hat

As in every escape game, check the tissue box, the CDs and the books

Oops, a yellow knob!

Leave the room

The green door seems to be missing something.

Hey, that's the statue from the red room painting!. Take it.

Check the bookshelf.

If you click the lamp, it rattles. What kitten could ever resist that?

Click the kitten by the text field - and Mieow! they enter the room!

Select a kitten and then click the lamp again

Takr the blue key

Leave the room

Blue key, blue door?

And there, in the painting, is the hat!

Copy the painting: Put the hat on the hanger and take the watering can.

A ghost!. Seems friendly, though

Check the book shelf

"How to make a caleidoscope"?

Flip through the book. Instructions, some blank pages, and ?!

Now you can leave the room.

Did you note the painting in the green room?

A watering can gives a ghost.

And in the red room the cat statue gives another one.

And... isn't the statue standing on something? Take a look!

So, where to go now?... all doors are locked or used...

That pink bookmark, couldn't that be a halve of something?

Use the mirror you found

Pink paper with numbers, pink door with code input. Way to go!

Check the book shelf

Take the alarm clock

Kittens love things that move!

like the wall clock pendulum

And there is an orange key!

Now you can eave the room.

Orange key, orange door

Check the book shelf.

And for once, there *is* something to find (I was starting to think they were only for teasing;)

Empty the tissue box.

Take the paper tube.

And check the plant too.

There is a tool behind the pot.

Copy the painting: Put clock, take duck.

Now you can leave the room.

So, where to go now? Look around!

Above the entrance door, there is a yellow dot. Can the pliers be of use here?

While you still are up here, take the little mirror.

Cool! The sunbeam hit the crystal ball and opened a staircase!.

Go upstairs and look around.

A one-legged jumping umbrella?

... that invites you to a game?? Well, could as well do...

And a calendar with some dtes ringed

AND a little mirror in the right window

And a mysterious box with 3x3 pearls.

get down again

One door left. What can a poor kitten do?

Actually quite a lot! Like, bash the yellow door open.

By now you ought to know the routine... Place the duck, check the bookshelf and the bike.

There is a small "cover" by the front wheel.

Leave the room.

Some flowers left. Where did we see them painted?

Try the pink room.

OK, so now we have some caleidoscope parts, six friendly ghosts, a calendar and a 3x3 puzzle...

Have you noted the ghosts' hints? Otherwise, take a round and do so.

Go upstairs.

Win over the umbrella thing to gain a small but important gift

And now the knob puzzle. I'll give you a fair chance of solving it yourself.

Ghost hints numbers match with the calendar.

The numbers are right. Just have to pick them in correct order.

Roman numerals: IV means 4, VI means 6

The pattern resembles a bow-tie.

Finally, all the caleidoscope parts.

Building time.

Mirrors + tape = triangular arrangement

Paper tube + mirror tube

Add cover and bead case.


Take a look in your beautiful new toy!

Coloured numbers

... that match with the code pad by the entrance door.

Still not out... looks like I need a plastic card.

Maybe I could ask a ghost?

Tickle the red room ghost to make it drop the card


Escape From the Haunted House was pretty fun. I got the "normal ending." Did anyone get a different ending?

Username August 7, 2010 1:43 PM

What Voodoo Smile said, how to get that last map piece on the last level? It's on land, just out of reach of the sub. Would be nice if there WERE an actual ending to this game.


Haunted House happy end

When you slide the plastic card to open the final door, a pink bow tie appears.

Click it, maybe?

Hmm... pink

What else is pink?

Oh right, one of the doors is pink. The ghost also happens to have a pink bowtie. (S)he gives you some flowers. Exit house as usual.

No more molesting kittens with towels! :)


Thanks for including a room escape, Dora! I enjoyed Haunted House but I needed several hints to get through it ... a cute little game!


Yes, thanks for including an escape, Dora. And thanks to littlefish for the walkthrough. Which I needed as always ...

I wish I'd thought of it without needing the hint,

clicking on the kitten below the game

I would have felt so clever to have thought of it ...

Hmm, I just notice that I have a clue on my paper that's not crossed off.

At one point, there were 3 red dots and 2 green dots. At the time, I thought it was going to be the clue for the coloured number puzzle.

Did I miss where that clue was used, or was it just some random dots. (Sorry, I don't remember exactly where I saw them.)

italiangeek1 August 7, 2010 9:33 PM

Cheetocorn was insanely strange. Sadly, I couldn't get past the evil choreographer on the Heavy Metal Ballet level. I'm not very good at these games.


Barbara: that was your score during the rock-scissors-paper game. Every time you or the computer win a round, a dot lights up on the corresponding side.



I think that's just the number of times you've won and lost versus the incredibly weird thing at rock-paper-scissors.


Okay, I opened Deep Diver and went through the opening cutscene until I got to the to-do list--then nothing. How do you start? I've pressed every key on the keyboard and haven't seen any other button besides mute. Also, there aren't any instructions besides WASD, so...yeah. Help?


Hey I found a glitch in the cheetocorn one
here it is

On the second level, if you go on that bump, jump on to the platforms to the left, go up to the two cheetos but then keep going off screen, youll fall down to a lower level, and I got straight to the boss.


Gah! I misread your statement to mean I _should_ upgrade my speed/02 to the max, when you meant the opposite.

I got stuck on level 5 because I couldn't dive any deeper, and I couldn't get any of the remaining chests on levels 3/4. At that point, the only option was to edit the .sol file, and @(&*@$ was that a pain. Not only was the file obfuscated [since when do you make a list of items, and then a list of their respective attributes?], but it was somewhat tamper resistant [attempting to convince the game that I didn't actually pick up a chest on level 1 leads to the save file being deleted by the game].

With lots of brute force, I eventually figured out that 0xA663 translates to 4963 (decimal). Conveniently, that was enough to buy the hull upgrade. SIGH


Just finished Deep Diver. Was a fun game, but the lack of an ending was such an anti-climax. Why is there no ending?:(

My fingers are sore from the constant pressing of the "up" keys in a sight panic to reach the surface before oxygen runs out :)

@Malorion: Cap'n GoldGrubber's Treasure Hunt is a similar game that I have played. It takes place on land, but the concept of going from level to level with upgrades is the same.


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