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John BeaverFor this Link Dump, I beg your indulgence for a simple quiz: I fly out of London's Heathrow airport travelling at 800mph departing at 7am (GMT), and at that exact same moment a friend leaves New York's JFK but they are on a slower flight travelling only 400 mph. At what time will the planes cross (and for a bonus point, over which ocean)?

Assume for this question that wind speed is negligible, that the planes take the most direct route, and that the planes get to full speed immediately with no delays.

Also assume that I am travelling first class and enjoying champagne, canapés, rare steak and mango, and that my friend is flying economy on a budget airline being served slop on a tray. Finally, imagine that I am far better dressed than my friend and that, on landing, my chauffeur informs me that I have won the lottery and never need to work again. My friend goes on to lead a life of destitution and petty crime.

I love that dream. Anyway...on to the link dump...

  • Deflector - A simple concept but a novel gameplay mechanic. Draw lines to shield your base from attacking enemies. Collecting power-ups will make life easier. Thanks zxo!
  • Castle Draw - Another simple concept with another novel gameplay mechanic. Draw circles forming rocks to rain down on attacking enemies. This one is also from Freeworldgroup. Do you see a pattern here? Thanks Frank!
  • Visual Acoustics - More a sound toy than a game. Choose one of 8 instruments, tweak the parameters of the instrument if desired, and then paint on the virtual sound canvas with the mouse. Remember to take a break every now and then to eat or to get some work done.
  • Clickclickclick - is perhaps the most futile and pointless activity on the Web. But I guess clicking is as patriotic as anything else these days. I clicked 3,500 times for my country in a couple of hours. Now I type with my nose.
  • Viva Voodoo! - (PG13) First in what appears to be a series of games from UK-based Digital Outlook Studios. A group of Voodoo dolls who are so utterly rubbish that they will do anything to die...sort of like an interactive Happy Tree Friends. Discretion advised for younger viewers due to multiple cartoon deaths.
  • iridethelines - is an unofficial Line Rider tribute site with some of the most creative and artistic tracks you'll ever see.

The answer, by the way, is 4.30pm (over the Atlantific Ocean).


tankgirl23 May 25, 2007 4:14 AM

Best Jump: 2198!

But in the end, I just wanted to see all of the endings.


Grr. Deflector is really, really cool, but there are two things that really pissed me off about it: first, it would often not register my mouse draws at all or only draw a little tiny deflector, making me susceptible to attacks.

Second, and perhaps more frustratingly, every time I got a spread shot by hitting one of the S's that gets leftover by an enemy, I would immediately start getting barraged by 5 or 6 enemies in a row, much quicker than normal. It seems the game compensates for you having the spreadshot powerup by having the enemies fire on you much more rapidly, but combined with the previous gripe it makes the spreadshot almost worthless sometimes. A better approach would have been just to make the S's more rare.


High jump of 2207. That unlocked ending was pretty funny. :)


4.30pm over the Atlantific Ocean! ;)

I quite liked the idea of the castle draw game. I found it a little difficult to draw the rocks though as the screen cuts off in the middle of the sky and you cant tell where. And there were too many ad pop ups too. bleh. But a good concept!


Maybe in your dream world, but in the real world you'd have crossed the Atlantic, not the "Atlantific". :D

Escapee May 25, 2007 5:47 AM

Come on everyone click for Britain, 20,000 more clicks and we'll be 23rd instead of 24th!


By the gods! If both planes take the most direct route, they will not cross; they will crash into each other! It's a trick question! How can your chauffeur inform you of winning the lottery if the planes have crashed?!


I've been playing for 2 hours straight just to beat the higest score here and finally i've done it: 2212

The voodoo doll-game is a nice variation over the classic penguin-bashing that made the yeti-games "famous"


I can't do the jump over 1920. I thought the logic was to click as late as possible. However, my second to last click was 1900+ and the guy was pretty high from the ground, and on my last his feet were like two pixels from the ground and he only went up to 1850.

I'm confused. Oh, and by the way, the review is misleading. What multiple cartoon deaths? The only thing that seems to die is a bunch of birds, and I think they might only be unconcious...


John Beaver, your "also assume" joke is still cracking me up.
I love that joke. Anyway...

Visual Acoustics: a very good effort at the cool but difficult-to-implement idea of making any improvisation sound good. (flash wind chimes?) But does left-right do anything to the sound (height controls pitch), or only change the visuals?


Technically Tayrin, if both planes take the most direct route, they will crash into the ground because of the curvature of the Earth.


Wow, Finland has done pretty well in clickclickclick for such a small country. Well, I suppose that simply means we don't have very much important work :-)


I feel proud that my country has better things to do than to click that button. Yeah, that's right! USA! USA!

How many other people are tempted to click for Burkina Faso or such, just for Yuks.


france for the win


Wow, zxo, you're right. I never thought of that. But if they start off on the ground, I'd guess they'd merely run along the ground on their wheels and crash into buildings or something, rather than the ground. So I don't see how they could possibly both take the most direct route after all...

Unless they're ghost planes! Are they both ghost planes?!


Ghost planes? Somebody hold me.


You're all missing the most important thing about the aeroplane question. It didn't specify where these planes were going - only where they were leaving from. It doesn't matter if they take the most direct route or not - where are they taking the most direct route *to*?

Surprised nobody caught that yet, heh.

WooHooII May 25, 2007 12:25 PM

How do we even know if the planes will cross? It never said where they were flying to...


I'm totally clicking for Canada!
clickity click!

Charlie H. May 25, 2007 1:45 PM

No, no no no no, John Beaver! To complete your quiz could only take occourance in the most fevered of imaginations, sir! Why? Because you tell me not their destination, so without knowing where they're scheduled to go up into said point that they meet, it is unsolveable. Frankly, I am insulted by such a qestion! IT IS NOT POSSIBLE! *waves arms in the air.* Of course I don't really mean this, but it's fun to overreact. I shall now go try out all the pretty links you gave me.
Good day to you, sir!


persk: 2218. Nyahh ha ha. :)


Charlie H. May 25, 2007 2:38 PM

Aha! I have beaten you all with my high score of 2222! No, really. I got 2222. As for clickclickclick, i clicked over 12,000 times (while multitasking, of course) and I plan to click even more, I do!


I think it is fair to assume that they will be flying above the curvature of the ocean.

I think it is also fair to assume that both planes are flying to jamaica (their destination was never specified), so that they can party :).


2217 is my highscore :)



GuidoTheGreat May 25, 2007 7:37 PM

Well I thought the voodoo doll game was pretty well done, although in the future I'd like to see more things to unlock, after I unlocked the secret death which was on like my third successful jump I didn't have more to work for.

Some of them didn't really fit the theme though, of 'too dumb to die', most of them seemed just plain unlucky to me, while others - like the parade - seemed to be more or less perfectly executed.


The question asks at what time the planes will 'cross', so unless the question is intentionally deceitful, it seems fair to assume they are heading to each other's starting point, since that's the only way they would cross when they are both taking the 'most direct route'.

Otherwise, yes, the question is unsolvable, and I demand a refund!


Is 26k clicks excessive? I think it might be, but I can't seem to stop.

Artist of Sound May 26, 2007 1:41 AM

Wow... the visual acoustics can be quite soothing... it put my sister to sleep, very good, very good indeed


Castle Draw becomes laughable once you get enough power and energy. I had to continue a few times, but then I cleaned my mouse a little (not the full cleansing it should get, but at least I got rid of the bigger things within by opening it up) and was able to then draw more precisely. One flaw in the game is that there is never a time when you have to draw a massive rock for a single enemy, but plenty of times when you'll want to draw a wide rock, and because there's a maximum limit on how big you need your rocks before it will kill all enemies struck no matter what, eventually you'll draw things that cover at least a third and maybe half the screen that squish everything underneath. Spiders sometimes are an exception, but they don't have enough health to warrant anything more than a second rock of such a type. I tried dwarf assistants after reaching this point; they didn't seem all that great and they slowed things down quite a bit (yeah, I can change the quality, but I've exhausted the actual game potential pretty well now, and it didn't last long into my attempt to fill the battlements with them), although the enemies will attack them before they attack you, which is a plus. I also tried lightning killer, but that didn't do anything at the beginning of the round, so it must be a screen-clearing weapon.


Hmm, I got 2226 on what I think was my second successful jump on Viva Voodoo.


I dont get how you play for hours to get get 8 clicks a I would average out at about 28.8k if I really tried.The key for clickclickclick is to face you mouse towards you at an angle,so that the left mouse button faces you(aka it should be at a 35-45 degree angle),hold it steady with your non-writing hand,then rapidly press with the index and middle fingers of you writing hand.It may get sore,but this way is the best way.Another way,change the double click setting on you mouse to REALLY helps a ton.

ymihere May 26, 2007 11:38 PM

Those numbers aren't impressive. Today alone, I did





As far as I can see (and assuming you're giving 'plane speed in statute miles, not nautical miles per hour), you'll take three hours to pass the other 'plane three time zones away.

That means you'll pass your friend at 7:00am over the North Atlantic, doesn't it?


James Lyell May 28, 2007 5:26 AM

Another take on why the riddle is impossible to solve: you cannot prove that the planes took off at exactly the same time, as information can't travel faster than the speed of light... Unless you transmit it using tachyons.


I give up at 2164. The game could have been improved by getting the endings unlocked one at a time.
Also, I tried getting the lowest possible score (apart from 0), mine is 731.

Gryphon June 1, 2007 10:15 PM

yes, click click click reminds of a game we play in class where we would add 1s on a calculator.
usa is pathetic. my class got 1,000,000 in a week. and we made a rule where for every one million we get we increase the adding # by 1, so now our total # is 982 mil or so.....


low score--501

high score--2222


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