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DoraAnother week has come and gone, and here we are again to celebrate the offerings of the internet. Come, let us join hands this Friday and give thanks for the fork-tender flakiness of physics, the delicious jam of point-and-clicks, and the hearty broth of puzzles. For together, they combine into a tasty buffet of delicious gaming that combats the bland gruel of boredom and provides the savoury spice to the succulent roast of your day!

... what? No, actually, I haven't eaten yet today. Why do you ask?

  • Civet's OdysseyCivet's Odyssey - Cute as a button but clunky as a brick, this little point-and-click adventure about the titular character hunting down the lost belongings of his friends is about as adorable as you can get and still function properly. The problem is that a lot of the puzzles are simply awkwardly presented and frustrating to navigate. Which is a shame, because the whole thing is just so friendly and lovable otherwise. It's like someone giving you a big glass of your favourite Kool-Aid, only they forgot to sweeten it. Or, worse, sweetened it with Splenda.
  • White Day 2White Day 2 - Oh, Minoto. Truly, you illustrate the wondrous yet vaguely disconcerting landscape of my dreams! Come, run away with me to a nonsensical realm of your imagining! This is a short point-and-click game about a dog... thing... and you can make a bored bear punch a polar bear... look, man, I don't know. Like all Minoto's games, this one cheerfully defies description with its ridiculous progression and cute visuals. Insane? You bet! Oh, and you can pick up spit in this one too. Awwww.
  • Demolition DudeDemolition Dude - A fine example of "what is this I don't even", this is a game where you destroy buildings with your head. For cash. It's a physics puzzle (sorta) with a strange premise and stranger execution. Simply click and drag to fire your no-doubt highly qualified expert at buildings, causing enough damage to win each level. It's weird, sure, but you know what they say. "If you want something done right, you've gotta risk massive cranial trauma and do it yourself".
  • StoblobsStoblobs - I like to imagine that the inside of Tonypa's head is like Willy Wonka's factory, populated by colourful logic puzzles and non-threatening Oompa-Loompas that ferry them to our browsers. This is a prime example, where you match two identical tiles with a clear path between them and try to clear the board without becoming deadlocked. It's extremely simple to pick up and play, and mellow enough that the time can fly by before you notice. You know, just like every Tonypa game, ever?
  • Fantasy XFFantasy XF - [Parental Warning: Some content might not be suitable for younger gamers.] Despite suffering from bland area design and uninspired gameplay, this platform/RPG hybrid is often surprisingly funny if you like oddball humour. The graphics are probably pretty familiar to most of us, but the clever writing and tongue-in-cheek dialogue hits more often than it misses. If only it were nearly as fun to play throughout. *sigh* You done me wrong, Fantasy XF... why you always gotta break my heart? At least we'll always have Uno!


Jesssabiel March 19, 2010 12:29 AM

White day 2 was

Soooo easy.
I normally really struggle with escape/point and click games. But this one made me feel so good about myself. ;)


Ah, a fantastic mix of games. I haven't seen a Tonypa game in a long time. Years, actually. Not quite as long as the last time I logged into this account, though. Ah, good memories here.

I've had dreams similar to Demolition Dude for some reason.


Easy? Well, that goes to show I'm even more terrible than I thought at these kind of games.


The Civet game has just made me say some very bad things.

First, it appears to have broken, and I couldn't click on an item (even though the cursor symbol changed) near the right-hand end game.

So I was trying to find something that might help, like exiting and continuing. So I clicked the little power button.

Guess what? No warning, no question asked, NOTHING-your game just ends, and you have to start over from the beginning.

Given that most of the puzzles are flatly absurd anyway, that's it for me.

One tip for game makers:

Besides that, it's really not fun when you don't follow the design of Simon, which is to add on to the existing pattern.

StephenM3 March 19, 2010 2:23 AM

I hadn't read OverZealous's comment, but as soon as I saw those fish popping up, one by one, I somehow knew that it'd be a game of Simon. By the time I saw that there were eight of them, and they all looked essentially alike, I was already frustrated.

Overall, though, the game was cute and simple. It's a perfect game for a little kid, which it was obviously designed for. I remember having endless patience for Simon as a kid playing Putt Putt Goes to the Moon.


I thought Fantasy XF was amazing. But yea. A few swears are in there. At least there's no blood n' guts.:)


Don't assume the game is glitched. I thought that for a while before I managed to get it to work

If I am correct and it was the room with the doors you were stuck on, you have to use one of the keys on the right box. I'm certain I must have tried it a dozen times before I got it to work, but eventually the box opened.


WOW! I'm #6 on TonyPa's game! YAY!!! (For this moment in time.)

I really liked this one. It's like Mahjong meets TonyPa.

However, you need to add a special warning/rating just for TonyPa's games. Like, maybe a clock getting sucked down into a vortex! :-D


No, it was

The scene with the machine and shovel. I did something to the machine, a list of items to get (?) popped up, but I couldn't click on the shovel. Nothing else appeared to be clickable.

I should have stopped with the game of Simon, anyway ;-)

StephenM3 March 19, 2010 3:44 AM

Stoblobs (Tonypa's game) seemed too easy to me. I didn't really have any strategy other than "select the two furthest pieces that I find within a couple seconds," and I found myself in level 8, with a lot of time spent but still no sign of challenge. I didn't keep playing, so I never found the point where things get interesting. It's probably there; I remember his other game Turnellio seemed easy but actually just had a slow difficulty curve. Like the mechanic, though! And as always a great presentation.


White Day 2 Walkthrough!

1. Pick up the book

2. Go right and pick up the jar of jam

3. Go back to the dog and put the jam on his toast

4. Pick up the white hair dye

5. Go right 2 times and dye the brown bear white

6. Click on the cave the bear went into and pick up the shoes

7. Go back to the girl-and-duck scene and give the girl the shoes

8. Take the hammock that the duck was in

9. While you're here, click on that green hill and pick up the digital picture frame

10. Go back to the white cave with the sleepy bear and the cat, and give the bear the hammock

11. Pick up the foam

12. Go back to the girl-and-duck and put the foam in the washing machine

13. Pick up the cloth

14. Go back to the dog with his toast and put the cloth on the window

15. Pick up the angel

16. Go to where the polar bear and yellow door are and put the green book on the purple pedestal

17. Use the angel on the yellow door

18. Click on God

19. Pick up the memory card

20. Zoom in on the photo frame (click the ? button), click on it again to turn it around, and put the memory card in

21. Go inside the white cave with the sleeping bear and give the photo frame to the cat

22. Pick up the heart

23. Give the heart to the other cat, outside the cave

Awwwww <3


Minoto games are usually insane, but this one was by far the craziest. I was already laughing at the

spider in the jam

but when

GOD SHOWS UP and turns a book into an SD CARD???? WHAAAT

I stopped breathing. Thank you for making my day.


@ OverZealus: You need

the shovel later in the game.

What you have to do:

you just have to push all the buttons on the machine in all possible combinations.

mezzanote March 19, 2010 4:28 AM

As usual, after finishing a Minoto game, I have a feeling of satisfied uncertainty. Oh, I completed everything correctly! Oh, but look, there's another ending! Or is there? No, I can't

change the image on the picture frame


give the heart to someone else

or seem to change the order of events in any way. Hmmmm.

Randomname March 19, 2010 4:34 AM

Can't figure out how to open the... chests? in Fantasy XF. Great game otherwise.


I deny any Oompa-Loompas living in my head (at least I hope so) :)


Mezzanote, if I understand it correctly, "only one method" is Minoto's way of saying - only one ending. as in, only one available.

Jesssabiel March 19, 2010 8:21 AM

Yeah, I have to complain about Civets Odyssey too...

I was about 5 minutes into the game. Just finished rowing the boat across the water and it was hard work too! I was about to rescue that cap and the whole game just froze up.


Cyberjar88 March 19, 2010 8:46 AM

For those who are having difficulties with Civet's Odyssey, Tasselfoot has a video walkthrough on YouTube.


White Day 2 has an english version here:


For Fantasy XF, I'm having a great time with it but I think I'm missing something! How can I open those chests/cabinet things? I'm pretty sure I need to in order to burn down a vine...


Ummmmm it never let me pick up the shovel in the oddessy game wat shld i do i dont wanna restart :'(


Never mind i figured it out LOL

chibidani March 19, 2010 4:08 PM

I don't find Stoblobs as compelling as most of Tonypa's other games. Its just as refined, but seems to take a lot longer per level. Also, I was awarded a "speed bonus", but there is no indication that a timer is counting or any way to pause the game if I have to get up to answer the phone, etc.


Yes, Finally! Someone else who thinks splenda is terrible! You have rekindled my faith in human taste buds, Dora!


I'm having trouble in Fantasy XF. I found a gray box at the top of a beanstalk, but I don't know how to open it. Also, I don't know how to get past the boxes of skin at the giant bug shipping place.
So, I'm stuck. :(


HELP! i am playing fantasy FX and i can't get past the orange vine

that needs to be burned or go through a nuclear apocalypse.

How do i get any of those things to happen? I have ice beam and it looks like i need double jump to get past the pig monsters cave


I actually quite liked the simplicity and cartoony style of Civet's Odyssey. Granted, I also enjoy spending my time playing the game of Simon to the 30th note, but that's not important. Sure, there was a bit of (ok, more like nothing but) trial and error in the key game, but even with that I had the game beat in less than fifteen minutes. And besides, how can you dislike anything that cute! :P


@ Guest + Charles + anyone else stuck at the orange vine:

I am also having trouble with the grey cabinets, but they are not needed to get past the orange vine. The magic scroll looks just like a piece of paper with writing on it. You can find the one needed for the orange vine by:

keep going left at the shipping dock. You may have noticed, however, that the path is blocked by boxes. To clear the boxes you need to:

beat the 1 eyed boss that ms. Princess was trying to beat in the first place. You can find this boss by:

taking the lower path.

Not sure if you remember but about 2 screens before you found the orange vine, you should have been at a screen where you went underground because you couldn't continue above ground. That's when you start to see the piggy monsters. After a short while, you find a path to go back up: one of those standard platform stairs where you keep jumping on ledges arranged left and right. Instead of going up and to the orange vine, stay underground and keep going right. Wander those spaces a bit and you'll eventually find the boss.


For people playing Fantasy XF, you can't open the safes until later (you require a special item first).



I completed White Day 2 with no help. Wheee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!

Cassandra March 22, 2010 10:21 AM

woah... i've never had a number one score on anything online... i realllllly like stoblobs :)


Can anyone help me out? I'm playing Fantasy XF and I'm at level 13 now. I've bought the maximum level of armor and weapons at the first items shop. Where is the second items shop? (There's got to be a second items shop!)


Is there any kind of walkthrough for Fantasy XF? I found the

giant yellow ducky with the green door

and now I am stuck. I'm not sure how to advance and am pretty much just aimlessly level-grinding. I have magic spells 1, 2, and 4. Not sure where 3 could be.

Is it related at all to the need to clear the rubble to the left of the fountain?

ryoshenron March 22, 2010 6:19 PM

Hello, I'm the author of Fantasy XF and I thought I'd post a brief walkthrough for the game to help people out here.

After going into the castle at the beginning to talk to the king, you can leave the town. Head to the rightmost exit from the town and continue through the east plains. Go into the first cave you encounter to get an ice beam scroll, then leave and keep going through the plains. Make sure when you find a huge plant that you can climb up, you go to the top and go through the teleporter to activate it so you can warp here again later.

After that, head back down and keep heading to the right until you get to an area where you have to go underground and you see pig enemies here. Go all the way to the right in the underground area until you run into another arrow post in the underground area that brings you into a dungeon. Go through the dungeon (there's one jump in the first part that might be a bit difficult to make at first, but you can make it, just jump from the edge) and at the end you will fight a boss. You have to hit him in the head to hurt him.

After defeating him, go back to the top of that large plant that had the teleporter, and go through the doorway next to it. The crates of skinmeal will be gone now, and you can keep going left and enter a cave. In this cave, there will be a barrier on a floating platform that you have to switch off by hitting an orb on the ground. At the end of the cave, there will be a spell scroll that gives you the explosion spell.

Now that you have explosion, head back to the underground area with the pigs and jump up the vines at the end to continue on. You'll come to a big orange vine, select your explosion spell by pressing 2 and cast it next to the vine to burn it down. Move on through the forest now, making sure to activate the teleporter along the way. The first cave you come to will have a heal spell in it, which will be useful so make sure you get that. Back outside the cave, climb the tree branches and continue on to the right.

You will eventually come to an arrow post in a hole in the ground. Touch it to go to another boss dungeon. At one point in the dungeon, there will be a waterfall you can't get through. Cast your ice beam on it and it will freeze, allowing you to pass. You'll soon come to a werewolf boss. You can only hurt him when he's stunned, and you stun him by hitting his blasts back to him with your weapon.

After you beat the wolf, he'll give you a mallet. This automatically makes your regular weapon attacks capable of breaking those safes you may have seen laying around. Head back through the forest until you get to the area with the big mushroom and a safe on it, and strike the safe to break it. Grab the dynamite and head back to the town (use the teleporter to get there quickly).

Now you can go back into the cyclops' boss dungeon and break the safe hidden there in the upper-left corner of the first area for an upgrade. There's also one above the castle entrance in the town (climb up the protruding bricks to get to it), another is on a vine above the orange vine you had to burn to get to the forest, and there was one other but I forget where :P You don't need to get any of these, though.

Back in town, the shop will have some new equipment for you, and you can now talk to the soldier by the rubble and he will use the dynamite to clear a path for you. Head on to the left, and you will be in a desert with green sand. The areas will repeat here, but a sign will tell you how close you are to the end. You'll eventually come to a place with a big fountain, and you can enter a door there to go into an underwater dungeon. At the end is a lightning spell, which you'll need soon.

Leave the fountain, and keep going through the desert to the left. You'll eventually come to an elementary school for monsters. You'll need to make it through here and defeat the cyclops boss's brother. After beating him, the obstacle blocking entry to the junkyard outside will be gone, so head through there.

The junkyard should be pretty straightforward. Make sure not to touch the giant heads when they're fully visible, or you'll be cursed. You'll pass a teleportation machine that will take you to a small place with an anti-curse spell as well as an upgrade. At the end of the junkyard, there will be a shop you can enter. Go in and cast your lightning spell on the generator to get rid of the barrier and move on.

The next area will have large numbers forming equations that you will have to solve to figure out which door to go through. Choosing the wrong door will take you back to the store's entrance. I don't remember what the equations were offhand, but just pay attention to the giant stone numbers, they're easy multiplication and division equations. After two of these areas, you'll fight another werewolf boss. Upon defeating him, you'll get a duck key.

Now the shop in town will have more equipment for you, and you'll have a choice of where to go next. If you want the most powerful spell in the game, you can go back to the princess' room in the castle and enter the locked door with the duck on it. You will go through a dungeon fighting two of every enemy you've encountered in the game so far, and if you head backwards at any point you'll go all the way back to the beginning. At the end, you'll get the strongest spell, painwave. Whether you choose to get this or not, you can teleport back to the forest and head all the way to the end of it to go into the final dungeon. Enter the doors on the giant duck at the end of the forest to get there.

The final dungeon should be straightforward, although the enemies will challenge you here so make sure you have good equipment and at least level 20, and some fruit punches and green teas. At the end, there'll be a fountain that will restore your hp and mp when you press down on it, and you'll enter a big furnace to begin the final battle. The boss will have a shield protecting him from damage, and you'll have to destroy the eyeballs at the left and right edges of the area before you can hurt him. Only one eye will be open at a time and they switch when one is hit, so you'll have to jump back and forth between them. The blue one is weak against your explosion spell, and the green one is weak against lightning. After both of these are dead, you can whack the boss until he's dead.

Thanks for playing! And I plan on making the next one better, with better-looking level graphics and hopefully better level designs as well.



1. Thanks for the walkthrough.

2. The game is pretty awesome. I love the parody/homage angle: the situation and dialogue are wonderfully funny. I also deeply appreciate the way it auto-saves every time the scene switches. It makes "you died" so much less frustrating.

Note to JiG:

Fantasy XF totally deserves its own review rather than being buried in a Link Dump.



I'm having trouble navigating through the

underwater dungeon behind the fountain.


I can't figure out how to get to the higher platforms in the second scene. I can get all the way to the right, but I can't get to the next level to take me up and back to the left.

Any tips?

ryoshenron March 26, 2010 2:41 PM

If you've managed to get all the way to the right edge of the second scene of the fountain dungeon and got the spell, then there's nowhere else to go in that dungeon. All you have to do to get back out is fall down to the ground and keep heading back to the left.



*phew* I finally finished Fantasy XF and I must say it's completely brilliant!

I never did find the missing kitty the guy from Arabland was asking about. I wonder

if it was killed and turned into armor. Hmmmmm...


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