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Link Dump Fridays

DoraEach installment of your Link Dump Friday fix is actually a very complicated process, you know. First, I pore through the many suggestions sent in every week, playing each one for approximately six seconds before discarding it because I didn't like the font they used for the preloader or something. Then I make a comprehensive chart of the remaining titles based on their genres and how likely they are to appeal to a wide audience based on the tastes of each person who visits the site. (Which is done via consulting the tiny camera I had mounted in the corner of your computer area while you were sleeping. Nice pants, by the way.) And then I remember that trying to please everyone is like trying to climb a ladder made out of cake, close my eyes, and draw random titles out of a hat. Then I pat myself on the back for a job well done, and go chase some butterflies in the backyard. For you, gentle reader.

For you.

  • Battalion: VengeanceBattalion: Vengeance - Urbansquall's popular turn-based strategy series and homage to Advance Wars comes to a close in this installment. It doesn't bring anything revolutionary to the established formula, but it does bring some resolution to the plot. If you enjoy scooting brightly coloured soldiers around the battlefield, this is the game for you. Make sure you check out the previous titles in the series if you're new to the refined art of blowing dudes up with cartoon tanks.
  • Mahjong Dark DimensionsMahjong Dark Dimensions - Mahjong is one of those games that always gets a free pass with me, regardless of how crudely it's represented. It's fun, slow, tricky, and is excellent for when you're feigning interest in someone on the phone who won't shut up. Dark Dimensions is a stylish interpretation of the game that has you play on a cube you can rotate, and under a time limit. It's all done in soothing purples and looks very pretty, but I can't help but be disappointed. Just a little. Judging from the title I was hoping for a gritty RPG where only the powers of Mahjong could prevent the universe from being sucked into the X dimension. Developers, are you listening to me?! With ideas like this, it's like we're giving you free money!
  • - Further cementing my image as somebody's grandmother is my endorsement of jigsaw puzzles. We've covered some before, and those of you who weren't busy yelling at us for your damaged eyes actually seemed to enjoy it. So here's an entire site full of flash jigsaw puzzles, most of which feature adorable animals or carefully maintained scenery. Play it with your grandma, or if you need a quick boost to your self esteem after something more punishing. Just don't say I'm the one who told you about it, because I'll call you a liar, claim to be a hardcore gamer, and kick you in the shins before running away.
  • Bongo Boom BattlegroundsBongo Boom Battlegrounds - Some of you are already charging up your hate lasers for how closely this resembles a certain commercial rhythm-based strategy title. The rest of us are just giggling like monkey and tapping out our orders to our grim little army to destroy our opponents. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Bongo Boom is one John Cusak away from holding a boom box under Patapon's window in the rain. But it's fun, it's well made, and cute as ye olde dickens-e, which makes it a winner in my book.
  • Lapinka and the Hidden ShieldLapinka and the Hidden Shield - While lacking in direction or point, Lapinka should satisfy those of you who like cute things with abnormal ears. I know you're out there because I've seen footage of Renaissance Faires. Avoid enemies and fly around the forest collecting things so you can shoot and stuff that will let you collect other things. It's cute, it's simple, and features bouncy, boppy sound effects and music. Which I'm pretty sure is how Pokemon started out, so maybe you should just get your wallets ready ahead of time.


GottaLoveHomophones January 15, 2010 3:56 AM

"pore through" not "pour through" :)


I believe you pore through the suggestions, rather than pouring through them.


I quite liked MahJongg Dark Dimensions -- I really like the rotation aspect -- but a time limit? Bah...let me play until I'm ready to quit on a game like this. Won't be back for that one.


Mahjong Dark Dimensions I liked. I am just not into games with timers.

There used to be a jigsaw puzzle site that I went to. There was a new puzzle every day. About once a week it had a puzzle with "funkier" pieces. They also had a show edges only option which saved some time. After a while I noticed there were only a few different puzzle layouts and the clicking and dragging is too much every day. Other than that last part it was decent. The Jigsaw site above is similar; it was ok, there only seem to be as many layouts as the choices of pieces to play, so about 3 or 4.

Lapinka and the Hidden Shield was cute, but oh so short. I managed to play the last level first the first time through. I definitely would recommend it as a childrens level game.


The Battalion series does most certainly not qualify as RTS.


Lapink is horrendous: the pathing is square, it doesn't tell you you speed decreases if you have no bubbles, you can't hurt enemies twice really quickly, and sometimes your keys get jammed and you can only go one way, even on firefox.


I could only find 1 shield, in the 3 mines area off the main screen.


hey thanks for featuring bongo boom battlegrounds!


In Lapinka there are 4 areas. On on the left and three on the right. You have to find them. It is not that hard, your cursor changes.

I found the puzzle I had played before. It happens to be "funky" puzzle piece day. I thought it might have been on Fridays. I think it is quite well done for a computer jigsaw puzzle.


battilion hint: lv 2 YOU MUST HAVE A RANGED UNIT TO GET THE TANK IN THE MOUNTAINS!or would you rather die?


I only played Bongo Boom Battlegrounds yesterday... It was relatively fun. I liked it. :)

Black Drazon January 15, 2010 7:34 PM

I think Battalion's adds-nothing instalment is a good example for why you shouldn't declare a trilogy until you're sure you have enough content for a trilogy. Not that I'm remotely upset, of course, as I'd play Battalion mission packs from here to the true sequel - I just think the sequelphobic masses looking for any excuse to take down AAA games at places like Kong would - ahem - appreciate accuracy in titles.


Dora, you are absolutely the most entertaining writer who describes stuff I've ever had the pleasure to stumble upon. You are truly hilarious!! Thank you very much for all your observations, you ALWAYS give me a chuckle or two or three...

!a lurker


i also hate the fact that mahjong is timed. except that fact, i loved the game.


Is the JigsawX0 site not working now? It's loads, but nothing works. I cannot open a puzzle or use any of the menu options on the right. My Flash updated to 10 yesterday, but the Jigsaw site was working fine. Now, nothing works????

Anonygameguest January 24, 2010 2:19 AM

Chapter 16 of bongo boom battle grounds help!

how do you beat the part with the treasure trap?


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