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DoraIt's Halloween Eve, and you know what that means! No hard partying for you, my friend. You need to stay inside and conserve your energies for tomorrow night, when you'll be fending over sugar-crazed moppets in seventeen dollar department store costumes, and sullen teenagers forced to look after their baby brothers. Fortunately for you, Link Dump Friday has your back with a collection of groovy and ghoulish games to get you in a seasonal sort of mood and not in any way meant to distract you while I go through your candy bowls and pick out all the good stuff. (Pssst, we like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!)

  • Haunted: The Trapped SoulHaunted: The Trapped Soul - [Warning: Not suitable for young children.] Oh look, a cabin in the woods! How quaint! Do you think an unholy demonic possession will bring the property value down? While some of the puzzles in this creepy point-and-click title are best described charitably as abstract, and the narrative may be a little odd, it still manages to send a chill up your spine thanks to some top-notch atmosphere and lovely hand-drawn artwork.
  • Halloween Sugar RushHalloween Sugar Rush - Kids these days are rebels! They have no respect for a man's lawn! So if you want to keep yours looking lush and green (your lawn that is, not your kids), you'll fling the candy from the front porch to the little tricksters before they can set a foot on your beautiful, succulent grass! Just be quick about it, since apparently these children are coated in some sort of grass-killing acid. No respect, I tell you!
  • RedEye 1031RedEye 1031 - [Warning: Violence and blood.] As if you needed another reason to be terrified of flying through the air in a giant, combustible metal tomb. There you are, minding your own business, running and jumping down the aisle like a gibbon when suddenly... kaboom! It's just you, your oxygen mask, and waves of very angry, very hungry shadow beasts. And they stopped serving dinner an hour ago! Hmmm... doesn't that guy look familiar?
  • One More CandyOne More Candy - Ohmanohmanohman. Making a little ghost cry is bad luck, worse than breaking a mirror under a ladder with a black cat! There must be some candy somewhere in this cute and quick little point-and-click game for you to give the spooky little fellow. And make it something good, too! No pennies! People who give out pennies on Halloween are haunted 24/7 and that is a fact.
  • Pumpkin RemoverPumpkin Remover - Hey there, physics puzzle fans! Don't be sad, we didn't forget you! From the creators of Red Remover (excited yet?) comes a seasonal treat of... rotten pumpkins! Yaaaaaaaay!... what? What's with the look? Hey, I'll have you know rotten pumpkins are a delicacy around these parts! And you'll eat them and you'll like it, pal!


Roseate Spoonbill October 30, 2009 12:25 AM


Boy, you youngin's sure post early for a Friday event.


Man, I'm stuck on One More Candy. I feel like I'm missing something incredibly obvious :\

I have:

The blue ball from the fridge
The pliers from under the bed
The (half?) note from the diary
And sixteen jack-o-lanterns.
I've also

revealed the safe-type thingy by removing the cat painting, but have no idea how to get the dratted thing open.

Anonymous October 30, 2009 2:28 AM

Have a few other things for you.
You can:

Click around one side of the tub and ...

... use the pliers to get a red ball.

... and ...

Click to the other side of the bookshelf and get a gauze/lampshade/bow-thing. I don't know what it is, really.


I'm stuck with all the above too. Except that I don't know how to remove the cat painting! And...

if you use the pliers to pull out the black rubber plug at the bottom left of the bathtub, you can get a red ball.

Help is needed.


One More Candy


Look at the kitties(cats)

Anonymous October 30, 2009 3:46 AM

How to open the box behind the couch:

The books on the coffee table are the first clue, and give the order: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow.

These colors correspond with the pictures of various vehicles:
a car (blue, above the kitchen sink),
a sailboat (red, in the front hall),
a train (green, over the bathtub, partially hidden by a window shutter), and
a tricycle (yellow, hidden above the toilet).

Each vehicle has a different number of wheels; each possible shape has a different number of sides.
This gives the code:

Square, Circle, Octagon, Triangle

Anonymous October 30, 2009 5:22 AM

One More Candy Walkthrough

Click to hand each trick-or-treater a bag of candy.
When you realize you don't have one for the ghost, click 'Search' in the lower right to begin.
You start in the hallway, facing the front door.
You click the witch ghosts (ghost witches?) to move.

Click the bookshelf.
You will be confronted by a black cat.
It would be menacing, if it weren't for its comical-sounding paw pads.
Go back to the hallway.
Admire the sailboat.
Go right.

Admire your waving cat tchochkes.
Pick up the jack-o-lantern on the bookshelf.

Why you thought it was a good idea to hide lighted jack-o-lanterns around your house is beyond me; probably some misguided attempt to merge easter egg hunts into Halloween. Nevertheless, its probably best to collect these fire hazards as quickly as possible. You hid 20; we'll keep a tally as we go.

Pick up the jack-o-lantern hidden between the third and fourth cat statues. (2)
Click the pillow.
Pick up the jack-o-lantern. (3)
Click the left edge of the bed to view it from the side.
Click the bedspread.
Click the left drawer to open it; click the back of it to remove it.
Collect the jack-o-lantern there. (4)
Click the left cabinet and collect the PLIERS.
Go back to the bedroom.
Admire your waving cats again and remind yourself how much you're amused by the idea of high-fiving cats; so much so that you used it in your home security systems.
Go left.

Click the cat poster.
High five the cat as indicated by your statuary.


The picture falls to reveal a locked safe.
Go right twice.
You will be facing two mirrored doors.
Between them is the linen closet.
There's a jack-o-lantern hidden behind the towels on each shelf. (6)

Enter the left door.
Click the plunger.
Collect the Jack-o-lantern. (7)
Click the (red/left) hot water tap on the sink. The steam will reveal writing in the mirror


Click the top of the screen.
Collect the jack-o-lantern on the shelf. (8)
Move your toilet paper collection to the side so that it doesn't obstruct the lovely picture of a tricycle.

Go into the right door, with the bathtub.
Close the shutters so as to better show off your picture of a train.
Collect the jack-o-lantern from under the towel. (9)
Click on the lower left of the tub.
Use the pliers to pull out the plug and drain the tub.
Collect the RED BALL.
Leave the room.
Go Right.

Admire the lovely picture of a car.
Collect the jack-o-lantern from the frying pan. (10)
Open the cabinets below the stovetop.
Collect the Jack-o-lantern. (11)
Open the cabinet underneath the sink.
Pet the narcoleptic hamster.
Unlock the fridge by entering the codeword from the bathroom: 'DIET'
Collect the BLUE BALL.
Open the freezer.
Collect the jack-0-lantern. (12)
Go Right.

What a hideous futon.
Collect the jack-o-lantern on the lower right of it. (13)
Click the middle cushion. Collect the jack-o-lantern behind it. (14)
Click the lamp cord to turn it on.
Collect the jack-o-lantern in the lamp. (15)
Click behind the ugly futon.
Collect the jack-o-lantern. (16)
Note that the box is locked by a code consisting of four shapes.
Go back to the ugly futon.
Click the bottom of the screen to look at the coffee table.
Collect the jack-o-lantern now visible under the ugly futon. (17)
Curse the ugly futon cover for not matching your primary-colors-plus-green color scheme.

Seriously. YOu found pictures that match and coffee table books that match, but then settled on an orange/green plaid futon cover? We'll assume its seasonal.

Click the green book, your diary.
Click through the pages to realize that your search for extra candy isn't going to traumatize some poor child: There is, in fact, a backup supply of candy. You do not need to excavate your ugly futon for unwrapped cough drops that fell into it.
Pick up the torn NOTE.
Put the book back.
Click on the far side of the coffee table to look at the other side.
Click the right cabinet to find an extra CANDY BAG.
And another jack-o-lantern. (18)
Go back to the box behind your ugly futon.

To open the box, think a little bit more about the color scheme of the house; there's a good reason to curse the ugly futon.

The books give the order: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow.
These colors correspond to the lovely portraits of vehicles strewn somewhat haphazardly about your house.
Each vehicle has a different number of wheels
(although not all are visible in the picture)
The number of wheels corresponds with a shape with that many sides.

Blue: Car; four wheels > Square
Red: Sailboat: no wheels > Circle
Green: Train: eight wheels > Octagon
Yellow: Tricycle: three wheels > Triangle

Square, Circle, Octagon, Triangle

Click the grey button on the left to open the box.
Insert the RED BALL and BLUE BALL.
CLick the lever on the side.
Collect the KEY.
Go back to the bathroom doors.

Unlock the lower cabinet.
Collect the Cat Key.
Collect the Jack-o-lantern. (19)
Go back to the safe by the front door.
Unlock it with the Cat Key.
Pick up the CANDY.
Put the CANDY in the BAG.

DO NOT give it to the child who's been standing outside crying the whole time.

There's still one fire-hazard to be collected.
Go back to the kitchen.

Click the cabinet under the sink.
Your hamster is awake now, and has the second half of the TORN NOTE.
Look at the LEFT half of the torn note and then add the RIGHT HALF.
It provides a code 6554.
Click the note to turn it over.
There's a picture of your picture of a car, with numbers in the corners.

The numbers indicate the order in which you should click the corners of the car picture.
But the picture on the note is the reverse of the
actual picture.

So you want to click:

Upper Right
Lower Left
Lower Right
Upper Right
Upper Left
Lower Right
Lower Left
Upper Left.

The picture will fall.
The code consists of letters again, not numbers.
So the numbers you have have to correspond to letters.
Since A=1, you need to click: 5,4,4,3 to spell 'FEED'
Click to lower open the safe.
Collect the BOOM BOX.
Collect the final jack-o-lantern (20)
Go back to the front door.

Go outside.
Hand the kid the long-awaited treat.

Appease the jack-o-lanterns with music when they inexplicably become possessed.



I'm done with One More Candy!

But I found no use for the two halves of the note. Ideas anyone?

Anonymous October 30, 2009 9:13 AM

Haunted is okay, but I can't beat

the zodiac plate puzzle. I'm sure I'm entering the symbols in the correct order,

but nothing happens. I even tried a walkthrough.


For the zodiac puzzle in Haunted:

you have to be facing the wardrobe when you are trying to turn the plate, otherwise it doesn't light up


I appear to be having trouble with the zodiac puzzle, as well. I've even done it while facing each wall and nothing happens


Those bad pumpkins in Pumpkin Remover gave me the worst case of gas!

Patreon VIP Chiktionary October 30, 2009 7:26 PM

Re: Haunted, a good game but for me a little annoying...
I can't seem to

locate the plate that needs to be unscrewed with the screwdriver and I can't crack the piano puzzle either, even with the walkthrough

Any clues or hints or blatantly obvious solutions would be most appreciated.


Significant flaw in the game design of Halloween Sugar Rush. It is very easy to only protect one strip of lawn (or even one square). You can get through many, many waves just guarding that line and then "cleaning up" the others at the end of the wave. It became very boring after I realized that.


RE: Haunted - I HATE HATE HATE Pixel hunting!

Game creators who do that should have their fingers taped together so they can no longer type.


Haunted is being very, very bad. I'm doing exactly what the walkthrough is telling me to do

which is play the tape in the closet with the skeleton after I unlock the three locks but before I enter the room

but I'm still getting killed. Very annoying.


The plate that needs unscrewing is in the bathtub on the right end. As for the piano puzzle, count all the keys in order, white and black. Then play the (imaginarily numbered) keys in the sequence given on the calendar, reading in columns (not rows).


Meh, never mind. I just realized that

I enter as soon as I start playing. I don't wait for it to finish.


for the zodiac puzzle:

you need to rotate the plate ccw using your cursor placed in the centre of the dark circle over the exposed zodiac symbol

zbeeblebrox November 1, 2009 5:35 AM

I got five seconds into "Haunted" and *facepalmed* at the cutscene where the car is driving forwards but the rearview mirror is accidentally showing us driving backwards (doh!)

It has some clever ideas though and a solid, definitely creepy story. It's just a story full of spelling errors and pixel hunts. I think, with some polish, it definitely has potential.


What's with the farting sound effect in Pumpkin Remover? How old is the game designer, three!?


Halloween Sugar Rush eventually gets repetitive...

RedEye 1031 is kinda short, and not particularly interesting over time, but it's a fun and quick way to waste your time.


And Pumpkin Remover, of course, is like Red Remover, but with pumpkins. Still fun.


Gah, I'm stuck on 'One More Candy'; I've got...

The Candy and the Candy Bag - how do I put the former in the latter?



Enjoying Pumpkin Remover... I have the same nit I did with Red Remover, though: The buttons for reset level and level select switch places based on whether you lose or whether you pause. I keep going back to the menu when I mean to reset the level.


Ah...I just figured it out...who'd've thunk it would be possible to get that far into the game without using the 'About' button?
- ^^'


Halloween Sugar Rush: Why in the world have keyboard controls (as an alternative to mouse controls) if you require the mouse for half of the actions in the game?!? (Menus, activating sprinklers, picking up candy, ...)


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