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i saw her standing there

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Rating: 4.6/5 (347 votes)
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Kyleisawherstandingthere.pngBoy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl turns out to be a festering, shambling undead corpse that wants to eat boy's brains despite, oddly enough, being in love with him too. Boy then decides to put girl zombie in a cage so they can be together but he gets to keep his brains and, well, life. Thus is the story set for the simple yet endearing platformer, i saw her standing there from Krang Games.

It's tough going when the love of your life is a ravenous member of the walking dead. Clearly the two of you want to be together but for that to happen you'll have to use the [arrow] keys to move and jump in order to get your zombie lover to follow you into her cage. Of course, she's not the only zombie around, and so you'll have to dodge the hordes of undead you don't love, eventually using the [space] bar to shoot them dead (or... um... deader) if you are lucky enough to find a gun.

Clean and simple graphics, and a cheery acoustic soundtrack provide a back drop for a sweet storybook love story told in platform game form. The action is manageable enough to appeal to a broad audience, while still providing a few tense moments to keep you engaged. Meanwhile the story unfolds neatly with the gameplay, telling a tale that is whimsical, and ironic, and in some ways touching.

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Hah, I'm actually glad I didn't read the review before clicking on this one. It's not like it spoils much, but going into it not realizing it was about zombies made for a nice surprise.


I kinda dug the minimalistic graphics, mellow music and ambiguously silly/tragic storyline, but can't say I really enjoyed the actual game very much. Let me just say that it thankfully ends just as it starts to overstay its welcome.

kevinb1229 April 17, 2012 9:35 AM

For some reason or another, the intro cutscene of the girl (nongraphically) turning into a zombie and eating the boy's brains does not segue into the actual game. Is there something wrong? If software helps, I'm using Google Chrome with what should be the newest version of Adobe Flash.

[I've played this in Chrome on both Mac and Windows 7 and could not reproduce the issue. Try emptying your browser cache and reload the page. -Jay]


I think the "i" in the title should be lower case (I think it represents "myself" and how the people in the game look)

[To be fair to Kyle, the review author, he originally had it that way. I changed the title during editing, but I agree with you, so I've changed it back. :) -Jay]


Maybe I'm just being thick, or is there a bug on the "she liked to escape from her cage"? I lure her into the cage, but it doesn't close on her, even when I get her to stop in the cage and stay there. Any ideas?


Well, at least you know she loves you for your mind. Also, I love the cute touch of either one of their hearts breaking when the other dies. Unique game!


Am I the only one who felt like this was more a parody of romantic art games than anything else? It was actually kind of sweet, and I loved the goofiness, but the main draw for me was how it seemed to poke fun at a lot of the completely sincere love story games I've seen here.


I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to pass the first level.

I've led her in to the cage, but then it just does nothing. Is there something I need to do after that? Does this game just hate me?



Hmm. The cage should close on her... When I do it, I get her to follow me, then I continue an inch past the cage to the left... as she tries to run through the cage, it closes down on her. Maybe she isn't far enough inside?


If anyone is interested, here is the soundtrack for i saw her standing there. Enjoy!


If you guys can't finish the game here's the ending

On the last level the cage collapses and the boy gets turned into a zombie. After that, it says all the humans die and the other girl and boy zombies fall in love. To celebrate they make pancakes.

Who knew zombies could make pancakes?


I found it totally adorable. The soundtrack, I think, is what really made it work.


I'm having the same problem as Liz. After completing the first level,

meaning getting her in the cage

nothing happens. I can't move to the next level for some reason.


Sorry for this double post, but I just tried moving on to level 2 using the "level select" option, but then nothing happened also after completing level 2. For some reason, it's not letting me go on to the next level.

I'm using Google Chrome on a Mac, but I don't think I should be having any problems..? It's a shame, I really wanted to play this.


After I finished the game the first time, it said I had won several cheats on the front page.

So I replayed, with

all 6 of the extra features, the ones that make it extra hard (lots of zombies), the ones that make it extra easy (permanent gun and flying ability) and, bonus, Big Head.



try internet explorer if you're having troubles on level 4. i used chrome at first too and was having the same problem. internet explorer worked great.


That was pretty fun. The cheats at the end are quality.


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