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Home Sheep Home 2

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DoraHome Sheep Home 2There's no place like home... unless you're a trio of sheep who can't seem to stay put. Aardman's woolly wonders are back again in the physics puzzle platformer Home Sheep Home 2, the follow-up to the original. After trying to help their farmer, Shaun and company inadvertently find themselves on the road once again, eventually winding up in London after a hair-raising road trip. Will they ever find their way back home? Or will they roam the streets forever, subsisting on fish and chips and photobombing tourists in front of the palace?

Use the [arrow] keys to move the sheep one at a time, and hit [1], [2], or [3] to swap between them... or just click on their icons. The object of each level is to get all three sheep safely to the end of the stage (marked by a white arrow) together, but this is no sight-seeing tour through Trafalgar Square. From the streets to the rooftop, London is littered with hazards and obstacles than Shaun and his pals will have to work together to get past safely. Each sheep is a different size, however, and all have their advantages and disadvantages. Shirley, for instance, is big enough that she can push heavy objects and boost her friends higher, but also can't jump as high or walk on certain objects without weighing them down. Try to keep your little flock together, and hit [R] if you need to restart. You also might want to keep an eye open along the way for sweet collectibles like... uh... socks and... underpants? Hmm. Clearly sheep have... special priorities.

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Not only is Home Sheep Home 2 more difficult than the original, with a bigger emphasis on timing and skill, but it also feels significantly more... well... epic. The environments are bigger and more interesting, with significantly more variation than "field" and "field with a few more clouds". Just try not to squeal at the animation and the sound effects unique to each sheep. It's like some sort of adorable vortex you never want to leave. While there's nothing particularly innovative happening here, there's also something to be said for a game that goes out of its way to excel at style and quality, and Home Sheep Home 2 definitely has both by the bushel. If you've got an iOS of your own, or can wrestle someone who does into submission, you might also want to check out the mobile version for even more levels since the web version only has fifteen centering around London. While it lasts, however, Home Sheep Home 2 is a bouncy good time for everyone, guaranteed to put a smile on the lips of the most hardened of gamers. Go on... make the little guy trot around and squeal a little. We won't tell anyone.

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I guess that "Sprint sheep sprint" achievement doesn't work. I've got 45/45 stars but not that achievement. :/
Also I have problems to get achievement "Three points" (get a photo of every sheep. Any hint?

And have anyone idea where's pants on lvl 7?


@titiuu: And have anyone idea where's pants on lvl 7?

Jump to the left against the lower part of the crane cabin.


pants on 7 are

in the bottom part of the crane. use sheep 2 to jump towards the grate looking thing at the bottom of the crane as the bar is moving up and there's a secret passage

I also didn't get sprint sheep sprint or the photo one...can only get picture of sheep 2


Sprint Sheep Sprint does work, you need to finish the bonus level (Credit Where Credit's Due) with three stars to get it.

Bolt Sheep Bolt is the only achievement I haven't gotten. (and Time For A Break, obviously). I don't see the developer's times mentioned anywhere, how do I know what I'm aiming for?


I guess that "Sprint sheep sprint" achievement doesn't work. I've got 45/45 stars but not that achievement. :/

You need also to complete the Credits level.

Also I have problems to get achievement "Three points" (get a photo of every sheep. Any hint?

You should have the three sheeps to jump over a camera for it to shot the photo.

The easiest way I found is to place the large sheep so the cameras crash on her cameras, then put the other two sheeps over her one at a time and timely jump over the camera before it breaks. Then, use the small sheep as a base and jump over the camera with the large one, and you're done.


And have anyone idea where's pants on lvl 7?

Use the medium sheep to jump against the lower part of the crane cabin.


I got the Three Points achievement. You do it by

Going to what I think is the third level or so, where you hop cars and avoid what look like lights or traffic signals. Those are cameras: every time you jump over one, you have your picture taken. Hop over once with each sheep.

Broken cameras don't take pictures, so have your tubby sheep stand a little back.

  • The little sheep stands on the tubby sheep and jumps forward for its pic

  • The big sheep stands on the little sheep and jumps for its pic

  • The medium sheep stands on the big sheep and jumps forward.

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    I don't see the developer's times mentioned anywhere, how do I know what I'm aiming for?

    The devs time is given by difference from your best time in the intro screen of each level, it says XX sec faster for ***, and the stars * have a red border.

    I'm not able to get nowhere near those times, though...


    Hey, just thought I'd throw everybody a tip:
    If you stack two sheep (with a lighter one on top)
    you can hold up and switch sheep mid-jump for a big jump boost.

    A good example where this comes in handy is level 8:
    instead of going to the far right to adjust the clock hands for Jimmy, you can simply put jimmy on top of shaun, hold up and switch to 3, bypassing that portion of the puzzle completely.

    Procrastinateher December 10, 2011 5:57 AM

    I don't know, it might just be because I had a little difficulty at the level with

    the speed camera poles, apparently with a bit of a sketchy jumping mechanism that could have just been my computer and/or me

    but I don't think this game has the same charm as the first one. Even though it does appear to have more of a plot.

    I'll just go play it some more then.


    Can anyone tell me how to get the achievement
    "Teen Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"?

    btw @Exilas it is not correct. the time mentioned below is your last play's time- current play's time. I tried the first level over and over again to see if i can beat the developers' time, but it only showed that i finished 1 second earlier and earlier everytime( i checked the timers)


    found the way u dont need to tell me ;)


    I'm talking about this, which I assume is the dev time. Note the red-outlined stars.


    you might know how to get that achievement, but I don't. I've been trying forEVER. Throw me a bone?


    @Ariel: to get the achievement "Teen Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

    Use the minivan as it was a surf table :)

    That means:

    Do not put the medium sheep INTO the minivan, leave her OVER it.


    OH! Thanks! So much!

    Anyone have any idea which is the easiest level to beat the developer's time on? It's the last achievement I have left...


    I finally got Bolt Sheep Bolt. I did it on the 15th level. It was extremely hard though. It's a feat on any level


    >>I finally got Bolt Sheep Bolt. I did it on the 15th level. It was extremely hard though. It's a feat on any level

    Do you remember the time you achieved?
    I need something to aim to :)


    Where is the secret pants on Level 3?


    How the heck do you get the luggage into the van on the first level??


    I got "Bolt Sheep Bolt" on Level 5:

    Use fat sheep to push the sheep in order to collapse the chimneys, then jump ahead.
    Next keep pressing 123123123... while jumping, moving all three sheep simultaneously. If none of them get stuck, can beat the level in less than 8 sec.


    Hey where are the secret pants in level 8?

    annoymymousse December 24, 2011 3:24 AM

    For those trying to beat developer's time, I'd say the easiest level to do so is 12 with the jumping on guards. Try to get number 2 and number 3 sheep together in one go and then number 1. Needs some tries.


    how do you get to the credit levels you need to do before getting the achievement for getting 3 stars in all levels? I have all 45 stars, but apparently need to find a 'credit' level -- any clues on where to find it?


    How do you put the luggage in the van on level 1?


    @kayte & CallMeCal:
    How the heck do you get the luggage into the van on the first level??

    Use the big sheep and make the luggage fall to the ground so the van opens. Then push the luggage to the left to make it roll upside down. Then push it hard to the right, gaining momentum. The luggage should roll up the step and then into the minivan. It may take a little to get it right.


    i've completed all of it, you get the take a break one after completing all of them, i find that beating the developers score is only possible by about 0.1 seconds but i found that level 11 was the easiest to beat it on, press 1 and the right key before the level even starts over and over again then push the chimney slightly then shirley will break the window and move her right a bit when she lands then send shaun down straight away and while shaun is still in the air, quickly swap to timmy and do the same with him, should do the trick :)


    p.s i did level 11 in 09.69 to beat the developers score :)

    Lulu from Brazil (: January 15, 2012 5:22 PM

    Lvl 7: The pants are under the crane, i tried to jump with Timmy when he was climbing and it worked ! But i still dont know how to put the luggage into the car :/

    caitlyn :) February 8, 2012 3:14 AM

    How do you get the pants in level 8?

    satya.hermansyah April 20, 2012 1:23 PM

    i've finished all. and i only late 0.76 sec at level 5 for Bolt Sheep Bolt. i think i almost broke my keyboard. aaarrrggghh i don't wanna play it anymore -,-

    satya.hermansyah April 20, 2012 1:32 PM

    naaaahhhhh i can do it! beat the development time! finally i did it at level 11. wohohohohohohoho. alhamdulillah ya sesuatu!


    Someone, please, tell me how to get the giant cake (extra credit achievement)? I can't find it. Help!


    How do you get the Don't Disturb The Neighbors achievement? it says cross the clock without moving the hands and i did that, what do you have to do?


    Another question : How do you get the achievement "Roasted Lamb" ? I mean, how can I do to take Shaun ON the rocket in the last level of space ?


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