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Hex Empire

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Rating: 4.7/5 (2179 votes)
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PsychotronicHex EmpireHex Empire, unfortunately, is not about an ancient land of witches turning each other into mules and spiders. The name refers to hexagons, the traditional battleground of the pen-and-paper wargamer. Hexagons tile well, you see, and they look nice with doodles of rivers and mountain ranges between them. They are pointy, but not so much that you need to wear goggles while working with them, like you do with squares or triangles. Dash them with pepper, and they taste good on a hamburger bun. Hexagons are winners.

This is a good game for fans of Risk and Dice Wars, for strategists who like to compare numbers but dislike the fuddy-duddiness of unit weaknesses and initiative and terrain bonuses. In other words, it's a casual turn-based strategy war game, pitting you against three computer-controlled armies in a battle for dominion over a randomly-generated plot of land.

Your objective is to capture the capital cities of your enemies. The map is littered with smaller cities and coastal ports, and generally speaking, it is a good idea to control as many of these as possible. At the end of each turn, each city in your territory will generate a unit 10 soldiers strong, while ports and the rest of your occupied land add soldiers to your cities randomly.

There is only one unit type, though for easy reference, it changes appearance depending on its strength. Your main restriction is that you can only move five units per turn, though you will quickly find yourself with more than five groups of soldiers. It's up to you whether you spend your precious five turns consolidating weaker units into more intimidating ones, or pushing the battlefront forward. Though it may seem restrictive, these are the choices that make Hex Empire interesting.

The other factor is morale. Winning or losing battles directly affects the strength of your army, so much that a losing battle can be reversed sometimes through a series of demoralizing surgical strikes. A unit's maximum physical strength is always 99, but in a battle between two maxed-out squads, the more courageous one will always win.

Replayability comes from the random map layouts. If you find a particularly fun one, you can write down its ID number and revisit it freely. The downside is that awkward maps are common, granting unfair advantages to some factions and mucking things up with large bodies of water. Just hit the randomize button again if the first map is too weird.

Analysis: Hex Empire occupies a comfortable spot between the simplicity of Risk and the number crunching of the Avalon Hill-style board games that inspired this whole soldiers-on-hexagons thing. You do have to pay attention to the numbers, and even add them together occasionally, but moving a squadron just comes down to two mouse clicks.

The five-move restriction, and the way your fighting units degrade quickly in battle, forces you to strategize instead of simply expanding as quickly as possible. The further and faster you push, the more likely you are to end up with a shattered and cowardly front line, ripe for a counter-attack. Real strength in this game comes from an almost chess-like approach, with units constantly guarding and reinforcing each other. There's a distinct and relaxing drumbeat to it, once you get the feel.

Could it use more variety? Possibly. Should it have multiplayer? Definitely. Do the rules governing the ups and downs of morale seem capricious? Sure. But Hex Empire lets you jump right into battle without much fuss, and offers enough tactical depth to be addictive even after several wars have ended. A bit of a treat, really.

Play Hex Empire

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The short guide to winning - that is, taking advantage of AI dumbness and game quirks.

Get free hexes and ports.
- In the middle of the opposite horizontal edge which is ignored by your attackers.
- Wherever you can, with little units running around behind the head of the enemy attacks.
Put blocking units around important cities or on the coast
- The AI has trouble deciding to smash through such a barrier
- Seems to be more effective with higher morale.
Boost your morale before attacking
1) Merge units first - big units have more "room" for increased morale.
2) Get a morale boost by taking some hexes/ports/less-defended cities
3) Do your big important attacks. Like taking out an enemy capital or important city.

The fundamental strategy on harder levels:

The AI much prefers to move units at the "head" of the attack (closer to your capital.) So:
- Put blockers between the head of their attackers and your cities, capital, etc.
- Go AROUND the head of their attack and capture ports/hexes/cities everywhere except the head of their attack.


Necromancerman March 17, 2009 4:08 PM

Can someone tell me a good map to use for a newb Violetnam?


A few things that I have noticed

1. It was hard to figure out how to make ships at first. you simply move a unit onto a harbor and then move it onto the water the next turn.

2. It usually makes more sense to focus on your closest opponent first. This game might be more fun on a different shaped map where you are equally close to every opponent.

3. At the beggining you want to spread you units out to get as many cities as quickly as possible. After that you want to merge as many units as possible to save turns.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

krazykarl March 17, 2009 5:41 PM

Necromancerman: I found 773892 to be an easy level as purple.

Here's what I did, if you want some tips:

first take the only city you can get to in one move, then take the two cities to the north. continue expanding upward and to the right.

green will expand towards you. just before they get into attack range, sign a treaty with them.

green will keep blue busy while you take over red (get a couple big fleets in the water and just attack all at once)

next, take the troops that you have on the north coast and attack blue once you have about 4 groups of 99 troops, attack by water, in all of this, you must keep the border between you and green heavily reinforced.

once you take out blue, you should be so strong that green will be easy. if you kept a strong border line, you should be able to move into green territory immediately and take their capital with little resistance.


Trying to figure out the gameplay - it looks like port cities don't ever spawn new units. Do other cities spawn every turn?


It was alright. The thing I don't like about it though was that because of the morale points, it's impossible to win if you're the underdog. If you're winning, battles, you gain morale points, so you win more battles. If you're losing, there is no possible way to get past the enemies' high level tanks.


If you're like me and at first feel that the game is very easy to beat: make sure you don't overlook the not-too-prominently placed difficulty switch on the map selection screen.

winfrith_279 March 18, 2009 2:05 AM

The game takes too long and there should be a multiplayer mode, but the game is still fun.

Pixelated March 18, 2009 4:11 AM

This is really fun, but I agree there should be a multiplayer mode. Great strategy game. One complaint is that there shouldn't be a higher limit to the number of manpower you can get, rather than 99.


For me, this is perfection. I love this sort of game, it's simple to learn, addicting, challenging. All it really needs is a campaign.

If they didn't have a manpower limit it would take away from the strategy of "well, if i move this guy here and this guy here", it would be more like "well i'll move every single one of my guys here and then power through straight to his capital" and that's too simple.

Either way, love it, needs multiplayer, possibly a campaign.


Ugh. The means by which soldiers arrive is not clearly explained. I won my first match, but I could not understand how enemies managed to out-number and out-morale me even if I had a clear advantage in cities. This game definitely needs to be refined with proper instructions.


What ever you do, try your best to sign a pact as soon as possible. It would really help.


this game is awesome! it does get a little bit boring once you can beat it on hard though. if it had a campaign and/or a level editor, it would be complete.


I love these games too! Thanks for the "difficulty" tip, Vorpal.

If you're the underdog, you can make a speech and raise your troops' morale.

My tips:

You can combine groups of troops - I like to shuffle troops from city to city, expanding outward, making a relatively secure wall of 99 troops on my perimeter

Keep your dormant troops on a city until they get to the 99-person cap. Then move them off so that you don't waste any spawns.

Wait for the enemy to launch an offensive against you, then find a relatively less-protected route to their capital city. Once you conquer the capital city, all of that enemies' troops self-destruct (or that's the case on the default level)

Also, this game is so educational! I had no idea there was a land bridge between Philadelphia and Bangkok ;)

Soakerman March 20, 2009 4:20 PM

I hate towns with to much water it is just really hard to get troops to the water area to bypass whole areas but if your really good try leaving the map blank its no obstacles no towns just capital cities

Boston Gamer March 20, 2009 11:28 PM

Great game, but the A.I. is seriously broken. The game is way too easy once you understand the troop generation algorithm and morale system. And yes, I'm playing on hard!

It's all about territory, and especially towns. The A.I. doesn't understand this. You can loop lone troops in behind and around the defenses, and claim territory or cities at will. That gives you a huge amount of troop regeneration each turn, and since every town gets some of the new troops if empty, you can quickly overwhelm the enemy's ability to reclaim the taken regions.

It's actually better to avoid building maxed out tanks as much as possible.

That said, I still find it incredibly addictive, and can't stop playing, even though I know I'll win every time (or maybe because of this!).


Map No.


seems fairly good for the red,

expand east then be friends with purple.


Overall awesome game. A map creator would be a really nice addition. Every time I play I wish I could make my own map. Other than that I really enjoyed it.


This is a neat game.. there needs to be a multi-player where 2-4 people can play on the same computer. The AIs are really too dumb and once you figure out how the AIs play it is easy to beat them even on hard with a map that puts you at a disadvantage.


I'm always red, and just to let you know (if you're also a red beginner)....

Number 21611 is very easy, cause there are about 5 cities really close to your home.



Really liked it! The AI needs some improvement in 'hard' mode though - during the endgame it seems to place too much value on defending outposts rather than stopping tanks getting close to the main base. At the moment you can send 3-4 tanks in to attack only the base and win because it'll largely ignore them. :)


I really enjoyed this game. Just a few suggestions:

Conquering the home base of an enemy that has conquered another base should not kill the enemy entirely. E.g., if you are red and blue conquers green, then you conquer the blue base, all blue is destroyed and one lonely green tank spawns at the green base. Then you go kill that tank. This makes beating the game a little too easy, you just have to focus your efforts on the correct base.

I'd also like to see some statistics showing total number of troops and things like that.

All in all, great game. Terribly addicting.


Amphibious units cannot land on an occupied shore hex. Therefore to prevent invasions from the sea post light units on every shore hex.

I once trapped a huge fleet in a lake - the AI doesn't know how to turn back.


Love this game!

Anyone must suggest for the author to make a online multiplayer game! Humans vs humans instead of computers AND maybe up to 6 players instead of 4 with a slightly bigger map would be great!

Think that would be very popular and add some ads in the game and author can earn a lot of money! :)


Correction: amphibious units CAN invade occupied port hexes, but not occupied shore hexes without ports. So put 99 tanks in ports and pickets in the other shore hexes.

The author did a good job of simulating morale, logistics and command & control with a minimum of fuss. Lines of communication would be a nice add though. And air power....lots of possibility with the basic idea.

Anonymous April 5, 2009 9:06 AM

a good map to play on is 453267 as the reds


Try to play the empty map:
Delete the map nr and click change.

Sign a pact with the closest enemy and start combining troops right next to your capitol.
Other enemies will be too occupied with themselves, leaving you there to inc your troop numbers.
Moral will stay low for a while. After 15 or so turns go for the capitol with the weakest defense, with at least 3x99 tanks.
Morale will inc near to 99 when you have conquered 2 capitols.


I would love to know how to program a game like this. I've done click shoot games but haven't tried a TBS with AI. Anyone have a good website to go to or just a run down of how to do it?

Filefolders June 12, 2009 2:29 AM

I really like the graphics of this game. The map starts off pristine and green. As battle rages on some hexes, they turn muddy brown and cemeteries might pop up. Little things like that really endear a game to me.


I Love this Game:) I think it needs a little revision. They Should Make A Sega With All Cities From The United States. It Is Slow But Worth It!! I Just Beat 931322 In 18 Turns on Hard As Red:) Try It

-Mr. Mariah Carey


this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please could the author or somebody else turn this game into a multiplayer game please

Danny@newcastle July 12, 2009 10:55 AM

This game is wicked, i just won map 7467 as reds it well easy

Reds are the best as you always go 1st


Okay, this map is impossible if you play blue.
Map #: 901993

If you don't believe me try for yourself. It won't let me make any allies and all three gang up on you and charge. I was able to kill green, but by then purp and red pushed through my forces and hit my capital. I've tried multiple stratigies to win and I can't seem to do it. If you can figure it out, please send me email me at [email protected].


My strategy is to sign a pact with the person above or below me, limit their space, and expand left/right. Then I go from there, and if it gets to be me vs one other kingdom/empire, i repeatedly sign pacts with them at the end of a turn, resulting in them breaking it and me getting morale.


control choke points, a lot of the time they just wont attack them


Map #: 901993

This one is possible with blue!
Ok, i needed 2 tries, it's a tough one.
My strategy:

kill green as fast as you can and then take advantage of the weaknesses of the computer: concentrate on your future army power by attacking his towns and harbors while trying to avoid to fight his armies.

the computer most times tries to reach your capital as fast as possible and thus leaves his towns with little or no defense, so it's really no problem to cut him of supplies by and by while hopefully succesful defending your capital against his first waves of armies.

pls post more "unbeatable" maps ^^


Hey, I just did #901993 too.

The problem here (as blue) is that red and violet both seem directed east by the terrain. So green and red are both attacking you at the same time ...

How I got it:

Expanded to near cities, defending them until red got near. Got a stray unit picking up cities and ports in the middle, heading south. Another stray unit went down south through Green's territory, picking up less-occupied cities and ports as feasible. When red and green got near my capital, I drew back so I had 3 or 4 99-strength armies encircling my capital. Their morale stayed high because of the other stray units always getting cities and ports. Red and violet started attacking each other, and my stray armies in the south linked up and killed Green. After that it was just a long cleanup (115 turns total.)

My secret to winning:

Concentrate on morale as much as on forces. Always pick up some cities and ports before every big battle, then your morale is as high as possible for your big stacks to wipe out their big stacks. This is one big way a "wandering stack" of yours can help out. It's pretty easy to keep vacuuming up miscellaneous neglected ports.

One thing it took me a while to get: Ports may contribute units to the total reinforcements every turn, but reinforcements never appear in ports - only in normal cities.


And one more thing I forgot about #901993:

When Red and Green got near my capital and I formed the perimeter, then that was the perfect time for a speech.


115 turns as

blue for #901993?! More like 28! It should be a pretty routine win with any colour on that map.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


Hi, I'm new to the site and just wanted to say this game is insanely addicting!

I had saved a bunch of cool maps, but for some reason it wont let me put spoilers to show them, and it doesn't work just typing them. If you have any help,please contact me.

1.Needs a multiplayer
2.Map editor maybe?
3.Randomize who goes first.
4.More difficult AI
5.Maximum unit strengh 100/100.Would turn into, lets say, aircraft?


Here's a couple of interesting maps that aren't too difficult (20-40 turns):
Blue, #875328
Green, #737960
Pink, #229543


Greatest java game I've ever played! Add multiplayer!


Problem Solved.

Here are some pretty good maps.

Red (Redosia) :

Map Numbers:
and 250855

Blue (Bluegaria) :

Map Numbers:
and 200969

***NOTE*** I will post good maps for Violetname and Greenland soon.


981142 is actually very interesting if you try to win as Pink! Got it on the third try, 24 moves.


#345065 - Violet is truly desperate - there are no advantages in the Violetnam homeland - except that it's not easy to get to.

Took me 4 tries, can you do it?

#948024 - Islands? Everybody's on an island (except Blue.)

MeltedLazerz October 1, 2009 11:05 PM

Map #66656
This map is impossible playing as Green.
Trust me, I tried it on easy and I still can't beat it. Blue blocks you from expanding, and eventually, Red conquers him and you can't beat Red when he has a big empire supporting him.

TheWesson October 2, 2009 8:48 PM

#66656 is doable as Green on normal difficulty.

My first try, 46 turns or so.

* 2nd turn send a small unit left to grab blank hexes
* For green, always try to sneak a unit up to the top middle. That unit will steal ports & hexes, for more manpower and more morale.
* Red kills off Violet (hurrah! only one opponent.)
* Build a large unit, give a speech, have it take Vermont while the other Blue units head south past it to your shivering capital. Sneak that large high morale unit next to the Blue capital when there aren't too many other Blue in range. Kill Blue.
* Be careful to keep your capital ringed with strong high morale units and Red will waste all his turns shuffling units in front of your capital.
* Destroy Red morale by advancing along the top and taking everything you can, while filtering enough units down to your capital to keep it safe.

General tips:

* You don't necessarily want to take every normal town you possibly can; a badly located normal town will just drain off reinforcements to itself where they will be wasted.
* As Green the standard strategy against Blue will always be to get a "strong enough" unit AROUND his units and 3 hexes away from Blue capital. Then strike when your morale is high and his is low. While doing this, your weak defenses have to delay him sufficiently so you don't end up dead.
* Always have some unit(s) running around grabbing enemy ports and hexes to keep up your morale up and his low.
* FIRST merge units ( resulting in low morale) and then conquer stuff, take ports, make speech to increase morale, THEN do your big attacks when your big units have high morale. For example, in #66656, do all your unit merging BEFORE you strike the Blue capital, to get the max benefit from the morale boost. Doing things in this order every turn is worth a lot of extra reinforcements!

TheWesson October 3, 2009 2:04 AM

Try this one: #941999 as Green (normal)

Not easy; took me half a dozen tries.


In fact #66656 can be won

with Green even on hard difficulty. Took me three tries but I was able to do it in 40 turns. I had to make a speech early on in order not to get wiped out by Blue but was able to knock him out just in time so that I could divert some units back to deal with Pink's first onslaught.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


Again, #941999 is also winnable with Green on hard difficulty, even though it took me five tries. The key:

It turns out that sending your first army towards the island with San Jose and Berlin is essential for victory, to prevent Pink from building up too much on that island. Blue is strangely slow to attack you and falls surprisingly easily once you start munching on Edmonton and San Salvador. It's more important that once you conquer Blue you don't lose its capital (Rabat) to Red. If you can hang on to it and slow down Pink's offensive for a bit then the extra armies you generate from having two capitals eventually decides. I won in 36 turns.

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]


And it's taken me forever, but I've finally managed to win as pink on #345065 (hard difficulty).

The only virtue of Pink's position is that with a large enough army you can block opponents from getting to your capital. The only way to get a large enough army to do that is to send your forces to take over all the available ports - the ones near Managua for instance. In the mean time, only attack Red's cities. By occupying a minimum of cities you grow your capital's army as quickly as possible. Eventually you should be able to eliminate Red, at which point you'll need to rush most of your newly born troops back to defend the capital. After that it should be just mopping up. Following this strategy I was able to win in 41 turns.

[Edit: Spoiler added - To post spoilers, please use spoiler tags: <spoiler> example </spoiler> If you need help understanding spoiler tags, read the spoiler help. ~ Kayleigh]

Imperial Mr. Qwerty October 18, 2009 5:57 PM

This game is excellent for the imperialistic mind. I have not found a single game quite like it since! True, I would like a map editor so I can re-create the world and Europe.

I quit easy mode after a few games. Normal was quite a step, but I learned some tactics. Now I'm playing hard, but find it quite difficult on the mainland. That is why I perfer islands and seas.

If anyone can find great maps with plenty of islands and little mainland, post it here. Thank you.

TheWesson October 20, 2009 5:05 AM

Thanks for your comments,yv! I'll have to try some of those on Hard - I only graduated to Hard recently.

I'm not sure what's harder about Hard except that the enemies don't attack each other ...

All Islands - map #21748, all start on islands.


#941999 / Green / Hard - got it

I couldn't last on Violet's Berlin/San Jose island, so I took my wandering first unit up the middle via Beirut and Apia to Sarajevo. During my extended struggle to survive, I finally manage to build a 99-army or two at Sarajevo to kill Blue. Then a race south to relieve the siege of the Green capital ...

#345065 / Violet / Hard - got it

Sent out a wanderer before the barbarians closed in; after quite a voyage he was able to take Managua and surrounding ports; after that Blue was doomed again. (Why is it always Blue?) Anyhow, the computer won't/can't do much to you if you block the pass and are getting 40 reinforcements a turn in your capital ...


You can readily see the difference between Easy and Normal and Hard on the blank map (erase digits and "Change Map".)

On Easy, the computer heads to the closest opponent, human or computer.

On Normal, all the computer opponents head towards you, but don't mind fighting each other on the way if they encounter each other.

On Hard, all the computer opponents head towards you AND don't like fighting each other at all. (Once in a great while there is a CPU-CPU battle ...)


Try playing green who find it easy!
I'm not sure if its my fault, but by the looks all 3 AI nation rush towards my capital!

Best gameplay so far was with green though; same thing happened, but their rush was slowed town thanks to a big water body in teh southern half; There were some real nice fights at the ports of my not-that small island!

Eventauly i killed blue, purple killed red and so two great nations stood against each other! OFC I won but it was a very nice fight.

Imperial Mr. Qwerty November 1, 2009 2:12 PM

I found some maps that I very much enjoyed:


The bottom two maps are quite challenging for Bluegaria. In fact, I couldn't solve the top one:


The bottom one, however, I was able to win with Bluegaria.

Alliances cannot be made with anyone, so don't bother. Create a pipline leading from Tirana to Lódz, in order to build up a tank with considerable morale. Then, build up a tank on Seoul to bring to Greenland. KEEP THESE TANKS OUT OF ENEMY HANDS! You need them to capture Thimphu and Sucre, the capitals of Greenland and Redosia. Once they are ready and simoultaneously (sp?) landed near the capitals, make a speech and destroy them. Violetnam will still be considerably strong, but you have all your strength to crush him.
Granted, it's a gamble, but it worked for me, and may work for you.

Have fun conquering the map!


Try this map as Violetham on Hard: 000068

it is unbeatable...

TheWesson November 4, 2009 1:01 PM

#68, Violet, Hard

This is not too bad because the enemies can reach you from one port only. I sent out some units from the Violet island, captured the 2 nearby ports (temporarily), got 2 99's up near Red, got a town not far from his capital, built up there (scavenging hexes and ports), and took Red out. After that it's cleanup.

#922759, Blue, Normal (applies to Hard as well I'm sure)

This is not easy; the key is to get a unit AROUND the Green attackers and capture the town and three ports on the coast (while fending him off near your capital.) Once you have superior unit production, send a 99 down to the Green capital. As usual, I ignored his attackers as much as I was able to ...

General strategy:

I ignore the head of the AI's advance as much as I can without losing my capital. This is almost always doable because 3 99's around your capital discourage him greatly. I take towns, ports, etc behind his front, reducing his morale and increasing mine. From there, you can push from your capital, or simply get 2 or 3 99's next to his capital(s) and kill him.


To win without an ally, you need not to pick the best starting point, but the one, that can defeat the closest enemy, before the other two arrive with significant forces.
After a while, the game is more about figuring out the weaknesses of the AI, than having a good strategy, so, as everyone else I guess, I hope there will be a multiplayer mode.


Hi, I really love this game. The only annoying feature is the sound. I haven't found a way of turning it off, and makes it impossible to play while listening to music. But otherwise I'm hooked!

Anonymous December 8, 2009 4:46 PM

Really can't stand the fact that if you don't choose red, then the other three countries all sign a pact together and only attack you. It's not impossible to win on a different color, but the odds are so much against you that it's not even fun.


Best flash game ever!
514582 Try to win on hard for violetnam! I've made it!

Multiplayer is needed!

Saberuneko December 23, 2009 6:06 AM

Hi, I love the game, but I have a problem, I can't play now, just a "no wai" displays and I the game restarts, why? This didn't happen before.


a couple IMPORTANT tips.
get a pact signed ASAP. and DON'T break it. if they do, you get morale points.
SURROUND large opposing forces. this is what smaller units are GOOD for. IF a unit is surrounded, it losed morale, and will "give up".
against a water front, it may take ONLY three units to surround it.
GREAT way in saving unit points for later.
SURROUND your capitol.
a defense line around your capitol will SAVE you from invasion.
use you smaller units to bait large ones out of cities. they fall for it every time.
speeches will save your butt.
click the speaker prompt to turn off the music.


I just won 397070 with red and pink (thought that was impossible...) on hard without allies. Now I'll try 869451 with pink again.


869451, pink, no ally. I guess nothing is impossible as long as the AI keeps blocking itself and does not realize that you are about to conquer its capitol.


Green seems to be habitual pact-breakers, at least on map 609705. They've done it to me twice!


Aha! I've finally beaten a map (#609705) with all four armies, all in hard mode. That was a tough map, especially with green.

Andrew Atkinson February 6, 2010 6:36 AM

can anyone beat 537207 as violet?


Tryed map above as purple.... ouch it is death from start and no near bases at all means you get swamped by reds.try it out map 537207


does anybody know any maps that have berlin as the capital of red


Maps that are divided by large bodies of water.

TheWesson March 9, 2010 1:10 PM

537207 as violet, normal:

[SOP for a difficult map: Get a sneaker to the sweet spot, which is always toward the middle of the opposite horizontal side.]

The start: Get your first unit up and right, getting off your peninsula. This is your 'sneaker'.

The plan: Your sneaker will capture Turin in the middle and keep going to Ougadougou at the top. Units spawned at Turin and Ougadougou will capture the abundant ports around these cities.

Back at your capital: Try to keep 2 units between your capital and advancing Red forces. You will get lots of reinforcements from all the ports etc your sneakers are capturing. If you need to kill Red forces near your capital, do it with good morale: the sneakers should move, capturing territory, ports, cities, BEFORE you perform the attack at your capital.

The end for Red: Your "sweet-spot" forces at Ougadougou stop getting territory and aim at the Red capital. Coalesce these sneakers and use a force about 150-strong total to take first Vientiane and then Tours, and then kill Red.


Some of the above maps seem impossible. Before reading these, 964768 as Blue was my big challenge.

The isolation of it took me many tries to figure out. It's just as winnable on hard as easy.

move through Rome and go for Tegucigalpa

I'm sure after a few weeks the game isn't as exciting. So some of the original commenters may not be reading this.

A multi-player mode should have some form of player-agreed handicapping or symmetric map to be as exciting as the challenge of figuring out the computer opponents.

Gravemind April 25, 2010 5:37 PM

961119, Is a very good map for Redosia.In fact its the best one so far, that i have tried.

The key to winning the this map is to control the reinforcement points.(cities that give the enemy Troops).First you need to make a pact with Greenland.and take Krokow.

Next you need to take Cairo, and move as many troops as you can south to take vaduz and KEEP IT NO MATTER WHAT,Orebo does not matter, if they take it and try to move north, then move the troops from Vaduz south to take Violets Guatamala City.AND KEEP IT,it will give you extra troops for the assault on Their capital.

Lastly, push as far down as you can while keeping Guatamala out of enemy hands,if you captured the port next to ur capital then use it to move a basic unit down to distract the enemy while u build a tank up to attack their capital,No WAY you can fail to beat violetnam with this strategy.I have used it on all diffuculties and won.

Blitzkrieg May 16, 2010 1:15 AM

I like maps where red is on an island as when the enemy tries to get on shore I can counterattack. Another strategy I used was the old Nazi blitzkrieg where I just charge head on, no reluctance, no stopping just pure dash and attack. Map 17 is my best Redosia map

gorllewin May 29, 2010 7:35 AM

i quite like this game; very similar to board based wargames but what used to take endless lunchtimes at college calculating morale and firepower can be done in seconds!

a few points

is it me, or has it got a bit more difficult recentlY? not wiining as often as before!

could any new version allow more scope for alliances? just the one per game is not quite realistic.

could the shipping be distingusihed in the same way as landforces? see a boat heading towards you but cant immediately tell if its some old tub (10/10) or a cruiser (80/50) !


I have wanted to try one with a a lot of islands and water, to see if it takes more skill and strategy. Does anyone know of a map like this?

TheWesson June 3, 2010 8:53 PM

All Islands - map #21748, all start on islands.

Water invasions baffle the AI to a great degree, though ...

KamikazeGamer June 14, 2010 11:56 PM

this would make a great mmo and i think these changes to it would make it a successful one...
1. Make the map HUUUUUUUUGE and allow more than just 4 players, allow at least 20+ for every map (many more if the game can handle it). Space everyone out far enough so they can gain a fair bit of territory before engaging in combat.
2. Set players in their home countries and let them battle it out with other kids from around the world, see what country would reign supreme (United States of course).
3. As seen in number 2 there should absolutely positively be NO TIMER!!! That ruins the game especially in multiplayer. Allow players to make their move within 12 or 24 hours and that should be perfect. Of course allow speed games with 3 or 6 hours to move.
4. No special moves like building barriers or stuff like that. Also ruins the game.
5. Allow players to form alliances so they can move through each others territory without claiming it as their own thus breaking the treaty or alliance.
6. Capitals should get a defensive bonus or be allowed to create larger units. Capitals should also be allowed to be moved once every ten turns (just what i think, wouldnt keep me from playing it).
7. Allow players to gain a move for every certain number of units added. ex. 10 units gets 5 moves, 20 gets 6, 30 gets 7, etc.

Well those are my ideas, extensive i know. Any comments or ideas of your own hit me up at [email protected]

TI johnson June 15, 2010 11:32 AM

I beat map nr611255 in 30 turns as bluegaria


Does any one know a good island for blue?

david baxter July 19, 2010 12:50 AM

i enjoy playing this game but i feel it needs to be multiplayer to make it a lot more interesting.


Thats weird, I always play this game, but I just entered today and mozilla put a warning that says that the site is malicius and installs malware

[Thanks for the note. The site it was previously hosted on apparently got attacked. I've decided to host it here at JIG and I have changed the links in the review above. Should be OK now. Again, thanks for bringing this to my attention. -Jay]

GEORGE GREECE August 10, 2010 12:27 PM

I have made it to win in 14 moves. (3 times in 15 moves). Does anybody know anyboby with this record?

Deutsche Panzer Die Eins Das Reich August 23, 2010 12:39 PM

66656 as Green is madness. I sent out the intial unit (16) to take almost all the ports and a lot of lands all over the map, finally sending a madness of 99 reinforcement to the captial every turn. When i started to finally got 3 - 4 full strengh 99 units (in front of the captial)and some 60/70 reserves (behind the captial) around my captial, madlessly everyturn 2 or 3 enemies' 99 full strengh units attacked the periphery of the captial like russians.... and it fell like berlin in 1945.


map 911 on green takes a very long time because red beats violet very quickly. its a fun map though.

TheWesson August 26, 2010 6:17 PM

There's a Hex Empire 2 out now. Google for it.

Seems to be multiplayer.

I did not enjoy it so much, but you could try it out.

Deutsche Panzer Die Eins Das Reich August 27, 2010 7:44 AM

Does anyone think that 66656 is beatable?

After the epic 99 capital reinforcement each turn defeat, I have tried a few more times and have not yet achieved 99 reinforcement to the capital now, either the initial 16 unit was destroyed by the enemies (almost all the enemies' forces can take it down easily, so it is incredible difficult to capture the ports and lands), or the capital could not stand the continuous attacks by the enemies' forces.

I also tried another strategy, which is to take down the blue in the first few turns, basically I forged a 60-70 unit in the first few turns and used it directly against blue's capital. The force succeeded taking down blue and gained cities and lands and ports, but in 2-3 turns the capital won't be able to defend itself from the first and the second waves of violet and red attacks.

Can anyone beat this map????? Please Share!!

Deutsche Panzer Die Eins Das Reich August 31, 2010 5:35 PM

I love Hex Eines rather than Hex Zwei. The map 66656 on hard have taken me possibily more than 50 tries.... can anyone save me from this enslave thanks!

deutsche panzer das reich August 31, 2010 6:36 PM

the map 66656 as green on hard has been conquered!!!

it took me a thousand times! finally i forged a strong unit to take down the blues in the first few turns, while at the same time reinforcing the captial by using the inital and light unit of 16 to capture more ports and lands in the red and violet zones.

while the blues was down, the crucial window opportunity had come!! another 99 unit and some other light units were sent out before all the blue towns and the blue's capital were recaptured by red, and while at the same time, some units rushed back to save my capital from violet and red attacks.

the strong 99 unit sent from the fallen blue towns approached violet's capital unchallenged, while my capital was under seige by violet and red like stalingrad facing the elite of deutsche sixth waffen in 1943.

before violet crack my stalingrad, i took down its capital and all violet's lands were mine. then i finished red, with all the panzers rushed to its capital, not without a spectacular fight by red though.

then blue rebirthed and got finished again. 41 turns.



Glad you got it done Deutsche Panzer.

On 66656 Green/Normal is not too bad, you just have to take Vermont and hold on to it for a little bit while a unit grows bigger there to kill Blue.

Try some of the others up there, like 68 / Violet / Hard.


Right, you were talking about Green / 66656 / HARD.

Ok, yes, same applies, get Vermont, took 32 turns (big enemy units 2 hexes from my capital the whole time.)

No pacts or speeches.

Is there ANY impossible scenario?

Panzer Das Reich September 3, 2010 7:19 PM

68 on Hard as Violet is way too easy....it was free to send out units to take all the lands... two strong units finished red, a strong unit finished green, while another went for blue....

17 turns, no need to even think about using the speech or signing and pact.


Guten Tag, Herr Panzer.

Perhaps you will find this one amusing, then.

Try 277690 as Green, Hard, no pact/speech.

I haven't got it yet, but almost gotten it, it should be doable.


Or try this one:

108260, Green, Hard - no pact, no speech.

I haven't "almost gotten" that one yet. Impossible?

There's probably *something* sneaky you can do.


I have won in as little as 10 moves on easy mode.


644417 - green: Tried it a dozen times, but blue and violet arrive at your capitol too quickly and there are no areas to draw reinforements from.


I just beat 644417 with green. I don't see how it is possible without using the speech though.


Green / 644417 / Hard / No pact/speech:

Not easy, but I got it. Headed off to the left and eventually got Montreal. Picked off a lot of ports using some units branching from Montreal while running more units along the bottom of the map back to my capital to relieve the siege. I notice that if you have high morale the computer doesn't like to attack you much, even if it could break through with a sustained attack. 39 turns.


My respect, Mr. Wesson! I thought I had finally found the impossible map. Needless to say, I have to keep trying now...


Finally, after another 10 attempts. Took me over 20 rounds to take out the first enemy, 36 in total. I had thought it was impossible to withstand all three and thus had tried to take blue out quickly, but on that small stretch of land, the AI is even more reluctant to attack and once his armies are stuck, he does not seem to care about losing some ports.


Thank you Mr. Fugo!

If you would like to beat me, win this one:
108260, Green, Hard - no pact, no speech.

I have not got it yet in many tries, despite trying all my tricks. The AI seems to not be as confused on this one (by my units blocking his units for example.) I have come kind of close but can't seem to grab enough ports in time and get enough strength back to my capital before he destroys me.


What Happened to all the Cities?

Here's a fun one: 621020, for Blue or especially Green.

Can you survive without any cities nearby?

The right side of the map is plains and ports ...

Kilaskwiral November 12, 2010 3:25 PM

Cheers Wesson!

Currently playing 621020 with blue - quite a challenge balancing it before you can take green. You and Fugor are too good - I couldn't beat any of the 'impossible' maps =D


I did 108260 when you first posted it. I must have been lucky, since it only took me two or three attempts.
I remembered making a short list of difficult maps when I first played this game and now have beaten all of them without a speech except for 108260-green.
Thank you Kilaskwiral! It is really all about exploiting the AIs stupidity, you'll get a hang of it.


hey i was wondering if someone could give me the num for a map that is 70% or more sea cant find it anywhere... well it must be in there but it would take YEARS of floping through numbers


i am new at this game. do you know the easiest map?

divyanshu verma January 8, 2011 12:01 PM

yes go to the map # and enter it black.


Play on any map and be red. Expand your troops and control as much land as possible in the first few turns. Then while pink is still weak destroy them. They will always be a nuisance if you dont.


just won 621020 with blue first try in 22 turns.

Bob George February 19, 2011 6:11 PM

"An army may be likened to water: water leaves dry the high places and seeks the hollows: an army turns from strength and attacks emptiness. The flow of water is regulated by the shape of the ground; victory is gained by acting in accordance with the state of the enemy."

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War


I was wondering two things,

1. Has anyone found a map where all four capital cities are on separate island and there is one big land mass in the center? I really want to play one like that.

2. Do you need to have units on top of a port in order for it to give you extra troops in other cities? Or can you just have it inside your borders?

ZachAmaze May 31, 2011 8:51 PM

Try 330708 with Violetnam on hard. No pacts or speeches. YOu are so isolated that it will be very hard for you to survive.

iittt101 July 5, 2011 9:27 PM

ok great game a few things

1. maybe some times move the capitals 2. a beter moral system

iittt101 July 5, 2011 9:33 PM

oh also put the map as blank you get a blank map with just capitals

Anonymous July 21, 2011 4:17 PM

Great game! I have played it many times since this review was posted. I would like to see some more variety in maps, such as the entire world being a different shape than rectangular, maps with lots of islands, maps with no water, etc.

TheWesson July 26, 2011 1:27 AM

330708 Violetnam hard no pact/speech:

victory in 22 turns :)

Anonymous July 28, 2011 12:52 PM

How do I avoid breaking non-aggression pacts? They seem to break sometimes even when I don't attack my co-signatory.

Also, there should be an icon somewhere on the game screen showing when you have a pact and with whom, because it's easy to miss seeing the headline saying a pact has been broken.

nathan mr July 29, 2011 12:10 AM

well i have recently began playing this game and i play on normal, and sometimes hard. if you enter no numbers on the search map bar you find a relatively challenging map if you dont use any pacts.

nathan mr July 29, 2011 12:31 AM

try #583909 on hard difficulty as pink. very hard indeed. i havent been ale to do it even on normal difficulty, but i did it on easy though


Map 769865 is good for mostly land battles. Red are better at land battles than other colours. Try beating this level on hard as green.


Never sit back and think the AI will tear each other apart. If you do that you're in for a long war


A little late to the party, here. I really like the concept and design, but, as do 7% of males, I have anomalous trichromacy, an incomplete form of color blindness, and it makes this game very difficult to play well. I found it hard to tell at a glance which units belonged to whom and also who owned what territory.

I don't know exactly what could be done. It would personally solve it for me if 1. The colors of the different nations were not colors that appeared on the map extensively (e.g., blue and green) 2. The colors of the different nations were all at considerably different brightnesses (especially violet and blue) 3. The "borders" were more solid, instead of fading.

Just thought I would regretfully share, as I look for other games to play.

TheWesson August 26, 2011 4:51 PM

#583909 / hard / violet / no pact or speech:

Did it 2nd try in 29 turns.

As usual the key for violet is to grab a couple cities (and as many ports/spaces as possible) in the top middle (around Naples) and take out Red whenever the opportunity presents itself. Defense near the Violet capital consists of constantly interposing units between the Blue/Green attackers and your cities and capital. Once Red is dead go around attacking Green units and get a couple cities near Green capital and then kill him.

TheWesson August 26, 2011 5:03 PM

The short guide to winning - that is, taking advantage of AI dumbness and game quirks.

Get free hexes and ports.
- In the middle of the opposite horizontal edge which is ignored by your attackers.
- Wherever you can, with little units running around behind the head of the enemy attacks.
Put blocking units around important cities or on the coast
- The AI has trouble deciding to smash through such a barrier
- Seems to be more effective with higher morale.
Boost your morale before attacking
1) Merge units first - big units have more "room" for increased morale.
2) Get a morale boost by taking some hexes/ports/less-defended cities
3) Do your big important attacks. Like taking out an enemy capital or important city.

TheWesson August 26, 2011 5:10 PM

The fundamental strategy on harder levels:

The AI much prefers to move units at the "head" of the attack (closer to your capital.) So:
- Put blockers between the head of their attackers and your cities, capital, etc.
- Go AROUND the head of their attack and capture ports/hexes/cities everywhere except the head of their attack.


hello everyone how has your summers/falls been? wesson, i shall try your strategiess out on the battlefield


Here are a few tips for people who are finding it hard.

Change the difficulty just before you start.(Its in the top left corner.)

Make sure you claim as much citys as you can and protect your capital as quick as you can so your troops improve faster.

Dont sign a pact right at the start! Carry on advancing untill one enemy gets in attack range and sign it then.

Dont choose small islands either! This makes it harder to claim citys.


Just for kicks and to see what would happen, I surrendered after conquering the entire board except for one single enemy capital. I was hoping for some sort of sarcastic message or something to acknowledge the insanity of surrendering when I'd already won, but the game didn't notice and I just got the normal ending. :(


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