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Halo & Pixy

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joyeHalo & PixyPastel Games' latest release walks an adorably cuddly line between the point-and-click and interactive art genres. Using the same kind of squishy cartoony art as their earlier Great Escape series but in a more directly kid-oriented way, the game will certainly not meet your needs if you're looking for a Submachine-esque challenge. But if you're willing to think of this as a cute Flash cartoon that you occasionally help along, or even better, if you've got a little kid to play the game with you, you'll love helping Pixy rescue his tree-stranded kitten in Halo & Pixy.

If you're a veteran point-and-clicker, the controls will be straightforward, but for any bright-eyed kidlets in the audience, you use the mouse to click on various parts of the screen. You can tell that something can be clicked on because it will change from the regular arrow cursor to the hand cursor. Items you pick up will go to your inventory, at the bottom of the screen. You can hover over the objects there to see what they are, and certain objects can be clicked on to examine them. The only object combining in this game will be explicitly asked for by the game with a "combine objects" command. You'll know it when you see it. Most of the time, you use the right objects automatically by clicking on the areas where they would be used.

I'm not a coder, but there doesn't seem to me to be any inherent reason why the game couldn't have had two difficulty modes, "kid" and "general". As is, the game is firmly in the kid camp. The game is entirely linear, and you can't pick up objects until you actually need them. You're also given obvious clues as to what to do next at every step. The only way this game could get any easier is if it employed sparklies or flashing arrows over where you were supposed to click next.

That said, the game clearly is not intended as a challenge to the elite escape addict. If you know that you're going to whine and feel dissatisfied if a game is too easy, just don't play this one. It's really too bad though, because you're going to miss some of Pastel Games' most charming animation yet from artist Kamil Kochanski. I'm not sure how they manage to make little Pixy so expressive when his face is literally nothing but eyes, but his adorable earnestness completely won me over. No, this game won't provide the satisfaction of beating a challenge. But it can provide a totally different kind of mood lift from its childlike sweetness. Go into it with that frame of mind, and you won't be disappointed.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Halo & Pixy Walkthrough

  1. Pick up the paper on the right side of the screen.

  2. Click down to go to the hall.

  3. Click the bedroom door on the left.

  4. Pick up the crayon on the floor next to Pixy.

  5. Go back to the living room by clicking down within the hall (the bottom of the screen).

  6. Click on the easel to get Plan A.

  7. Click on Plan A in the inventory to view it.

  8. Go outside by going to the hall and clicking on the red upper door.

  9. Click on the boxes to pick them up and stack them.

  10. Click on the easel to get Plan B.

  11. Click on Plan B within the inventory to view it.

  12. Go outside.

  13. Pick up the large blue stone.

  14. Click on the convenient stick see-saw contraption already in place.

  15. Click on the easel to get Plan C.

  16. Click on Plan C to view it. This time you need to collect several items.

  17. Go to the hall and click the cabinet.

  18. Click the cabinet to open it.

  19. Click the bandage tape.

  20. Go to the bedroom.

  21. Pick up the railroad track, the curtain rod, both rollerskates, and the left-side of the bunk bed ladder.

  22. Click on Plan C to view it and click "combine items".

  23. Click on the easel to get Plan D.

  24. Click on Plan D to view which items are necessary.

  25. Go outside.

  26. Pick up two sticks and the laundry from the line.

  27. Click on Plan D and click "combine items".

  28. Wait for Halo to rescue you. ^_^


Wow... finally in a position to post a walkthrough for something, but finding myself embarrassed to do so :S

Nice game though; looks very good, and I couldn't suppress a smirk at the sight of the punchline.

Anonymous January 25, 2011 2:37 PM

I was collecting items for plan D, but when I picked up the

two sticks under the tree

they disappeared instead of going into my inventory. Now I can't finish the game.


Found a bug!

When trying to construct the kite: picking up the two pieces of wood out in the yard, the game took both pieces off the lawn but only put ONE of them in the inventory. Now there is one missing piece of wood, but the piece that I was supposed to use has been disappeared!



Seriously! I restarted the game and went through it again to the kite part and it did it again! :-( Boo-hoo.


Ok... figured it out. If you take the piece that is closest to the sea-saw first then it will not be disappeared.



Regarding the bug, just don't click on them too quickly. Let the first one go into your inventory and then click on the second.


me too... picked up 2 sticks in the yard and only 1 went into my inventory... can't finish the game :(


Same bug here, I'll try again when it's fixed :]


I still say Pastel Games is making a mistake starting/keeping up too many story-threads. Remember "Sneak Thief 2"? It was featured here 29 Nov last year - that's almost exactly two months ago. All of the comments mentioned that the game looks buggy - and quite seriously: you can actually beat it with two clicks, in about 3 seconds...
Happens. But... I just checked it - the game is still buggy. In 2 months, they didn't find the time to iron it out...

Now, a bug here - not as serious as with Sneak Thies 2, but seems like bad enough to hinder progress...

C'mon Mateusz, don't start eating your perfectly earned reputation up... We love your games because they are great. But one of the many reasons they are great is that they had no bugs in them - or at least really minor ones that didn't hinder progress - but mainly none really. I hope these more-than minor bugs are really only exception and not a start of a tendency...

I still say less would be more...



(Forgot to mention that I was lucky enough to come here late today, so I saw there was this bug and how it could be tackled - thanx pillpill! - so it didn't ruin my game.



Not a fan of the glitch, but it was a cute and quick game. Restarting didn't mean too much lost time.

I quite liked the ending as well. Pixy is really cute and I loved how his zipper bounced as he walked.


I actually had both sticks disappear (for the kite).

I would have played through again to watch the animations twice, so no big deal. But I sure clicked a lot before I realized there had to be a bug!


I don't see how one train track is going to make two platforms to stand on. but if it works, then im game.

Overall i liked this game, i mean it was bone head easy, but at least it was colorful. cute ending to.


After a day that I can only describe as "complete and utter (BLEEEP)", I have to say this was just the perk-me-up I needed. :]

Is it wrong that I hope this is just a one-shot and not the start of yet another series, though? I mean, it's cute and all...but he's got how many different game series going right now?

nowfloorer January 26, 2011 2:04 AM

Could they possibly have made these characters more phallic looking? I didn't really care too much for the art style or animation at all. I hated having to watch the same time filler animation over and over again. It's hard to differentiate this game from a lot of the others they have made.

fuzzyface January 26, 2011 2:46 AM

a nice, cute story, otherwise clickfest.


@ Blinky.

That train track only made one platform, the other was already part of the ladder.

As for all the comments on it being buggy, I (luckily) didn't run into any problems. Same with Sneak Thief 2. Both ran smoothly for me.

I do have to agree that our pointy and clicky saviour Lord Skutnik is being stretched a little too thin on some less appealing projects. This game and Sneak Thief are fun but I'd rather see a conclusion to The Fog Fall or Space Oddity or Covert Front.

Considering he released 15 games (that I know of) in 2010, I can't see 2011 being any less busy for him. I'd just hate to think that he'll lose the more fickle of his fans.

I mean c'mon man! I escaped from the desolate town after the world ended, blacked out in the depths of space and flew a plane out of Zurich just in the nick of time... WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?!?!

That said, I'd still play anything Mateusz designed. He's a god.


How/why on earth does the blue t-shirt turn red when you put it on the kite?! I guess it's "shading" :-P

Anyways, I agree with everyone else here: Skutnik should concentrate more on Covert Front, Fog Fall, etc. Oh, and Submachine :D

However, I'm not sure if Skutnik actually designed this one (and Sneak Thief). It just says "Pastel Games". No "A Mateusz Skutnik Game", or any other indicator he did it himself... the art definitely isn't him.


Such a cute game!


Pastel is usually associated with him - though, as far as i know - it's really not only him.



This guy never fails on his delivery...Whenever hear or see a game by Mat, I know it's gonna be good!


This game was delightful! I rather enjoyed watching Pixy walk from one area to the next, I didn't find it to be a "time filler" at all. Even though it was simple, it was cute, fun and I'm glad you featured it.


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