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Rating: 4.1/5 (126 votes)
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DanTheArcherGOBTRONGiant monsters have always had a long and illustrious history of unusual powers, as well as the disproportionately sized cities for sake of employing them. Godzilla could exhale blasts of destructive atomic energy that could obliterate matter down to the last atom. Gamera was notorious for his fire-breathing and plasma-spewing propensities, and Mothra possessed formidable psychic abilities because she was...a, um....well, the superscience was always murky on that one. But have you ever before seen a colossal creature so mighty that they could fell entire civilizations solely with the power of their snot? Say hello to the newest megaton monstrosity in town, a nauseating giant by the name of GOBTRON, brought to you by the good people of Juicy Beast.

In an era-spanning adventure, you'll guide the bizarrely adorable GOBTRON through epoch after epoch of pesky Earthlings who believe that the planet isn't big enough for the both of you. The trustiest weapon in your arsenal is a gob of mucus, swaying from your pink, furry nostril. Click on the snot to grab it, pull it back to ready your strike, and then release to fling the sticky missile in the opposite direction of your pull. A direct hit will bring the humans right into your schnozz, where they're converted into DNA points for upgrades. Of course, as the age of man winds down its troubled and snotty path, your foes will evolve even more formidable technologies and stratagems for vanquishing their sworn enemy, and you'll have no choice but to respond with a slew of more and more repugnant abilities. ("Booger shot" springs to mind.) In the end, who will emerge victorious? Only time and about 200 pounds of alien phlegm will tell.

GOBTRONThe presentation is where this game truly shines. From the dopey smile plastered on GOBTRON'S face during every level, to the sickening snap of the snot, there's just so much attention paid to how this thing was wrapped. The music changes from one chapter of humanity to the next, often with appropriate selections, like jungle drums for the Stone Age or more military-style fare for the contemporary age. And then there's the sense of humor, which is so omnipresent that it's basically (and literally) dripping out of the game's nose. There's a tongue-in-cheek sanctimoniousness about it all ("Sound the horn! We must build structures to bring down this beast!"), and the hilarity of it all multiplies exponentially when coupled with the subject matter.

There's not a lot to learn to the gameplay, but what's there works surprisingly well. New tricks that GOBTRON acquires over the course of the game keep things fresh, although the lynchpin of your defense will always remain in your snotsling, which doesn't really change over time. By the endgame, you may find yourself wishing that the creators had devised some kind of keyboard scheme to manage all your auxiliary weapons. Having to aim and activate every single one of GOBTRON'S expulsions with your mouse (with one exception) requires a level of manual agility that touchpadders may find nigh impossible.

However, don't let that scare you away from one of the most original, accessible, and effortlessly hysterical gaming experiences of our time. So move over Godzilla, because unless we see some atomic snot action in the next remake, I know who my money's on.


Thanks for sending this in, Ajay and Brian!


masterstuff August 11, 2009 6:22 PM

I feel dirty for enjoying this game. It is very addicting.

Gene Platt August 11, 2009 7:07 PM

Played this on K a bit over the last couple of days. Stuck near the middle of the game because the upgrades are limited to how far into the game you are, and I JUST CAN'T FINISH THAT DARN LEVEL!


I finished this game the other day. I always feel a personal sense of extra achievement on games like this because I use a touchpad =P


Ugh, level 4 is SOOO hard with a touch pad.


One of the few longer flash games I've played through to the end. (in one sitting, no less!) Great fun, very addictive, very polished. 10/10!


I'm only on level 5, but this is definitely a RIOT! I'm thinking I shouldn't have bought the booger cannon and went with more health instead.

I like how it warns of immature content. Noooo! Ya think?



By the way, as a Godzilla expert, Mothra has the following powers.

1) Poison powder in wings.

2) Lasers from forehead.

3) In GMK: All-Out Monsters Attack, she did not have the lasers, but instead had the ability to shoot needle-like stingers from the underside of her abdomen.

Reasons: She's a giant bug and she's a god. Lasers were donated by Battra. Additional powers received from various plot devices in the Mothra Trilogy (Tree of Life, Japanese Furby-thing, and prehistoric Mothra larvae encasing her in a cocoon for the next 65 million years).


I can't seem to start the game. I can get to the "new game" and "continue" screen, but neither of the buttons are active. I disabled AB+, too.


wish I could turn off the volume...


You will likely feel guilty and somewhat dirty if you clear this game.

But you won't care.


Ugh, what an irritating control scheme.


@ Gene Platt

You can keep playing a level and earning money until your upgrades are maxed out. I had to try one level several times until I had upgraded enough to beat it.


I'm stuck on level nine. Is there any way to pass it without relying on sheer skill alone?


1) Game keeps freezing after each level - I have to refresh it, wait through the title screen, and then continue the game from there.

2) Maybe related? I've played through 7 levels and nothing has unlocked for me to buy yet? I got level 3 health upgrades, but the next one (sticky snot) is still unavailable. Just a bug on my end or is everybody getting that? Or do you just not get new weapons until even later in the game?


I find it very annoying that there are ads pushed right up against the game.


LSN - that's actually why we still have the Javascript pop-ups (when you click on the review images), so you can reduce the size of the window so that only the game is showing.

Try it. :)

Softbagel14 August 14, 2009 4:55 PM

This is unpleasantly addicting...
However I have yet to beat the last level. I will blame it on my laptop! haha.


Oh. Okay, Jay. But then...I might click outside the window? I guess that's not as bad.


after each level it gets stuck on the song and then i have to refresh. help


im stuck on the ufo level, the one after the techy futre age, i die on the final wave, and my snot keeps going away and i have to use my boogers.... hmmm... i never thought i would ever say that sentence...lol

Anonymous August 23, 2009 8:44 AM

Fun game, but for some reason I can't get the Sonic Burp to work. It's fully upgraded but when I try to use it, the booger rocket fires instead.


This is a great very addicting game like many of their other games, can't wait till they become larger.


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