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Generation Ship

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Rating: 3.3/5 (32 votes)
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Generation Ship

TrickyLight years from Earth, a ship sent to explore a new exo-planet has drastically malfunctioned. Oxygen, food, and energy systems are at critical levels, and all non-essential functions, including the snark-inhibitor of the on-board AI voice have been disengaged. You, Engineer 34 (aka "stupid meatsack"), have been awoken to deal with the problem manually, and what few options remain might only make the situation worse for those left in cryo-stasis. Still, there just may be a way out of this... Generation Ship is a Unity sci-fi adventure game developed by Shide for the Ludum Dare 72 hour "connected worlds" competition, where a solutions to the cold equations needs to be calculated. Possibly with rabbits. Move around the various rooms of the ship with the [WASD] or [arrow keys], interacting with the various consoles on the ship with [E]. When a console is activated, it will offer choices that can be implemented with [1-9].

Generation ShipWhile parts of the enjoyment of the game is puzzling out your objectives, generally, you need to figure out a way to stabilize oxygen and food supplies, get the engines running again, make things safe for the rest of the crew, all without dying of radiation poisoning or a space virus. Whew. One's enjoyment of Generation Ship will indeed largely depend on their tolerance of the "learn by dying" method of adventure gaming, where mistakes are constant and fatal, though balanced by quick restarts and no "unwinnable" conditions not met immediately with death. Perhaps the game could have leaned a bit more towards granting information about your surroundings, and a bit less sarcasm when you die because of something that wasn't really explained at the time (though, like many things in life, the unhinged AI voice-acting makes it easier to take). Other than that, though, Generation Ship has tight gameplay, a great sense of ambiance and is remarkably well-constructed for a Game Jam entry. It presents a difficult puzzle that just begs to be persevered through, and each bit of progress is very satisfying. Be sure to leave feedback on the LD page, and, if you enjoyed it, consider making your thoughts known in the Competition ratings!

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Basically this is like a 3D version of the Grow series. A little fun, but at the same time frustratingly repetitive. It gets boring to try to exhaust all possible combinations. And there are not enough clues given to point you in the right direction.
The theme and the setup is interesting and will keep your attention for awhile and with the beautiful graphics this is not a bad game. I would like to see the idea developed and with more clues along the way.

I have managed to fill my O2 and radiation level to green but can't get the energy level above yellow. Has anyone found out how to start the solar panels?

And one clue:

You can free the protomolecule (the alien germs) when you have freed enough animals. You should let the plants grow before letting them out of the cages.

Patreon Contributor Questioner August 29, 2014 12:08 PM replied to gavtyven

To start the solar panels:

Have you managed to wake the crew?

If so:

Don't try to check the engine in the drone room before waking them.

chapel204 August 29, 2014 3:30 PM

I'm lost, I am clearly doing something in the wrong order but the indicators of "growth" are not clear to me.

Here is what I worked out.

  1. Grow more plants - oxy (Y), pow (R), rad (G)

  2. Distill nuclear water - oxy (G), pow (R), rad(Y)

  3. Free herbivores - oxy (Y), pow (R), rad (Y)

  4. Free carnivores - oxy (R), pow (R), rad(Y)

  5. Release protomolecule - oxy (R), pow (Y), rad (Y)

  6. Give ant-rad meds - oxy (R), pow (Y), rad (G)

  7. Collect O2 - oxy (Y), pow (Y), rad (G)

  8. Synthesize food - oxy (R), pow (Y), rad (G)

That's it, you can scan the biomass and do diagnostics on the drones but nothing seems to have any effect.

I tried a couple variations, but just get the same insults.

ellarose96 August 29, 2014 4:01 PM


Don't synthesise food yet - first "utilize plants", then "grow mushrooms".


What I have so far, which results in all options being 'take-able'

Grow more plants
Distill nuclear water
Free herbivores
Free carnivores
Release protomolecule
Collect O2
Utilize Plants
Grow Mushrooms
Synthesize food
Wake Crew
Diagnose Engine
Open Solar Panels
Give anti-rad meds
Scan Biomass
Release the Drones
Spray Medicine
Search for Survivors

This results in Red Oxygen though, and the system says that food is an issue.

TheAdmiral August 29, 2014 5:26 PM

As far as I can figure, the crux of the matter is 1) searching for survivors and 2) the drones. The survivor search might just be a red herring, but the fact that it doesn't do anything could imply we just haven't figured out exactly when we're supposed to do it. Even if it is a red herring, I can't believe the drones are too. With two choices and requiring power, they have to do something. But all choices don't seem to have any impact. As far as I can figure, you need to discover the precise part of the sequence to scan biomass and then activate drone diagnostics.

However, I've been trying to fit these into different parts of the rest of the sequence that seems to work and haven't produced any interesting results.

marshalljpeters August 29, 2014 7:20 PM

One thing I have against this game is the Unity platform. Firefox has blocked the Unity player due to some instability, so I can't play the game in Firefox, which is my preferred browser.


Works for me on Firefox 31.0

ellarose96 August 30, 2014 1:27 AM

Here's a bad walkthrough I managed to create... I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong with writing this! If so, someone reformat please?

#1. Get green oxygen. You can either distill nuclear water at the Engine Terminal (but don't use radiation medicine yet!) or grow more plants at the Hydroponics Terminal. You have to do both, but the order doesn't seem to matter.

#2. Release Herbivores first, then Carnivores at the Cage Terminal. This will give you red oxygen.

#3. Free the protomolecule at the Biomass Capsule to get yellow power.

#4. Collect O2 at the spaceship terminal for yellow oxygen. I guess you can look for survivors here, too, but I'm not sure if anything will change (I never found any ^^).

#5. First, utilize plants, then synthesize mushrooms at the Hydroponics Terminal for green oxygen.

#6. Wake people at Cryocapsule Terminal. I think after you wake them you can turn off the life-support for green oxygen again, but I didn't and ended the game with yellow oxygen, so it's fine either way~

#7. Run engine diagnostics at Engine Terminal, then open solar panels for green power.

#8. Give the anti-radiation medicine at the Medical Terminal for green radiation.

#9. Scan biomass at the Machinery Terminal, then Start drone diagnostics at the same.

#10. Spray the medicine and synthesize food at the Medical Terminal. I'm not sure if this accomplishes anything, but it doesn't hurt.

#11. Successfully fly away at the Flight Control Terminal!

I'm not sure I did everything I could, but it ended up successful!


Thank you for review, in our nex game we try to work on our mistakes!
By the way, there is walkthrough on youtube, that we did, it the best ending =)
But there is kind of good ending where

you release herbivores and then people, fix the engine, and after that release protomolecule. Then everything he same usual walkthrough, but in the end there will be other text

Good luck!

jennifer77520 October 18, 2014 4:41 AM

i did it,i am hero now.lol,but i did it with half o2(yello)......power(green)and radition(green),could anyone make all of green and fly away?and how?

jennifer77520 October 18, 2014 4:43 AM

i did it,i am hero now.lol,but i did it with half o2(yello)......power(green)and radition(green),could anyone make all of green and fly away?and how?


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