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KimberlySit down and take a look at your opponent. It's just you versus a piece paper. Can you master it? That's just what you've got to do in the origami paper-folding puzzle game Folds, by Bryce Summer. Click and drag an edge of the paper to fold it to any angle you desire. Your goal is to create the shape indicated by the white dotted line. Sounds simple, but when (with the exception making paper fortune tellers in elementary school) has origami ever been easy? You have a limited number of folds which are indicated at the bottom of the screen. If you fail to produce the shape in the required number of moves, you'll have to try again. To undo or re-do any folds, just click on the numbers at the bottom of the screen, or click reset to start over.

Folds is a deceptively simple looking game. The puzzles can be quite tricky, while the calming music and mellow colors serve to mitigate any frustration you might start to feel at not being able to fold a letter 'T'. (Not that I have personal experience with that or anything. Really.) The clean interface makes it a cinch to jump right in to the gameplay, so grab a cup of tea, relax, and fold!

Play Folds


This is looking really neat, mellow, but gets much trickier that it first looks.

It is worth pointing out that if you get stuck you can go back to level select, and skip a level - but only up to 3 levels.

baileydonk January 28, 2013 11:21 AM

I'm loving this game, but totally stuck on the "letter T" level.

Ryu Shoten January 28, 2013 12:02 PM

Great game, I love origami! Stuck on "Cornered", though.


Love this. Got stuck on 'cornered' then went on to "T" and am stumped again -- it gets progressively harder. Some are very intuitive for me - others, not so much.

silent george January 28, 2013 12:40 PM

Beautiful. I love origami, and this really presents it in a different light for me: Rather than going for some real-world, finished object, you are trying to pack material into the proper alignment using the fewest folds. This is the same type of thinking that aerospace engineers and molecular biologist are looking at by studying origami.


For those stuck on cornered:

What does that shape look like?

A strip of paper folded on itself at a 90 degree angle. How can you make that?

1. Fold the paper up until the bottom edge rests on the dotted line
2. Fold the top edge to the bottom edge
3. Fold the top edge to the bottom edge
4. Fold the paper to match the dotted lines


For Cornered:

Don't be fooled by the title... sided is more appropriate.

Start by folding the top edge down to meet the bottom.

Fold the bottom up to meet the dotted line. Fold up again one more time. Final fold is to twist the corner up in to fit.

Great game! I'm a sucker for these...


For Letter T

1. Fold up so bottom edge rests on lowest horizontal dotted line
2. Drag top edge to bottom edge
3. Drag top edge to bottom edge
4. Drag top edge to bottom edge
5. Drag right edge down so that it is the same length as the T
6. Fold left until it lines up

Anybody have a 100% solution for "It's a bird... It's a Plane!"? Can't seem to get the beak right...


For T:

Your first 4 folds are used to make a thin horizontal strip.

Fold right edge down to match the length at the bottom in a right angle. The horizontal sits in the dotted lines and the vertical sits outside to the right.

Fold the vertical across to line up inside the lines.


It's a bird It's a plane...

If you use your first 5 folds right you should have 2 left for the nose.

CrankYanker January 28, 2013 2:27 PM

Pudge: I'm only seeing 4 folds for that level, not 7.


Sorry, that info was for: Jet...

for "It's a bird it's a plane", it should only take 3 folds.

Bottom edge up to top, top right corner down to match beak, then top edge down.


I am having issues with stealth bomber. Help anyone?


nvm, got it.


Anyone get passed "ribbon" yet?

silent george January 28, 2013 4:49 PM

It's kind of funny how terrible it can be and still just slide under the "Acceptable" rating. My jet looks like a rifle made out of clay.


For ribbon,

Fold bottom right to top left, and then 3 more folds should give you a ribbon of the right thickness. It should be clear from there.

Liftoff and Swan are my only non-100% ones, although several of my 100% were just the game being very generous


Liftoff -

Fold top edge down to the bottom. Fold bottom corners to center of new top edge - you will have a triangle pointing down. Fold the bottom edge up to match the upper white side, then fold the rest of the model up to match.

Swan -

Fold bottom left corner to top right corner. Fold bottom right corner to top left corner. Fold top right corner down so crease matches up with the top of the swan's neck and the bottom corner of the back. Fold the same corner up again to match the top edge of the back. Fold the same corner again to match the rest of the model.

Peteruchio January 28, 2013 7:58 PM

Not my type of game, I don't like puzzles.


I got 3400! I have to say that the game was very forgiving on the last couple of levels.


You guys (and gals?) make me look bad. I can't even get past the Chinese Finger Cuffs level. My best is 78/80%. :(


Chinese Finger Trap

1. Fold upper left corner toward lower right, stopping when your crease is on the closest line
2. Fold the lower right corner toward upper left, stopping when the corner is at the upper left line in the middle
3. Fold the lower right edge up and to the left to finish the shape

baileydonk January 29, 2013 1:20 AM

No one else needing help with "barn", eh? I passed, but with an ugly 90%, and can't improve it.

baileydonk January 29, 2013 1:31 AM

Never mind about "barn"... it's actually a stupid level, because

you can get a perfect score without actually making the pattern!


The last level is annoying me. I created a shape, and with a few more folds I could perfectly match the shape 100%.
But I can't do it because of how other parts of the paper I'm not clicking on always gets dragged together...

curiousrosie January 29, 2013 2:41 AM

Can't seem to get past "short shorts" or "flower"...


I was mistaken, my idea wouldn't work, but still, other parts of the paper getting dragged together is a bit annoying.

curiousrosie January 29, 2013 2:46 AM

Actually, never mind about flower.

curiousrosie January 29, 2013 3:09 AM

Ok, figured it out finally. 3400!

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnYS_mSn0n0L82-Bm_6HlQdVlYmLyyF1I0 January 29, 2013 8:32 AM

Can't finish "Jet"... really frustrated.



How did you get flower? I know it should be easy, but that one has me stumped.


For "Jet"

Bring the bottom edge up until it meets the bottom horizontal dotted line.
Bring the top right corner down until the edge matches the top of the nose of the jet (there should be some leftover hanging out on the top left).
Bring the bottom point up to fit the right side in the tip of the nose.
Bring the bottom point up until the bottom edge meets the bottom horizontal dotted line.
Bring the top down to make the wing.
Bring the top down again to fit it inside the lines.

Acidblack January 29, 2013 7:05 PM

For "Flower"
I hope it's understandable ; o ;

1. Bring the bottom of the sheet to the top of the sheet to create a rectangle.
2. Make the center triangle of the flower by folding the top right and left edges to the bottom center to make a triangle with the sheet
3. Bring the bottom of that triangle up so the bottom of the sheet is aligned with the bottom of the flower shape and the bottom of the petal shape on the right and left
4. After this just fold those left over edges up to make the flower


This is quite good! New puzzles are always appreciated!

Walkthrough101 January 29, 2013 10:53 PM

Might sound stupid but torch? How is it done?

magicmusic January 30, 2013 5:24 AM

For torch

First fold the lower corners to match the angle pointing down
Then fold the top edge down

Automaton January 31, 2013 9:01 AM

A solution for Jet in 5 moves:

1) Fold bottom edge of paper onto top edge.
2) Fold right edge onto bottom edge, forming a 45 degree angle at nose of jet.
3) Fold diagonal edge onto bottom edge, forming correct nose. You should see how to finish from here.
4) Move top point onto bottom point of outline, forming wing.
5) Move top line down forming completed jet.

spiritdetectiveusagi January 31, 2013 7:29 PM

I'm totally stuck on the "It's a trapezoid level" can someone help please :)


im having real trouble on w for win, anyone care to help?

Automaton February 5, 2013 9:14 AM

For "It's a Trapezoid":

1. Fold top edge to bottom edge
2. Fold new top edge to bottom dotted line
3. Move bottom left corner along top dotted line until left edge of trapezoid is correct
4. Fold top point down onto bottom dotted line, so top edge of trapezoid is correct
5. Fold bottom edge up until bottom of trapezoid is correct
6. Fold bottom right corner to top dotted line to complete trapezoid

For "W for Win":

1. Fold bottom right corner to top left corner
2. Fold top left corner to centre of diagonal edge (centre of screen)
3. Fold top diagonal edge onto bottom diagonal edge
4. Fold top diagonal edge onto bottom diagonal edge again
5. Fold top diagonal edge towards bottom diagonal edge until paper is thin enough to fit desired shape
6. Fold top point down, so middle portion of 'W' shape is correct
7. Fold bottom left point up until it completes 'W' shape

songsmith23 February 5, 2013 9:41 PM

Finished with a score of 3309/3400 -- anyone got tips for "You're Number One"? It's my lowest score and really does not resemble the goal shape at all. Heart, Barn, and Note I got in the 90s on but I think I am not using the recommended method, shall we say??

Also in going back I cannot for the life of me get better than 97 on Invader from Space. I have a solution I think is elegant, but it doesn't want to line up right.

Automaton February 6, 2013 2:01 PM

Solution for "You're Number One"

1. Fold right edge onto left edge
2. Fold left edge onto right edge
3. Move left edge towards right edge until paper fits within desired shape
4. Fold top right corner onto left most corner of outline
5. Fold top left edge onto parallel outline edge, completing shape

Hint for "A Heart"

Fold top left corner towards bottom right corner until diagonal edge matches right hand edge of indent in heart. Then move bottom edge to form left edge of indent. This move should also form left edge of heart. From there just fold everything into heart.

Hint for "Barn"

If you just want to get 100% you can ignore the gap between chimney and roof. It shouldn't be too tricky then.

Hint for "Musical Note"

Move bottom left corner all the way to the top of play area, directly above centre of note. From there fold left and right sides in to form thin vertical tube aligned with body of note. Then fold top and bottom ends to form note.

marshalljpeters February 28, 2013 1:06 PM

My "You're Number 1" had a corner sticking out on the top right, but it called it 100%.

Is there a way to see your achievements?

marshalljpeters February 28, 2013 11:40 PM

Finished with a perfect score, making use of some of the spoilers posted. It would be nice if the scoring was more consistent. Some of the shapes didn't really have to be even close, while others ("liftoff", for instance) had to be just so.

I got "musical note" to 99% with 3 moves left, but no way to improve it from there. The actual solution was different from the start.


Guys, I'm stuck on "Stealth Bomber". I need some help.

Leopardmask April 29, 2014 10:11 PM

For Stealth Bomber:

fold the lower left corner until the crease matches the line in the middle
fold the top to match its shape
fold the right to match its shape


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