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Escape from the Similar Rooms

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Escape from the Similar Rooms

elleWhich of these rooms is not like the other? Which of these rooms just doesn't belong? In Hottategoya's Escape from the Similar Rooms, three of these rooms are not quite the same. The smallest details change but the rest is very... similar. To start off, the first similar thing you'll find is you're locked inside, and your goal is escape from this place by solving the puzzles and unlocking three doors.

Escape from the Similar RoomsClick around the scenes, observing clues and associating them with the proper puzzles, which are located next to each door they unlock. With no inventory items to fuddle with, easy puzzles and a very minimalistic design, typical of Hottategoya, you'll be free in minutes. It eschews the usual drab concrete with a bit of nice wood flooring to warm things up although these rooms still lack much variety in way of color and design. There's comfort in the familiar, though, and even as this escape feels rather similar to a half dozen others by this creator, it offers a pleasing handful of puzzles and a brief diversion from the daily routine.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Escape from the Similar Rooms Walkthrough

First Room

  1. Examine the box on the wall next to the door. Notice that it needs a 3-digit code.

  2. Turn left: four books on the shelf without anything else in regard to a clue.

  3. Turn left again: four roman numerals on the wall. They don't work either.

  4. Turn left once more: three green tables. Is there anything else remarkable about them?

  5. The tables' bases are different polygonal shapes.

  6. Turn left a last time and zoom in on the wall box again. Now you're ready to enter the code to unlock this door.

    • Click each circle to change the number. Then click "OK" when you have the correct 3-digit code.


      Count the edges on each table base...

      5 8 6

    • You'll hear an unlock sound when done correctly.

  7. Back up, open the door and step through to the next room.

Second Room

  1. The panel next to this door has 8 buttons all around the edge.

  2. Turning left from the door, you see the books on the shelf are the same as in the other room.

  3. When you turn right from the door, you'll see the tables have just ordinary bases now.

  4. So, turn all the way around. Now you'll see the pictures of roman numerals have changed. Make a note of what you see, then turn back to the box by the door:

    • Click the correct buttons on this square in the proper sequence to unlock the door.


      Just follow the black lines on the edge(s) of each roman numeral picture...then click the buttons in this order:

      Left Middle--Bottom Middle--Top Left Corner--Bottom Right Corner

    • When correct, you'll hear an unlocking sound.

  5. Back up, open the door, and step through to the last room.

Third Room

  1. This time the box by the door has four colored buttons...

    • Top Left=RED

    • Top Right=GREEN

    • Bottom Left=BLUE

    • Bottom Right=YELLOW

  2. Turn right and you'll see a paper on the green tables. Zoom in to read it:

  3. It's a clue that indicates different heights...probably an order you should arrange them in.

  4. Back up and turn right: the roman numerals appear to be ordinary again.

  5. Take another right to face the book shelves. Something isn't quite the same here. Make a note of what you see.

  6. Colorblind Help:

    Top shelf has a blue book, bottom left has a green book, bottom middle has a yellow book, and the far right has a red book.

  7. Finally, turn right and examine the box on the wall:

    • Click the colored buttons in the proper sequence.


      The sizes of each shelf match up with the sizes on the paper you saw (on the green tables). The smallest size equals yellow, next is green, next is blue, and the largest is red...so push the buttons in this order:

    • Again you'll hear an unlock sound when it's correct.

  8. Back up, open the door and escape!



A little on the short and easy side :)

utnapishtim3676 April 17, 2013 1:35 PM

barely worth it

Username April 17, 2013 2:13 PM

Dear lord that was easy.

Endboard April 17, 2013 3:54 PM

Wow so easy

vulpisfoxfire April 17, 2013 8:04 PM

It's rare for me to do a room-escape without having to look up at least *one* thing. Very easy.


Very easy but slick and well presented, I hope they do more but ratchet the challenge up a little.

vyrastra April 18, 2013 1:30 PM

Yeah, clean and well-executed but I'm left feeling a little unsatisfied.

Could see it being a good "starter escape" for those new to the genre. Maybe that should be a category... It was hard as anything for me to get started a couple years ago; everything seemed fiendishly difficult and it's not fun to just read off the walkthrough for long stretches.

Headroom April 18, 2013 2:26 PM

Out in damn no time...
Out with my pencil still hovering in mid-air, ready to take notes... but useless.
A bit frustrating, for the realization is excellent.
Hope they'll set a really puzzling one !


I clicked in the flash window to play the game, but I immediately won.


There was a game a while ago that was very similar to this, only it had more rooms and was more challenging. I wish I could remember what it was called.



Yes, Mugein is exactly the one I was thinking of!

Thanks! :)

lokisthrowpillow April 22, 2013 1:04 AM

That was super easy.


They have had more creative, but those were a bit too long. Maybe t was just my impression from
Escape from the Concrete Maze 2; the layout was a bit confusing, I kept getting lost. Even after attempting to make a map.

they seem to make decent game, but I do not get why

this site has a bad rating


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