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JohnBDumb: The Game is a free online puzzle/riddle game that requires only a browser to play. Much like God Tower and a bit like Not Pr0n, Dumb pits you against a series of riddles and puzzles armed with only your brain and Google. As you struggle through, you'll definitely feel at least a little bit dumb. Thankfully a bustling community of players are there feeling just as lost as you.

Dumb: the gameThe game has a relatively open-ended construction which allows you to move around and try different puzzles in case (when) you get stuck. A system of coins lets you unlock new puzzles and each time you solve one you get a few in return. The real treat is proving to the world just how un-dumb you are. Your DQ - that's Dumbness Quotient - increases with each solved puzzle. The higher your DQ, the less dumb you are.

Figuring out each puzzle takes a variety of skills and some luck. Fortunately there's an active Dumb community that will give you hints or the outright solution (if you're a cheater like that). Some puzzles are fairly straightforward, some require a knowledge of trivia, some are logic puzzles, and yet others are solved in an entirely different manner. Be innovative with your methods and you just might be as undumb as the rest of us.

Analysis: Every game I've played by Hamumu has an intangible sense of mischief about it. I can't quite explain it, but Dumb: The Game has that exact same feel. When inevitably compared to God Tower, Dumb is light-hearted and carefree. It's a welcome change, and most of the puzzles are just as intensely challenging as similar games.

A key difference and major plus for Dumb is the active community of players. Each puzzle has a difficulty rating based on scores given by others. That combined with the discussion forums made me feel as if I wasn't alone in this crazy world of dumbness.

And what a great name for a game. Nice job, Hamumu.

You know you're dumb enough to try Dumb: The Game.


um...ok can i ask you something..i was woundering if its ok could i do like a rate thing like on a scale from 1-10? its ok if you dont want me to but uh...ok


Thats hard lol cant answer any of them!

Khrisper March 9, 2006 4:16 PM

Definitley hard, i too cannot get the answers :D
Use the spoilers to show hints and tips please guys :D



Never been tempted to post before, but this is great, I need to go to bed though.

As mentioned above, be inovative, if that means using the forum, or google, fine... Personally I found that MSPAINT has helped more than once :-)


mlw1235 March 9, 2006 9:25 PM

These are pretty easy compared to the puzzles over at thestone


this is great! i just started it!
i can't seem to solve a lot though! photoshop personally helped me more than once! but some are just too hard :s
plz post solutions soon anyone!


quackling March 10, 2006 10:13 AM

Erm... I can't see the first puzzle - it says there is an error on the page! What's gone wrong!?

quackling March 10, 2006 10:15 AM

... ok - I'm just REAL DUMB!


Hints for a few puzzles. I don't want to give too much away:

Puzzle #1: Photoshop.
Puzzle #2: Look at your keyboard.
Puzzle #4: You can't see who's speaking.
Puzzle #5: Guess.


I need some hints for #13 (Arizona Love), #43 (Baka Na Neko) and #16 (White Noise)! The on-site forums haven't discussed these yet. Any hint would be great! I solved quiet a few if anyone needs anything!


Hints for #13,#43 and #16 (though you'll have to figure out which goes with which):

Can't get any Z's


i still dont get it :s
i must really be dumb!!!
thanx for the hints but ive tried them already n i didnt get anything! any other way to help?


dannawi - big spoiler for #16:

if you quit being passive, you'll be... what???


Hey, thanks for the great review! I had a sudden surge in new signups, and checked the logs, and voila. This is where they came from! Now I just need to come up with more puzzles somehow...

puzzles are hard to come up with.


Thanx kahiau!!! i dont know why i never thought of it that way! i kept thinking the answer was in the boxes,its probably related but im not bothered to figure it out!
Thanx again


Not bad! I like the idea of buying access to the puzzles, so I don't get stuck after a couple of puzzles.
#38 was particularly interesting.


Ok...i'm sorry im just REALLY REALLY LOST..i got the first one but number 2 im gone....i need help i looked at all the hints...nothing...if anyone knows the answer please say it


Number two almost stumped me, too.

Google image search for private first class. Turn the image upside down, and you'll have the answer. It's only one letter.


Ok, so I'm getting super pissed at problem 8. I saw the forum answers, and they kept saying 'unscramble the letters'. I've got that. I have each word unscrambled, all of the circled letters, and I've tried EVERYTHING:

not really 'spoiler' but...to not give away what I've done:

I've gotten the words so I know the theme, and the answer has to be ONE word. I've run it through anagram finders from a couple of websites...but no results for the red letters produce ONE word. I've soooo stuck!


ok so I always laugh when people do this...but right after posting, I just suddenly GOT the answer:


Ok, so the LETTERS in the circles aren't the important part...

...but the CIRCLE themselves are important, and don't move...

...so that the POSITION of the circle is the same, but there will be a NEW LETTER highlighted after you solve the puzzle...get it?


ive already solved this puzzle (#8) but i dont get what you're saying! i think you made it a bit more complicated

unscramble the words you have and use the letters that end up on the red circles to make up a new word! the new word is of course from the same category!

if you still can't figure out the final word maybe you should look up some sort of circus glossary!


so did anybody figure out puzzle 40, 41 or 44??? id appreciate some hints!


im really sorry i really meant to put my previous hints in the "spoiler button" but i guess i did it wrong!!! really sorry! im still new to this :)


No worries, dannawi. You almost had them correct, it was just a typo with the way they were spelled. All fixed now. =)


PLEASE someone help me with 40 and 41! That blacker box is driving me up the wall.

For #44,

The names of the notes spell out words. Once you get the resulting sentence, google for the names, looking for a television program. The answer is the episode number of the one she appeared in.


for #40 (blacker box) i havent solved it yet, but here is what i have so far!

the GIF image has a hidden message inside, it's called "steganography". If you check the size of the image you'll notice theres about 3 KB of hidden information! there are certain programs that can decode steganographic images, but it should be simpler than that! hope this helps you a bit!


I was about to post the hint for #44...
In my opinion it wasn't particularly hard, but I kept entering the wrong episode number because I counted wrong. Silly me.


First thing look at the title. What's the missing word at the end?
Then get a calculator, better if it's not the computer one, and use the numbers you have.
Last thing, you are looking for a real person. Google might help you on this. Think about a list of recordmen, and you'll be done.


i still can't solve #41

the calculator helped, i think! but i don't know what type to look for, and i can't "hunt" down any records! am i on the right track? if yes y can't i solve it? :s


Okay, I haven't solved 22 yet, but ive decoded the message.

The cipher is the tic-tac-toe cipher. You take the tic-tac-toe board and fill in letter (A in the top left, b in the top middle, etc., then repeat with the next set of 9 letters). each symbol is a representation of the letter's location on the grid. If the symbol has a dot in it, it's the second letter in the box, not the first. However, there is a difference in this cipher. the tic-tac-toe board only is for the first 18 letter of the alphabet. The last 8 are in an X shape (S at the top, T left, U right, V down, repeat). Then you get these:

"Kotetsu's world record."

Kotetsu is a japanese pot-belly pig who set a high-jump world record.

"First America's cup."

The America's cup is a yacht race that started in 1851.

"What did Teddy ride?"
I still have no idea who it's referring to (Teddy Roosevelt?).

If anyone can make heads or tails of this please reply or email me.


update about the cipher I had posted for 22.

The cipher is called the masonic cipher, as it is an old cipher use by the stone masons for centuries. Google it to learn more if you're confused.


Okay, I got 22. I'll give you a hint.

The three things don't have much to do with eachother, but you'll see them in the same places on the web.

heather12321 March 14, 2006 9:16 AM

i REALLY need a hint for #3!! im probably being really stupid and overlooking something really obvious, but i just need a hint badly!!


Spoiler for #3

all 4 elements given are important,in the order they're given! (last IS least!) if u know what the top left logo is you're almost there.. if not next spoiler might help

try googling for the logo in images with the given date, and search CARefully!

hope this helps! if not just ask!


for #22 i decoded the messages and i think i understand them but i can't reach the final answer, this is what ive reached... is it correct?

MASSIVE SPOILER (if im right :s)

does it have to do with sailing around the world with some sort of record? is the boats name the answer? if so y is it still incorrect?

heather12321 March 14, 2006 1:26 PM

thanks for the help, but i figured it out almost immediately after i posted, lol. now i need help with #7. i know i have to

fill in the boxes according the the numbers

and ive done some of it, but i cant get any more! can someone give me a good strategy?


well i can't really help you with #7! i solved it by sorta just guessing it after reading the on-site forums!this might help u though...

the idea of filling in the boxes according to the numbers is correct! but you have to figure out where to start filling, and how many spaces should be left between filling the numbers if there's more than one number for a coulmn/row! make sense? the on-site forum would really help u out!


For #22...

You're on the right track, but you're not. I went down it myself. *g*. I still have no idea what the first two clues have to do with the answer, but if you focus only on the last one, it should be easier.


for #22, the cipher used is called the pig-pen cipher, hence the name of the puzzle and the iimage.

I found it by concentrating on the 3rd line...

And on the wikipedia bio of the person it refers to.


for 41:

First, complete the sentence. google will help the profane...

then, do as the missing word says

remember LCD calculators? anything special about their digits

the fact that they are mirrored in the water helps...

that should give you two words, which complete the question below. google will help you find the answer.

The right answer is the one who held the official record


has anyone figured out #40 Blacker Box!?


I figured out #8, thanks to *Jacob* and dannawi. :) Thanks guys!

I'll give you 5 hints - the last one is the answer, but try to solve it yourself!

First, a tiny hint. You have to un-jumble the words. Think "circus-y". What would be common circus names that you would know? #4 and #6 are pretty easy. :)

Second, you can use the Internet Anagram Server at wordsmith.org to help you un-jumble: http://wordsmith.org/anagram/index.html
Look for "circus-y" terms in the list they give you. :)
Only click again if you're stuck (gives away the un-jumbled words):

1. Acrobat
2. Tightrope
3. Elephant
4. Clowns
5. Strongman
6. Juggler
Still really stuck? Click again.

Now look at the red circles, and find what letters are highlighted now (i.e. Clowns - ns would be highlighted).
This is your last chance to figure it out yourself!



glad to have helped!
now if only someone could help me out with #40! it's driving me craaazy!!!
any hints for #12 or #34 would be great too!


Someone PLEASE help with #40. #34, too, please.

For #12,are you interested in solving it the right way? Because I solved it a back-handed way using the clue on the forums. I'd still like to kow how I was SUPPOSED to solve it, myself. But if you just want an answer,

The clue someone gave was "groening." He had a cartoon that somewhat relates to the title of the puzzle. The answer is an important year in that show as well. I just have no idea what it has to do with Gettysburg!


OMG thank you so much for that!!! finally got #12! thanx trix!


I finally cracked #12 the "right" way!!
first, what is the image?

the Gettysburg ... address. So what to do next?

get the text ... and try to make sense of the numbers. What do they mean?

there are nine sentences in the speech. got it?

then, just answer the question.


Actually in regards to the above spoiler,

The Gettysburg Address has ten sentences.

To solve the puzzle the right way, does that matter? I already guessed it from the other cheap hint.


@moop I feel you can't appreciate a puzzle with the answer alone. You only beat it when you can expose its mechanisms. (or is it just me?)
and speaking of what we talk in the spoiler,

there are quite a few versions floating around the internet, but the one that makes sense here is definitely the 9-sentence one


I'm stuck on #6. Can anyone help?


I need help with #7 and #9

but for #6

Think about the numbers and what else has 5 numbers in it. Then think about prime numbers

Hope that helped


Glad to help, Dannawii. And thanks, Vozome. I NEVER would have figured that out on my own.

For #7,

It's a picross puzzle. You'll have to either print it out or open it in some type of paint program. The numbers represent how many blocks in each column and row are shaded. This link: https://jayisgames.com/archives/2005/09/tylerks_picross.php explains it better than I can. :)


@vozome, I meant "does the

10-sentence version of the Gettysburg Address

matter?" Which apparently it very much does. I wasn't being rhetorical, don't worry.

I do find that many of the puzzles require a lucky google search, or finding the correct piece of information, where many versions of what is correct should exist, yet only one fits the puzzle. That somewhat irks me, because I'd like my puzzles to be logical, or at least require lateral thinking. I'm really surprised a puzzle site would allow this.

It would be like asking a puzzler to use the first letter of the name of the model of the pistol James Bond, and assuming it was the famous Walther PPK, and then finding out the author meant it was the Beretta 418, changing the basis of future answers for the rest of the puzzle. With time, finding that mistake might be inevitable, but I think many puzzlers would rather be stumped by the application of the information than the information itself. At least, I would.

I'm still doing the puzzles though, I hope I didn't sound bitter. :D


Why can't i figure out Free Parking (#34)??! I don't think it's supposed to be difficult but I'm totally clueless on what to do!
Any hints?Any?!


for 34:

as the name and go icon suggest, it's about the monopoly board.

I mean, the good old standard American Atlantic City board.

Starting from go, advance a pawn for each dice roll from right to left (direction of the go arrow) and record where you've been

check the initials... it forms a word... which is a movie name. you're just one visit to imdb away from the solution.


OMG i really do feel DUMB!... which i think is the point of all these puzzles!
for #34 i had all of that figured out except

for the initials part... n it was right there infront of me!

thanx again vozome!


Thank you!! Nice to finally have that one done with. :)

Am I the only one still struggling with blacker box? I'd be extremely grateful for a hint on that one!!


You're not the only one still stuck on it! Although i have done SO much already (again, thanx to vozome) that i feel im near the end i still can't reach the final answer! :(


I don't even know how close I am to the end, but I refuse to calculate just how many hours I've spent trying to figure it out. So far, I've had someone tell me

that I'm on the right track in thinking it's something to do with the colormap. I DO see the extra colors there, but I have no idea how to get a message out of it or if it's even close to the end.


Trix: yes, you are on the right track.

Any clues on puzzle #14 would be deeply appreciated.


For arizona love

It really helps if you have google earth

It also helps if you have knowledge of corn mazes


Help with number 10 please! Am totally stuck!


For #10,

The puzzle itself is a cryptogram. Once you solve the cryptogram, you should have a famous quotation.

Find out who spoke the quotation.

The puzzle says "If I said exactly this, what would my name be?" Do to the name of the speaker what you undid to the quote itself.

Hope that helped! :)

Basecamp88 March 30, 2006 7:40 PM

I need some help with #40 Blacker box. Here is what I have so far:

Opened using GIMP (freely available on the web)

Opened 'Dialog' menu and down to 'Colormaps'

I now have 9 colors with the following HEX values:











Somone please help, I think I have been thinking too hard to find the answer

basecamp.88 March 31, 2006 7:56 PM

Finally solved #40 Blacker Box. I won't give it all away, but here's a hint:

Each Hex value will give you 3 letters or spaces. Hex is not a number, you will need to convert it to something you can use to find the letters.


i need help with nomber three...im completely stuk


I'm not sure if you're still stuck on #3 or not, but just in case. :)

In the image, you have a year, a car logo, and two symbols. In that year, that particular car company produced a limited edition that only came in one color. The answer is the name of the color of that car.


thanx trix...and yes i was still stuck...i had'nt tried it again...i'll see if i can get it now :)


Anyone still here? :) If so, I'm now down to three puzzles, with only one problem. I'm stuck on all three of them! For #14, More Codes

I think I know the code I'm supposed to use, but I have NO idea how to apply it. I've tried quite a few ways, and nothing makes sense, but Morse Code ist the only code I can find that fits the hints given on the forums.

For #20, Not in So Many Words

I've tried the histogram. I've tried frequency analysis. I know what letters aren't used, but I can't make a word from them. I have NO clue what I need to do.

For #37, Thugs & Brutes

I've found the language I'm supposed to use, but I can't figure out how to translate it. I probably just need to work on it some more, but are there any hints that would steer me in the right direction?

Any help on any of these would be greatly appreciated!! :)




You're on the right path. Do you know what symbols are used in the code you mentioned? If you can answer that, then take another look at the puzzle and see if you see any similarities. Hint: Don't focus so much on what the actual letters are...


I hope I'm remembering how to do this one right! You already mentioned the best way to represent the occurences, however, the way you use that info just needs to be changed slightly. Hint: Your final analysis doesn't have to be all or none. It's called "Not in *so many* words", rather than "Not in *any* words".

I need help myself on #37 Thugs & Brutes! I know the language and thought I knew what the translation was, but apparently not! Any help with that one would be greatly appreciate as well. Been working on it for several days now...


Thank you, Veaz!!!! It's so nice to have those FINALLY solved. :)

And yes, anyone, help on Thugs & Brutes would be much appreciated!

neko the cat April 19, 2006 6:36 AM

#002 has got me stooped

i'm stupid (allthough i've got an iq of 122!)


For #002,

Google image search for private first class. Turn the image upside down, and you'll have the answer. It's only one letter.


For those of you who are stuck at number 40

It is a stegnaogram

What are the base 16 colours?

These set of 6-digit numbers do not correspond to letters, how do you use these numbers such that they will read as letters?

Now you should get 5 words. The first word's got you stumped. Try google. It's your best friend. And no inverted commas.

There is a missing something in the sentence. It comes after the first word.

It is after all, the hardest question. Google is your best friend.


Add #49 "The Bad Book" to my request for help.

I know the source quote, but I have yet to figure out how it's encoded, which means I'm totally stuck.

And although it's probably futile *g*, I'm repeating my request for help on Thugs and Brutes... These are the only two puzzles I still have to solve, and I can't get anywhere on either of them.

thrilljockey April 24, 2006 7:20 PM

For #49 -

You've got to use the quote to derive the encoding scheme

Excel or even graph paper is pretty handy here

One letter at a time

What's the difference between 'N' and 'A'? 'm' and 'n'? 'w' and 'a'? etc.

Once you get over that first hump, the rest is smooth sailing

thrilljockey April 24, 2006 9:40 PM

For #37 -

The region and the language have the same name

Learn to count on resources

The answer is not in English


I need help for #40!

I have tried allocation numbers to the alphabets according to their order a=1, b=2, c=3 and trying to find stuff to divide since the back part of the quote has something to do with half and quarter and two-fifty... But I can't find anything! Am I even on the right track? If not, can anyone please make the hint more apparent? Thank you!


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I can have my life back now! *g*


Zhey, do you mean for #49?

The back part of the quote is actually misleading.

You're on the right track in figuring out numeric values for each letter, but you need to subtract instead of divide. Eg: n-a=14-1=13=m. A hint: it DOES matter which letter has the highest numeric value. I mean, "n-a" is NOT the same as "a-n".


Thanks Trix!!! I solve the first part. Now I need to google. Blah. I can't find the name!!!

emma coyne?
Huh? Is it a ship name or what?
And is the bad grammar in the quote deliberate? Or do I have to rearrange them?


Ahhh! I solved it! Thanks Trix!


You're welcome. :)


Yes I'm back again. I need help for... #31, tall and boney.

I have worked out the coloured boxes already. And I know what they say. However I'm not really sure what they refer to. I just took the fourth top and fifth top as a co-ordinate and tried to google map it but I don't get anything. Then I tried to plot from the fourth co-ordinate down to the last followed by the first to third. I get this figure of 8. So I looked up the eighth co-ordinate and 9th. I got somewhere beneath India, which is an ocean. So that's not it either. Now I'm pretty much stuck. Help anyone?

By the way, I realised that living in a multicultural society like Singapore has its perks too. For one, I solved thugs and brutes in 3 seconds with their help ;)


I hate to do this. But I've solved it. Dumb me.

michael May 7, 2006 1:05 AM


Stew218 May 10, 2006 10:53 AM

ok..I've been hung up on #12 Future History for a long time now. I've looked at hints on the official Hamumu forums and on here and something is not right. Here's my problem...

By using the nine sentence version of the Gettysburg Address and assuming the number groupings are sentence:word, I get "In what seven do battle the honored place". What the heck does that mean?


For #47,

Look at the background. Does it look very familiar? Kinda like the poster of a pretty popular movie? If you can't, nevermind. But if you do, the answer is pretty obious from there.
Else, google for the crests. Describe the crests in google and you'll find something.
Next, what does the numbers look like? Numbers are numbers and?
Put them together and you'll know what you need.


can't seem to solve nº 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H E L P!


For #4:

First, you have to figure out what the three "neighbors" are. Each one has two words in their name, but they all share the second, which is the answer. It's a weather phenomena that rhymes with send.

And I'm stuck again. Has anyone else here solved This One is Bacon, Side of Bacon, or Traditions?

NIntendawg May 17, 2006 12:01 AM

I have solved side of bacon. Here are my hints:

notice there is odd capitalization in that quote
"side of bacon" refers to a famous bacon who made a cool cipher
Once you decode the message, imdb should get you the answer.


Thank you!


Just solved #55, Traditions.

All of the objects have a particular tradition in common.

Each is assigned a number in that particular tradition. (And note that there are two sets in this tradition, but all objects belong to the same set for this puzzle). Fill in the appropriate numbers, then do the math. Google the answer, and it will be obvious which result fits the puzzle.


I need help with #25 "What's in a name?"

So far:

Thanks to the hints on the Hamumu forums, I right-clicked on the image and got that the name of the image is "doofy" and that the image is 351 by 269 pixels. I also got the idea that the solution is the word "doofy" typed in with your hands incorrectly placed on the keyboard. I thought perhaps the pixels meant that I am supposed to shift my hands one space up/down and one space left/right... but none of the combinations I've tried have worked... Help?


Need help for 51 and 54

For 51,

I am pretty clueless as to what "dialect" it is. First thing that comes to my mind is shakespear but I don't see how it can fit. And with google, It says there's the TH cree language or something. I'm lost! HELP!

For 54,

I know the song. But I get 1960. Does it have anything to do with the portland penny by the way?


I haven't solved #51 yet either, but I'm quite sure of this hint. Also, any help on #9 would be appreciated.

Hint for #51

Try a form of "Latin".

Hint for #54

Imagine you walked into that store and bought what you wanted. How much cash would leave your hand?


For #25,

You're somewhat on the right track, but I think you're missing a step. Is "doofy" the entire name you're getting for the image? Because it really shouldn't be.

You're actually looking for a url in the file name. Go to that url, and you'll get another clue that will tell you what you're trying to type.

For #54,

No, it's not the Portland penny. :) That Oregon clue threw me off, too. I'm not sure if you live in the States, but in most places in the United States, when you go into a store to buy something, the final price you pay at the register isn't the amount marked on the price tag. There's something added to it. Search for the percentage charged in the town named in the puzzle and add that to the 1960.

I wish I could help with #51.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with pig latin (with the "th" as the "ay") and then a further encryption, but I can't manage to break the code.


I solved 51!

For 51, you are on the right track! However, there exists another rule in the STANDARD code. It has something to do with w. No, it's not a "dialect". And the solving takes a bit of time. A crossword solver is of great help. =) This puzzle is a good one. You get bacon, sadistically speaking. It's quite a gross title...

For 54,

Isn't it 7.25% for California? I tried. But it just doesn't work!

Thanks Trix!


Argh! I hate to do this! But I've solved 54

One more left... Multipuzz.

I have solved till...D
A- Dallas
B- Cowboys
C- Indians
D- New Delhi
And I'm stuck. Festival??! There are sooooo many!


Hi everybody...I, too, am stuck on #25, What's In A Name. I have gotten to the text and have looked the page up and down, but alas, nothing is jumping out at me. I will gladly trade hints for another puzzle if anyone is willing to help. Thanks.


For 25

The page that you are talking about. Does it have weird characters?
If it does.Try to type it out. However, shift your hands one square to the left.
If the page doesn't have weird characters, you've probably not found it yet.


Gosh... Why am I always doing this?!?!?!

But whatever, I've solve all ^^

For those who are stuck at number 54,

Do not do it in chornological order. Do LMN and you'll get the answer. There is only one set of answers that can apply for LMN.
The answer is quite funny actually.
Wonder how that rule came into place.

Steve Craig May 21, 2006 12:43 AM

OK, I am new to the message board but not new to this site by any stretch of the imagination. :) I have solved all the puzzles (through #55) except #9 and #39 and try as I might I cannot make any headway on those two whatsoever. I have done the math on #39 (Jungle Sounds) but my result makes no sense to me whatsoever...nor does Google seem to recognize it. As for #9, well...even the clues on Hamumu are proving impossible for me to comprehend. :-S

I have been at this for about 2 months (I think) so I am pretty much at the end of my rope with these two puzzles. Any help at all? Thanks!


For #39

You are over thinking. Do not think so deep. It has nothing to do with differentiation whatsoever. It is primary school (aka grade) math. I believe any 10 year old should be able to do the math. Just slash your way out.
The answer is pretty dumb. It's not a VERY well set puzzle.
Then again, most of the answers for Dumb the Game are... well, dumb.

For #9

I don't know how to do it the orthordox way. I just guessed from the background. Got it at the first guest. Think kiddy. It's seriously just plain guessing. But then again, that's not the way it should be solved... But whatever, I don't know how to solve it that way. xD
Anyone can hint how to solve it the supposed way?


Hi everybody...I hate to do this, but I need a nudge on "Bad Book". I've tried to decipher the text to figure out the quote, but I must be going about it the wrong way. Any nudges to get me started to get the quote to do the layers of more puzzling I need to get this finished would be great. Thanks.


Look at Trix's hint. It helped me a lot. If you still cannot get it,

After you minus all the stuff, re-allocate the numbers to letters again. a=1, b=2. And allocate another set for the negative numbers ;)


Minus what stuff??? I have referred to Trix's hint and am still lost here at how to get the quote. Boy, do I feel dumb. But I guess that is the objective here. Man, I solved Blacker Box, and just can't seem to get over this one. I'm not sure how to do this. It doesn't seem liek any standard cipher I remember seeing here.

uagodfather May 23, 2006 5:11 PM


I have a phrase, and I have Googled FOREVER, and I cannot find the answer.

There must be one website on the entire Internet that has this answer!!!


#022 Need a Pen, Pal?

I dont understand what to look for to find the anwser, can some1 just post the answer for #022


For 49,

You only have to google the name. And vessel. You will find that everything comes full circle. The answer is right there. You might not realise it though.


If you read trix hint, you should know. Quote trix:You're on the right track in figuring out numeric values for each letter, but you need to subtract instead of divide. Eg: n-a=14-1=13=m. A hint: it DOES matter which letter has the highest numeric value. I mean, "n-a" is NOT the same as "a-n".

For 22,

...... Then what's the point of playing? It's the pig pen cipher. Go decode it. Only the last line is needed to find the answer. And it's very simple. Do not try to find it's name. It's a thing.

Dimloep May 25, 2006 12:33 AM

Any pointers on #33, "On the House"?

I've looked up the drinks on webtender, but the result I'm getting isn't helpful; it's just two ingredients that make a drink, and that drink doesn't give me any leads to the answer.



It should. Wiki the drink. It is a person's name as well.
Else, you've got the wrong ingredients.


Um....thanks, I guess? :-/

For Jungle Sounds:

I have got the equation down to "rs/(3)". That's where my trail ends. Not sure how I am "overthinking" it, but there you go. Anyone know what to do from there? It's been a long time since I was 10 years old, although I think I might see some hints in Zhey's response - between the lines.

For #9:

I have no idea what the background is and even if I did, I would rather at least TRY to work it out without simply guessing. If you just guess the answer then "what's the point in playing?" ;) Anyone solve this one the "long" way that can give some kind of push? :)

MadDog72 May 28, 2006 4:17 PM

Hints for #9 (uncoordinated):

First you need to convert each number into another number using pi. What is significant about pi? Try googling pi if you're stuck. Once you've got them converted, do what you would normally do with coordinate pairs.

For #39 (jungle sounds):

rs/3 is correct. This is a geometric formula for a specific 3-dimensional shape. I don't think a 10-year-old would know it, but it isn't too hard. Think about what r and s could mean in 3 dimensional geometry.

If you look back at the puzzle, the shape it refers to should be obvious.

I figured out what to do for #33 (on the house) but like Dimloep, I got a drink that isn't a person's name.

p*** e*******


For #33

Then I think you've got the wrong drink. That site might not be the best. try http://www.1001cocktails.com/recipes/
It's much more reliable and you'll get the answer. Just remember that it's Gin Gin not Gin.
You should get this name: s****** t*****


Well, thanks, MadDog72. I finally did get the Jungle Sounds one, and I have to say it took a shot in the dark to get the final word. However, because of what you said in your post, I was at least able to go back and figure out why the answer was what it was. Your nudge was exactly what I needed.

However...for #9 (uncoordinated):

I have tried - and a long time ago - the only thing I can think of w.r.t. pi - "mapping" the co-ordinates of the puzzle to the decimal places of pi. In this instance, I get 33=2 (2 being the 33rd decimal place of pi). I haven't been able to make any leap from there, though, no matter how I plot the new co-ordinates...so it makes me wonder if that was the right thing to do in the first place? If I know I've done that much right, I will plug away some more. If not...please give me a slap. ;) Oh, and perhaps a "redirect". Thanks.


Upon further review....never mind. Solved it. :) Thanks for the help!


Wow - finally (and I do mean finally) solved every puzzle. :-S After the two I was stuck on for months, I had to knock off the two new ones this weekend. Nice feeling...but now I may have to go outside and I'm scared. ;)

Once again, thanks for the help on the two dastardly puzzles.


...um... i dunno if anyone still comes here, but can i have the name of the car company for "which white?" I have a blocker on my compy so i can't just image search it. thx!


For Which White:

To be quite Acurate, it took me a while to realize it was an A instead of an H.


does someone know how to get the answer to 46: Southern Routes? I'm completely stumped.

Schnabes67 June 14, 2006 6:31 PM

need help with #56 puzzle mix



You should know your roots, you know. If you don't, then leave it. If you do, then find the root.


Add W-A-T-E-R and stir! Look, everthing is mixed up in the right way now.

SuperBat June 28, 2006 12:41 PM

Can get another hint for #51 "This one is Bacon"

Here is what I got so far

I get the original language. But I don't know if I'm translating the language correctly because I'm translating it into a cipher. Then I'm not sure on where to start deciphering the cipher, other than the fact that its a letter substitution.
Oh yeah, and after I translate the first part is there a way of telling whether I did it correctly or not? Because if I do it wrong and then start working on the cipher, how am I supposed to know that I'm not trying to decipher the entirely wrong chunk of code.
I must be missing a very vital hint.

Help with #15 July 5, 2006 12:27 PM

Help with #15

hay bumb July 6, 2006 11:50 PM

any one help me in #40 blacker box


plaese help me on #55, Traditions


help on #56, please?

mokona_modoki July 17, 2006 3:59 PM

for #56, puzzle mix, here's a spoiler

Add water so "w" with the first, "a" with the second, "t" with the third and so no. You might want to use an anagram server. Here's a URL: http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram
You might need to search up the answer on google.


Any hints On #21,Puzzle Boxes


here is a big clue for black box

try to illuminate it....


please help me on #21,puzzle boxes

i got the meaning of boxes 2,3

help me on 1,4,5


Oh My God! Can somone please help me with #12? I have tried everything.


#16. I have figured it out just from the quote. But I'll be if i can't figure out what those boxes or any of those zebra clues have to do with it. Anyone?


A clue for #16
Counting will help you:

Count the white boxes


I can't even get to the text clue for #25!! Help help help!


i still need help with # 3 i really cant figure it out..


help i need some answers how do u illuminate 15 im stk!


48 i rili dont get it im only 10 im confused

Jim Thurston September 6, 2006 3:07 PM

39 - Jungle Sounds - I'm still stuck. I have the 'formula' but can't find any reference to anything like it anywhere (it doesn't help that Google ignores '/'). Even MadDog72's spoiler doesn't help...what should I be looking for?


boo hoo :'( i dont get #6 Primary location


clue for #15

you need to edit the pic in paint

just FILL the pic


i need help with #3 i know that the logo has to b googled with the date given .. cept i dunno wat the logo is :(
if ne1 can help that would b awsome


I need help with puzzle mix and easier said than done (56 and 45)


Ok, i am COMPLETELY stumped on #6. any hints would be appreciated!


I'm stuck on 3, i've looked up the colors of that car in 1997 and i just cant find the answer

mebbeilltellu October 17, 2006 2:21 PM

i've figured out the code for #22- but i still can't get the answer... and clues anyone?
i got:

kotetsu's world record. first america's cup. what did teddy ride?

mebbeilltellu October 17, 2006 2:23 PM

i'm still stuck on #22- i figured out the code... at least i think so:

kotetsu's world record. first america's cup. what did teddy ride?

and clues would be appreciated!


I've solved all except for "Tall and Boney"

I've got the word in the boxes for #31. I assume it is longitude and latitude, but I can't seem to get a place other than San Severo


I solved #31.

I was right with my first guess; however instead of four numbers, only two are important in the list. The two that are important and the correct order are found when you solve the colored boxes.

Jugijules November 2, 2006 5:12 PM

#13 Arizona Love

I have found where you guys are talking about. I am looking at it and reading it, However all the answers I put in aren't working. What am I missing???


For #25, What's In A Name, I've found what I'm supposed to be looking for, but it doesn't work. Could someone please confirm that what we're looking for is still valid or am I wasting my time?

I'm also struggling with #14. I know the code and have tried several ways of using it. It would help to know whether I should be getting one letter for each group of letters or maybe just one letter per line - that might help me to work out what I should be looking for.

Also having problems with #55 Traditions. I've found the traditional things, done my sums but don't know what to do with the result. I'm pretty sure I have the right numbers (apart from number 4, but I've got that down to a shortlist of a possible two, neither of which give me a workable result).


how do u beat #22


Also how do u beat #48?


a hint to #24 is all 3 clues happened on the same week but a diffrent year


what do you even do on #19 chess mess


Heres a tip for #19

you need to use a chess board and put the peices in the spots it shows then move them according to the numbers(A2 to C4) and another hint, the peices move to the real chess moves(knights move in an L, ect)


how do u beat #'s 22 48 and 50?


need help with #43!!


i laughed so hard when i figured # 13 out [arizona love]

google the address in google maps and use sattelite. move to the right a little bit from the spot.
what do you see? XD


for #43

search the direction of each cat's eyes on google(down,down,left,ect.)with the company name shown on the 11th comment on this page then go to the first link and look in "History" the entered backwards= ? lives


Meh... I think I'll just post the full set of spoilers here.. If you still don't understand some parts of it, feel free to email me.

1. Colourbars : Just rearrange according to the colours. It's very simple
2. Fourways: Google for the private first class. And look at your keyboard. The answer is there.
3. Which White: Carbrand called Acura. It's kinda rare here, I thought. Not very good puzzle. And differentiation and.....? That's the other symbol. Last one is a year. Google.
4. By Any Other Name: Blow Blow Blow
5. Cucking Wood: Just try all...=.=
6. Primary Location: Google the numbers. Remember, PRIMary locations. Googlemaps is a useful tool after that.
7. Counted Blocks: Just play it. It's fun
8. Jumbling Act: Anagram solvers do the trick
9. Uncoordinated: Just guess using the background. It's much simpler than solving it the correct way.
10. Play This Thing: To decrypt or not to decrypt, that is the question.
11. Got Your Number: Search for famous numbers in _____. Who's calling. Not calling who.
12. Future History: Groening
13. Arizona Love: Google maps
14. More Codes: .-----..-..-.-.-.------?
15. Black Box: Paint is your friend.
16. White Noise: If you are not passive, you are?
17. Sadly Similar: Add something before the words. And remember, the word is sad.
18. Type it: Yes, just type it. TYPE.
19. Chess Mess: No, it is not a barn. It is just what it is. Do not overthink it.
20. Not in so many words: Or should I say, not in SO MANY words. Think frequency. 10 is a good benchmark I think.
21. Puzzle boxes: Google is your best friend. You can guess most of them. and 83% is a B. Not an A.
22. Need a pen, pal?: Pig pen cipher.
23. Sliders: Just slide and read.
24. Know what I mean?: Equine = horse. And learn the googling technique of *. Like "My * horse" blah blah blah. Grrrrrr. I'm cold!
25. What's in a name?: Look inside. The picture. Source code.
26. Bits and Pieces: No, not the jewellery. Do not bother doing it. Just guess. It's much faster.
27. Hollywood Chat: Look at the background. It is a picture of a? And the solution for the top part is C.
28. Apologies: I don't know why it's called that. But a good place to start is Wikipedia. Yangzhedology! Woot. The study of the oh-so-great-person-who-solved-every-single-dumb-puzzle. =)
29. Roundabout: Print it out and a protracter is a good tool
30. Skater Math: Brute force is the way to go for this one since I don't know what extra rule there is.
31. Tall and Boney: (something, something) It is obvious. But smoking is bad for you.
32. Tangled Web: Just follow those messy tangled stuff to get two words. Who invented it?
33. On The House: Fun. Thanks to Nicole for helping me solve this one. Go wiki screwdriver(disambiguition)
34. Free Parking: Woot monopoly. It's a Single Player game. Track the places you land on. Don't land and go.
35. Crossed Words: FUN! I love it. Yes, it is just a crossword. It's very very very fun. Crossword solvers all the way!
36. Negative Greetings: Ah.. Tilt it nice. Yes, that's it.
37. Thugs and Brutes: Mila and Sneha to the rescue! Vanakaam. However you spell it xD
38. Ask He who knows: Asc he who knows. Or asc ii who knows.
39. Jungle sounds: No, it's primary school math. No differentiation included. Just slash your way out of this puzzle.
40. Blacker Box: This one is (hard). It is not difficult. It's very simple if you know what to do. xD I guess I was lucky. Will go through this one at the bottom.
41. Go fourth and...: Complete the quote. Take our your calculator and stop being BOOBLESS! (55378008)
42. Blue Shift: Yes, just shift the blue all the way up. It's an elemental game.
43. Baka Na Neko: This one is a bit... Far fetched. I don't like this puzzle. But whatever. Think Konami.
44. Old-Timey Music: Abe? Abe? Simpsons.
45. Easier Said Than Done: Say it out. And yes, the only people killed are the presidents. How sadly true.
46. Southern Routes: Southern Squares would do the trick too. Wait, no. You'll get gibberish then.
47. Dependency: IMDB is very useful. Just IMDB the title. There are tons of results, I know. But think, can it be sexual dependency...? nu.
48. Dollemma: ga ga goo goo
49. The Bad Book: Ah, my favorite of alllll times. Will go through it later.
50. Six Directions: This is another dumb one. I really do not like directors.
51. This one is Bacon: Gross. Gross. Will go through it later.
52. Side of Bacon: Baconian cipher
53. Multipuzz: Do LMN only. There is only ONE set of answers that can fit. Google after that.
54. How Much?: Wag wag wag. 5% for Singapore!
55. Traditions: Just google the things together. The first three. It's easier. You'll get something. I don't call it a tradition, but whatever. It's a nice one. And I want my future husband to get it for me too. It's HUGE.
For the 3 "hardest" ones (I seriously don't consider blacker box hard. I think stuff like side of bacon is harder than that.)
Blacker Box:
1. Get GIMP. Without it, you're thoroughly dead.
2. Open the Image there: Open up all the dialogs. 000000 should be the only one. How come there are more?
3. I love the Weasley twins!
4. Hex to Dec
5. a=1, b=2 so on.
6. Google.
7. Answer is a number. No do not brute force, you'll take a year.
The Bad Book:
1. Find out the real quote. Should not be a problem.
2. Compare the real quote with the crypted one. You will realise that it is not a monoalphabet cipher.
3. Excel to the rescue. Paste the stuff there.
4. Minus.
5. No, the positive and the negative are not the same.
6. Google. Once you realise that this is indeed a very very very well set puzzle, you're not far away from the answer.
7. Brothers.
This One Is Bacon:
1. It's Pig Latin. You must know this in order to do the rest.
2. There is more than one rule for Pig Latin. Find the other one. Way to go!
3. Decrypt. No decrypter can help you. you're on your own. Have fun. I spent 2 hours. =)
4. The last word is the trick in solving the whole thing.
5. Characters.
6. You really get bacon.
Anybody fancy having little piggy bacon for lunch?

Yup. That's all. Full set of hints/spoilers for DumbTheGame.

I should amscray.

Have fun!

Johnny Elfred January 6, 2007 11:12 AM

Will somebody JUST TELL ME THE ANSWER TO #3!!! It's so frikin hard!!!! i don't know anything about cars, how would I know this one?!


What's the point in playing it then...? Also, I have no interest in cars whatsoever either.

Acura integra type R white. Google it. You'll see the answer immediately.

stephanie February 1, 2007 6:49 PM

I am having trouble with number 6.

I know its a zip code, but I dont understand the prime numbers thing???

Can someone help?? :(

montana March 3, 2007 7:04 PM

im pathetic i need help with number 1

montana March 3, 2007 7:19 PM

number 18 i really need help

BePatient March 13, 2007 1:28 PM


Ok, I get it. Strongman, tightrope, acrobat, etc... Circus stuff. And the ten marked letters go together with ten empty spaces at bottom. But I tried the letters in an anagram finder, nothing. Wtf?


I GET IT! "Who killed the ref/ a ref, k/ Kay?" But is it referee? Or refugee? Who killed the %"/(&%"&-ing ref? Did I miss a sports broadcast or somethin...?

BePatient March 13, 2007 8:52 PM

GOD it helps being american in order to pass these...


for BePatient


its R.F.K,the initials of a person

hope it helps


I'm stuck on #047... HELP!!!



Pig Pen Cipher

Anonymous May 22, 2007 8:10 PM

what do i put for uncoordinated.

Anonymous May 22, 2007 8:12 PM

what is puzzle boxes?


#18 is killing me... I mean I know it's right under my nose, but I can not figure it out...Any hints are helpful.


what happens if you DONT have photoshop???

Anonymous August 7, 2007 6:50 PM



what is #19 and #26

another anonymous October 8, 2007 10:43 PM

I must be dumb!

Dumb Person November 8, 2007 7:37 AM

For #51 can someone post what if

"t" = a
"h" = y
what equals something else?



the answer is missing some letters, but it IS there. just fill it in. think circus


Help on #6 and #13! Plz!

#6 - Primary Location

I've found the two adresses in google maps and I know that the two numbers are prime numbers, but I can't figure out how they're connected with one location

#13 - Arizona Love

I've found Marilyn Monroe in the crops, but that's not the answer... what is, then??


for #13

oh.. sorry.. i got the wrong person :P

A Person March 10, 2008 7:57 PM

Need help with #56 puzzle mix!

I think it's "Who killed the president... (a range?)", but I'm stuck!


ok heres the


for 49 (the bad book)

An animal (now extinct) which was half horse and half...

hope it helps!!! ^_^

Montanii April 14, 2008 7:53 PM

Hii i need help with umm 51 i dont understaand whats there and i tried different letters and stuff and im still stuck :(
help please :)

Camilla May 12, 2008 5:29 PM

Hey.. really need help on 53#..

I've found D = Delhi and F = Diwali, but what Delhi misspelled should be short for I have absolutely no idea... Q___Q I'ts really frustrating! I have tried surfing around for a hint I could use and nothing is helpfull...

Please Help!


For 53

Delhi misspelled is deli. Which is the short form for delicatessen.


for #6,

Those two numbers are are the prime part, the number they lead you to is the location part.


I'm need some hints for #24. The game's forum had nearly nothing.


Ahhh! I'm getting really frustrated with #6 Primary Location. I've been working on it for a few weeks now. I've tried just about everything: from each direction on a compass & google-ing the zip codes. Pennsylvania doesn't work. The previous spoilers have not helped one bit. I must be really dumb! Somebody . . . Please help me! ---Tia


For #25, Whats in a name, I have no idea about the "text" that youre talking about. Can you help me?


I know what the text is

the source code

but I have no idea how to get to it. Any help?


Regarding #37: Thugs & Brutes

I get that it's Tamil, and the phrase translates to 6 + 2, but I have no idea where to go from there. Am I missing something?


i need serios help on 47 and 1 now please


No one else but me is having trouble with #11?

nerdypants March 10, 2010 12:21 AM

I need some serious help with #40 Blacker Box:

Note: I have never used GIMP before, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

But from what I understand, I'm supposed to be opening the Colormaps dialog. However, when I do this, all I get is a message telling me "Only indexed images have a colormap." I have no idea what this means. Am I doing something wrong?

Help me someone, please. I really have no idea what to do.

nerdypants March 10, 2010 12:24 AM

Aaand, two seconds later...

I figured it out, I think. I'd been copying and pasting the image into GIMP, but when I saved it onto my computer and then opened it with GIMP, it worked. So now I have a colormap.


I am needing help with puzzle 44. im not too sure if this has any spoilers in it..

I've decoded what I believe to be the message, and found a tv show and an episode that it could possible refer to. On wiki. i found the production code. and tried to enter it, but it fails to be the correct answer.

help please!

Jenniicka October 30, 2010 9:55 PM

kso. never mind. i solved it. i just had to dig a little deeper

Polydunami April 25, 2015 11:23 PM

That's not the correct website. If Dumb: The Game was linked at a .com website beforehand, it isn't anymore. The website ends in .net now.


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