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Dr. Stanley's House 2

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GrinnypDr. Stanley's House II"A long, long time ago...I can still remember how that music used to make me smile..." Or shiver, I can't remember which. Oh yeah, it was shiver. What I'm reminiscing about is the creepy incidental music to a game we first introduced way back in 2005, Dr. Stanley's House, a point-and-click adventure created by James Li that was by turns moody, mysterious, and downright spooky. Now, many years later, Dr. Stanley, his house, and much of the original cast are back in Dr. Stanley's House 2, a continuation of the story that while still moody, mysterious, and creepy, has also added mind-blowing to the now extra-long adjective list.

In the original you played Mr. James, a private detective called in by Dr. Stanley for...well, for what is a bit unknown. When you arrived at the house you found it deserted, except for two injured men and a mysterious intruder who helpfully sets the guard dog on you. Or, at least, you would know this if you could read Chinese, since the first game was entirely in that language and some of the story was lost in the translation. Not to fear, however, as the entire plot is recapped for you at the beginning of Dr. Stanley's House 2, and this time in English, which is a good thing otherwise you'd be pretty lost right from the start.

Where were we? Oh yeah, the plot. In the first game you came across a young guy with papers whom you assumed was the thief, and an injured old guy whom you assumed was Dr. Stanley. Wrong. It was, in fact, the other way around, and now the old guy has made off with the papers, while poor Dr. Stanley is now in the hospital with a concussion. It is now your mission to find a way to speak to Dr. Stanley (being semi-competently guarded by a sleeping security guy) and figure out how to get back the papers and other objects that were stolen. Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn't it? And it is, until you encounter the old guy again and you have to go back to that creepy house, solve your way past a whole mess of new puzzles, and eventually run into more plot twists and turns than found in The Entropy Effect.

Dr. Stanley's House IIAs the game begins remember to choose the English option (unless you can read Chinese) and enjoy the spooky intro and music. Eventually you will find yourself outside the hospital where Dr. Stanley has been brought for treatment. Navigation is a mix of simply clicking on doorways or other areas, along with blue arrows that appear to navigate you in other directions such as right, left, up, down, and occasionally into another dimension. Rather than an onscreen inventory control (it would get way too crowded with all the things you have to pick up) you have a valise in the lower left corner of the screen. Simply click on the valise and you can scroll through the contents. With some objects merely having them in your possession will allow you to use them (without the usual bother of selecting and highlighting an inventory item), with other objects you may have to click on them in your inventory and use a multiple choice menu (use? combine? discard?). It all may seem a little unintuitive at first, but eventually you get used to the eccentricities of the control and navigation structures.

What you might not get used to, however, is the strange "now-it-works, now-it-doesn't" changing cursor. The arrow cursor will change to a hand to indicate some clickable areas, but not takeable objects, raising the specter of pixel hunting, especially in some of the darker scenes. And brace yourself; this is rather a long game. Fortunately it comes with the ability to auto-save, so you can quit in frustration if you can't solve a puzzle or you become lost in the hospital air ducts (easy to do) and come back later after a refreshing beverage and a little down time.

Analysis: Dr. Stanley's House was good and popular back in the day, but that day was six years ago; Flash-based point-and-click adventures and the puzzles they contain have matured since then. So, has the sequel kept up with the times? The answer is a resounding "YES!" The graphics—although a little dated—combined with the soundtrack still set quite an eerie atmosphere. The story has moved beyond a simple crime caper and wanders into Twilight Zone territory about halfway through the game, keeping the player on their toes.

The puzzles are mostly of the found objects variety, with a few pure logic puzzles and at least one wicked color puzzle thrown in for a little variety of the extremely frustrating kind. Dr. Stanley's House 2 is also not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Although there's no blood to be found, be prepared to do anything to accomplish your goals, up to and including throwing things, shooting at people, and messing about with pharmaceuticals that amateurs should, strictly speaking, not be messing with. Don't worry, it will all make sense in the end. Maybe.

Dr. Stanley's House 2 is not a perfect game. The odd navigation can get frustrating at times, as well as the "now-you-see-it, now-you-don't" changing cursor. However, if you're looking for a fantastic point-and-click adventure that combines mystery, suspense, pharmaceuticals, science fiction, and an extremely goofy English translation, then look no further. Take two shots of Dr. Stanley's House 2 and call me in the morning. Presuming, of course, that you ever find your way out of the air ducts.

Play Dr. Stanley's House 2

Cheers to Cyberjar88 for sending this one in! :)

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Dr. Stanley's House II Walkthrough

General Information

  • The solutions to some of the puzzles change from game to game, so the walkthrough will have instructions on how to find the solution.

  • The solution for the main color puzzle changes, so directions for the colorblind will be difficult for that particular puzzle.

  • There are five magic stones that can be found in the game. They are a side quest, and are not necessary to complete the game.

  • Remember that to use some objects all you need to do is have them in your possession, like the flashlight.

  • For other objects you need to click on the little suitcase in the lower left corner of the screen to see your inventory.

  • A little arrow will appear next to the suitcase. If the arrow is green and pointing to the right, the suitcase is closed. If the arrow is red and pointing to the left, the suitcase is open. You cannot move around the scenes if the suitcase is open.

  • Some objects in the inventory can be combined. Simply click on an object and it will give you options, such as use, combine, or back (to get out of the menu).

  • Remember to click on the English option before you start the game.

  • Good luck!

The Hospital

Exploration: Main Floor

  • You begin outside of the hospital where Dr. Stanley has been brought. Click on the front doors of the hospital to go in.

  • You are now in the lobby of the hospital. There is an information desk here, but it is unmanned.

  • On the wall to the right is a blue arrow. This arrow leads back to the outside.

  • To the left are two doors to the bathrooms. The door with the pipe picture on it is the men's room. The picture with the high-heeled pump is the ladies room.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, go into the ladies room. Seriously. If you do, the nurse will not talk to you other than calling you a freak.

  • Behind the information desk, to the left of the wall with the blue arrow, is an open door. Click on the door to go through.

  • You now have a weird bird's-eye view of the corridor beyond the door. There are two arrows here, one pointing down and to the right, the other pointing up and to the right.

  • Click on the down and to the right arrow to move to the right.

  • This is the end of the corridor, with some sort of dispensary window and an office door. The door is locked, so use the blue back arrow on the wall to go back to the corridor intersection.

  • At the intersection use the arrow that is pointing up and to the right. This arrow will move you forward.

  • This is the end of the corridor. The doors to the outside appear to be chained and locked.

  • On the left is a door, blocked by a sleeping security guard. If you try to go in the door he will wake up and tell you that only doctors can enter.

  • On the right is another door. Click on the door to go through it.

  • You've entered the room of a coma patient on a monitor. Click on the patient for a close up.

  • When you are in close up, you will see something sticking out from underneath the patient's pillow. Take the object (remote control).

  • Use the blue arrow in the upper right corner to back up.

  • Once you are back at the long view of the patient you will see a blue arrow pointing up. Click on the arrow to look up.

  • In the ceiling you will see an air vent. You can click on it, but it is too dark to see anything.

  • Back up from the ceiling vent, then click on the door to exit the room.

  • You are back in the corridor with the sleeping guard. On the wall to the right of the right door is a flashlight in a charger. Take the flashlight.

  • Use the blue arrow on the left wall to go back to the corridor intersection.

  • Once you are at the intersection click on the open door (bottom left of the screen) to go back to the lobby.

  • When you re-enter the lobby a nurse will appear and sit down at the information desk.

  • Click on the nurse to talk to her and get the key she gives you. You will not be able to do this if you were dumb enough to go into the ladies room. However, the key is only necessary for getting one of the magic stones. If you mess up and go into the ladie's room, you can still finish the game.

  • Time to explore the air vents.

Exploration: The Air Vents

  • Click on the door to the men's room (the door with the picture of a pipe).

  • Once in the room you will see a blue arrow above the left stall. Click on the arrow to look up at the vent.

  • Once you see the ceiling vent, click on it to enter.

  • When you are above the vent, use the blue arrow on the right to back out of the close up.

  • Notice that the ductwork around the vent is blue. Use the blue arrow in the foreground to back up.

  • You are now at the long-view of the blue vent/duct system. Note the arrow pointing to the left, which takes you back into the duct to the vent above the men's room.

  • There is an arrow pointing behind you. That leads to the brown/tan vent/duct system.

  • There is also an arrow to the right.

  • Navigation through this vent system is tricky. The best way to do it is to remember the colors and what they represent.

  • The blue vent and ducts lead to the men's room.

  • The brown/tan vent and ducts lead to the ladies' room.

  • The green vent and ducts lead to Dr. Stanley's hospital room.

  • The gray vent and ducts lead to the comatose patient's room.

  • The red vent and ducts lead to the pharmacy.

  • The yellow vent and ducts lead to another doctor's office, this one occupied by a coffee drinking doctor.

  • You can use the "back" arrow to turn around and see the brown/tan duct system. You can also go in there, and use the vent to drop into the ladies' room. However, there is nothing to see there and you do not want to emerge from the ladies' room door.

  • Instead, use the right arrow to turn right and look down another duct corridor.

  • The right arrow has taken you to an intersection. There is an electrical box on the wall here. Farther ahead of you you can see the blue and brown duct systems. There is also an arrow to the right.

  • Click on the electrical box for a close up. Once the box is in close up click on the keyhole and you will unlock the box.

  • When the box opens click on the switch inside to the down position.

  • Use the blue arrow in the upper right to back up.

  • Now that you've turned the switch off use the right arrow to turn right and look down another duct corridor.

  • You are now looking down a long duct corridor that leads to the gray and the green duct systems. The arrow on the left will point you back to the blue and the brown systems.

  • Use the forward arrow on the floor to move forward towards the gray and green ducts. Notice on the wall on the right a boarded up hole in the system.

  • You are now further along the long corridor. The boarded up area is immediately to your right.

  • Go right to the gray duct area. Once there, go forward towards the vent.

  • You can look down through the vent and see the comatose patient.

  • Back up three times and you should be looking at the green duct area.

  • Go forward to the green duct area and you can see the duct to Dr. Stanley's room. Unfortunately, the duct has been secured, so you can't go down. Also, his doctor is in there.

  • Back up from the close up of the vent. Notice a small glowing object in the fan?

  • Take the object (stone of wind) and back up three times.

  • You should now be looking at the gray duct area. From there, go right.

  • This takes you back to the corridor next to the boarded up area.

  • Click on the boarded up area to push it aside and reveal another corridor, this one leading to the red and yellow duct areas.

  • You can go right into the yellow duct area, then forward to the vent. Look through the vent and you will see a doctor with his refreshing caffeine beverage.

  • Back up three times and go forward to the red duct area.

  • Click on the red vent for a close up, then click on it again to drop into the pharmacy.

  • Once in the pharmacy use the down arrow to move the view from the ceiling to the main space.

The Pharmacy

  • On the right is a red desk with a book on it. On the left is a large open cabinet with a lot of pills. In the middle is a smaller cabinet with a lot of drawers.

  • Pick up the book on the desk. Once the book is in your inventory, click on it to bring up a menu and choose "read".

  • When you read the book (all four pages) you will learn about some interactions between western medicines and Chinese herbal medicines. One combination will cause gastrointestinal distress, one will cause suppressed breathing, and one will cause suppressed breathing and liver damage.

  • You need to determine, from reading this book, which items to pick up from the pill shelves and the cabinets (which hold Chinese herbal medicines).

    • Here's a hint, you don't want to cause liver damage.

    • You want to get aspirin and glycyrrhiza for the intestinal distress. You will also want to pick up ginseng and ganoderma from the herb cabinet.

  • Once you determine what medicines you need to pick up, use the back button (twice) from the book, then close your inventory.

  • Click on the pill shelves first and pick up the medicine you need. Don't worry if you pick up all three.

  • Back up from the pill shelves and then start clicking on each drawer in the smaller cabinet. The ingredients are in different drawers each time you play, so I can't tell you which ones to open. Keep opening until you find the three ingredients you need (see spoiler above) and take them.

  • Once you have the three herbal items, back up from the close up of the small cabinet, then click on the up arrow to see the vent.

  • Click on the vent to enter the ducts again.

  • Once above the vent back up twice, until you are at the place where you can see both the red and the yellow duct systems.

Getting Into Dr. Stanley's Room

  • Now you need to get into Dr. Stanley's room to speak to him. You can't go in through the vent, and his doctor is in the room anyway.

  • You need two things: a disguise to get past the guard, and a distraction to get the doctor out of the room.

  • Click on the arrow to go into the yellow duct corridor.

  • Once in the yellow duct area, click on the vent twice to get a close up of the coffee cup of the hapless doctor.

  • You need something to make him leave the room in a hurry.

    • For this poor schmo, you need to cause intestinal distress.

    • Click on the suitcase to open your inventory.

    • Click on the Glycyrrhiza in your inventory and choose the "combine" option from the menu that appears. Combine with aspirin.

    • This should create a mixture on paper in your inventory.

    • Click on the mixture and chose the "use" option in the menu.

    • Enjoy watching yourself slip the poor guy a laxative.

  • Once you drop the correct drug into the mug, back up from the vent, then back up again to the long view of the red and yellow duct corridors.

  • Go back down the yellow corridor.

  • Click on the vent and you will notice that the hapless doctor has fled for regions unknown, presumably the men's room.

  • You can now click on the vent again to drop down into the office.

  • Once out of the vent use the down arrow to see the office.

  • Click on the lab coat to take it. You now have a disguise.

  • At this point you can go back to the vent system, but it's frankly easier to go out the door.

  • Click on the door to leave the office.

  • Once in the hall, use the back arrow to go to the intersection corridor.

  • At the intersection, use the up and to the right arrow to go forward to the guard.

  • Go into the right door to visit the comatose patient.

  • Once in the patient's room, you will need to cause a distraction to get the doctor out of Dr. Stanley's room.

  • Click on the patient for a close up.

    • Time to mix some drugs again.

    • Open your inventory and click on the ginseng. Use the "combine" menu option and combine the ginseng with the ganoderma.

    • Once you have the mixture, click on it and choose the "use" menu option.

    • The patient will drop a green stone. This is the stone of life.

    • Back up from the close up of the patient.

  • Once you pick up the stone of life, use the blue arrow on the wall to look up at the vent.

  • Click on the vent to go up into the system.

  • When you are looking down through the vent at the coma patient, open your inventory.

  • Click on the remote and choose the "use" option from the menu.

  • Once the doctor comes in, back up twice from the vent. When you are looking at the gray duct system from the outside, go right.

  • You should be looking at the section of the corridor where the boards are from the boarded up duct. Go right.

  • Go down the yellow corridor, through the vent, and out of the office.

  • Note: You cannot go back out through the blue corridor (men's toilet) because the empty stall where the vent is is now occupied by your first victim, so you have to go back out this way.

  • Once out of the office go back to the intersection, then forward to the guard.

  • This time, when you click on the door the guard will let you through.

  • Click on Dr. Stanley to talk to him.

  • Enjoy your conversation with Dr. Stanley. Ooops.

  • Doctor Stanley will give you two tasks: go to his house and get the statue, and go to his lab and get his red paper.

  • However, he will pass out before giving you the code, although not before giving you the key card to get into his office.

  • Close down your inventory.

  • Go out through the door into the corridor with the guard.

  • From there go back to the intersection, then back to the lobby.

  • Once you are at the information desk, go right to exit the hospital.

The Laboratory (Part 1)

Getting In

  • When you have left the hospital, you will notice what looks like a small compass in the upper left of the screen.

  • This will allow you to jump from location to location.

  • Click on the compass to bring up a map.

  • On the map, the hospital is in the upper left, the house is in the lower left, and the lab is on the right.

  • Click on the lab to go there.

  • Once outside the lab building click on the doors to go in.

  • In the hallway you have three options. In the lower right is the doorway back outside, ahead of you is an elevator, and to the left is an open door.

  • Click on the open door on the left to enter.

  • Great, the guard is either asleep, knocked out, or dead.

  • On the desk is a lighter (on the far left), take it.

  • Look closely at the guard's belt, there is a little silver ring around one of the belt loops. Click on the ring to get the key.

  • Go back out the door to the corridor.

  • Click on the elevator doors to enter the elevator.

  • Click on the control panel for a close up and click on the 2nd floor.

The Second Floor

  • Once on the second floor, click on the blue arrow to move away from the elevator.

  • You are now looking down a corridor. The blue arrow closer to you will take you back to the elevator. Click on the further away blue arrow.

  • There are two doors here. The right door is locked, so click on the left door.

  • On the left, sitting on some gray machinery, is a small blue object. Take the object (blue filter).

  • In front of you is some machinery with an eyepiece. To the right of the eyepiece is some more machinery. Click on the machinery on the right.

  • This machine has three slots marked R, G, and B. Notice that the B slot is empty.

  • Open your inventory, then click on the blue filter. Choose the "use" option from the menu.

  • Now that all three slots are full, notice the + and - controls for each one.

  • Back up.

  • Click on the eyepiece for a close up.

  • Notice above the eyepiece are three lines, red, green, and blue. Each line is at full color strength.

  • Click on the eyepiece again.

  • Once you are looking in the eyepiece you will see the red, green, and blue light lines converging and making a white line. The white line is leading to a blinking dot of color.

    • The object is to adjust the blue, green, and yellow colors (using the panel where you put the blue filter) to make that white light match the color of the blinking dot.

    • I cannot give a direct solution as the color you need to create changes each time you play.

    • Go back and fiddle with the + and - controls and see which combinations create what color.

    • For instance, if you were making purple you would want mostly blue and red, and very little (if any) green.

    • Keep fiddling until you get the color matched exactly.

    • If you can't distinguish the color, you can force crack this puzzle by playing with the + and - controls. Once you hit the correct combination the panel will open.

  • Once you solve the laser riddle a panel underneath the eyepiece will open up, revealing the stone of light. take the stone.

  • Once you have the stone, exit through the door.

  • Enjoy the cut-scene with the old man who stole the plans.

  • At the end of the scene he will leave, after giving you the plans.

  • While the plans are in close up, open them. If you've played the first game you will recognize the pictures as the doors in Dr. Stanley's house.

  • Looks like it's time to head to the doctor's house.

  • Close your inventory. Do NOT take the gun and the stone of time from the floor.

  • Use the right arrow to go back towards the elevator.

  • Don't be surprised when the locked door blows up.

  • Use the closer right arrow to go back to the elevator.

  • Click on the elevator to enter it.

  • Click on the control panel for a close up.

  • Click on the 1 to go to the main floor.

  • Once on the main floor, go out the door (lower right of the scene) to exit the building.

  • Click on the compass in the upper left of the screen, then click on the icon for Dr. Stanley's house in the lower left of the map.

Dr. Stanley's House (Redux)

Getting Into Dr. Stanley's House

  • You will land at the house facing the doctor's car. The security door in front of you is open. Click on it to enter the house.

  • You are now in the main corridor of the house. Ahead of you is a blue door that leads outside. To the left is a yellow door (this leads to a bathroom with a rag that you can burn, but don't). The corridor to the right is blocked by that annoying (and annoyed) guard dog that you drugged in the first game.

  • There is also a blue arrow on the floor pointing backwards. Click on the arrow.

  • The white door in front of you leads back to the outside. To your left is a teal door. Click on the teal door to enter the living room.

  • Once in the living room you will see the blue statue (of a little guy with upraised arms) on the shelves to the left of the door.

  • Click on the shelves for a close up and click on the statue to take it.

  • Back up from the close up of the shelves and then click on the door to exit the living room.

  • Click on the blue arrow pointing to the right to go back to the main corridor.

  • Now it looks like you need to get past that darned dog.

Getting Past the Dog

  • To get past the dog you need to scare it out of the house.

  • What could scare a guard dog?

    • Open the suitcase that is your inventory.

    • Scroll to find the lighter that you picked up in the lab.

    • Click on the lighter and choose "burn" from the menu.

    • Scroll until you hit the lab coat and click on the lab coat. When it asks you if you want to burn the lab coat click "confirm".

    • If you have both the rag (from the yellow door bathroom) and the lab coat, burn the lab coat.

  • Once you've scared the dog away, a blue arrow will appear pointing to the right.

  • The stone of flame will also appear on the floor. Pick it up.

  • Click on the right arrow.

  • You are now in the corridor between the security (blue) door and the stairs. Here you will see a gray door. Click on the gray door to go into the bedroom.

  • Click on the desk where the phone is for a close up.

  • Once the desk is in close up you will notice a card sitting next to the phone. Take the card.

  • Back up from the close up and go back out the door.

Now What?

  • You can go exploring up the stairs if you'd like, but all of the doors are mysteriously broken except for the green door on the top floor, and it is locked.

  • Time to go back to the lab. You still need to find the red paper.

  • Click on the arrow in the upper left, it will take you back to the main corridor.

  • Once in the main corridor, click on the blue door to exit the house.

The Laboratory (Part 2)

Finding the Doctor's Office

  • Once you are at the outside of the house, you can click on the compass for the map.

  • Click on the icon for the laboratory (right side of the map).

  • Click on the door to enter the building, then click on the elevator to enter it.

  • Below the 1 and 2 buttons is a small panel with a lock. Click on the lock to use the silver key you got from the (asleep? dead?) guard.

  • Once the panel is open click on the B to go to the basement.

  • In the basement there are two doors. On the right is the elevator, on the left is the Doctor's office.

  • Notice that the door needs an electronic code key.

  • Click on the panel next to the door and you will use the electronic key on it.

  • Now there's a keypad. I guess we need a combination.

  • Where in the world could we find the combination?

    • Open your inventory and scroll until you find the doctor's card that you found at the house.

    • Click on the card and choose the "flip" option.

    • On the back of the card will be a six digit number, this is the code for the office door.

    • Note: this number changes every time you play the game.

    • Close down your inventory.

  • Once you know the number enter it on the keypad, then click on the green button on the bottom right.

  • Click on the office door to enter.

Disabling the Laser

  • There's a note on the floor, pick it up and read it.

  • Looks like we'll have to get past a laser to get to the safe.

  • How can we do that?

  • Click on the laser for a close up.

  • There's a slot there. What could we possibly put in the slot?

  • Maybe a colored filter?

  • Back up from the close up.

  • Go out the door, into the elevator, and up to the 2nd floor.

  • Leave the elevator and go down the corridor to the lab (the left hand door).

  • Enter the lab and click on the machinery where you placed the blue filter.

  • Go ahead and take all of the filters, then back up from the close up.

  • Go out the door, back to the elevator, and down to the basement.

  • Enter the office and click on the laser for a close up.

  • Now which filter do we use?

    • Using the red filter won't do anything.

    • Using the blue filter will just turn the laser purple.

    • You need to use the green filter, which cancels out the red light.

  • Once you've placed the correct filter the laser will be deactivated.

Opening the Safe

  • Back up from the close up of the laser and click on the safe for a close up.

  • Looks like we have six dials, and each dial goes from one to six.

  • Back up from the close up of the safe.

  • Now how do we figure this one out?

  • The answer must be right under our nose!

    • Look closely at the floor tiles.

    • Notice that there are six rows of tiles, and each row has six tiles.

    • Just as the safe has six dials, and each dial has six numbers.

    • Think that is a coincidence?

    • Look closely at the tiles. Each tile has a little highlight in the upper left corner of the tile.

    • Except for one tile in each row. One tile in each row does not have a highlight.

    • The solution for this puzzle is different each time you play.

    • Each row of the floor corresponds to a dial.

    • The top row corresponds to the far right dial (when you look at the safe in close up) and the bottom row corresponds to the far left dial (again when you look in close up).

    • Count the tiles from the left to get the number that goes with the corresponding dial.

  • Once you've figured out the code, click on the safe for a close up and enter the code.

  • When the safe opens, click on the red file to take it. Once you have it in your inventory, read it.

  • Close down your inventory and back up from the close up of the safe.

  • Go out the door, into the elevator, and up to the 1st floor.

  • Once you're on the first floor, go outside (door on the lower right of the scene).


The Flat Tire

  • Here's where it gets weird(er).

  • Once you are outside of the laboratory, click on the compass to pull up the map.

  • Click on the hospital icon (upper left of the map) to take the statue and the file back to Dr. Stanley.

  • Enjoy the cut-scene where someone shoots out your tire before you can make it back to the hospital.

  • Once you regain consciousness, you are in a new place. There are two arrows here, one pointing to an alley behind the disabled car, one pointing to an area behind you.

  • Click on the arrow closest to you, the one pointing behind you.

  • What a nice coincidence, the car came to rest right in front of a tire store!

  • You can click on the window of the store, but you can't get a tire.

  • You can click on the sign above the store (it has a tire in it) but you can't get that one either.

  • Click on the back arrow to face the car again.

  • Now click on the arrow pointing to the alley behind the car.

  • Nice. In the alley are a broken ladder and a screwdriver. Take the screwdriver.

  • Click on the right arrow to go back to the car.

  • Click on the near arrow to go to the tire store.

  • Click on the tire store window for a close up, then click on the sign above the store.

  • Once the sign is in close up, open your inventory and use the screwdriver.

  • You have a tire!

  • Take the tire and back up twice out of the close up.

  • Use the arrow to go back to the car.

  • Open your inventory and use the tire.

  • The car is fixed! Click on the compass to go to the Hospital.

Dr. Stanley

  • Enter the hospital, go forward to the intersection, then forward to the guard.

  • Enjoy your conversation with the power mad Dr. Stanley.

  • When the conversation is done he will have you thrown out of the hospital and you won't be able to go back in.

  • Now what?

Dr. Stanley's House (Yet Again)

  • Use the compass to pull up the map.

  • Use the map to go to Dr. Stanley's house.

  • Enter through the security door, then go right.

  • Once you are in the corridor with the gray door, use the downward arrow to go to the stairs.

  • Go up the stairs twice until you are on the top floor (where the blue and gold doors are).

  • Use the back arrow to turn around to face the green and orange doors.

  • Enjoy the cryptic conversation with the creepy old guy.

  • When the conversation is done you will have a green key in your inventory.

  • Close your inventory and click on the green door.

  • You will end up in a strange room. Notice that the stone of time is in the room. Don't pick it up! Click on the door on the left and enjoy the bizarreness of the cut-scene.

  • When the cut-scene is over, click on the door again to exit the room.

  • You have now entered the Twilight Zone.

  • Enjoy yet another bizarre conversation with creepy old guy.

  • At the end of the conversation you will have a new mission as well as a vial of liquid.

  • Close down your inventory.

The Twilight Zone

  • Click on the green door to enter it.

  • Enjoy the trip.

  • You are now on a strange balcony. There are arrows going to the left, to the right, and down the steps.

  • Click on the arrow going to the left.

  • In the niche in the wall you will find a high-powered rifle. Take it.

  • Use the arrow to go back.

  • Use the right arrow to go out on the balcony.

  • Enjoy shooting at your past self.

  • Once the cut-scene is over use the back arrow.

  • Now click on the arrow that goes down the stairs.

  • Click on the ladder for a close up.

  • That ladder isn't sturdy, you need to fix it somehow.

  • Open your inventory and click on the screwdriver. Chose the "use" menu option.

  • Once the ladder is fixed click on it to go down to the ground.

  • Use the right arrow to go to the car.

  • Click on the car for a close up.

  • Open your inventory and use the mysterious vial of fluid (choose the "use" option from the menu).

  • Once you use the vial, back up and go back to the alley.

  • Click on the ladder to go up and enjoy watching the pieces fall into place.

  • Use the up arrow on the stairs.

  • Once you are back on the main balcony view, click on the door on your left.

  • Enjoy the ride back and the strange conversation with the creepy old guy.

  • Once he leaves you will have his watch in your inventory.

  • Click on the watch, then choose "use" from the menu.

  • This will destroy the last time portal, the green door.

  • Use the back arrow to face the blue and gold doors.

  • Use the left arrow to enter the stairwell, then go down the stairs.

  • Once you are in the corridor with the gray door, go left.

  • Go out of the blue door.

  • Once you are outside use the compass to go back to the lab.

  • Enter the lab building, then get in the elevator. Go to the second floor.

  • Follow the arrows to where you solved the laser puzzle. The gun and the stone of time should still be on the floor. Take the stone of time.

  • Go back out of the building. Once outside, use the compass to go back to the house.

  • Go through the security door, then go right.

  • When you are in the corridor with the gray door, click on the gray door to enter.

  • On the bed is a small box, click on it.

  • Well, that explains everything!

Dr. Stanley's House 2 Walkthrough Extra - The Five Stones

About the Stones

  • There are five of these magical, glowing stones scattered throughout the game. You do not need to find them to finish the game, they are a side quest.

  • The only purpose of the stones is to get a high score.

  • The stones are:

    1. Stone of Light (yellow).

    2. Stone of Life (green).

    3. Stone of Flame (red).

    4. Stone of Time (blue).

    5. Stone of Wind (silver).

Stone Locations and How to Get them

  • The Stone of Wind is in the vent near Dr. Stanley's hospital room. You need to have gotten the key from the nurse and turned off the electricity when you entered the vent system. Once the fan is off, you can take the stone.

  • The Stone of Life is in the hand of the coma patient. To get this, you must mix the herbs ginseng and ganoderma, then give it to the patient. The patient will drop the stone.

  • The Stone of Light is in the Lab, in the second floor laser room. Solve the color laser puzzle to get this stone.

  • The Stone of Flame is hidden in the lab coat. When you burn something to scare the dog, you need to burn the lab coat. Once the coat is burned the stone will appear in the hall.

  • The Stone of Time is the trickiest to get. Once you meet up with the old guy and someone throws the stone at you, you need to remember to NOT pick it up from the floor (it will be on the floor with the gun). Instead, leave it and continue on with the game. You will see it later in the green door room but again, DON'T pick it up. Instead, once you've done all of the rest and destroyed the green door, go back to the laboratory and pick it up just before ending the game. Note: Thanks Ottoman for this one!


Night Stryke April 9, 2011 3:29 AM

Well, I'm stumped.

I'm in Stanley's office (which strikes me as more of a vault than an office...) and I have no idea what the code for the safe is, or how the note relates it to or anything else.

Night Stryke April 9, 2011 3:36 AM

Oh, wow, okay. Well, I got it, but I doubt I would ever have gotten it without help. Thanks.


I can't find the right mixture of drugs and herbs.

Gingko+Diazepam = Too Harmful


James Li April 9, 2011 7:44 AM

I really like this article. The cursor is actually a bug since I forgot to fix, thanks for the remind, i will fix it in the coming mobile versions.

In fact when I was creating Dr.Stanley's House I, I was most a flash animator, now I am a pure developer. It is too long(6 years) to pick up the feeling to keep the same graphic style, none of the scenes in hospital is satisfied by myself, some of them are too simple and not colorful enough. ... I dropped my pen many times but finally I carry on finishing it, for a better ending story, and also for a promise to players:-)


Would love to figure out the purpose of the

stones. Anyone figure it out?


Looks interesting, but the navigation system put me off.


I think this is the first escape game where I just got bored about 80% of the way through it, and just stopped playing. It wasn't difficult, just tediously long. There were all these extra things that you could do/take that had no relationship to the storyline.

[Maybe because it's not an escape game? You shouldn't play it expecting to get out after only a few puzzles. It's really more of a point-and-click adventure. -Jay]


I love this! I couldn't believe there was a sequel to one of my favorite games! The atmosphere is so great, and the payoff from the first game is wonderful. Why is everyone rating it so low? There's a lot of backtracking, but if you pay attention to the cues in each area, it's easy to navigate. Tough for the color-blind -- every area is artistically different. You can't get lost.

One really does have to play the first one to understand the perilous peril of the whole thing. And the first one was a beast, especially in terms of pixelhunting.


If anyone has a Mac and needs help with the

RGB color puzzle

the application

DigitalColor Meter

works like a charm.


I used to play the first game as a kid and now I get to see how it all ends. Thanks JiG for spreading the word, the game has some unique art style and is well made. 5/5.


I think the stones are kind of like little "easter eggs" or just fun things for us to find along our way in playing the game.

Bumjelly April 9, 2011 4:20 PM

Excellent game, well worth the time and effort!


Is this a bug ?

In the safe room, the second row of tiles has only highlighted tile, no bland one. So I set the 5 others and tried all numbers on the second dial but nothing works...

Annoying to get stuck that far.

MmmmPie April 9, 2011 7:00 PM

Grrrr - I'm female, so of course I went into the ladies room. Time to start over...

Helanren April 9, 2011 7:39 PM

@Simon: no, it's not a bug. If there are only

'highlighted' tiles, the value is 0 (zero). Maybe you are assigning the wrong columns/rows to the dials?

remember : you are looking at the tiles from above

catfroger April 9, 2011 8:22 PM

I can't get the game to load, tried it in IE & Firefox.

[There should be no problem with the game loading in IE or Firefox, Mac or Windows. I've just tested the game in both of those browsers. Make sure you wait and give the game a chance to load. Also, try updating your Flash Player to the latest version. -Jay]

catfroger April 9, 2011 9:04 PM

I've downloaded the last version and still nothing. I'm getting a message that says movie not loading.

[What OS are you using? Is it Vista? I've heard of some issues people with Vista have with Flash games. Check this Support FAQ for info about changing Vista's security settings for Flash. I don't have Vista so I can't try to reproduce the problem, but the game loads fine in IE and Firefox on both Windows XP and Windows 7. You might also try emptying your browser caches and try reloading the page. The problem is something on your computer that's preventing the game from loading. Do you have issues loading any other Flash game on the site? -Jay]


You don't actually need to

poison the coma patient. The doctor will come when you hit the call button, even if you haven't done anything to the patient.


Hi, I am a Chinese.
If you need a translation of the first game, you can ask me for help.

Provide the pictures or the Chinese you want to be translated.


Attempt to interpret the tangled timelines of this and the first game:
(Spoiler as it includes plot details)

Game 1:
(^)James received a urgent message from Dr Stanley (to retrieve the statue and the red file judging from the second game)

Future Dr Stanley (from now on referred as Old man)) travels from decades after back to Jame's time point and trick James in an attempt to stop Dr Stanley's past self from getting the weapon blueprint and raw materials. James managed to throw Dr Stanley out of the balcony and managed to hurt him badly. Old man then escapes

Game 2:
James arrived at the hospital, found Stanley, who give him the instructions to retrieve the red file and statue.

INTERSECTION #1: At the lab, James confronts old man. Just before James shoots the old man, future James attacks James with the stone of time, thus saving the old man's life. future James returns to (*), and old man at (*) destroys the door (which had become a time gate due to future James travel.)

James retrieves the items and is heading to the hospital.

INTERSECTION #2: Future James gone into the past and uses a sniper to flatten James' car, then he goes towards the car and pours the red liquid onto the statue. When future James returns to (*), the ladder and screwdriver falls into place for James to fix his car (therefore allow James to advance to time point (*) "later")

James gives the items to Dr Stanley, and is then thrown out of the hospital.

(*) James arrives at Dr Stanley's house, meets old man, Old man gives him instructions as a last attempt to stop Dr Stanley from getting the weapon. James then travels back to #1 and #2 respectively to correct the past.

After mission is completed, old man returns to his present (ie. future in James perspective) and ordered James to destroy the last time gate to prevent any possible changes of the timeline by people at James' time point.

James found the red statue from old man, revealed that old man (presumably have suffered from his power desires in the future) is future Dr Stanley. Judging from this, old man returns to (^) in an attempt to correct his mistakes.

Therefore after this tangled timeline, old man's present should have been changed. (Or if you are a fan of the many worlds interpretation, old man have gone into another timeline.)

Therefore there are 2 time loops and 2 major intersections, where the story will be completely different if things progress otherwise.

#1: If future James at (*) does not return to #1 or James at #1 forgot to pick up the stone of time, (assuming James can only use the stone of time against himself.) then James cannot carry this item to time point(*) where he then returned to 1# but cannot stop his past self from killing old man, which will make Dr Stanley be able to get the weapon. (Assuming only this particular old man realized his mistakes and tried to correct it) That means the old man's future will be impossible to be changed until another time travel came.

#2: If future James at (*) does not go back to #2 to stop past James, then Dr Stanley will get the weapon. As the old man is still alive, the cycle repeats as old man travels back to (^) to stop Dr Stanley again until Dr Stanley is stopped

(Assuming multiple timeline exist) The mission to stop Dr Stanley fails (in this particular timeline) only if all future versions of Dr Stanley in this timeline are killed

according to many worlds interpretation, it is impossible for the mission to be 100% success or fail (considering all possible timelines as no two timelines are identical)

The flaw: Cannot explain where the ladder and screwdriver come from (if James did the events in #2)

black_jimmy April 10, 2011 8:26 AM

Was really enjoying the game, got most of the way through before realising that because i'd gone into the women's toilets right at the beginning the nurse wouldn't speak to me and so I couldn't get the key and go any further - really frustrating!!

note to designer: this kind of thing is really REALLY annoying!!



I'm having trouble with my inventory. I can't scroll to see all items. I also can't read

the other pages in the medicine book

... Help?


to black_jimmy, sorry to design in that way, but you can still finish the game without it because it's only for a stone.


Am I the only one having a problem with the inventory? When I open it I can only see the first few items. It seems as if I'm supposed to be able to scroll over, but can't.

Does anyone know whats going on here? I really want to play as I loved the first one, but with being able to see a majority of the items I can't :(

Chrysalis April 10, 2011 6:49 PM

Is it too much to hope we would not have to wait another six years for the next one? It would be a real shame because playing this one was a really, really good experience.

VoxPopuli42 April 10, 2011 7:01 PM

I'm having the same trouble as Pip... and lots of trouble just navigating the inventory. Once i picked up the medicines, I couldn't figure out a way to scroll through my items, and couldn't get back to the medical guide...
I also can't combine items... so I can't even skip the reading and follow the walkthrough.


To Jenn, it might be a bug in the bridge between Flash and some version of FireFox, please change to IE. Or go to my website to download the desktop version (AIR).


I had no problem finishing the game after entering the Ladies' Room. In fact the first thing I did was enter the Ladies' Room. HOWEVER:

I never got the Stone of Wind.

Also, I never got

the Stone of Fire, because I found a rag (somewhere in the house, either the bathroom or kitchen I think) and burned that instead of the lab coat, and the game wouldn't let me burn anything else.


At the end of the credits it told me my "score," which was just a slot for each of the five stones (I guess judging my score based on how many I was able to get). Is there a different ending if you get all the stones? Do the slots mean you've found the stones or does it mean you have them in your inventory at the end? If it means you have them all at the end, how do you end with the Stone of Time? I ended with only the Stone of Light.

Very mysterious!

Just some theoretical questions. Very long game, and a lot of fun!


to grinnyp, I have linked this one as English Walk through in the two communities which the icons in the game could link to. Thanks for your description!!

[Thank you for doing that, James Li! :) -Jay]


Dr.Stanley's House II published on Android Market!


I played through the game again and found a way to

finish the game while holding the Stone of Time!

Remember when

you steal the gun from the mysterious man and point it at him? Well he says not to be so anxious to pick up that stone. So I didn't.

Then towards the end, when you

go through the green door to stop yourself from shooting the mystery man, the Stone of Time is sitting on a shelf in that little room. I still didn't pick it up, and when I triggered the cut scene I still threw the stone at my past self. Since I hadn't picked up the stone in the past, I just went back to the office building after this and got it.

But then after the end credits

I viewed my score and I'm still missing one stone. I have the stone of Light, an empty spot, Fire, Time, and Wind.

I don't remember seeing another one anywhere in the walkthrough ... what have I missed?!


James Li, oddly enough I have been using IE. How weird.

Anonymous April 11, 2011 5:47 PM

okay i can't combine anything at all or even scroll through my inventory whenever i get the medicine. iv'e tried everything. using different web browsers and even trying to download the game from james li's website. I really wanna play this game, but can't get any further than the medicine because i can't combine anything. Has anyone figured anything out that made it work?


Which browser and version you tried? Which flash player version you are using? Please send me a message to [email protected]. I recommend to use IE7+/Safari/FF3, Flash Player 10.1+. Or you can install AIR runtimes from adobe.com and download my AIR version from java911.net/stanley/Stanley2.air directly.


interesting story, finished the game with a little help :P. I'm using Chrome and had no problem with the game.


I've used safari,mozilla and internet explorer. I have a mac and i tried to download the AIR version but it wouldnt open. I had no idea what application to open with it and it didnt have a default.

[I think it requires Adobe Air http://www.adobe.com/products/air/ For me, also on a Mac, the Adobe Air installer comes up when I double-click on the Stanley2.air file. -Jay]


Initially, when I saw this, I was going to pass it off as "another Chinese/Japanese escape game."

I have to stop doing that.

Instead, I looked into it, played the first one straight off, and loved the quality, music, and story.

Then I started the second one. It's like moving from Halo to Halo 3 (graphics, story, and interface-wise), and I can see really clearly why it was compared to Submachine.

The scrolling inventory (and more importantly, not taking up a large part of the screen with it) was great, the translated dialogue wasn't too bad on English grammar, and it kept accurate time travel chronology!

Well done.



Hi, I just had a little trouble following this part of the walkthrough:

Opening the Safe

It's about finding out the combination. You mentioned there are six rows of tiles (there are) and six tiles in each row. Kind of confused me a little since the rows have eight tiles each with some of them being blocked under the safe. So I thought you meant columns of tiles.Figured it out eventually. A silly mistake on my part, is all.

But then when it came down to counting the tiles I didn't know whether to count the ones with the highlight (giving me a combination of 5-5-5-6-5-5), the ones without the highlight (1-1-1-0-1-1) or the corresponding place value of tiles with or without highlights. Gah. Safe to say, I got the combination in the end by getting the place value of the tiles without highlights (6-6-1-0-3-3). The wording's kind of roundabout in your instructions for me(or I'm just a fail ESL) and I thought to maybe point some things out. :D

One thing about this part though is that there is no indication that the tiles are relevant to the safe other than being in the same place. May I ask how did you find out about it? Since it was quite hard for me to open it with instructions, I imagine it was harder without.


Now for some thoughts on the game.

I couldn't stop giggling to myself when I got to the part with...

The flat tire. First, because I found the screwdriver first. Ever since I saw the reinforced vent in Dr. Stanley's room I've been waiting for it to show up. I kept thinking to myself 'Finally! I can't believe the creator waited this long to introduce this! I now own this game.' (Reference to screwdrivers in various escape games.)

Hahaha, it's still giving me laughs up to now. Lol, especially when I took the tire literally out of the sign (I like that part because it was refreshingly different logic). The car crash part is my favorite scene so far, since it was highly unexpected and felt different, like I finally got a chance to play see what happens before an accident/unconscious incident and waking up in a locked room/hospital/office/house somewhere with only the thoughts of some random screwdriver that can help me ESCAPE!

And also...

I don't even want to think of the loop/paradox about that screwdriver and ladder. Delicious mental simulation, though. Seriously, I liked how the Stone of Time got incorporated in the game (and its subsequent loop/paradox). Too bad there wasn't much to do with the other stones though (other than the Easter egg for the coma patient since the medicinal combination for it wasn't written anywhere).

I'm quite smitten with this game. It feels one part Escape and two parts point-and-click adventure, which is a nice recipe for me since I finished the game in about an hour and a half (with all the stones). A good time. I usually finish pure escape games too long (takes me hours) and point-and-click adventures sometimes too fast or I wasn't satisfied enough with the interaction.

I can understand why some people have a hard time navigating a bit since the views need some sort of good spatial recognition. The color puzzle too can be refined a little bit more since you need a good eye for different shades. I have an okay eye for these details but I take the most time around finding the next step to progress. Maybe what I mean to say is that this game works for me because it kept me sufficiently hooked with stuff I'm good at and like (puzzles, and not just mathematical ones, I suck as those; refreshing plot and storyline; unexpected events that provide thrill and excitement, and a very satisfying ending).

So far, these don't need to be improved but it's a good thing to keep in mind. I love the detail with the medicinal herbs and other things. I don't have a problem with the art, interactions are seamless and the plot is excellent.

The only thing which can be updated that I can think of is the user interface and mouse interactions. I didn't think much of the scrolling (found out how that works early on) but sometimes you do have to click (reflex) and it stops you short for a moment. I didn't mind the 'pixel hunting' (didn't feel that way to me) since I click everything that seems clickable anyway. For the most part I found everything I needed anyway without too much trouble.

Before I forget there is one thing that prods my mind a little bit:

Namely the sniper rifle. Seemed random, but it serves its purpose. :D

Lastly, oh the dialogue! Sometimes I like translations that are a little bit flawed than clear-cut English since it's somewhat more poignant with simple, but powerful, terms. I especially liked the dialogue when...

I got back to the house after giving Dr. Stanley the files and green statue. (No! I've been tricked! Again!)


"Dr. Stanley is a great physicist. He invented a time portal."
"Take this solution which I've developed for many years. It will turn the statue into a regular block of stone. The effect will cause it to turn red decades from now, and Dr. Stanley won't know until then."

"How do you know this?"

"I am also a great physicist."

[...After passing through time to go back to the conflict at the lab...]

[To Detective (present)] "Good paces, great detective!"

[Detective (past)] "Wretched!" (Seriously, who uses this as a swear word anymore? I love it!)


Finally I find out...

That I've been tricked. For the third time. By the same person. Through different time sequences and each one of my selves through the times I've visited had been tricked too. So is that a double-down or what?



Hahaha, @Aureza,
Thanks for your comments, i really enjoyed. I have to say the interaction mode was originally designed for touch screen devices like mobile or tablets, i didn't take much time to figure out a better solution for mouse control than auto scrolling. Also the structure in hospital, i had to take care of all the arrows and spaces in every scene, i knew it would bring a lot of trouble to players, but, the feed back from players are not so bad :-D The English translation is really a problem for us, we did try our best, but i know it still could be confusing, so in the last version i made the phrase animation slower and marked all key words in yellow, to help people who were confused. The rifle actually laid beside the tire shop at the first time, but my wife said that's no any reason to see a rifle on street, so i hided it again..


Well, I'm stumped. I've followed the walkthrough so far, and when I get to

the part where you're supposed to combine the ginseng and the ganoderma

it just says "You can't use this item."

The items combined just fine and the new combined item is in my inventory, and I'm in the coma patient's room

but I just can't do anything with it.


@Annie, were you close enough to the coma patient? You have to click him once, then use the item.


How are we supposed to know about the

ginseng and ganoderma combination?

The medical book in my game did not have that combination. It had

morphine and something with a B.

Did your game have this combo in the book? Did they change it? If not, how on earth did you figure it out?


I am still having an issue with the floor tiles am i reading the shadow, the tiles with no light or what? I even watch a video and couldnt understand how they got the numbers they got plz help me... I'm stuck...


I got it... I figured out the tiles lol... now I'm super excited I can move on been stuck for two days...

Elizabeth May 27, 2011 2:42 AM

Heyy uhm can anyone tell me where the compass is like what room exactly? Please and thank you?

Chris Andre May 30, 2011 7:54 AM

Hey there, I'm frustrated and stuck at a certain part of the game... I've found a doctors coat and all theses herbs and medicines, but I can't get past the security guard who's resting his eyes...am I suppose to go in the room where Dr.Stanley is? Please help, I'm stuck!! Thanks.

christy Andre June 1, 2011 1:15 AM

Hey,ya. I'm not too sure what to combine together, there's so many different things, does anyone know what the combo is to wake up this coma patient?? And this book of combination of medicines makes no sense when I don't have some of the items.. This game is stressing me out.. Lol:)

Anonymous June 6, 2011 1:27 AM

I can not figure out the code to the safe in the lab? Cam someone tell me the code?

Anonymous June 10, 2011 9:55 PM

There are now six stones. The sixth not covered in the walkthrough here is:

in the dog cage at the back of Dr. Stanley's home, and must be retrieved before frightening the dog

There *is* a "purpose" to the stones (mild spoiler):

They can be traded for a golden hexagon somewhere in the game

Note that you need to hold all six stones to fulfil their purpose.

A hint to fulfilling their purpose:

What was the environment like *before* the car crashes into it?

Stronger hint:

There's a panel in the wall that's broken in the car crash

Complete solution:

Immediately after getting the vial from the old man, you must go to the research lab to retrieve the time stone before returning to the green door and clicking on it as usual. This is earlier than the walkthrough recommends, but it's necessary to have all six stones when going through the door again.

*Before* sniping your own tyre, you must go down the ladder (securing it with the screwdriver as usual) and click on the unbroken panel in the wall. The panel will open and a voice will speak. Once it's open you must feed it stones by clicking on them and selecting "Use" in the inventory - all six in turn.

I have no clue of the meaning of the above, mind you.


Umm to people who can't find the last stone, remember the dog? This is how to get the last stone.

When you are first in front of Dr. Stanley's house, you click the arrow on the LEFT. That will lead you to the back door. There is a cage that is open next to the door. Click for a close up, and you will notice a glowing object. That Is the stone of death.

It's the only one not mentioned in the walkthrough. All of this should be done BEFORE scaring the dog.

Anonymous June 15, 2011 12:59 AM

Some of you are talking about a sixth stone in the doghouse. I haven't scared the dog yet, so the doghouse is empty, but whenever I click on the doghouse it says "An empty doghouse." and won't let me do anything. What am I doing wrong? Help, please.


I'm lost on the safe part of the game... I have read everyone's way of solving, but I'm guessing I just need it a little more explanation. First- confused about which row is for which dial. (Is the row by the door for dial 1 and so on and so forth?)... Second- I keep reading in regards to highlighted tiles... on my screen I see the shading on the left side looking from door and there's also a line of shading on the tile to the right of door... am I counting or excluding that line of shading? Third- what if the tile is majority highlighted but there is a tiny corner of shading? Would that b included or not? If someone can dummy this part of the game down for me I'd really appreciate it...
Bout to lose my mind on this section...thank u.


Please help!!
I can't find the right mixture of drugs and herbs.


Please help!!!

I am stucked and i clicked on the thing to the right of the eyepiece which i can get the colou things. I have picked up the gun. Does that mind? Why can't i pick up the gun?

badwolf1988 July 14, 2011 6:36 PM

I understand about looking at the tiles for the safe combination, but I can't seem to get mine to work.

Anonymous July 16, 2011 10:43 PM

This was such a great game! My 2 school age daughters were so intrigued that we kept at the game and lost track of time. There were some scary parts but overall quite an interesting game. I think the second one was even better than the first!


Hello to everyone. Just started playing dr.Stanley and found it very interesting. BUT, the game only allows me to get morphine and diazapem, not aspirin so that I can mix it up with herbs and drug the doctor. I've already restarted the game several times but no use, still just morphine and diazapem. Can anybody help me, please? Really want to finish this awesome game. Thank you in advance!


HELP! I'm stumped, every herb, every medicine I mix is either too harmful to use or cannot be used altogether. I cant get the aspirin from the medicine room and the booklet says you have to mix the aspirin to drug the dr's coffee. It's just frustrating to know that I am a small detail away from continuing. I can only get morphine and diazapem. I just don't get it.Getting desperate here. Anyways, thanks in advance. Will REALLY appreciate the help.


I cannot figure out the safe combo at all


Never mind I finished the game! When will you make another one they were fun


I put in the code for door but when I try to open it it still shows as locked. Any ideas?

pistonsgrl22 April 23, 2012 3:16 AM

I noticed I didn't see ANY comments about the STONE OF DEAYH!! Before you scare the dog by burning the lab coat go outside. Go all the way over to the left side of the house. Click on the cage outside where the dog was locked up in game 1. This will let you zoom in on the cage and inside is the stone of death. You cant do it after you scare the dog because when you scare him he runs into his cage and you cant get it from under him. So for ALLLLL of you who dont know where the 6th stone is, there ya go!! Your welcome lol


How to break into the safe

OKAY!!! i figured out how to break open the safe! what you must first do is turn the screen so that the door is touching your stomach(if the game is in your lap). then look at the floor and imagine using those plot graphs in math class.whatever block is not highlighted...that is the number you put in...if every block is highleted then you put that row as zero. ..For example if you look at my third row you would notice that the fifth tile does not have any white on it...that mean for that row(that dial would be third one) you would put in a five on the dial...and so on

LadyBlastoise July 18, 2012 4:34 PM

I really enjoyed this game! A little tedious going from one location to another but the ending was really great. Thanks!


I cannot crack the safe code in the basement. I've tried everything, I'm pretty sure I have the right code it just won't open.

ruth7railway January 15, 2013 1:06 PM

Glitch on android: during the RGB puzzle, the sliders stopped moving. I backed out to see if it would work again and now I can't zoom back in. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

ruth7railway January 21, 2013 1:51 PM

seriously, help? Please?


Hi ruth7railway,

Please look through our walkthrough (blue box above this comments section) to check for steps you may have missed.

Have you tried removing and re-installing the game? If you've experienced a glitch, that might be the best way to un-glitch it.

mkdmaster13 August 24, 2013 2:01 AM

I just want to warn anyone who reads this it has spoilers but the spoiler tags weren't working and I wasn't able to comment so I figure warning you ahead of time is good enough.

So I was getting through the hospital just fine and I made my way around and got the correct mixing ingredients but when I thought I was supposed to somehow get rid of the guy in the yellow vent so I could go in but it won't let me drug him with anything I mixed. I read the medicine guide and did exactly what it said. One says its too harmful, another says be careful to use a mixture with unknown consequences and the one that is the safest and that I tried to use just doesn't do anything. I click the green arrow by use but nothing happens.


its such a great game ...i had so much fun playing it...full of suspense and mystery...but i had to use the walkthrough lol ...to be able to advance in the game...the safe puzzle was hard enough but nice :)

UltimateDamnation April 4, 2015 3:07 AM

Having problems with the safe tiles,i have two unhighlighted tiles in 2 different rows. Been stucked for days. So yeah. Help!


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