Calucci game

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caluccigame.jpgHere is a unique twist on the Flash point-and-click room-escape genre. While the on-screen text is in Dutch, the supporting audio is in English thus making the game accessible to a wide audience.

In the Calucci game you play the role of a Mr. van der Berg, key witness for the prosecution of a ficticious mob organization, the Calucci family. In return for identifying the family's boss, Paul Calucci, you are granted protection with a new identity and residence in a community far away. Unfortunately, you no sooner get inside your new home and someone comes a knocking on the door. What will you do?

Move the mouse to pan the video footage left and right, up and down, to find clearly identifiable items and hotspots. Movement forward is possible when the small center dot glows green.

Analysis: Instead of tiny pixel-sized hotspots, this game makes excellent use of Flash video footage and lots of humorous, incorrect ending cut-scenes to create an engaging (but short) entertainment experience. The somewhat short time frame you have to escape is nicely balanced by the fact that anything you find carries over if and when you have to restart, which takes the pressure off and allows the player to enjoy failed attempts.

On the downside, the game appears to be a memory-hog, and I have read some reports that the game does not run in IE, so you may want to use Firefox from the start. Also, I found that sometimes the page did not render correctly for some reason. Mousing over the page revealed the restart button I needed to reset the game. Of course a page reload accomplishes the same thing.

Overall, an unusual and welcome twist to a popular, albeit over-populated, genre of Web game.

Cheers to Alex for suggesting this one. =)

Update: The game is no longer available to play. Previously tagged as: browser, escape, flash, free, game, macwinlinux, pointandclick, rating-g, video


Hmm... Only played it for a few minutes. Seems to me to be a lot of style over substance. The video clips are irritating and you can't skip them either...


The video clips are indeed the highlight of this game, so it just may not be the right game for you, AJ.


I can't seem to start. All it does is cycle between three pictures with words over them.


omg! this is definitively the next step of the point and click games, real persons like a movie where the actors are the players/ too bad the game is 2 short. (this is the best site for point & click addicts)


Bertie - a couple of things that come to mind: 1) maybe it cycles through them over again if the game hasn't loaded completely? After it loads you should see a screen with 3 buttons appear. 2) Do you have the latest Flash player installed?

I just cleared my cache and tried again; it loaded quickly and without error.

Cheers, feichler! =)

remister June 16, 2006 3:50 PM

This was a really good twist on the P&C adventure. Though it was short, it was worth the playtime.

stephen June 16, 2006 3:51 PM

The video clips really set this one apart, and the endings where you lose are hilarious


hehe loved it.


So... how do you win?

Is getting on TV losing or something?


Yes, it is Jack.

Think of it: you're part of a witness protection program trying to hide from the mob who you have just helped prosecute in court. Would you want your face all over the news? =p

Martybhoy June 16, 2006 5:15 PM

Is it possible to complete this? I have tried every possible route and i always end up getting found out. Just wondered if i am missing something!


Yes it is possible to escape. You're probably missing the key to winning. (har har)

No seriously, have you found the key yet?

look in the attic


Oh lol that was stupid...


Complete walkthrough with spoilers...

yes you have to stay away from the mayor who wants you on tv :)

There are many ways to fail, if you wait a long time in a certain place a timer will run out and a lose-clip will play. Only some are different from clicking wrong, like when you wait a while in the attic :)


go to the living room, turn around and pick up the keys and phone

also pick up the leaflet next to the plant

go up the stairs and then though the door up the 2nd stairs (to the attic) and pick up the key from the box that swings open

go down the stairs and through the other door (which was locked)

click on the door to the balcony


Very nice, took me a while to find the




That game freaked me out O_o I think it was all the heavy breathing heh. I loved it though.

Khrisper June 16, 2006 6:36 PM

Betty, i had the same feeling, and with the music in the background and knowing there gonna get you it does make you think. Also the ticking noise in the attic was disturbing :O

Periwinkle53 June 16, 2006 7:54 PM

great game, i love point and click games and this one was very entertaining because it was so real and interesting to watch. the losing endings were hilarious!


Could you modify your OpenFSWindow function to cap at a certain resolution size? Having a 1920x1200 flash object is not always good performance-wise. It also detracts from the experience to have to manually change the window size.


l0ser - done. It now caps at 1024x768, which I believe is an appropriate maximum to cap at.

Thanks, it was a good suggestion and a no brainer to do. cheers!


No no, its a game from that irritating commercial, "even appeldoorn bellen" seen it way to many times. Dude get a witness protection program and his new house is in Omerta Falls, how corny is that. nice game or not, refuse to play this.


That was really entertaining, funny premise. I'm with feichler - I think this video clip stuff is the next generation of click-n-point gaming. If you get stuck, you get a few clues in Dutch that you can translate at That's entertaining in itself. 'Even appeldoorn bellen' = 'Even apple thorns ring.' No idea what that means.


Appeldoorn is a company.
You most of the time call it when you have a problem.

(Yeah, I'm dutch)


Amusing game. Kinda reminds of an old PC game called Phastasmagoria, which also used live action videos and cut scenes just like this.

Man, what an annoying mayor, eh?


I'm Dutch so if anyone needs translations... ask me :P
'Even Apeldoorn bellen' is the slogan of an insurance company called 'Centraal beheer Achmea', which is situated in Apeldoorn. So Apeldoorn is actually a city and not 'apple thorns' :P lol
Anyway, cool game! I love to escape rooms ;)
Greetz Iris


Nice, thanks for changing the function. Much more pleasant!


Oh yeah, another really nice feature this game had that the others usually don't... you keep the items if you're forced to restart. That saved a LOT of time and made the game much more enjoyable. Kudos to the developers on that.

Garwain June 19, 2006 4:36 AM

I really loved the video footage. I really would like to see more of this kind of P&C. Especially the endings were you get caught are hilarious.

PS: Have you tried sneaking into the yard? LOL!

Rayniac June 23, 2006 7:28 PM

Hey Jay,

first time I posted, but veeery loyal visitor of the site, thanks man! ;)

To clear things up, the onscreen text in the beginning means "Evade the Mayor" and then "Escape the house Unseen"

Not hard to figure out, I know, but still... :)


This commercial is on Dutch television pretty often. They sure know how to make funny commercials :D (and games :P) It's not just this one, their other commercials are great too :)

I did find a little bug in the game though...

if you pick up the leaflet, but not the cell phone, you still somehow manage to call but appear not to know the code :P


When in doubt, you can always turn to Mother Mary.

Not that she'll save you or anything, but it makes for an amusing end.


Yes, I beat it. I must have gone through every wrong ending to get to the right one, and yes, it is a little short.


very impressive game. i liked the use of video in this game. it made it seem a lot more realistic of a situation. i was stunned how after you picked up certain items, they didn't appear in the video sequences anymore (ie, the tripping). someone put a little extra elbow grease into that! the one thing that bothered me though... okay, so the guy does look a little husky, and it is a strange situation, but it got to be a little too much breathing every time he moved. sounded like he was having an asthma attack or something.

to all who found the game to be "too short"... how long did it take you to find the ending though? i spent enough time going through every wrong ending, that the game did have a normal duration by the time i figured it out. (sans spoilers, w00t!)

one pseudo-hint, i did have a dutch->english translation website open, and it did help a little bit at least. after you fail a couple of times, it will give you a hint (in dutch).

so now that i've beaten the game, i'm off to check out all of the false endings i haven't taken yet...


Wow! This game is really amazing! Best Flash point&click ever...


P.S: The game works perfectly in Opera 9.10
P.P.S: Who made the game? What is it's purpose? (advertisement?)

PolishedAmethyst January 11, 2007 1:15 AM

I ran across this site a few days ago and keep coming back. Props for such a great's like it was made just for me. :) I thought it was about time I posted a comment, even though it's kind of general.
I found this game to be rather amusing. A very short, but interesting game. I must agree with the other posters about how live action video and cutscenes work so beautifully in PNC games.
P.S. Thanks for introducing me to Saltacol (and many others), it had me for a couple of hours and was totally (frustrating and) enjoyable. :D

Anonymous May 2, 2007 4:08 PM

where is the key in the attic i cant find it


i thought it was kinda funny that the place was named OMERTA FALLS. omerta is a code of secrecy practiced by the mafia; if someone is arrested, they are not allowed to give ANY, ANY, info of mafia acts. if that happens, mafia does anything, and everything, to take that person out. so, omerta fell

Nokeyinattic August 20, 2007 2:43 AM

I too, cannot find the key in the attic. I did the whole jack-in-a-box scene thing, but no key.

Foundkeyinattic August 20, 2007 2:52 AM

Ah, finally got it. Couldn't even see the fuse box because I'm using an LCD, and the contrast ratio is so poor.

sillybuttons August 27, 2007 6:55 AM

oh wow. this game is amazing. a full length one of these would be a big hit. i musta found a million endings lol. its the only game i know that you go back to so you can lose lol. i loved this.


Also very important for success

Timing is key. After I collected the card, phone and keys, I waited in the attic, until you hear the click start to tick down. Immediately leave the attic, and head for the locked door on the right on the second level. Wait until you either hear the clock tick or the mayor, and click on the back door. You don't have to be lightening quick, you just need a plan to move around the house, as if some one were really chasing in yout house.


thecrwth's advice, above

is nonsense.


very clever game, and funny too!


Couldn't connect to the server today. Sad times.


Over four years later, it is still a good game. It is a shame that more votes have not been cast to bring it to the forefront for others to discover and enjoy. Perhaps, it should be featured as a lost gem that needs revisiting.


Ihave Wonderland Adventures-Mysteries of Fire Island, game but my keyboard arrow is not working on that game on other games keys working,can any one help me for that please,,


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