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BowMaster Prelude

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Rating: 4.7/5 (243 votes)
Comments (151) | Views (25,595)

bowmaster.jpgThomasAs a casual gamer, you have certainly come across titles that fall into the defend-your-castle category. BowMaster Prelude, by Jason Reinsvold of LostVectors, fits that description as well, but certain aspects elevate it above other candidates.

Unlike most other games of the genre, the player doesn't aim at attackers directly by clicking on them. Instead, the mouse cursor is used to shoot an arrow from your castle, applying force and angle by clicking and dragging intuitively. Always leaving the marks from the last shot behind, the game provides a convenient way to refine your shots as you continue to fire.

Between levels you get to upgrade your arsenal of arrows or you can buy the possibility to recruit troops during a stage. And here comes another twist that separates BowMaster Prelude from similar games. You earn experience and gold for successfully hitting an enemy soldier with the basic arrow. However, if you have recruited troops be aware that they get drafted out of the general populace. And they cost gold. If you wage a full-scale war it's a drain on your people, leaving you with precious little XP/gold to earn between stages (more people = more XP bonus/gold = more gold bonus). Thus it is imperative to find a good balance between recruiting troops and keeping the economy alive.

If you have bought a recruitment upgrade, troops will be recruited endlessly, unless you disable it. That's done by clicking the green bar above the unit's icon. There is also a variety of arrows to choose from. Some will do continuous damage to a soldier once you hit them, others will just slow them down. Some arrows can hurt multiple soldiers, others would do more damage to an individual.

And finally, your hero, the guy shooting the arrows, can also leave the castle. The A/D keys move him left/right. If you're close to your castle, pressing the W key will bring him back to safety.

Analysis: All in all, BowMaster Prelude is a surprisingly addictive game, given that I don't enjoy any other game of that variety. The Help system explains all functions in detail, including other means of aiming your arrows, which other players might find more handy than the standard control. It's still the classic castle defense game, but then again, it isn't.

Play BowMaster Prelude

Cheers to Vaidas for being the first to suggest the game. =)


HAHAAHA... Oh, god... Good review, Thomas. Almost as good as mine. Just kiddin'. Good review, good game, good site -MANAX


Can't stop playing it, someone help me!!!
Is there actually an end?


Yea there is, different from the first game which basically didn't have one. Also different from the first game is the bosses, you only get to fight one in this version, but it's great.


Great game, I've been waiting for this thing to come out for along time. I suggest playing on max hard, because it gives you the most gold and beating the final boss on Level 30 really isnt a big challenge once you know what to do. I suggest taking a look at how I rank the following arrows and units, to help you decide on what and when to buy


6:ice wave
7:fire wave
8:bomb wave
11:thunder cloud


1:calverly (buy as soon as you can, these units are really fast and can help you win rounds quick in the earlier levels.
4:foot soldiers
5:big grunts

Things to Avoid:

1:priest (Slow moving, weak, dumb and relatively useless.)
2:health wave

To Beat the Final Boss on Level 30

When he raises up to swing his axe, start nailing him in his belly button with basic arrows. After he strikes and takes his helmet off, hit his weirdsh black head with a bomb arrow. Repeat process until you nail the turd. Also hitting him in the head or belly with the flak arrows will score 80pts per boom


odd... I can't work out how to capture their flag. brilliant game, though.


Maybe my play style sucks (I find myself waging very long battles) but while the health wave is generally useless for healing troops it can be very helpful for healing yourself when you leave the castle (point straight down and stand still for full effect).


The levels take forever to beat. I destroy the castle but there seems to be no way to get it to advance except to wait for the next 5+ waves to come out.


>The levels take forever to beat.

I was about to post exactly that. How PucKviruS and others managed to beat lvl 30 without spending about one half of their earthly life on playing is beyond me (congratulations anyway). It took me 2 hours just to get to lvl 11...

Most of the fun for me seems to be in the shooting and hitting (not in beating the levels), but still I couldn't bear the endlessly slow movement of my cavalry anymore.


I did find the levels long and the gold to be in short supply. Once I relized that you can get more gold on the hardest setting it made the gold easier to come by, however I believe it does make levels a little longer. For me I get the


as maybe the first or second thing in the game. Then it does speed up the first few levels that much faster.


The way you finish the levels before the enemies lose all of their troops is by taking the enemy flag all the way back to your base, but the way it's set up you generally need cavalry and a good amount of supportive fire to pick it up. One thing that really detracts from the game is the fact that because you can actually hurt and kill your soldiers with your arrows (but fortunately they cannot hurt you with theirs) and you (as the hero) can't pick up the enemy flag and bring it home yourself, if the castle's still standing it's almost impossible to kill anyone standing on the edge of the screen (since that big thing absorbs almost all of your arrows), meaning that if you want to grab the flag it's almost mandatory that you bring the castle down first (unless you don't have enemy archers and knights still being pumped out to slay your soldiers as they approach, which is not the case 99% of the time). I really wish there were a way to pick it up yourself because that still wouldn't necessarily be easy or a smart way to finish things and yet would make life so much simpler and quicker.


I noticed I could enter the enemy castle with my hero.
but i cant fire in the right direction... It just hit's the castle.
Anyone found any useful use of this feature?


Whoa. Insane difficulty is like a completely different game due to the speed increase of troops (yours *and* theirs)

I'm going into level 17 with 8 skills:

1. basic
2. bomb
3. flak
4. cavalry summon
5. archer summon
6. fire arrow
7. ice arrow
8. trebuchet summon

Spamming (the previously mentioned powerful troop type) won't earn you a lot of gold, but you won't really need it due to their speed and you only need enough to actually succeed in grabbing the flag generally to get an eventual win... unless by 'early levels' you mean 15+ Puck... >_>


Hmm.. I only started having serious trouble around level 25... but I can still do it this way if I have an extra tower to shoot down those pesky fliers from.

Is the green dragon weak to *anything*?

drill_here_fore_seismics December 14, 2006 10:49 AM

Early levels are easily won once you get troops by using priest and cavalry. By walking up to the enemy flag and taking out enemy troops in front of you they can be 'contained' on the right. Your troops will move forward and your priests should heal you. When your cavalry grab the flag slowly fall back, providing cover, and you'll win the level. If there's a turret near enemy lines this can be used for similar (though more secure) effect.

Using this method I managed to complete the final level without having to kill the big boss (although this made it a bit of an anti climax).

Glazius Falconar December 14, 2006 1:51 PM

Pierce arrows are actually a lot better than they seem. Every critical hit a pierce does doubles the damage for the rest of the flight. You can get some SICK damage out of a whole row of headshots, at least in the levels where you can set such a thing up.

Also, destroying the enemy castle is well within the bounds of probability. Detonated arrows (with spacebar) pass right through it, ground-effect arrows get stopped by it and start their ground effect, and regular arrows just impact.

Bomb arrows, however, do _massive_ damage if they connect and shake off some splash-damage rubble.



I love these kind of games, good one :)

Mike the mic December 14, 2006 9:05 PM


A small cheat..

I think that using towers is the easiest way, if you dont have towers on a level, close explorer/firefox (or just leave the site with the game) and go back to the game, voila a new course!

Now on lvl 23.. Continuing tomorrow..


oh Jay, stop introducing us to these addictive games! I was playing until 4am yesterday!!! (You know I am just kidding, right?) Nice find!


>Once I relized that you can get more gold on the hardest setting it made the gold easier to come by, however I believe it does make levels a little longer.

How do you choose the hardest setting?


i don't seem to be able to have the calverly aim at the castle in the auto mode. can anyone help? thanks.


Choose the hardest setting by going into your options. It's in there somewhere, you can even adjust blood! Muhaha!

For destroying the castle comment, I destroy almost every round. It's fun and it gives me access to those pesky archers that hide behind it.


Fire Arrows and Bomb Arrows
...do the most damage to the castle. I usually get myself 2 or 3
Trebuchets as they do around 1000+ dmg everytime!

Really addictive game, I have yet to reach 30!
P.S. Mike the Mic, for your little cheat...

I just went to "Exit Game" and went back in my profile. The towers were random everytime.


how do you pick up the flag and take it to your base?


You get the flag by summoning troops and having them walk to the enemy base and pick it up. Doesn't work with archers and trebuchets.


Someone mentioned that you could keep reloading the level to try to get a tower by exiting the browser and loading up the game again. There's a much easier way. Just click 'quit to menu' and go back to the menu then start the round again.

You can also rack up your gold and xp on the lower levels by playing them over and over. Just fight for a while and quit to menu, start the level again, and you have all the gold you earned. Shoot the castle lots because you gain gold every time you hit the castle.
To buy upgrades and stay on the same level, just get yourself defeated, then you have the option to go buy upgrades. You could in theory have all the upgrades maxed on lvl 1 this way. Lvl 3 is actually the easiest to defeat with just normal arrows. So you might want to do this technique on lvl 3.
This is kinda handy because each skill needs to be used for a while for it to gain xp + power. If you only get the heavy arrows late in the game, they won't level up very quickly so you won't see the max power.


Weaknesses and Resistances for most units are listed in the help section, in case you missed it.

Green dragons:

Seem to be extraordinarily weak against fire arrows, at least for me.

Pierce arrows:

It's easiest to use these by popping out of your castle/tower for a bit and lining up a full-power shot at head level at the line of advancing troops. The damage this accumulates quickly becomes disgusting (decimating whole waves of soldiers in many cases) and levels the skill very, very quickly.
Even better, pierce arrows pass through friendly troops without doing any damage! That's right, you can stand back and fire right into a melee and only the bad guys die.


Here's how I beat the levels...takes a while, but fool proof...

First levels, with basic arrows, just concentrate on destroying troop waves (I admit I use the 'auto-aim' option, so it is a bit easier!) Sometimes the auto-aim on 'H' setting won't let you shoot over the enemy castle, so in the lulls between troop waves point the cursor along the top edge of the screen (usually about 1/2 way) and fire up: note where the arrows land, and adjust accordingly. You can use the writing along the top as a reference point: getting used to this early on will help you in higher levels when you have less time! You can also keep it on 'L' setting, which means you don't have to worry about it.
When you get some gold, and to defeat the higher levels, all you need to buy in the way of troops in the trebuchet and cavalry. Arrow wise:flak bomb for aerial enemies, fire and ice (to destroy fire and ice enemies with one shot), and explosives to take out waves of troops/fortresses). Here's the technique: as early as you can, summon the trebuchet: this will get to work on destroying the enemy castle. Concentrate yourself on destroying the troop waves, and in lulls, fire at the castle to speed its destruction. As soon as the castle falls, summon one squad of you cavalry, and with the enemy castle gone, you can decimate the enemy waves right at the edge of the screen, giving your cavalry a clear run. They should pick up the enemy flag pretty quick, and bring it back. All you have to do is keep the enemies off their backs (especially archers and aeriel units). If your cavalry die, then release another squad.
This method means you can save up your money and spend it on wicked weapons instead of troops!
To defeat the fat-boy boss on level 30, see the other posts for the technique.
I need to get out more.

bowmaster champ December 16, 2006 4:29 PM

today I have become one of the lifeless few who has wasted hours of my life to beat this game. It was so fun and addictive that I had to keep playing. The first 29 levels were pretty easy if you right click the screen and choose to zoom in. this gives you a bigger target for a head shot and easy killing on the point and click shooting setting.(the only way I was able to win was the easy setting for level 30+.

Now, beating the big, big guy is hard. You have to...

hit him perferably with an exploding arrow in the hear to knock him down. While he's down, concentrate on the healers so he can't regain strength. Keep doing this, and try to nail him with a meteor while his helmut is off.

... Thats it, keep trying.


i read the help menu and it seems that i will be able to continue the game if i log off my computer since it was saved in macromedia. but it's not the case!!! i played to level 25 yesterday and when i went in today, it's nowhere to be found!!! can anyone help???


At level 17, giants start appearing in the enemy army. I get them down to 0 health and they fall, but they get back up again. How do I keep them down?


Do you mean the red (fire) and the light blue (ice) giants? You have to...

...shoot fire arrows at the ice giants and ice arrows at the fire giants. That will kill them in no time.


This is THE BEST game ever found on the net. LOVE IT!!!! I love that it takes a while to get through the rounds. I love the blood. I love the arrows. Love it, love it, love it. I want more! I will pay for a big game like this; full screen and faster. Awesome sound effects!!


Great pick Thomas. I _love_ this game. My favorite part of the game is killing a whole wave of troops with head shots. It's very staisfying. The only problem I have with it (and really its not even a problem) is that once you finish level 30, you can't replay any of the levels with your same profile . You have to start all the way over again with a new profile.


Yes!!! I finally made it. Beat the big boss and level 30! Took about 3 days and it was worth it. A better ending would be nice but I can't wait till Bowmaster 2 comes out. I didn't even buy the comets and still beat it. Didn't learn that I could walk around until level 30. It was set on med skill level and pull string. Now to go for hard or extreme!


How do you get the Ice and Fire Giants?


how come i kill my own units when i shoot at them?


JJ - you can keep whacking at them with regular arrows and they'll eventually die, but attacking Ice Giants with fire arrows and Fire Giants with ice arrows kills them far more quickly. 1 fire headshot usually kills an ice giant, the fire giants are a bit tougher but no more than two arrows usually takes them out.

exorcist - To make the game a bit harder, I guess. Except, apparently, for the pierce arrow. I usually don't shoot into places where my own troops are, because more often than not I end up hitting them instead of enemies. Easiest is not to have too many troops on the field; I tend to only use cavalry.


Great game!!!

One suggestion to further improve the game is to allow you to choose which level to start.



The easiest way to beat him is with the pierce arrows. They'll do multiple hits inside him, and at the topped-out level, they're doing about 240 per hit. Aside from that, give him the bomb face



Fun game. While it is slow I too wish you could replay any level after beating it rather than having to do it all again. It'd be fun to build up a guy and have everything maxed out from lvl 3 on.

Now I beat the game once on normal and a second time to see how fast I could do it. If you really are stuck, or you really like to cheat, or you really just want to beat the game in under 2hrs (I was the third option of coarse) then here's a 'speed cheat'

If you start the level on normal, easy and kill the first wave go to the menu, select insane, exit...click calvary...let them build and be sent then go back and put the game back to normal. Your calvary are now 'insane speed' and will probably get to the flag before the next wave comes out. They actually move faster than normal guys even with the flag.

I beat the game in a little over an hr doing this. To be honest I was just bored...but it was more fun after having already beaten it.


I was wondering how do you put archers into your castle and turrets. I know you can because there are little dots below your buildings and when you get in it one of them lights up.


Cute enough game but one of the bugs is quite annoying. Namely how High vs. Low stops working now and then and only shoots Low. Also the fact that your arrows hurt your own troops is not good. Finally, the game can practically only be won on Auto-Aim...there's no scaling of the number of enemies if you're using the dragging method (and if so, good luck on coming close to finishing the game). The game is ok.


Just finished level 30, what a timesink. A couple of comments. On towers, they can be a help or a hinderance, the docs say that the archers will possibly take them over but I only saw that once. Most of the time archers will stand there shooting the towers and doing damage till you take them over at which point your arrows start going through them. Additionally if you are trying to go up in levels the closer you are to the enemy the less xp you get, so having run into a tower could halve your xp for the level.

I still can't make sense of the gold or the xp system. You get gold for hitting the enemy castle and maybe headshots. It seems like you only get xp for taking people out with the basic arrows, which is pretty aggravating?
Not sure if your rank even matters, maybe your troops get more hp. There's also the orange bar under some of the weapons.
Lastly you seem limited to 10 troops on screen at once. I found my self killing my own troops at times, just so I could bring out a different troop type.

i just owned this game.. it's not that hard, just long. way too long.. note to jason reinswold, people are going to get addicted to this game, so don't make them play it for 6+ hours to beat it. that last boss was cool, woulda liked to have seen more of that kind of thing... using trops other than catapult is a waste of time until the end.


On level 30 get on a terrain that has at least 2 forward towers and go to the most forward one. Hold all troops in reserve except for archers and catapults. Take out as many waves as you can while moving back as towers fall. Eventually call in the calvary and army. You can eventually mow down all the bad guy troops and then you just keep popping the big guy with exploding arrows. Takes a long time but it can be done. You can also capture the flag this way occasionally.

somekindofrandomguy January 10, 2007 8:43 AM

tis easy if you put it on insane diffilculty and use auto aim. i hardly ever need any men. DO NOT but any comets or thunderstorms. its a waste of good cash.

for the boss, when he lifts up his axe hit his belly with basic arrows. they do around 1000 to 800 dmg. then hit his face when he takes off his helmet with a bomb arrow to knock him down. then hit him repeatdly with basic arrows which will keep knocking him down.

i finished it in 3 hours. i dont get it. why does everyone say its hard?


Great game. Finally one I enjoy and I've won a few times. It IS addicting needless to say, I keep going back for more. Can't wait for the next version.


this game is a bit rubbish for the longevity its just too long oh yeh dont use any units just keep using basic arrows till the 7th level as by then your basic arrows will kick ass


A good trick is, in the beginning of the game if you want easy money go to the options menu on the playing screen and set difficculty to insane, since there arent many badguys on low levels you get easy gold for every arrow hits so you can just keep shooting the tower over and over on insane difficulty because the harder the difficult the more money per arrow. Hope you like this tip.


green dragons seem to be vulnerable to explsion arrows


yeah i was wondering how do you keep your units and disable them???


Anyone know when BowMaster2 is coming out!!!


if you want to get good and fast 1st get the archer summon then the small infantry summon then save up more for the bomb then the 2 meteors and storm but i added a little pierce arrow because i had all that stuff


its just that the priests are useful they

have a close combat attack which sucks but can heal allied units and are very useful at distracting the enemy.


Awesome game, but i need a way to get thru levels quicker. Anyone have any suggestions? And i hate how those stupid archers hide behind their castle.

Focus on getting better arrows, not soldiers. Except for archers, their long range is good.

Anonymous April 17, 2007 4:00 PM

how du u beat the boss on level 30. i just cant do it

Anonymous April 23, 2007 3:52 PM

what do towers do?


I beat it by fighting outside of the tower for most of the game - the pierce arrows are great for that. Don't be afraid of getting hit a lot. Just watch out for the flying poison monkeys - one hit and you're dead. The easy way of winning (and beating the last level on the 5th try) is

to use the cavalry to run up, and grab the flag and go. The trick is to get there first with your hero and clear out the first wave of baddies and then cover them as they flee. The only troops I use are cavs & trebs.

And yep, way too addictive & long ;) But a fine game. Thanks!


I got a question

Its level 18 and I still haven't gotten the 1st tower, can anyone tell me when the first tower comes?


This game is cool

Thrash2kill May 19, 2007 3:51 PM

ahhh why is the link not working for this game anymore!?!?! i got so hooked and now it's not working : (


Patience dear web surfer. The connection to the LostVectors website timed out, which usually means (99.9% of the time) that the server is down but will be back. My advice: go outside, get some fresh air, visit some friends, and when you return the game will be back online. =)


Great fun. I don't know how people manage to run the flag in later levels, but then I never tried the "insane" speed mode

some hints below:

there's 2 bars underneath the icon for each weapon you own that seems to correspond to the skill with that weapon. each time you deal dmg with the weapon, the orange bar grows in size, until it's full, at which time the blue bar increases slightly. I haven't been paying attention but this skill level may affect damage, or reload speed or both
the "wave" arrows are probably the best as far as damaging multiple men. when you hit the rival castle the wave happens underneath it & it's easy to time it so it hits the max number of enemies
for catapults, the only weapon you ever need is thunderstorm - what better way to ravage a stationary target?

Barbarians 4 life!!


good game
I finally beat the whole thing with insane difficulty, in 1 and half hours


dude i on lvlv 24 game soo long ut easy i have so much extra $$ i have all the ttems and i cant spend my mony lol i haddnt ought like fire wave ice wave and bomb wave until like lvlv 22 once i bought i thought (USELESS) i had a max normal arrow by lvlv 12


brilliant game, im hooked, however does anyone know how to garrison archers into towers?

Hashimashadoo June 24, 2007 12:00 PM

I had to fight the big boss at mission 10. His massive bulk got in the way of me firing at the catapults behind him then as soon as my castle was down a wave of drake riders had got themselves within a perfect firing position above me.


Good but highly addictive game. Took me an hour to beat the whole thing.


OK i will share the secret. each weapon gets exp. points to develop individualy, just buy all the arrows to increase their power since the early stages, then buy trebuchets and let them to produce 10 units in each stage, at the beginning they are going to be slow and accurateless, but in the level 20 they will reach their gihest rank, in tis way you will have a stone rain every 10 seconds over your enemies, extremely accurate and powerwul, pressing the buttom of your mouse could pass to history, flying dragons, it doesn't matter what colour they are they will fall to the ground after only one hit.

to the boss, after hitting him in the stomach shoot de thunder arrow above his head before he takes out the helmet, all the lighintg bolts will fall on his head, then shot the explosive arrow and after that the piercing arrow, even the fire arrow and the giant will put his helmet with his head on fire being striked by the lightings bolts. Shot the comets behind the giant to kill the incoming enemy troops and your trebuchets will do everything, try to freeze the enemies so the trebuchets can hit them easily and more times.


are there any cheats for bowmaster prelude?


Ermmmm......Oooook, I bought every spell and i'm Lvl 9 does anyone know if there is any other spells I can use 'cause there's 2 left out slots in the Profile thing part D=.


Ooooook,Ive bought every arrow spell/summon.Is there more secret upgrade and summons available????

332guyvers July 15, 2007 12:39 AM

i cant wait till bowmaster prelude2 comes out :D


i know this is really late but i got the big boss at level 10 does that mean i have to fight him on level 30 as well


lol i thought the boss at level ten and didnt have to fight it at level 30


a lot of people have asked "is there actually an end to this game". There is an end.it takes hours of play to get to the last level. you know when you've made it to the last level because at the beginning of the game a giant huge thing in armor (believe me its huge) will be walking towards your troops.


the cheat is hidden test then press enter and you will be level 100

Maris Bolotin July 27, 2007 7:59 PM

This is one of the best games I have ever played! I want Bowmaster 2 to come out so badly! Make it!!!

hey hey hey July 30, 2007 11:05 AM

hey, are there any cheats for this game?

bowmaster master August 1, 2007 12:29 PM

Hey, they are making a bowmaster 2...why am i tlaking, this post is 50 million yeers old..anyways, you can tell ur troops where to go, to hold fire, or to retreat

You can get new arrwos like dark and light and wind

Every 5-11 stages there is a boss

oh what do you know, some one psoted 2 days ago ^.^ tell me if any1 read this

heathh12 August 3, 2007 2:34 PM

dang i never read all the comments a year of them and bowmaster2 is great i love it

well i guess no one here lol a year of info im looking for cheats i just cant find them?

hehe i love this game my 5th time to beat it

dragon hunter August 5, 2007 7:48 PM

how do you get the dragons?

sebastian August 11, 2007 10:25 AM

how can i make the trebuchet come out?



I agree with Prios, the green dragon is extremely weak against fire. And he shoots poisen, which hits really hard on my troops. AND: Today, for the first time, my castle was knocked down! It's amazing. Also, the ice giants take one fire arrow, and then one basic. The fire giants only need one ice arrow, and they are dead. And on the last boss, I loved it. (I have beaten this before) It was the longest fight, but I was laughing through the whole thing. His attacks never hit my castle or the tower I was in, while I was pummeling him. Pierce arrows and when his helmet was off, I nailed him with a bomb and once, a meteor, doing almost 2000 damage. Amazing. Any tips on getting 3500 gold quickly? I'm almost at the end of the game, and I want to get the last two arrows (fire wave and ice wave) before I end the game. And, for some reason, my account was deleted when I finished the first time. Is this normal?


hi i love the game bowmaster and bowmaster 2 is about to come out!! oh and are there any cheats for bowmaster ?? if you know please tell me


I havent completed it but its so easy you just need to walk to a high point and shoot down only problem is their archers and dragons, but normal dragons 1 shot from normal arrow is death, ice dragons 1 shot from fire is death, fire dragons 1 ice is death, and poison dragons a pierce arrow is death. good luck and bow master 2 ftw


im up to the final boss and its so hard. the lvls before were so much easier im out of money and just trying to comprehend how many times i have to hit this guy with the bomb arow is insane.


Awsome game my favorite arrow is the bomb arrow


hey, does anyone know the secret troops? i havent found anything


What I think is there's a boss every 10 levels, and they increase each 10 levels by one (For example level 10 there's 1 boss you have to fight, level 20 there's 2 bosses you have to fight, and level 30 you have to fight 3. I am not sure if you have to fight 3 I've only seen 2.)


This is a really great game, can't wait for the next one.


Awesome! Can't get enough of it,


There is a trick to easily win the levels. Its in the spoiler tags! Don't be too greedy :P

Read the next spoiler tag, greedy pig! :P

Wrong again! The next!

First, you buy the calvaries. Then, at the beginning of the game, set it at easiest difficulty, when the enemy wave comes out, switch it to insane, then send calvaries out. Then, switch it back to easiest difficulty. When the calvaries come out, they will be at least 6 times faster than the enemies. Just shoot down the enemies. :] Even with the flag, the calvary will be slowed down but still will move at least 2x as fast than the enemy.. hope this helps

Who said you to be so greedy? Go back again! :D

Bow master fan 123456789 October 16, 2007 8:01 PM

This game kicks butt but is incredibly long. Prelude is alot better than number 1. I find it affective though to go to easy mode and auto aim. This game s alot better because of the upgrades. I love this game.


Hey, I've played bowmaster. It's the best! I got to level 40, then turned off my game, then came back the next day, and it made me start all over. I was so mad!


wats up
this games boring, but highly addicting
nice weapons though
you get more gold bonus for getting more headshots. Turn it into insane, u get both more gold and gold bonus. and ur troops are more faster and stronger


what are the cheat for more gold? more xp??


it's hard to beat the boss but i meet him on lvl 10


when is bowmaster 2 coming out!!! are there any cheats for the game?


this game rocks but i need help getting gold


I am on level 46 and still no boss! sure it on 30,PucKviruS?


james, try using basic arrow on enemy fort, extra gold given!!


bomb wave nearly useless, go for fire wave instead- more powerful


with my first cooment, i was on level 12-was reading population!


got ice warriors level 17-is it normal??


whens the first boss at what level ? because im at leevl 19 and still nothing when does boss come and what does he look lie


Just a quick tip for easy cash. If you don't have an army. Try to avoid the castle and healers at all costs until the end of the level. While your killing the bad guys, leave the game in easy mode. Once only the healers are left, since they can't steal your flag, turn the game into insane mode and take down the castle with your basic arrows. Sure it'll take forever, but you get $16 an arrow as opposed to the $8 on easy mode. In the end you'll end up with $1500 or so extra cash in your pocket.


what do you do with extra cash because i have all upgrades and have like 5000 gold on lvl 23? Do you get more upgrades in the future because there alot of open space on your action bar ?

"more friendly" December 9, 2007 6:27 PM

Question, got the big boss guy at level like-10

whats up w/ that


Guys lvl 30 is like any other lvl, you dont have to beat the boss just keep him busy.
then send out all your troops to grab the flag clear the bodies and keep the boss busy.
and btw if you want to kill the boss these are the weak points. when he takes his helmet off give him a bomb right in the game. when he lifts his axe keep hiting him in the belly with anything you want preferably peirce or normal arrows. and remember dont take ur eye off your flag.
for all those over-doers do insane and go to lvl 30 without the 2towers.oh one more thing when you get the 2 towers on lvl 30 go to the one in front and keep moving back as they are destroyed.
and ppl who say they met the boss on lvl 10 are lieing.

except that wait for bowmaster 2 lol
nice job jason


what level does the first boss come im at 26 am i close ?



is there any cheats for this game? if there is tell me plz ok thanx.


Don't buy troops. They waste your money. Only buy them after you have bought everything.

To get alot of money,

On the first level, just keep on shooting the castle. When the castle dies, let yourself lose, then do it again. do it over and over until you have alot of $$$$



Fire arrow
Bomb Arrow
Comet (If you buy it)
Meteor (If you buy it)
Optional: Pierce


That's basically it


The prelude game is fun, but it gets boring, I'm getting tired of waiting for

bowmaster 2.

sean bligh December 28, 2007 1:42 AM

is there every really any new weapons when you rank up cuz im rank 10 now with all the arrows and all of the troops and still have yet to see any thing. but if you read through the help under gold/xp it says some skills may require certain ranks


This game is fun but pointless and very addictive



Man, I am so happy! Lostvectors.com is my favorite site ever! (though I'm mostly a visitor of this one now, got kind of bored with the games) I was wondering if this one had bmp (note: prelude is in fact, a prelude, though it's going to be a while before bm2 comes out (a LONG while) (he's making it the best game ever, I'm sure...)) I mean, bowmaster was probably the best game on the site, even before the prelude.


Oh yeah, I beat this a while ago and the levels mean NOTHING. You only continue through the game if you buy upgrades, a nice change from the games where they expect you've bought something already and you are rendered totally defenceless before the oncoming tide.


Everything is awesome except the music. It's not age of war, but the gameplay is addicting. One tip, you should get the exploding arrow and fire arrow first thing. They both reload fast (compared to other upgrades) and do lots of damage to troops AND structures.


Oh yeah, and ice is useless against structures.


are there any cheats for bowmaster or not?????/


the fatboss comes out in the level 10....
the last time i played it came in the leve 30...
anyone knows whys that?


I find priest to be really helpful, especially if you are just barely holding back enemies, like on later levels, and your units are helping you, have about 1 trencbucket, (and if you get them early, they will seriously weaken the aproaching enemy) about 2 priests, and the rest a mix of archers and soldgers (big grunts, plain grunts, or calvery, whichever calls for it), plus I've discuvered that priests can cure poison (maybe fire and ice too), and why two, so they could heal each other. Lastly, keep some units in reserve, and this is better with other towers (better if they are closer to your castle) so get in those other towers can help, as your archers might go in them too, and have heal wave and use them if your units are really suffering. And priority is air enemies and stronger units.

Cashmaker January 27, 2008 9:25 AM

Hi guys I've got a really good trick to get tons of cash at lvl 1. All you've got to do:

Just before the first wave arrives do options and set the difficulty to insane. Then kill all the troops, but leave one archer. When the catapult arrives concentrate on killing it 'cause it hits 1000.
Keep killing soldiers but leave that 1 archer alive and when you've killed everyone shoot the castle. Once its destroyed press quit to menuand restart. This gives about 5000 gold per try.

Hope it helps

Psycho kitty February 5, 2008 10:04 PM

Love the game! heres what i do to get cash

Forget troops jus go strait for the fire arrow then the ice wave then the bomb arrow then the pierce arrow. also it is helpful to have priests and trebuchets. shoot the castle with your regular arrows forever and youll get good cash


Heres a trick that can do massive damage to large goups of enemies, sometimes even killing the entire wave:

In a level where there is a hill that decends away from you (There are quite a few, level 8 is a good example) use the pierce arrow so it hits everyone in the wave. Normally, this would only do about half damage to them, but here's the trick. Make sure the first enemy hit is hit in his head. I don't know how it's calculated, but the damage increases for each unit hit, and by the end of the wave, ive seen as much as 3000 damage on one unit.


Hey i'm getting the same glitch as a few people on this board. I got to level 10 and fought this huge giant guy. I kept playing on but realized i had fought the boss of the game way too early on. It takes a lot of the fun out of the later levels and should be fixed


For those aving trouble on the giant

if your casles destroyed (and when he raises his axe thing)move off the screen before he attacks and you will never get hit no matter how close he gets.


P.S. they released a demo video for bowmaster 2.

Wihzzahrd May 15, 2008 3:58 AM

Dont buy any troops at all! When u summon them, it costs you money and population.


I found a cheat somewhere in a forum. Press "Shift" and "~" (tilde found below the "ESC" button) at the same time and you get 1000 money, hold both keys and you get very fast money!


I am on level 23. All but 5 of my arrow types are completely leveled, and none of my infantry units are under halfway leveled accept for catapult. The arrows that aren't leveled are; comet, meteor, lightning, flak, and the stupidest arrows of all, healing arrow. (This arrow heals like 1/100 of each unit of yours that it hits, and I think it heals enemies too.)

bowmaster October 5, 2008 12:26 PM

Why can't I get dragons when the other team has them? I really want dragons!

insane player January 24, 2009 2:38 AM

i play on insane and i must admit its more fun. you fight the boss at least 5 times b4 level 30. but if your having trouble on easier modes i recommend auto aim you just point to shoot but i find that after the first time around its more fun to use the other aiming styles. im pretty sure most people knew about this, but if you didnt now you do.

getajobnerd February 19, 2009 11:35 PM

I had to fight the boss on level ten.


i was told you get something when you beat the game that turned out nicely.


if you shoot almost directly up at a slight angle close to your castle and hit an enemy soldier directly on the head its about 30 xp points. takes a little time to test and works better when enemy castle is gone. i used auto aim and 100 bow strength. Death from abouve yay!!!

Muffins |{ill [_] April 17, 2009 11:19 PM

i just played for about 7 hours today, got 3 characters to lvl 30 and beat, 1/med 2/hard 3/insane and my 4th guy to like 26 on insane/2nd time. game really isnt that hard, but heres a hint. NEVER PUT YOUR GAME ON EASY. cuts your money in half/half/half its like 1/4 of what you normally get, dont listen to the game. it says .5 but its wrong. and on my first guy i did easy, hes on lv 17. he has like 3 skills. my guy on lvl 26 has all the skills and has had them since 21. your welcome. :)

Anonymous June 1, 2009 3:33 PM

Play insane level difficulty, buy horse unit only. Bomb, flame, ice, and lightning storm arrow. Then try and defend your waves as they capture the flag. Very fast and very fun!!!

Anonymous June 30, 2009 11:34 AM

push shift and ~ for money

Anonymous August 11, 2009 5:41 AM

i beat the last level out of my tower/castle
they killed mah castle!


the thing that I think is a good tip is

that the catipult things easy to kill when using

fire arrow


Want a money cheat? Use this it works well.

Hold down shift then hold ~


Please forgive me for my stupidity, but I can't freaking shoot the arrow! I released the arrow but nothing happened (pull string)... I clicked on the screen and nothing happened AGAIN! Am I doing something wrong? Please enlighten me! (I know this may be the stupidest question any of you guys may ever encounter...) Help much appreciated ^_^

Fragger55 January 12, 2010 8:55 PM

for unlimited money-

hold shift and then ~. every time you press them, you'll get 1000 money. (or you can just hold it and watch your money soar!)


i played this game, its addictive and fun at the same time. what more could somebody want from this game?

Cut 'n' Paste July 2, 2010 12:36 PM

To win:

1. Don't buy any troops - they just get in the way.
2. Buy the trebuchet - eventually you'll have LOADS of them on the go at once - and they'll "unleash hell" on the enemy. The castle is down in no time, and flyers are taken out pretty easily. Ground troops get a pounding and all you have to do is pick off the odd survivor.
3. Weapons - in order of importance/usefulness - fire arrow, bomb arrow, piercer arrow, flame wave, ice arrow, ice wave, thundercloud. All others aren't worth it.
4. To take out the baddy boss giant on level 30, go for his head with a bomb arrow when he takes his helmet off, but more importantly - go for his belly when he raises the axe. Watch his "health" go down! Also, don't forget to kill off the other enemy troops meanwhile, since they'll do you more harm than the big guy.

Have fun!


People, this is all you have to do, press shift and this button '~'
You'll get lots of cash
the best way to finish this game is buy the cavalry, they are really fast, also get out of your castle by pressing 'a' or 'd', this way you can move around
the best way to destroy the opposite castle is using fire arrow and normal arrows
the bosses, are actually very hard, on level 23 4 of them came at once
so i would like you to know level 1-20 are just for beginners


hey there is a cheat for bowmaster prelude. but it is only for gold.

hold down the left shift button while pressing the ~ button. your gold should go up by the thousands.

legogamerguy February 5, 2011 8:50 PM

DO NOT TRY TO FINISH QUICKLY. more time = more bad guys = more gold/exp = more stuff to kill them with. :)

Anonymous November 2, 2011 4:09 PM

I met the boss at level 10. I threw everything and after 4 tries, I finally got it! I am a level 6 myself with Ice Wave, Thunder Arrow, Meteor Arrow, Bomb Arrow, and Flak Arrow. Shortly after killing the Big Boss, I lost my Castle to enemy Trebuchets. I had to move my man around to avoid getting hit by them until I destroyed the last wave of about 10 guys and the 2 trebuchets. It can be done! :)


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