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Link Dump Fridays

ArtbegottiHere at Casual Gameplay, all of the games we review go through a rigorous testing process, where we measure the games' densities, spray them with high-powered water hoses, send them to Peoria to see if they fly, and squeeze them through a sieve made of the finest Corinthian leather. Some games stand out from among the crowd (especially during the three-legged race), some fall short.

Then there are the few odd games that go outside the box and bring us gameplay elements we've never seen before, or are presented in ways that stun us... but they're unfortunately too short to justify a full article for. But rather than discarding these rare gems, we've collected them in a safe place, and threaded them together to form a beautiful necklace (with some elbow macaroni thrown in to fill in the gaps). Welcome to Link Dump Friday: Bite-Size Edition, a platter of delicious finger foods for you to sample from. Bon appetit!

  • PerspectitePerspectite - If you're a round, orange alien with a curly tuft of hair, you're probably finding life on earth a bit odd and exhausting, especially lawnmowers and dogs. Need to get away? Since you can't move by yourself, use the [arrow] keys to move the camera and find the sweet spots that let you interact with your environment.
  • ViewpointsViewpoints - [Warning: Contains adult situations and strong language.] Speaking of changing perspectives, how do you see the world around you? You're riding in a convertible with the wind blowing through your hair, but everything you see takes on a new meaning whenever you look at them. Click around the scene to shift your gaze upon different objects, and watch the ever-changing story unfold.
  • Pixeloids4kPixeloids4k - We all know it's impossible to herd cats and nail Jello to a wall, but what about herding Jello? Move the fluid solid (or is it a solid fluid?) into the dotted regions by clicking the mouse to send shockwaves of energy. Wrangle up 95% and hold it there for five seconds to pass, but keep your eyes on the clock!
  • TwitchTwitch - An experimental game designed for use with Google Chrome (although we've found it works with other browsers as well), Twitch requires only the click of your mouse to play. Pass the ball from window to window to advance. The location and speed of your cursor mean nothing, all this game takes is quick reflexes to beat. (And possibly a fast video card, since you'll be flooded with a number of pixel effects when more windows start opening.)
  • CutCopyPasteGnomeCutCopyPasteGnome - Finally, before we close out this article, we need to do some editing. Help the Lemming-like gnome get to the door by right-clicking to cut, copy, and paste various elements of the scene to create a path. Fair warning though, you may have a bit of trouble picking up on moving objects, and expect some tremendous hit-detection errors.


paste torch .. then what?


Hehe never mind. Xd

Cut and paste the gnome


I think tweak should have its own thing, but theres not really much to say about it though.


I really do not understand what to do with perspectite..


Perspectite: that was odd but fun. There's a hint on the first screen to help.

All four screens, with hints then spoilers:


What's moving and how might you get there?

Use arrow keys to move so that hook dangling from wire (pointed to by red arrows) lines up with hook on character's head (character's mouth will form an O). Then bring joined hooks to turning wheel on left of screen.


What's a way to get down from a high place?

Arrow down until character is on top of hill behind and slides down.


Have you examined the entire area?

Arrow up & to right until the character's head is caught by swinging rope, then down and left until it bumps the red button.


What's silhouetted against the moon?

Arrow left and up until the button in the background hits the moon and lights up the red button, then touch the lighted button to the character.


go back to CutCopyPasteGnome...
the game is updated and there are more levels and not just 4 screens anymore...

i'm currently on the EXIT screen and stuck. haha
so play and solve it for me!


i just finished CCPG! yey..!


anyone have any ideas on the shoot the cannon level of twitch?


Anyone else having trouble with CCPG using a Mac? When I right click (ctrl + click) the only options I get are 'settings' and 'about Flash 10'.


I was able to shoot the cannon after I left the screen and came back, but that could also be because I let the cannon pan all the way to the right and then back again. Pressing and holding the button primed the fuse (go for the longest setting)

The problem is though, once I made the shot the game wouldn't progress for me anymore. I'm using FF, don't/won't install Chrome, so that's it for me I guess.


Haha, CCPG was a fun little game. Finished the entire game.

@Decomia, for the final "exit" level...

Right click on the bullet coming at you and click "cut." The bullet's a little hard to select, but you'll get it eventually. Once you've cut the bullet, go ahead and paste it again behind the green guy to get him out of the way, then quickly select cut for the bullet again. THEN YOU'RE FREE.


Yeah, looks like CutCopyPasteGnome doesn't work on a Mac. None of the options required to play appear in the context menu.

I've sent a message to the developer in hopes of sharing some code with him to get it working for Macs, too.


Okay, nothing seems to copy nor paste for me. I'm trying the game in FF and IE, no idea what's going wrong here. I see a door in a red box, I tried to cut it, copy it, paste it, nothing. Can't manage to copy/paste anything at all really.


I take it back, I can paste an infinite amount of torches, but not in the black areas. I thought I needed to light a path for him to fall down, but I can only stack them so high, then no more pasting will bridge the gap. This game has stumped me.


Okay, sorry for all the posts. After numerous attempts to click on

Mr. Gnome

and failing, I finally got it.


Does the "thing" hanging from the rearview mirror in Viewpoints look familiar to anyone besides me?

Alex Kantal September 11, 2009 3:50 PM

The Gnome in CCPG CAN be affected, so for level 1 all you have to do is...

Cut or Copy the Gnome and paste him next to the door.


Attention Mac OS users: It doesn't run properly on Parallels either.
On a side note, there's two Link Dumps today? Jay is Games knows how treat it's casual gamers. :)


I can't get the third (fourth?) level in ccpg, the gnome is at the bottom in a red box, with a barrier between him and the door. Above is the switch, with no way of operating it...


Really enjoyed CCPG and viewpoints: great innovation!

Btw, for those struggling the exit level (bullet level) in ccpg:

To cut the bullet: right click a long way in front of the bullet, then select cut when the bullet gets to the point where you right clicked. (You have no hope cutting it if you right click directly on it)


does anyone know how many different endings there are for "viewpoints"? I've found two so far.


I can't even get as far as the exit level, it's the fourth level i'm stuck on!


Found five endings so far in viewpoints


By the way, CCPG seems to work for me in VMWare running firefox in Windows 7 on my mac... (but not in mac os itself)



Doesn't the right side of the screen look suspiciously blank?

or dark?


I couldn't get CopyCutPasteGnome to work. I mean...I couldn't do anything. It was IMPOSSIBLE. Then I tried to play it on Newgrounds and found something in their comments about it: CCPG does not work on Chrome. Now I'm enjoying the game on IE.

So I would request that this problem with Google Chrome be added to the review, please.


Are there any even remotely happy endings in Viewpoints? I've gotten 5:

1. Me dumping my lover
2. Prostitute looking for baby-daddy
3. A raped runaway
4. My younger brother running the car into a tree on purpose
5. Getting arrested (this one was possibly the happiest!)


Two Link Dumps in one Friday?! My birthday really -is- special :D


Viewpoints is a very amazing game. I was amazed by it, because it is amazing, and also a game.

I got those endings too. It would be nice if the endings were numbered, but apparently you get different text/different amounts of text depending, so I guess they can't absolutely be numbered.

The "little brother" in the tree ending can also be a lover, after all. Or perhaps they are one and the same?

Here's the hotspots I found, by the way.

the sonic toy,
the road,
the watch,
the dude's foot,
the dude's head,
the plane,
and the sun I guess


Viewpoint ending guide-

There are eight objects that trigger narration; the birds, the Sonic ornament, the road, the guy's face, the gas pedal, your watch, the sunset, and the plane. The first two you pick determine your ending.
Order is important! The radio also triggers narration, but it doesn't influence your ending. You can't pick the plane first, it doesn't show up until you've looked at something else.

Birds, plane: Crash
Birds, Sonic: Crash
Birds, road: Break up
Birds, guy's face: Arrested
Birds, pedal: Arrested
Birds, watch: Break up
Birds, sunset: Crash
Sonic, birds: Arrested
Sonic, plane: Arrested
Sonic, road: Arrested
Sonic, guy's face: Raped
Sonic, pedal: Arrested
Sonic, watch: Raped
Sonic, sunset: Raped
Road, birds: Motel
Road, plane: Arrested
Road, Sonic: Motel
Road, guy's face: Arrested
Road, pedal: Arrested
Road, watch: Motel
Road, sunset: Arrested
Guy's face, birds: Motel
Guy's face, plane: Break up
Guy's face, Sonic: Motel
Guy's face, road: Break up
Guy's face, pedal: Break up
Guy's face, watch: Motel
Guy's face, sunset: Break up
Pedal, birds: Raped
Pedal, plane: Crash
Pedal, Sonic: Crash
Pedal, road: Raped
Pedal, guy's face: Crash
Pedal, watch: Crash
Pedal, sunset: Raped
Watch, birds: Raped
Watch, plane: Crash
Watch, Sonic: Crash
Watch, road: Crash
Watch, guy's face: Crash
Watch, pedal: Raped
Watch, sunset: Raped
Sunset, birds: Motel
Sunset, plane: Motel
Sunset, Sonic: Break up
Sunset, road: Break up
Sunset, guy's face: Motel
Sunset, pedal: Break up
Sunset, watch: Break up


Gnome and perspectite... Both kinda inventive games. MORE LEVELS!!!!!!!! :)


for ccpg, i can't get past the spear guards! help? :(


Just to confirm, the cut-copy-paste game definitely does NOT work in Chrome.


Re: Viewpoint. You've got to be kidding me.


I am so very, VERY sick and tired of "entertainment" based on the degradation of women. Couldn't the game creators have an original thought?

Grant Thurston September 12, 2009 4:19 PM

I can't figure out what to do in Viewpoint. I always end up just looking at a red bar through the screen with grey on one side and black on the other. Nothing happens after that. D:



There are four other endings, and considering the mood of the whole game I doubt it's less about "entertaining" us and more about making us think.


Perspectite was short and simple...

Viewpoints confused me at first; I kept getting the same ending at first, not knowing what to do (and not seeing the plane at all); eventually, I came and read Heatwizard's endings guide here. Less simple, but still interesting.

Pixeloids4k was annoying because of the timer, starting at the 2nd level. I give up.

Twitch... was interesting. Kinda cool. Right up until the level(?) right after the one where

you're in the dark, and each click causes your little eyeball to turn 90 degrees clockwise and continue motion. Then a window pops up right above the previous one; in this window, the background is blue, there's a vertical line in the center extending from the bottom about halfway - it appears to be some sort of fountain.

I have absolutely no idea what to do here...


...Is that the end of Twitch?

No CCPG for me. I'm on a Mac. :/



Nobody ever taught you about ctrl+click to right click? What kind of horrible person put you in a Mac without making sure you knew about that?

Hell, I'm using an external mouse on my laptop with two buttons right now. Right click on a Mac is no problem at all.


Joye: If you bothered to read the other comments, you'd have seen that the context menu doesn't work properly on a Mac when you ctrl click.


Viewpoints did make me think - it made me think about how a game with such an innovative and unconventional interface is marred by such a disappointing attitude toward women: specifically, that woman exist as either "love" objects or objects of violence. In other words, just things to be owned, lost, or killed. Very disappointing.


I have NO idea how to beat the level in CutCopyPasteGnome which introduces the spikes. (Level 5, maybe?)
I spam a bunch of gnomes on the top left, but even when a gnome is timed almost perfectly he still gets clipped by the last spike. What can I do?
Cutting the spikes, door, or floor underneath the spike doesn't work either.


Maybe the advisory on Viewpoints should be changed to "Warning: Misogynistic attitudes, strong language."


Srsrly: oh, bawwwwwww. A story about men abusing this woman is misogynistic how? No, you're right, talking about how cruel men can be to women... is... no, wait, my mistake, you're just an idiot.

Put down that white knight armour and get off the high horse.

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 7, 2009 6:34 AM

Viewpoints was okay. It would have been great to see several viewpoints of characters other then the woman. Maybe even the birds' viewpoint "Love to poop on convertibles - no roof" or the sun, or someone in the plane...

five (?) different viewpoints from one woman about how she was treated by a stranger/brother/lover

was a little bleak.

I played Perspectite when this version of Link Dump Friday was released, and I really like it. A novel approach and a new way to think. Doesn't seem to be loading at present though.

CCPG: Well, I'm on Windows and having the same problems as Mac users I think. Couldn't CCP anything. Except the Gnome on the first level.

TY for the LDF ArtBegotti :)


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