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Bloons Tower Defense 2

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Rating: 4.7/5 (242 votes)
Comments (157) | Views (24,544)

Bloons TD 2Hot on the heels of the original Bloons Tower Defense game comes a sequel, appropriately named Bloons Tower Defense 2, that delivers more of the same explosive fun the original packed, and yet with 3 new difficulty levels and more tower types than ever before. Like the new Road Spikes that you can use to pop any remaining bloons if it looks like some will escape. The difference between the difficulty levels lies in the number of lives you start with and the cost of the towers, with the fewest lives and the most costly towers available on the hardest level. And the update promises to provide a greater challenge than the first one did.

If you're a Bloons fan, that probably spells many more hours of lost productivity that Stephen and Chris Harris of NinjaKiwi have a knack for causing with their hit-after-hit string of game releases. More addictive than a barrel of super monkeys.

Play Bloons Tower Defense 2


What's with the metal balloons? Can't seem to kill them. Is it only certain towers that work on them?


I think it's just bomb towers that can get the metal bloons.

Which sucks, because I don't like to use them, and then when 10 of them showed up and I didn't have enough money to get one, and I only had 5 lives left...



Aw nevermind. You need the cannons for the metal ones.

pushevolve October 19, 2007 5:12 AM

Man, I was doing pretty well. I had 4 bomb towers, two regular monkeys, a boomarang, 4 freezers and one needle tower and my browser crashed!!! I had the freezers and the cannons all surrounding the center so with a few glue traps barely anything could get by.

I just hate to go through it all over again!

The_Corruptor October 19, 2007 9:02 AM

Great game, really enjoy it.

Wish I could remember what happened at the end of the last game, though.


Finally! It's here!(hard and a lot more fun)


I must place my towers wrong on these types of games.

I start with two of the cheap/fasties near the entry, overlapping just enough with each other and also trying to cover corners in case some slip by.

Then after I get up enough cash I upgrade the second one to a stronger hit, and also get a multi-directional attacker (in this case, the Tack shooter). A couple more rounds has me saved up enough to upgrade the first cheap/fast and the multi-shooter... then I place another fast/cheap somewhere towards the end (cause you know one will slip by everything)

Then I place and upgrade as needed... but (for example) right now I'm about to start level 30/easy, with two fully upgraded Dart Monkeys, three upgraded for range, three Cannons, a Boomermonkey, one range-upgraded iceball, one plain iceball, one fully upgraded Tack shooter, one un-upgraded, and one speed upgraded.

And yet, stuff still gets past - I'm down to 15 lives at the moment. Well, I guess I'll play it more til I get a decent pattern down.

baxter boy October 19, 2007 11:01 AM

i got 2 the last lvl (50) then i lost


Wahoooo! Best Friday morning present ever. NinjaKiwi has the keys to my heart ;)


Is anyone else getting a little bit tired of these endless Tower Defense games?

Anonymous October 19, 2007 7:12 PM

omg! the last lvl is 50!!! i got to 50 and i lost!!! dude if i had known that then i would have spammed tank things or something


Anyone have a guide?

Tommy Currah October 19, 2007 9:24 PM

omg!!!!! this game is hella fun but waaaayy hard i can only get to like lvl 39 then i lose...anyone have a guide or some advice?


Hi all, thanks for all the feedback. I love this site for the comments, it gives us plenty to think about. One of the tips in the games is "Consistency is the hallmark of a small mind". What we are trying to say here is the trick used to win BTD1 won't work here, and you have to make use of a range of towers to win. Another thing that is useful is the "sell for $x" button.
It is possible to beat Easy with 100 lives remaining but takes a bit of practice. I've not yet beaten medium with more than 70 lives remaining, and I think my best result on hard was 11 lives remaining.

Thanks again for your feedback



Ok, finished level 50 on easy the only advice I have is:

cannons and glue


Just finished both "easy" and "medium", largely by luck, trial and error and patience, having a really tough time on "hard", two entrances and high tower prices. However, the "cannons" are awesome, MAKE them your friend. The "road spikes" come in very handy, especially just before a tough wave, I line up a bunch at the entrance to thin things out early. Also, don't be afraid to use them while within a wave. Use as many "tack shooters" as you can afford on the insides of the curves especially those closer to the entrance, again to thin things out. Got to get back to "hard", I really love all of these "bloons" games, just can't get enough.


this game is way easier than the first 1 (so i thought)

i beat the game with 8 boomerang monkeys, 2 cannons and 2 super monkeys with 100 lives left...


Finally beat the game on "hard" with a scary 2 lives left! Same approach as before (I am sure there are better approaches), early on use "dart monkeys" and upgrade to "piercing darts". Then add "canons" and upgrade to "bigger bombs". Finally add "tack towers" and upgrade "speed", use on the inside corners. Also, I used "road spikes" before and during the wave, saved me quite a few times. Bloons forever!


Well anyway, the game's nice, lags sometime in the latter levels, too much balloons popin' out. Haha well I guess thats the game. I agree, cannons are good to use here.

Boston Gamer October 20, 2007 1:34 PM

Beat hard with 2 lives left as well, and I actually didn't find the tack towers, ice, or boomerangs very useful. I used only Dart Monkeys and Bombs (all fully upgraded). On the last 10 levels I also needed several applications on Monkey Glue (but it should only be placed to slow down blacks, leads, or rainbows - don't waste it on regular Bloons). Super Monkeys really aren't worth the price either - 10 Bombs is much better due to the damage spread. I also ended up with 2000 extra money, so I think hard can probably be beaten with around 35 lives left.

One big difference between this and other Tower Defense games is the "elemental" aspect. Since the black, white, and lead Bloons can only be popped by certain types, you need to be sure that the different towers are interspersed so that the hits can alternate and get through all the layers. You can't just put all of the heavy-hitting bombs in the middle, since they'll be wasted on any blacks.

Supertarman October 20, 2007 5:24 PM

I managed to beat hard mode with 36 lives left. The strategy that i used was:

I used all dart monkeys with two cannons upgraded fully, at the beginning i lost 14 lives and didn't use any glue or spikes. Around level 25 or 30 i started laying down lots of glue on the top right part so my monkeys would shoot the left path and then once almost all of those bloons were gone, they would start shooting at the right path.
This is one of the best Tower Defense games around by far :)


grabbing the towers and placing them when you're in a hurry makes things awful. there are definitely tactics that make winning doable, but that one little problem with the interface (click too far off of the path and the tacks don't take, or worse yet do but only on the far edge where they won't catch anything) makes it so, so frustrating.


The black bloons are the bane of my existence!

Anonymous October 21, 2007 1:36 AM

Here lies me:I thought the tip was trying to trick me, so I didn't spam as much spikes as I could

Shadowfred October 21, 2007 7:43 AM

Well I finally finished medium with full lives.

I had 6 fully upgraded bombs, 6 multi-targeted boomerangs, one supermonkey and as many road spikes as i could fit in at the end.

Bloons Master October 21, 2007 9:59 AM

That was scary stuff there. And i was playing on easy! Finished it with 10 lives left. Can't wait for the guide.


can anyone get me a full walkthrough? this game is making me mad as heck


I love this game. I'd love to see some keyboard shortcuts, though.

I finally finished the game on medium (yeah, I suck) and had all my lives left 'til the last level, when I lost about twenty. Here's my (limited) advice:

I was able to be much more successful than I had been previously by using bombs and tacks and -- most importantly -- NEVER upgrading any towers. I bought a bomb to start off, then started packing in tacks in the first three u-bends. I started adding more bombs as often as possible, always using spikes to clean up anything that might get through.
This strategy starts to dominate... it was the first time I actually started accumulating enough that I bought a supermonkey in the round where the tip asks you if you've bought one yet. I added a tack in each of the initial corners, too.
Basically, bombs seem to dominate, but black balloons are, of course, their nemesis, so you need multiple blocks where the tacks can kick the crap out of the black balloons that come their way.
Later on, you'll want to start aggressively spiking any black balloon areas at the beginning of the maze so that your bomb destruction can be most efficient.


nate, is that advice for easy or medium?

Evil_Mage_Ra October 21, 2007 6:11 PM

Beat hard mode with 46 lives left. Here's an image with the set-up I used and a mini-walkthrough:

I built the Dart Towers first, then Bomb Towers, then Tack Towers. First I prioritize placing the Dart Towers, then I upgrade to Piercing Darts as needed. By the end of the game all Dart Towers have Piercing Darts, but don't try to upgrade all the Dart Towers before placing other tower types. I place the first Bomb Tower on the level when the first Lead Bloon appears; it's placement depends on which path it enters. The build order is Bomb Tower-->Upgrade blast radius-->Another Bomb Tower-->Upgrade blast radius-->etc. Having Bomb Towers with upgraded blast radius around the crossroads area is really nice since the blast will basically hit every Bloon in the loop. The Bomb Tower on the right loop is there to get rid of Lead Bloons early on. The one on the lower right is there because I noticed I had a ton of stragglers leaking through that pathway. Around mid-game I place Tack Towers and upgrade firing rate. Throughout the game I always make sure I have enough money to place a Spike Strip if needed (my four lives lost came relatively early when I didn't have enough cash to stop a couple of trailing Blue Bloons). I like to place Spike Strips on top of groups of Black Bloons so that the Bomb Towers can take care of the Yellows.

Hope this helps!

macaffee87 October 21, 2007 9:46 PM

Hey guys, can someone post a walkthrough with step by step guide....Tnx


It's all about tower placement. Figure out where a tower will attack at a certain time, and build around that. Try to get your towers to have some synergy that way.

On easy and medium, you pretty much only need to place 3-4 cannon towers in the right location, and then tack all the black bloons.

On hard, I got by with 4 well placed cannons, but brought in 6 or so regular monkeys to assist with popping the black bloons, since it's impossible to keep up with tacks when they're coming from 2 directions.

Ice towers are relatively inexpensive and can help out your canon towers.

Don't be afraid to lose lives, they don't really matter. You should be tacking the exits in anticipation of bloons getting through. Although, I should warn you not to pre-tack in most situations. Try and play it by ear and put down as few tacks as possible to conserve money.

Upgrading to bigger blasts on cannons and longer freezes on freeze towers seem to help.

Things not to do:

Range upgrades - With good placement you don't need extra range, and it will actually hurt you in most cases due to the unit AI.

Super Monkey - Cool enough for easy and medium, but not feasible for hard.

The 8 tack tower - Worthless; a cannon tower does the same job but better. It also doesn't lend itself to popping black at the beginning.

That's about all I got.

Bloons Master October 22, 2007 6:55 AM

I was playing on easy got to level 48 with all 100 lives left and lost them all in one go. Crazy.

Bloons Master October 22, 2007 9:49 AM

Just did all 50 levels on easy and finished with 100 lives left! How hard is the hard level?


EMDF: Sorry, I should have been more specific. That guide is for medium.

I've also just beaten hard with 28 lives left. None of the lives I lost were in the last fifteen levels, and if I'd been a bit less stingy with spikes, I wouldn't have had to lose any of them. Using this approach, the final levels were very relaxed. Here's another guide (this is just further application of principles I outlined before):

Bomb / Tack Strategy
The first tower you buy should be a bomb. It should get you through the first several levels... use spikes whenever a few are going to slip through. Upgrade to two or three bomb towers as soon as you can afford it.
Never upgrade any of your towers. By placing your towers well, they'll have plenty of firepower, and you can use that money to create more towers than you would otherwise. It's hard to resist that tack upgrade, I know... but I swear it works out better to have more tacks in more locations than to have a few that are faster.
Adding bombs will get you through all of the levels until blacks start appearing. Black balloons are bad. Your bomb towers will be so fricking powerful that the only thing that makes the game difficult are black balloons. So start cramming tacks in the most useful corners, where they'll hit lots of balloons coming from multiple directions. Make the intersection of the two paths an excruciating (get it?) place for balloons to go.
Keep in mind, though, that the ability of your tacks to take down black balloons is limited by the explosion of innocuous but numerous balloons they give out. So you need to always have enough cannon fire to clean out the garbage from those tack areas.
Balancing tack / cannon purchases is 2/3 of the strategy that will see you effortlessly through the rest of the game. The final third is spiking.
Spike those black balloons! Don't hover by your exits, nervously wondering if your defenses will hold. That's a defeatist's strategy. A loser's strategy. By the time the balloons are there, your spikes have to do all the work, and, believe me, they can't handle it.
But if you spike before the end, when things still have to go through your cannon / tack gauntlet, they don't stand a chance. All you have to make sure of, after all, is that there aren't too many black balloons for them to handle. Aggressively spike any clumps of black balloons you see, especially the later in the game you get. Make sure to place the spikes directly on these clumps, as any spikes that go to any other color are generally useless. Using this, you can make sure your defenses never get too heavy a concentration of black balloons, which means you'll sail through the end.
Standard disclaimers: I'm not claiming this is the best strategy, but it's one that worked really well for me and is, in my opinion, comparatively easy, simple, and powerful. (I could've kept going for many more waves.) Feedback is welcomed.


Hmm.... it looks like all formatting gets stripped out of the text between the spoiler tags. Is there any way around this?

[Edit: Not all formatting, but blank lines are stripped. You can use br tags, but for the best looking walkthroughs and guides, I suggest using HTML list elements. -Jay]


OMG! hehe i played this in my networking class. I had this great thing going with the spikes. I had like 10 monkeys and one bomb and one super monkey. Than on lvl 40ish i got pwned my the yellow balloons. This truly is the best tower defense game i have ever played. :D


ZOMG im so pissed i had one life left on hard for the last 20 levels and i gave up a bloon while the stream was ending on level 50...
i think im gonna cry :P


Omg lol i had 13 dart monkeys, 3 boomerang monkeys, 3 freeze towers, 1 spike tower, and 15 canons :D lol best game to pass time

Sidd Finch October 22, 2007 11:17 PM

Evil Mage...you rock!!! following your advice I was FINALLY able to pass Hard mode. although I had fewer lives than you at the end (27 left). I had moved away from using the tack cannons in this game since they were worthless on easy and medium. that was the trick I needed. lots of tack cannons to pop the black bloons. lots of heavy cannons to mop up the mess.


oh my god i just lost with a grand total of FIVE red bloons left on hard level 50
i had 45 lives left thru 49 levels...
i guess its not meant to be


Let's make this simple…Cannons, Cannons and more Cannons. Then tack towers on the U turns and entrances then more cannons. Then spikes, spikes and more spikes at the exits as needed and on the black balloons as they move around the map. You will need to place the spikes "on" the black balloons almost nonstop on the higher levels. Don't worry about upgrades to much. There not really needed. Be smart about laying spikes that are not needed,espicially in the eary rounds. I have finished all three levels with this method with zero lives lost.


Can someone post a full walkthrough like step for step please? It would be greatly appreciated by me, and all :D



Here is a pic of my victory in "hard"

I think this qualifies me as master of the game :-))

Link to pic


I beat easy level with all lives left this way.


Medium level was pretty much the same way. Tack towers and cannons. Haven't beat hard level yet. Two entrances add a whole new degree of difficulty.


Well after trying and trying, i finally did it. i beat medium with only a loss of two lives! My strategy is as follows:


i first started out with one bomb tower in the lower corner, then when i had enough money i placed on in the upper right corner. then after i had enough saved i placed on the farther right middle, because it can shoot all three lanes.about this time the dreaded black balloons started to show up. at that point i placed a tack tower in the first bend, and then when i had enough money placed them in the other corners. i did use a lot of spike strips for the heavy concentrations of black balloons. with this strategy i started to bank a lot of money. at this point i put two more bomb towers in, on in the upper right corner, and one in the left middle. now i really started to make alot of money, now, place A TON of tack towers, as you can see i did :-p place them in the very beginning so your cannons can clean up any other bloons that get by. you should be all set, with the use of spike strips nothing should be able to get by (my two lives lost occured when i was typing to my girlfriend and a blue bloon slipped out of the level) which is why i then placed a bomb tower in the lower right corner. then gained some more money, then placed more tack towers. once you get into the levels with the ton of lead bloons i placed my final bomb tower in the upper corner above the other to shoot the lead bloons early on. basically once you get more money spam a ton of tack towers along that first path. Oh, and ALWAYS keep your finger over that spike strip. dont know how many times that saved me. dont be afraid to spam down those strips at the end, if you think bloons are going to get by, more than likely they will. hopefully this helped some of you guys, sorry if its a little odd, its my first post like this. Good luck guys! now onto hard :-(

pushevolve October 23, 2007 3:27 PM

Well, I never thought I'd beat it on hard mode but I did just that with the help of Evil_Mage_Ra.

My end product looked like his screenshot except I had about twice the cannons and tack towers and 10% of his ending budget.

It'd be nice if there was something after beating all three modes; an animation or some sort of bonus.

I can't wait for more from ninja kiwi though. We've got a nice little backlog of game developers that get us excited thinking about their future projects, don't we?

More power-ups would be cool! And, dare I say it, maybe some non-bloon enemies!

by the way, is it just me or did the laser vision on the super monkeys actually make them less efficient? I had to sell one off and rebuy it playing medium 'cause bloons were getting by it.

brian schnierer October 24, 2007 2:39 AM

Well I beat easy and medium doing the best strategy...boomamass

build boomerangs all over the central area starting on each side of the corners (so they face down the path). built them 1 at a time getting the multi shot on each before building another. If you want to not lose any lives (as i did) you can build spikes as needed, i needed to build spikes until i had 3 'rangers, then it was only occassionally that i needed them. After the 3rd 'rang, i took build a cannon with bigger bomb/range. Fill the central area with 'rangs, i ended with 10rangs+multishot, 2 cannons, then saved for a super monkey with range. On the last level i was bored, so i sold everything except the 2 cannons, and build one more cannon. Then i built 12k worth of spikes and just let them kill everything (that took a while to build 400 spikes, but it was funny)
basically the exact same as easy, build tons of 'rangs around the central vertical (again i ended with about 10), and built 3 cannons and 1 supermonkey. this time it took more spikes to not lose lives early but i was never in danger of losing. on the last level i did the same sell everything for spikes (except cannons since there are lead) and laughed
i semi tried it, but i was getting owned so i quit ('rangs having to switch between 2 directions are unhappy)


I hate those metal bloons!!! My toast is cold now!!!


I beat level 50 on easy using only SPIKE STRIPS!! and one cannon.

Once you make it to level 50 sell all of your towers you should have about 19000 dollars. Then build one cannon in the middle of the board to take out the lead bloons. Then lay about 100 spike strips at the top of the board out of reach of the cannon, this will filter out all the lead bloons so the cannon can hit them. Then place 70 spike strips at the end of the maze to take care of the ones that come out of the lead bloons. Pretty much a guaranteed way to beat the last level. It should work on medium and hard too because you have more then enough money left over on easy.


Whew I just beat easy... now to medium... I will update yall!!!


Beat it on hard with 42 lives left,
just used 3 boomerang bout 8 or more cannon towers and 6 tack towers. Took me about 4-5 trys.


owned it, too easy
beat with 100 lives remaining
8 tack towers, only speed upgraded, 5 cannons, full, 3 boomerangs, full, 2 ices full and 1 supermonkey, only laser

and little tip for last level, you should spend every single $$ you have on glue and spikes since it is the last level,


Can someone post up a full step-by-step walkthrough for hard mode? Some don't work for me. I want a guaranteed one that is good please.


Beat it on hard with only 8 lives left! As long as I could get to the point where I could build a Super Monkey, it was smooth sailing.


Some hints!

I've experienced that buying range upgrades is a waste of money (so don't do that), and some of the best towers to buy is the tack towers. Place some of them in corners or u turns. They will kill everything in their path. Ice towers are also a waste of money


This is one of the only ways to beat hard. Start with a BOMB TOWER near te four corners. then as the rouns go on, use MONKEY TOWERS with piercing darts where needed. Try to use alot of TACK TOWERS on the u-turns. Make sure not to put anything right on the corners here the junction is. When you have enough money, use ICE TOWERS on the very corners of the junction and give them full upgrades. Also place plenty of BOM TOWERS around the map. Place alot of SPIKES a the end of the street and you win.


Thanks Nate, your way was amazing. I beat hard with all my lifes left. Just bombs and tacks, nothing else. I had so much extra money, I decided to buy a supermonkey, and it actually got worse when I did, but I still managed to pop them all. Instead of the supermonkey, just keep building bombs and tacks. Use spikes on groups of black ones near the front, and only at the end if somethings getting by. And dont upgrade anything!


i finished the game.
here's pic of 50 level-hard:

Anonymous October 25, 2007 8:25 PM

hey can anyone put up a step-by-step walkthrough for hard. easy and medium were easy but i cant get through hard. not enough money fast enough.


lol this is the way to do it: get a LOT of da fast monkey things and upgrade em full, place at the start and get them to overlap on corners 2 get more bloons, also make sure you buy at least 1 cannon, it is not very effective against normal bloons(its a bit slow) but can destroy the metal bloons with ease. tack shooters r pretty useless, because they only pick of a cuple but u can use em if u wnt, try and save up for supermonkey, that will help you alot. the freezer thing isnt dat effective (very slow) but in later levels can help, make sure you get normal monkeys full upgraded, u need bout 12 i guess good luck :)


has anyone gotten the super monkey with laser vision? I really want to see what this guy can do?!?!


Finishing any level of difficulty with all lives is fairly straightforward.

Start with Dart Monkeys & upgrade to piercing. On hard place them where they will have a chance to shoot at bloonson both paths. ASAP get cannons, these really thin things out fast. They may kill up to 10 or 12 at a shot. once you get several of them, start adding tack towers to help with the black bloons.
Use the road spikes as needed to catch bloons at the end or to get black bloons that the tack shooters have missed.

Using this method, I rarely ever lose a single bloon on any level.


i absolutely love this game.. dont buy anything but ice towers, they work perfectly, they freeze everything and it is amazingg. REPEAT- DONT BUY ANYTHING ELSE EXCPET FOR ICE TOWERS!!! This is an amazing hint !!... my name is sheila!! (.)(.)


You guys should have put a spike, triple dart tower, and a light saber tower to make it more fun

Anonymous October 26, 2007 8:00 PM

i got to level 50 (the last level) and it had 1 black baloon left anf 4 life left and i lost.


the ice towers are pretty much pointless. I have beat easy and medium with out the ice. Also make sure to upgrade your towers as fast as possible except for the supermoney. It is pointless to have towers that don't do everything that they can.


i beat this game its not too ard on easy

1)for easy start with one cannon near the bstart of the bloons
2)then put a dart monkey near the end
3)next make a tack shooter somewer that it is sorounded by at least 3 walls.
4)After that make some more things of your joice if u feel you cant blow the bloons up
5)then start usin rad spike a lot and save up for a super monkey
6)get the super monkey an pu it in the middle of the map
7)get enough money and upgrade to epic range(he will kill evrywer on the map)
9)HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addicted2Bloons October 27, 2007 4:00 AM

I have beaten Easy and Medium with 100% of "lives" left. I'm still working on Hard.

Here's how I beat Medium:

1) Canons and Ice Towers are your friends.2) Max out your Monkeys.3) Max out your "Pin Cushion" Towers with "Faster Shooting", but NOT "Extra Range Tacks".4) Max out your canons with "Bigger Bombs", but NOT with "Extra Range Bombs".5)Do NOT upgrade your ice towers.6) Use "Road Spikes" whenever necessary and especially to break up the black balloons (they are invincible to the canons).7) Around Level 46, you will finally be able to get Lasers for your Super Monkey. You want and need that in order to shoot the frozen black balloons.8) The reason you want the "Ice Towers" is to slow the balloons down. They all start moving so fast you need to break up the rate of speed they are moving. With the layout I used (below) the 2 ice towers on the left saved my ass many times because they were freezing at different times and freezing the black balloons around level 30 and freezing them constantly. That gave the cannons time to destroy the other balloons and eventually when the black balloons would unfreeze the monkeys would hit one or two of them and then they would freeze again...and the canons would THEN be able to destroy them.Good luck and FYI this game rocks.P.S. I never once used glue, the boomerang monkey, or sold anything.Image of layout and order of purchases on Medium.

trevor larson October 27, 2007 12:19 PM

I have already beat easy and when i got to medium i sucked. I just dont know where to place in the beginning thats all. Please help me.

trevor larson October 27, 2007 12:19 PM

I have already beat easy and when i got to medium i sucked. I just dont know where to place in the beginning thats all. Please help me.

dwarvenspirits October 27, 2007 12:54 PM

I beat it on hard with 38 lives left. It wasn't too difficult once I figured it out.

Place two dart towers opposite of each other at the cross roads. Upgrade and add additional dart towers. Once you reach 5 or 6 dart towers (upgraded) then save money for a cannon. Place cannon in the middle of the upper U. Upgrade fully and then start adding more dart towers and upgrade them until you have enough money for another cannon. Place that one below the other one. Then keep on adding dart towers and upgrading. That's all you need to beat the game: lots and lots of dart towers and two cannons fully upgraded.


I beat easy with 100 lives on my first try


Dwarvenspirits can you post a picture please because it seems like a cool walkthrough but i don't know what exactly is the upper U and stuff please thanks


Does anyone have the complete walkthrough (level by level) for the medium and hard level?



Dwarvenspirits? When you say upgrade, what do you mean? Do you mean buy both upgrades for dart towers or just piercing? If you upgrade fully, it is impossible using your technique to totally upgrade 5 towers and purchase a cannon before level 20 when the lead ballon makes it's debut. I have beaten the game on hard and wanted to try another technique so I tried yours. Please elaborate on your stragedy, because the way I read it doesn't work.


I got the laser Supermonkey on hard. We really settled their hash.

tim weber October 28, 2007 1:49 PM

my name is tim weber and i have got a perfect score finishing with out losing a life on easy and medium difficult i think im the first if anyone wants pictures email me i will try to work on hard this weeekend


I've created a walkthrough for easy mode that minimizes the use of road spikes.

Zip file of the pictures for tower placement:
Use of road spikes:
Level 33 - 1 spike, 4 balloons escape
Level 36 - 1 spike, 1 balloon escapes
Level 39 - 2 spikes, 13 balloons escape
Level 43 - 3 spikes, 21 balloons escape
Level 50 - Tons of balloons escape, just lay about 20 spikes at the end and you'll be okay.


Is this supposed to be difficult? I beat hard on my first try. fun game tho.


just finished hard after trying various tactics. This way eventually worked. Follow this roughly.

start with 2 dart monkeys placing where they can get both, I put the first (A) just to the right of the left entrance level with the top of the U-bend so shoots along that path left to right. The second (B)I placed on the right hand side between the 2 paths.

upgrade (A) to piercing before (B).

Next you will need to get 2 more dart monkeys as soon as you can putting the third (C) in the North-East of the crossroads as close to the path as possible and the fourth (D) near the exits to catch any possible escapees. Then upgrade (C) to piercing followed by (D).

Meanwhile dont be afraid to use road spikes if any balloons are about to escape, some say lives dont matter that much but they could do so use them but dont go over the top. Monkey glue is also very useful so dont be afraid to use that either.

Next I sold (C) and bought a cannon to put in the same place. then as soon as you can do the same to both (B) and (D) leaving (A) as a dart monkey. then start upgrading them to bigger bombs asap, doesnt really matter what order.

I find in levels 15+ that a monkey glue on the crossroads works really well.

Next I dotted a few more dart monkeys around all with piercing upgrades but not range upgrades to help thin things out.

I now have 6 dart monkeys with piercing upgrades and 3 cannons with bigger bombs.

After this keep adding cannons and dart monkeysand use plenty of monkey glue and road spikes during each level.

Ice towers come in very handy basically replacing the use of monkey glue, place 2 of them each between 2 of the cannons where they will be of best use and upgrade them to long freeze time, as with everything range upgrades shouldnt be needed if placement is good enough.

On levels with lots of black balloons place road spikes ON them and let your towers deal with the rest, this saves a lot of time.

Keep adding dart towers and cannons and a third ice tower or even fourth if u need to and use those road spikes and its plain sailing from then on.


yes!!! call me sucky but, i beat the easy with 84 lives left!!!! the key tecnique:

a super monkey with epic range in the very middle so it'll reach everywhere (That's all the super monkeys)
7 boomerangs one in first corner, one in first loop, one in middle of second loop, one in 3rd loop, two in fourth loop
3 well placed bombs: one next to two 'rangs one above the rang in 2nd loop and one in 2nd to last loop
last but not least, tacks in every loop/
on the last few levels, you'll wanna set up road spikes everywhere.
PS, no range upgrades
no ice towers
no lasers (although they're nice, you could do better by buying another super monkey. besides, save the cash for road spikes.)

sorry its not so detailed.
good luck!

Anonymous October 29, 2007 7:14 PM

How do you get so much money?

Zack Schwartz October 30, 2007 4:16 PM

Hey author of this site PLZ get a guide for this game like u did for bloons TD1

Cedric Tsui October 30, 2007 9:31 PM

I just beat hard. It seems the super monkey isn't worth the money. You can place a LOT of towers for $4000.

I tried an interesting strategy. See, cannon towers work quite well, but the black bloons simply become the bane of my existence. The solution? More Cannons!!!
Tack towers, the second half of my little equation couldn't pop the black bloons because they're so small, and are always covered by the larger bloons. By clearing them out, the system works nice and smooth.

First, one bomb tower at the bottom covering both exit points, as well as the horizontal and vertical paths. Lots of choices in terms of targets for this bomb tower. Next a monkey, who also covers the exit paths. He doesn't pop as much as a well placed tack tower does, but he's critical, and very good at mopping up the stragglers.
then I placed tack towers anywhere 5 or more darts would be useful. Any less than 5 and they aren't economic compared to monkies, but corners usually get 5, and there are plenty of turns that can make as many as 7 useful. I didn't run out of 'economic' spots for tack towers, so the one monkey was all alone. This along with a smattering of bomb towers. If I couldn't see black, more bombs. If I could see black, more tacks.

Beware of level 42.

HolidayForHire October 31, 2007 8:40 PM

I just beat it on hard with 35 lives left. Bav's strategy works great. Once you get the 3 cannons, by about level 25 you shouldn't need to do anything except through in a few more darts/cannons and ice towers if you haven't yet. It's real easy from there on out just laying down spike strips and occasionally building another tower. I didn't have to build any new towers after level 45, and it was pretty smooth sailing.


WOOO! Just beat hard with 50 lives left... I can now sleep in peace :D ...

The trick is:

Dart monkeys, Bombs, and lots of road spikes.


So yeah, thanks for the pointers on Cannon Tower's. Beat Hard once...got the feel for it...
Went back and beat Hard with all 50 lives left.
Don't stop throwing down as many useful Tack Towers and Cannons as possible. And I use Boomer Monks in the bottom area, so they are going right across the intersection at the end of their arc.

But it is possible...50 lives left on Hard.


i just beat the game, easy as long as you are involved in every round


OK, i can see that everyone here has their one strategy. I have one too.

I just finished medium with 3000 extra coins and full life.

The strategy of ALL strategies on medium is to place monkeys on the left side and some bombs - On the right side, place LOTS LOTS LOTS of bombs, ice and boomerang.

Also remember to place tack towers in every corner.

TRUST me! This will make medium look like easy. try it


Right i have finished all difficulty levels here's what you need to do.Never by the ice tower they are dreadfull and a waste of money the tack tower with improved speed are awesome on corner try and place your cannons where they can keep constantly firing always have some spare road tacks at the end (just in case) if your being overloaded by bloons place monkey glue right in the center of it all then road spike near the end.But towers and upgrades you DO NOT NEED!
ice tower monkey tower and with long range bomb tower long range tack tower long range basically any of the ranges boomerang tower is terrible !NEVER BUY IT! toward the end you will see why xD ONLY BUY SUPERMONKEY IF YOU CAN GET LASER VISION OTHER WISE IT IS A WASTE anyway happy playing lol


I am on easy, level 40. I have 5 cannons, 6 tack shooters, 1 boomerang, and 3 monkeys. I usually use an absurd amount of road spikes each level. I want a supermonkey, but I only have 600 money. Please help! Thanks


Ok you don't need the supermonkey it is a waste of money just get lots of bomb towers and a tack tower on most corners with speed upgrade and place road spikes at the end


I beat the game with 87 lives left on easy, but i had 15 cannons, 8 boomerang monkeys (upgraded to multishot, but only that, no other upgrades), 3 dart monkeys, upgraded range supermonkey, and... over 2,000 dollars worth of nails, that I never ended up using, overall I had about 80 nail sets, and I defeted the balloons before they got to the nails which were at the very end to the top of the very end, and I had 1,555 dollars left by the time I was done... :-)


Just beat Hard with 50 lives left, no joke.

The units I used were: 10 Dart Monkeys, 5 Tack Shooters, 5 Bomb Towers, 1 Ice Ball, 1 Boomerang - all fully upgraded (by the end.)
Before level 20:
6 Dart Towers with piercing, 1 Cannon (for the lead baloon.)
Position these so that the Cannon is near the middle with 3 Dart Towers (taking up the four middle corners), 2 Dart Towers in front to slow things down, and one in the back for clean up...
Proceed to upgrade the Cannon to Big Bombs and get two more Cannons with Big Bombs ASAP.
Next get four or five Tack Shooters with fast schooting - 2 or 3 in the front, 2 in the back.
Then one Ice Ball (in the middle of the Cannons)...
Then work on long range upgrades (Cannons first, maybe earlier on in the game - useful for some of the "lots of leads" levels) then Tack Shooters, then Dart Monkeys and Ice Ball.
Now start adding 4-6 extra Dart Monkeys and upgrading them.
The Boomerang is optional - only good for popping frozen black baloons, so only get it if you're in a good money position (note that you need Sonic Boom and Multi Target to make this worthwhile at all also.)
If you choose, add some more full upgraded Cannons along the way, they are honestly the best unit in this game aside from not being able to pop blacks, they can very well mean the diffrence between a win and a loss.
This strategy leaves no room for the Super Monkey, so I wouldn't try for one. (Maybe sell some other units to get it, I don't know, I never tried it)
Make sure to use tacks for all escaping baloons and only to use glue in places that are surrounded by towers unless you have tons of cash.

Good luck and I hope this helps you.

(Note that this will not likely work on the first try, but play around with it and hopefully you will make it.)


I just beat medium with 47 lives left. you need lots of money.
I started with

dart and tack towers, lots of them, and one cannon

When i got to the very end levels, i did this

i made what i call an army. i made sure i had lots of money, and made the path black with tacks at the end row.

I believe that it was my


that saved me on the last levels. you have to make it at the beginning of the level, and on the last level, make it before you

press the start round button.

I did this for easy, and will try it for hard. i'll keep you posted.



Finally, after hours of lost time, I have beaten hard!!
Have done easy with 100 lives left and medium with 75 lives left but hard eluded me for a long time!
I tried the various ways suggested by other posters then went back to what had been successful for me in the other levels - canons with upgrade to bigger bombs and boomerangs with upgrade to multi-target. I started with 4 dart monkeys upgraded to piercing and upgraded them as soon as I had a couple of canons in place.

OK, I only had 14 lives left when I finished hard but that was partly down to taking my eye off the ball and not putting down spikes fast enough on a couple of levels!

Here's the screenshot:



Finally, after hours of lost time, I have beaten hard!!
Have done easy with 100 lives left and medium with 75 lives left but hard eluded me for a long time!
I tried the various ways suggested by other posters then went back to what had been successful for me in the other levels - canons with upgrade to bigger bombs and boomerangs with upgrade to multi-target. I started with 4 dart monkeys upgraded to piercing and upgraded them as soon as I had a couple of canons in place.

OK, I only had 14 lives left when I finished hard but that was partly down to taking my eye off the ball and not putting down spikes fast enough on a couple of levels!

Here's the screenshot:



I beat all bloons tower defense games with full lives. I only used about 30 road spikes on each of the four games. This is how I did it (on all levels generally). There is a summary near the end.

Bomb and tack towers are the best! The bomb tower is the first thing you should buy. Put one on the inside of a loop covering a lot of ground. This should get you to level 3. By this time, you should have enough money to buy a dart tower. Put it at the end covering a lot of ground. Then get and upgrade dart towers in this way: If you can, buy another dart tower. If you don't have enough money, but can upgrade a dart tower, do it! I believe in upgrading dart towers because it is like having two of them for less money. But...never upgrade range unless the dart tower will now cover a lot more area. Never upgrade bomb towers. Here are some tips on placing the dart towers: Put them on the inside of turns (like tack towers). PUT THEM IN GROUPS!! Put 5 in the beginning (VERY beginning), 5 in the middle, and 5 at the end. If you are upgrading these, upgrade the ones in the beginning first, then the last ones, and then the middle ones. YOU USUALLY SHOULDN'T UPGRADE THEM ALL! Stop upgrading at level 20. Then it is time for the bombs towers. Just buy as many as you can by level 30 (about 5 to 8). Place one of these at the very beginning to pop lead bloons early. Then, if you want, buy boomerang monkeys (one each in the beginning, middle, and end should be good). Upgrade them ALL so they can hit 5 bloons at once. The boomerang monkeys are optional, but they are really good at popping blacks. Then, at about level 35, start saving for a super monkeys. The first one should go in the middle, then the next one at the end, and then the next one at the beginning (if you have enough money). Never upgrade them. Then it should be about level 48. From here, just buy/upgrade two more dart towers at the beginning and but a bomb tower here too (to pop leads early). Then any extra money should be used to buy tack and bomb towers at a 3 to 1 ratio in the end. Then you should easily beat all four games. YOU ARE PROBABLY THINKING THAT I AM CRAZY AND HOW I HAVE SO MUCH MONEY. Well the secret is the monkeys. Having so many of them defeats the purpose of buying 5 road blocks every level! In the end, not using too many road spikes saves you about 5 * 50 * 25 = $6250!!! Don't get me wrong: use the road blocks if a bunch (over 30) are getting away (or if you want to not lose a life). You should know the strength of your "army". If there are too many bloons for them to handle (blacks), pop them early. Your monkeys should be able to pop almost all of them. SO AS A RECAP... WHAT TO DO: Buy lots of dart towers (15 to 20). Upgrade to piercing darts if you can't buy a monkey but can upgrade. Buy bomb towers (5 to 8). Place one in the beginning, a few in the middle, and most at the end. Never upgrade. Buy boomerang monkeys (optional). Always upgrade so they hit 5 at a time. WHAT NOT TO DO: Don't get any other towers (ice or tack). They only hurt a couple bloons at once and boomerangs/bombs are faster and can do the same thing. Don't buy monkey glue (however, an exception is on hard to slow the right path. If used, only use on blacks (and maybe yellows). Don't use too many tacks. If you are using them, wait till the middle area before using them. Try not to use more than 5. DON'T RELY ON THEM. YOU WILL DIE!!!!! Don't upgrade anything except the dart and boomerang towers. OTHER INFO: To win, place your tower so it is covering lots of ground. Think of the stage in parts of beginning, middle and end. NOT USING TOO MANY DARTS WILL SAVE YOU $6250!!! I hope this long essay helps!

Anonymous November 6, 2007 6:31 PM

Nice Game! ^^


looks like the formating got taken off my essay.


woop finally finshed hard. basically got up to 7 monkeys (no upgrades) got a balloon, got a 8 tack shooter, and winged it from there!


i beat the hard with all lives i'm not tellin stratage


Finally beat hard after a million tries. The trick is boomerang monkeys! I had 20 of them, plus 4 cannons.


after 5 tries on hard i finally figured it out!!! the key to winning is LOTS OF CANNONS. aquire cannons as you finish levels and upgrade them. make sure to keep two monkey dart shooters at both sides of the bottom of the level to take out any balloons the cannons dont kill. when the black balloons that cannons dont pop come out, lay tacks on top of them repeativly to turn them into greens or yellows that the cannons can pop. when the levels get rediculous (38+), make sure you keep one freeze tower on each side as close as posible to where the balloons pop out. On the very last level you should have a lot of money left so lay tons of tacks down towards the end where you lose points to make sure none get out. trust me this works perfectly.


I have beaten all three levels and I wanted to see if it was possible to win the easy level without using any spikes of glue--only towers. It took a while, but I did it. The black bloons are the nemesis because tha cannons cannot kill them. It takes a balance of cannons and tack towers and monkeys.

In level 50, as soon as the last bloons passed, I started selling off cannons and towers and putting them at the end. The cannons clear the debris and the tack towers and monkeys got to the blacks. The key to winning is to always account for the black bloons.

I feel certain that it is not possible to win the medium level without spikes.


I beat the game on hard with all 50 lives left over and 1200 dollars. Click below to see how.

I started out with the monkeys on all four corners. The top right, top left, bottom left, and bottom right. From there I upgraded the top two with the better darts. Not longer range. Then I added a bomb tower, and then a pin tower to the upper right in the little U. Then I added more bomb towers until I had four. Then I upgraded them as I could. Then I finally got a monkey, which helps with popping the blacks. To pop the blacks add more pin towers towards the top and also put down tacks at the top. This pops the blacks so they will be ready for the bomb towers. Use at least one monkey glue on each top side at the later levels on the black balloons. At the end I kept adding more bomb towers and upgrading them, but didn't really upgrade the range at all throughout the game. Good luck!


Oh man, I played this way too many times! But by the time I finally beat the hard level, I did it with all of my lives left! I have a screenshot below. I didn't use any boomerang towers, ice towers, or supermonkeys. If you place stuff in the right place and in the right order, you'll never need the monkey glue, either. My biggest hint: tack black bloons! As they come in, pop them so your bomb towers can actually be effective on the bloons inside. I won with only $500 left, but that's because I took someone's advice and tacked the exits like crazy on the last level. I spent over $2000 on tacks, but they only ended up catching about 20 loose bloons. So you could definitely end up with more money, if that matters to you!

Obviously there are tons of different ways to do it.

Gold medal!


Loved easy and medium, but hard is an absolute nightmare. Those who say not to upgrade are absolutely correct. Slap down the towers, upgrade later if you can spare the change. Bigger bombs are awesome for clearing out the millions of yellows hidden in those bleepin' black balloons. Glue is the BEST. But I agree, we need a light saber tower!

I haven't yet won the hard level, but am working on it. Thanks to all for the great tips! I am a huge fan of tack towers usually, but on hard they're not as effective until later rounds, and only in the corners. Or so I assume, since started with them is an easy way to die by level 12.

I think SuperMonkey is a waste of money in this version of Bloons TD. You can definitely spend your $4,000 on better things.... like 14-16 monkeys, 6-7 cannons... 100 glues...


bloon world is cool. i think there should be a bloon world is 2. THAT WOULD BE THE COOLEST !! were you can make your wepons, levels,and how long the levels are.


this game is easy beat it all 3 levels with only glue and road spikes and one canon it is so easy man this game i dont get why you guys say it is hard easer then calculus man!


yes, made it on hard with 50 lives left.



hey guys!

i just finished medium.

omg it took a while....^^

an i found out, that the bomb-strategie is the best. and i also figured out that the boomerang-monkeys are very useful against black ones.

at the end i had:

1 supermonkey
13 cannons (*MUHAHAA*)
9 monkeys
4 boomerang monkeys
5 tackshooter

oh my gosh i ownd so hard !!!

now i ll try hard...

with kind regards J.P.

A Non-E Moose November 23, 2007 11:00 AM

you can survive level 1 of hard with full lives with just 1 well placed cannon tower flush against the lower right side of the cross junction where the two paths meet.

depending on luck, this same tower will allow you to survive level 2 of hard with between 48-50 lives.

at the end of level 2, if you didn't road-spike the last 1 or 2 (or 0, if you're lucky) balloons, you should have enough for a dart monkey, which will be placed on the lower right hand corner of the first bend after the cross junction, almost directly below your cannon tower. the dart monkey should have a *bit* of coverage of the path across the screen on top, and a *bit* of coverage of the right exit. at the end of level 3, you should have enough cash to upgrade the dart monkey's range.

next, save up for a tack tower (arrives level 6) put flush against the first turning for the LEFT entry. road spiking on level 4 might be necessary, *one* spike on 5 WILL be necessary, both exits on 6 need 1 spike each. after the tack tower, immediately save for firing speed upgrade for it.

after upgrading the tack tower, upgrade your bomb tower with bigger bombs (level 10). meanwhile, you should limit your road spiking of exits to a minimum - no more than 1 spike each exit per level. most levels require only the right side to be tacked.

is a picture at the end of level 10 with 50 life.

next build order: get an extra boomerang monkey with immediate saving for the multi-target upgrade, then sell the dart monkey and replace it with a second boomerang monkey, again saving for multi-target immediately after.
then get a second cannon tower, with bigger bombs.

at the end of level 22 - i made a spiking mistake, lost 1 life...

for the more exciting bit after level 22 (where you get more money to play around), i leave up to you to discover for yourselves. this build order should get you safely to where it's fairly fun to play, and money's not so tight anymore! let's just say you can finish hard with 50 lives with this build order if you're careful and a bit lucky early on... i've done it 5 times since i'm OCD/perfectionist that way.

advice: super monkey's are fun, but not strictly necessary. if you use them, put them at the *end* of the run, so that all your other towers are still useful and not just sitting around letting the single super monkey do the work - it's good, not *that* good! i finish with either

a) 7 cannons, all with bigger bombs, 2 with range upgrades, 4 boomerangs fully upgraded, 4 ice towers with duration , 4 tack towers with firing speed and 1 supermonkey


b) 9 cannons, all with bigger bombs, 2 with range, 7(8?) boomerangs fully upgraded, 4 ice towers with duration, 6 tack towers with firing speed


how do u guys beat this on hard?? i need a walkthrough


I was wrong. You can beat Medium without glue or spikes. Load up on cannons in the middle, fill the upper right loop and lower left loop with tack towers. Put freeze towers in a couple of spots to slow things down. Put monkeys the entire last section, then cannons when you can. In round 50 as soon as the bloons passed the first sections, I sold off stuff and loaded the back end with cannons. I had 24 lives leftover, mostly lost during the middle rounds.

I really, realy believe one cannot win Hard without spikes or glue. I'm not sure I'm going to try. This took me two weeks.


I have beat Easy with 87 lives. Somehow lost some? And Medium with 75. Here is what I used:

Easy: I used 13 cannons, 13 Pin Cushions, only 4 monkeys, 4 iceballs and 3 'rangs. I hardly used glue, maybe about three times, and spikes around levels 25-40 only. I reccomend not upgrading cannons or Pin Cushions. Only upgrade to piercing darts for monkeys. Do NOT upgrade ice balls. Total waste. And if you buy them, put them near cannons AND 'rangs that are upgraded to sonic boom. Glue is useless except for the level with all yellow bloons. And use spikes for bloons getting away and yellows, blacks and whites.
I had 3435 money left.
Medium: I used 8 cannons, 11 Pin Cushions, 2 monkeys, 1 ice ball and 4 'rangs. Glue was useless unless you want to use on yellows. I hardly used spikes.
Do not upgrade cannons, Pin Cushions or ice balls. Only upgrade to piercing darts for monkeys. Again, do NOT upgrade ice balls. If you buy ice balls then put them near cannons and upgrading 'rangs. Use spikes on yellows, blacks and whites mainly.. Not so much yellows.
I had 7089 money left.. And flooded with tacks at last level.

Hope you enjoyed!
I will try to beat hard soon. Later.


I beat easy with 76 lives left(let a few blue bloons pass in the beginning due to money problems). I used 3 cannons, 2 tacks, 1 supermonkey and 1 ice/boomerang.
No range upgrades, just place your towers right and you won't need it. Only got the supermonkey because I wanted to see what it looked like, I think I would have beaten easy by just buying 2 more cannons instead.

BTW, it seemed that supermonkeys can't get bloons which are "glued". When my supermonkey shot at such a bloon, the arrows just flew by, as if there was no glue, or bloon. Bug?


i hate to boast, but "hard" isn't as hard as i thought i would be...
i did it with 41 lives left on 7 bigger bombs (2 with range), 8 multi-target boombarang monkeys (6 with sonic booom), 3 longer duration ice towers, and 4 faster tack towers
cheers :D


I completed all three levels then went on the mission to finish all levels without losing a life. Easy and medium was a breeze, but the hard level took me 2 weeks to figure out. but i finally did it! 11 boomerangs(fuly upgraded), 2 cannons(no range upgrades) and 3 dart monkeys (fully upgraded. Sorry but i have no idea how to put up the picture of it.


I managed to beat hard with all lives left:


For those of you who would like to know how I did it take a look at the spoiler:

Here is a screenshot that I took before starting level 50 so that you can see my setup:
The basic strategy is cannons, tack towers, and road spikes. I realized that at the crossroads I have a pretty easy time killing stuff, but it is essential to pop lead and black balloons as close to the entrance as possible. So that is why I have cannons at the top as well as tack towers.
After level 30 I use tons of road spikes to pop clusters of black balloons at the entrance. And after about level 42-44 I start playing on the safe side by applying lots of glue at the cross roads..I can't count the number of times that I've lost almost all my lives because i couldn't put down spikes fast enough.
I numbered the first 7 units that I placed:
1. Cannon tower - if lucky you can manage to finish the first 2 levels without any road spikes. I usually restart if 1-2 balloons get through, and afaik whether you get all balloons in lvl 2 is a matter of luck.
2. Dart tower - you can get this dart tower after level 2 if you didn't use any road spikes. Upgrade to piercing darts asap. Note, you'll probably need to use 1-2 road spikes in levels 3-5, just stop any runners, no big deal.
3. Dart tower - after you've upgraded the previous dart tower, get this one and upgrade to piercing darts as well. Then upgrade both dart towers for range.
4. Dart tower - this tower is great to get run away balloons, make sure that it can 'see' both exits, and upgrade its range before upgrading piercing darts.
5. Dart tower - this guy is nice to get balloons early, don't need to upgrade him to early.
6. Tack tower - tack towers in the corners are great, as you can see :).
If all goes well, you should be around level 16-18 (can't remember very well) after placing the first tack tower. From here it is up to you what to do, if possible I try to add a cannon for level 20, but you already have one and isn't necessary.
Beyond the first few towers I don't have a fixed build, I just try to get 3 cannons and then concentrate on adding tack towers. The first 3 cannons I place is the one I start with, and ones close to the center but able to see the entrance. The two cannons at the top I only place much later in the game.
Tack towers I only upgrade for speed, and cannons for big bombs (although some have range upgrade if I use them to get lead balloons).
Good luck!


I've played the game twice and have beaten easy+medium with ease. The key is to get 6 cannons+6 boomerang monkeys as quickly as possible. Don't bother wasting money on sonic boom. Upgrade your cannons fully. Get 1 super monkey and you're set.


agree with jonny t, except i upgraded boomerangs and canons completely. i have more than once finished easy and moderate levels without the loss of a single ballon and without using any tacks or glue.


Beat it on medium with 25 lives left


I beat the game on easy and medium.
For the 1st 2 levels, i just used spikes, then bought bomb towers and ONLY upgraded to bigger bombs, radius things are pointless. Boomerangs are pretty good as well, especially with multi-target. At level 25, i had 2 boomerangs with multi-target, 4 bomb towers with bigger bombs, 3 dart towers with piercing darts, 100 lives and 1338coins. Soon i got a supermonkey (i call it a super-flubbah-munk but that is random so i don't call it that!) and bought epic range. It PWNED the bloons until the leads when i got 2 more cannons with bigger bombs. On level 44/46 i got another supermonkey and then i won the game. It was easy until lvl 45+
This was unbelievably hard on level 20+. I had six bomb towers with no upgrades, one ice tower full, two boomerangs with multi-hit and 100 lives and 347 coins.
I kept trying for, i think, it was 6 days! I even looked on YouTube for ideas, but it was no use, level 42 was the most i could get up to. 2 supermonkeys and five bomb towers and three boomerangs. It does exactly as it says on the label: HARD


ive finnaly completed hard and if you want cheatz email me and i will sent them to u kk

Anonymous December 9, 2007 1:08 PM

using 1 bomb is good for all of easy and 473084723905734956802 super monkeys


hehe, it took me a lot of trying en frustration but finally i did it:

I beat the game at Hard with one cannon and all the rest were dart monkey's!!!

I updated the monkey's just with peircing darts. But i used a lot of them, and it worked (eventually). Of course i used spikes and glue as well, but i don't consider them as "real" weopens. I also updated the cannon once (bigger bombs).

It took me a couple of hours though to succeed :-)


Finished the hard level with 50 lives - no cheats no kidding.
http://img2.tapuz.co.il/forums/1_110261440.jpg (level 49)
http://img2.tapuz.co.il/forums/1_110261547.jpg (after level 50)


I followed the advice of Evil_Mage_Ra (the first post on this page). And just kept upgrading. Fun game.


It took me several attempts to win Easy with all 100 lives intact. Many times that I played just a few bloons sneak by.

Hints for those interested....

In the end I had a total of:

*2 Dart monkey with piercing darts - #1 located at the top of the loop at bottom left - #2 located at the top of the bend by the exit.

*4 Canons with big bomb upgrade- #1 located in the middle where the right and left bend in towards each other- #2 located straight below #1 so it is touching the long straight path at the bottom - #3 is under #1 above #2 and is also located between the two bends. These 3 canons are in a line in the center. #4 is on the far left so that it's arc/range covers the first bend on the left.

*1 ice tower with both upgrades located on the right in the bend that curves in. It is placed within range of all 3 center canons. I like the ice tower. It slows things down a bit. Buy it when you find yourself using monkey glue.

*18 pink tack shooter towers all upgraded to fast shooting. NONE are upgraded for range. 3 are in the first bend inward. 2 are in the top left corner. 2 are in the top right corner. 2 are in the bottom bend out on the right. 4 are in the 4 corners of the bottom left loop. 4 are in a line in that little tiny space on the left....they can tack at the entrance and also tack toward any bloons that look like they might escape. 1 is on the very last corner BUT on the outside of it. It can shoot as a last defense on exit but also that bend when things are coming out of the melt from the ice tower. I purchased these as I could and spread them out at first and then filled in heavy near the entrance. This is the best way to deal with blacks in my opinion. Pop them as soon as possible.

*1 boomerang Monkey with full upgrade. He's on the far right next to the ice tower so that his throwing arc can pop frozen black balloons.

*1 Super Monkey. Epic Range. He is between canon #2 and #3. You can still lose with a super monkey. While I was experimenting....I lost all 100 lives on level 50 because I was too confident in my Super Monkey.

Be careful about glue. Monkeys don't seem to be able to shoot things in glue. That includes the super monkey. I use glue around pink tack shooters when I need to slow things down for the shooters. This can be helpful in the levels 40+.

I never sell off a tower to buy another.

Once during my experiments I bought laser on my super monkey. Neat, but don't waste your money. Buy another super monkey instead. They are pretty cool

Oh, it is totally possible to win with no super monkey. You just need more towers and canons. You will also have to blacken the exits in the last couple of levels.

I love this game. I think the monkeys are darling.


lol its been a while since i did med but it was easy i put tons of tack towers all through the middle wiht upgrade everything and put some odd cannons/darts some places and i beat with 73 road spikes


Oh my gosh! I got so close to beating it and like evrything was going fine. I had like 100 lives left and then a bunch of black bloons got by on the last level and i lost. ugh!

Don't waste your time trying to get a super monkey! The regular units are about 1/2 as good but cost a lot less. Just get a lot of those!

I am never playing this game agian.

Okay so this isn't a spoiler and neither was the last one


i beat it thanks to the bomb tack strategy. 43 lives left... lots of tack carnage in the final battle -__-


Is there a way to know what each tower does?

For example, the boomerang. It can pop 2 ballon at once. If I upgrade multiple baloons how many ballons it can pop?

Is there a manual or something


Hey fjsaurora

Just so you know - I beat the hard leel without any spikes or glue! :D If you ask me I might give hint. Elseway good luck, I think there is only one way to do it!! :)


This game is easy..I beat easy, medium, and hard without losing any lives..The trick is to...

buy only cannons and do not upgrade them, start saving your money on about level 15 to place tack towers after beating level 20, do not upgrade the tack towers either, i know this sounds insane but trust me, put road spike directly on top of groups of black baloons and keep alternating buying cannons and tack towers without upgrading them until you beat the game, the trick to beating all three is using the road spikes on the black baloons, use this strategy to beat all three levels without losing any lives..enjoy!



It won't show up for me. :(


I finished Easy, Medium and Hard in one afternoon


I just use bomb and boomerang towers mainly.

pics of perfect wins on easy, medium and hard:



to win on hard first start out with a bomb tower. then place a boomerrang and upgrade it as soon as possible. keep on placing more and more bomb and boomerang towers and upgrade them all.
the boomerangs take care of the black balloons without using road spikes and the cannons destroy the lead. this about all you need to win on hard and the other towers are more of a waiste of money

ZeroHour May 11, 2008 1:36 PM

There are many strategies here. However my strategy is the best. How do I know? Because it yields the best possible results: I can win on hard without using spikes, without using glue, and without losing lives. If there is another strategy which can do this, the most you can say is that it's equal to mine in effectiveness.

General strategy: place towers as close as possible to the beginning of a path while at the same time touching the other path. Each of the two path entrances should have roughly equal numbers of towers.

Never upgrade the range for any tower. You always want more towers or better weapons instead.

Start off with dart monkeys until you reach four piercing-shot monkeys and one non-upgraded monkey. (You'll be at level 12). Trade in the non-upgraded monkey and two of the double-shot monkeys for two cannons.

Thereafter, aim to have an equal number of cannons and boomerang monkeys. Do not upgrade cannons. Always upgrade boomerang monkeys to multi-shot as soon as possible.

On most levels all balloons will be killed near the two entrances. Those that slip by your entrance arsenals will be handled by the entrance arsenal for the other path, since each tower must touch both paths.

kyle sheehan June 13, 2008 3:43 PM

1 of the most fun games rated 5 in my book its a good game and it can challenge me! Not many games like that.

fdsgdgf July 4, 2008 12:55 PM

Beat the game with 32 regular monkey towers and an extra range cannon. All the monkeys had piercing darts and it worked for easy medium and hard.


The best way to keep your lives is to pay attention to the game, and place road spikes where needed. Even with the best strategy balloons sometimes sneak by.

hotsauceeater July 18, 2008 9:14 PM

Walkthrough anyone?

explodingferret November 5, 2008 11:26 PM

Zerohour, you saved my sanity. Using your method I achieved this badge on kongregate:

Bloon Slaughterer Badge (hard - 30 points)
Complete level 50 with at least 40 lives remaining in "hard" mode in Bloons Tower Defense 2

(I've pasted the exact text so it can be found more easily on google and such :)

I had 50 lives remaining (losing 0 lives is awesome!) and although I DID to place a few spikes, it was MUCH fewer than with any method which involved building near the crossroads.

I ended up buying only four dart monkeys and selling two of them right away, then the other two a bit later because they were occupying prime positions.

This was the only method that left me with that beautiful "I AM INVINCIBLE!" feeling inside that none of the other methods gave me.

After a few false starts and thinking to myself "that Zerohour noob, what was he talking about?", I discovered that the starting dart monkey for the right-hand-side entrance (RHS) should be in between the points where the two paths curve away from each other, and the starting monkey for the left-hand-side entrance (LHS) should be flush against the right side of the entrance path with his range bubble just pushing off the edge of the screen at the top.

I had lots of problems before I realised that maybe I was taking your "close as possible to the beginning" advice too literally and placed them a bit further away.

I upgraded the left one to piercing shot first, then the left, then placed another monkey next to the first on the RHS, upgrade, then a monkey just to the right of the LHS monkey, then upgrade him too.

After this (and the use of maybe three or four sets of spikes), I got to level 13, wherein I sold a RHS monkey and bought a cannon; next level I sold a LHS monkey and bought a cannon

Then I followed the pattern of boomerang RHS, multi-target, boomerang LHS, multitarget, cannon RHS, cannon LHS. I didn't deviate from this at any point.

I didn't actually build the best way: The cannons fit nicely flush against the LHS entrance walkway, with the boomerangs just to the right of them; and on the RHS the boomerangs go nicely at the bottom of the inside of the loop, with the cannons just across the road (under the loop).

Since I actually didn't do it this way some of my boomerangs were pretty ineffective and I ran out of space a bit; I figure that if I'd put them in nicer places I could have finished the whole game with no more than about 5 spikes.

Here is my finishing screenshot; my end cash was really low because I spammed spikes, as it turned out this was MOSTLY unnecessary:


Anonymous January 29, 2009 1:58 PM

You MUST use Road Spikes to beat this game.

I finally beat the medium difficulty version, and I was placing about 15-30 spikes per level for the last 15 levels or so. Of course some levels were easier than others, so I kept track of how many spikes were actually needed, which caused me to undershoot and have to start over many times. My final setup was nothing more than a 4-cluster of tack shooters in the 4 good corners and an assload of spikes.

Now for hard...

Bomb towers FTW February 9, 2009 4:24 AM

I finished easy and medium without losing any lives but cant get through hard. anyway i read this thread and noticed there were some who needed 'detailed guides for easy,medium and hard'.

I couldnt bother to do that but i played easy once for fun to experiment what most people commented: BOMB TOWERS,BOMB TOWERS AND BOMB TOWERS.

Here's a guide and pic for easy


First i built a bomb tower in the middle..RIGHT in the middle..then one on its left, one on its right, and so and so..then ended up with the current 21(TWENTY-ONE) bomb towers..and added some dart monkeys and boomerangs and ice towers through the way. the boomerangs and ice towers work together to reveal the colours hiding under the black bloons..and the bomb towers go boom boom boom. Btw for the ice towers u can upgrade longer freeze time thats what i did but it didnt seem to harm or help. and for the boomerangs first upgrade the multitarget and then sonic boom, once u have ice towers. the 2 dart monkeys near the end practically didnt do anything, i put them there when i lost those 4 lives in under level 20 due to a yellow bloon but after that i started furiously building those awesome bombers so,yeah. i didnt upgrade the bomb towers, and u dont need that many of them they were just for fun. maybe for those on the far right u add radius upgrade so they can hit those at the first corner. and anyway in almost all stages except those with lots of black bloons, NO bloons escaped further than the first corner ( im serious. almost all levels, not beyond first corner. the path after the first corner is an extreme danger zone.

Its at lvl 49 cos at lvl 50 i scared people wont see the bomb towers covered by the medal. And i dont need to put a single tack or glue for lvl 50 thats for sure, for lvl 49 the bloons escaped only beyong 4th corner(they all died at the long straight.) have fun! =D


I had a super monkey and I got it somewhere around level 30. I tried upgrading it to a laser vision but it cost too much. Save up your money to buy a super monkey. That's how I got super monkey. I hoped that helped. Didn't finish the game with super monkey. I lost at level 43. :)

Anon (ymous) October 12, 2009 5:29 AM

Dude this game is so frustrating
I reached lvl 50 and sold 4 cannons and 6 tack shooters to upgrade to laser vision on my super monkey. I lost by two balloons. :*(

Anonymous December 9, 2009 7:45 PM

I won the first game! It was awesome! I was obsessed with this game.


i had 90~ lives on 49 and i finished easy with 10~ lives on my first try. level 50 was doozy


Easy and Medium levels were no problem. Medium was not much harder than easy but hard level is a huge jump from medium. Easy and medium load up with 3 cannons first then 3 boomerangs w/ upgrades then a few ice towers add another canon or two ca couple more boomerangs and ice towers when you get the money get a supermonkey and your golden


Well, I just finished Easy on BTF 2, and here's what I got (everything is fully upgraded):

2 Spike-0-paults
4 Bomb Towers
4 Dart Monkeys
2 Tack Shooters
1 Ice Ball
1 Monkey Beacon
1 Super Monkey

...with a 100 lives left. SPAM MONKEY STORM!!!

Fenniken June 16, 2019 2:58 AM

Am i late to say i love btd 1 through 6?


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