CGDC4: Audience Award

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audience prizeNow that we've seen all the entries, and while the judging is underway, we invite everyone to take part by voting for your favorite(s) out of the competition finalists. Each finalist is represented by its icon along with a "vote" button next to it. The vote button will take you to a PayPal donation form where you may donate $1 (USD) or more to the respective game. (You do not need a PayPal account to vote, PayPal accepts credit cards as well.)

We are limiting voting to only those who donate as it discourages ballot stuffing. And besides, it's only a dollar and these fantastic games are all worth more than that, don't you think? No one is obligated to vote, and all we are asking for is a single dollar from each of you.

At the end of the week, all of the votes will be tallied and the game that receives the most community votes will be awarded the Audience Prize of $200! and a Sierra Switchball game!

All proceeds* from your vote donations will go directly to the game designer(s) you voted for. Of course you may donate more than a dollar when you vote, though your vote will still count as just one vote. (*Your donation less any fees PayPal deducts prior to our receiving it. For reference: PayPal takes $0.33 from a one-dollar donation, but only $0.45 from a five-dollar donation.)

The deadline to vote is this Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 11:59 PM (GMT-5:00).

To cast your vote, simply use the PayPal ("Vote") link next to the game icon you wish to vote for, and then enter your donation amount in the PayPal form and click update total. Thank you kindly for your anticipated contributions of support for this very talented group of Flash game designers. =)

Total from voting... $652.89!
We have exceeded the donations record set by CGDC #3!!! Thanks to everyone who voted. Thank you for your kind support of these competitions.


Sweet--voting time :)

I do, however, want to point out two things.
First, everyone should vote! It is only one dollar--which is 1/10 of the cost of a movie, for (presumably) many more hours of fun. Not only that, but each of these developers and designers have put TONS of work into their games, and it is only with your support that you will be able to continue to play such amazing games.

The other thing I wanted to address was that, in addition to voting for your favorite game(s), I would suggest making a small donation to Jay's site as well. The reason why is that he and the rest of the JIG team have put in an extreme amount of work (between making the game UI, getting sponsors, answering questions, moderating comments, and all the other million things that go into this competition to make it a success--it is literally a full time job!). To do this, select *Vote for multiple submissions* and then in the comments section specify the amount you will be donating to the site. Through this small contribution, it is a way to give your thanks for all the fun this past week or so has given you.

If you are unable to do the above, then I am sure you can find other ways to contribute.... ;)

I just figured it was something that needed to be said :D

Anyhow, off to go replay these great games to see who I will be voting for!


I have only U$0,07 in my Pay Pal account.


Voted for 4 games + 1 "vote" for JIG :o)

Thanks to everyone that took part in the competition.
Hours and hours of fun is well worth $5.


I followed your lead, obtusegoose, except I had votes for 3 games and 2 for JIG :)

Fun across the board :)


I enjoy this part of the competition, voting and seeing how well my favourite games do. Jay, I'd also like to make a donation to the game "Roped!" as i really liked it, although it didn't make the final cut. is there a way i can do that? cheers, Andy.


If anyone would like to make a donation to one of the games not in the finals, I can relay the paypal address to you via private email.

Unfortunately, Damir does not have a paypal account on file with me, so I have nothing to relay for him at this time.


Weee, I just voted! Not going to tell you for which game though!

littlebum2002 October 16, 2007 9:45 PM

I am so confused. This is my first time voting at JIG.

Does my dollar go toward the game I vote for, or does it go into a pot for the winner? Please explain.


littlebum2002 -

Your dollar goes directly to the game designer you voted for. The top vote-getter also gets an additional $200.

You can donate more than $1 to any game. However, a $1 vote carries the same weight as a $10 vote (or any other amount).

In addition, you can split your donation any way you wish... just use the "Multiple Entry Voting" button at the top of the finalist list, and indicate in the PayPal comment section how you want the money to be split. This helps to reduce the amount of fees taken out by Paypal.


Saying that $1 is worth the price for these games is misleading. These games are embeded and stuck in the CGDC enveloppe and cannot be played offline.

That's a pitty. Internet is not a safe place for children, I cannot allow them to access Internet just to play on-line only CGDC games.

I would easily give $20 for some of them if they were released as true, downloadable games.

[Edit: Franp, I am sure most any of the participants of this competition would be thrilled to provide you with a version you can download for your children to play offline. If you let me know which ones you like, then I'll forward your email address on to the respective game designer(s), and you can work out the details with them. -Jay]

Boston Gamer October 17, 2007 9:53 AM

I'd like to see a running total of which games are leading the voting - that might encourage more people to chip in for their favorites to put them over the top!

Also, I feel bad for the winners of the Grow and Replay contests, since the prizes this time around are more than twice as valuable.


I just realized that when I voted, after giving $1 to three games, I gave $2 to Opps, sorry Jay, but I'm sure you know what I meant.

Great competition by the way. Congrats to all the developers. Keep up the great work.


Just a thought Jay and co. Why not keep this voting thing as a sticky at the top of the website? instead of letting it slide down the page and out of sight. after the effort put in by yourselves and the game developers i would have thought that it would be a pretty obvious thing to do to maximise the voting and donations. i doubt many people click on the 'competitions' link on the menu bar now that they know the competition is over.


It's a good thought, Andy.

And for our first couple of competitions that exactly what we did. And then a few people complained that it was difficult to know when other new content was posted, so we opted for the present formula.

The "replay" feature that appears at the top of every page, just under the menu, will display the "Audience Award" information 50% of all page views as a reminder about the voting and how much money has been received so far.

I believe it's a fair compromise, especially considering it shows up on all pages and not just the main JIG homepage. :)


Yay! I voted :)

2 for Contour.. so well done!
2 for Angular Momentum.. freaking awesome game!
2 for Tall Stump.. Wow, this entry was great!

and some for JIG :D


Well reminded OfficiallyHaphazard, rather silly of me to have overlooked that point.


@Boston Gamer:

Don't feel bad for the entrants to the previous competitions! Sure the prizes were half as much but there were also half as many entrants so they had double the chances of winning :)


Jay - I'm getting a Page Not Found error from Paypal after I enter the amount I'd like to pay in the multivote link. Any idea why this is happening? I've never had trouble voting before.


I thought I fixed that Hanoj. =/

That problem doesn't affect the posting of your votes/donations, it was a typo in the voting form for the page to return you to once the transaction is finished. I'll look into it again (I probably missed one - there's a lot of entries!)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Ok, after re-reading your comment, perhaps I misunderstood. You are getting a Page Not Found error when clicking "Update total" after entering your vote amount?

I just tried myself and did not experience the error. Perhaps try again?

BTW - The voting form has been fixed, so that shouldn't be a problem unless you are using a browser-cached version.


Following are the standings so far (as of the time of this comment GMT-5:00) in terms of dollar value. NOTE: the winner of the Audience Award will be determined by number of votes cast, not on dollar value. As we did for the previous competition, we are posting dollar values (net) as that still leaves some uncertainty regarding the actual number of votes cast for each, and yet it shines some light on how close the voting actually is:

The Tall Stump...............$65.67
Ballistic Wars...............$47.82
Angular Momentum.............$41.45
Absolute Awesome Ball Game...$30.79
Bug Bug in Sky Tower.........$29.59
Space Kitteh.................$26.17
Day of the Bobteds...........$20.64
Sky Blocs....................$20.13
Jig Easy, Sam................$12.62
Save the Planet..............$12.53
Bisection Dominion...........$12.23
Factory Balls................$12.06
Ballrooms....................$ 9.21
Stranded.....................$ 7.09
Fluke Ball...................$ 6.06
Rmvblls......................$ 5.50
Ballonius....................$ 4.15
Mr. MothBall.................$ 3.56
Chap Hai Way of the Dragon...$ 3.18
Balancing Act................$ 1.62
Roll.........................$ 1.61
Kaichou......................$ 1.58
Entropic Space...............$ 1.29
The Perfect Shot.............$ 0.68
Koogel.......................$ 0.68
Particle Blaster.............$ 0.68

We hope that by publishing this information more people will be motivated to vote for your favorite game(s). The votes are very close, we cannot stress that enough. There are only a few votes separating most of the field. Every vote counts in large amounts, and it's still anybody's race.

Carl Foust October 18, 2007 10:59 PM

I still have the cash from the last competition in my Paypal account. If only I could decide who I think deserves a vote!

There is some good data here if someone wanted to form theories on how to make a popular game. What do the high-scoring games have that the others don't?


"Every vote counts in large amounts."

DM reference?


Yes, Suho1004, I'm a big Depeche Mode fan. ^_^

And I cannot stress enough how important each vote is. The people who vote today are likely to decide who gets the audience prize, it's that close.


I want to vote, but sadly I can't, like last time...
Good luck to all those game developers! Some of these games were genius!


Hi, I want to vote but dont have Paypal, because I have no credit card. Is there another option? (Rabobank, for example).

Further, TypeKey doesnt seem to work. Im logged in, but it doesnt remember my info here. (Im using Firefox)


When will the Winner be shown? And of the other prices?


The voting hands vote for all they can? :DDD

Seems like we have a secret Mode-fan club panel here :DDD I'm in, for sure :D


Where do I vote for Depeche Mode? =)


So which game won?


An announcement including all the prize awards will be coming later today. Please be patient. :)


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