3 Cats Little Red Riding Hood

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3 Cats Little Red Riding Hood

MeaghanQuestion of the day: How can you possibly make cats more cute and appealing to a desensitized internet crowd? You put them in the story of Little Red Riding Hood and you turn it into a crafty room escape game. That's right, Choko-Chai has put those darling little kittens in 3 Cats Little Red Riding Hood and they're trapped in the room with the big bad wolf. Click arrows to move around the room, and your cursor will change when you hover over something you can interact with. Clicking on the cat in the bottom corner of your screen will bring out the helpful felines when you run into a task you can't complete on your own.

3 Cats Little Red Riding HoodYou'll find the tools of your escape hidden around the area, but puzzles are in your way as well. Undeniably cute is the first thought that pops to mind when looking at this game but it's more than a gateway to a cat addiction. The puzzles require an observant eye but don't demand an abstract train of thought and the length of play is a highly appreciated change from the usual modest escapes. You don't need to be a cat fancier to delight in this light hearted escape... though as an added bonus there are more cats as a reward if you get out.

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Walkthrough Guide

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3 Cats Little Red Riding Hood Walkthrough

  1. Pick up the broom to the right of the bed.

  2. Zoom in under the bed and notice the piece of paper just out of reach. Back up and click on the cat in the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on the middle cat and then click on the bed. Pick up the rumpled paper from the cat.

  3. Go right. Check out the bookcase to find that the books are crammed too tightly together. Summon the cats once more and press on the bookcase. Read each book thoroughly.

  4. The green book will be added to your inventory when you click on it. Choose the green book and hit the About button to investigate it further. Tap on the dog eared bottom pages until you're looking at the back of the book. Peel off the green paper by clicking on the bent part of it.

  5. Turn right again. Use the broom to get the blue paper from the top left corner of the ceiling.

  6. Tap the largest skillet hanging from the wall to move it and uncover a ladel. Grab the ladel and then dip it into the basket of water on the left side of the stove.

  7. Zoom in on the red pots on the shelf. Pick up the middle one to add the pot to your inventory. Select the pot and hit the About button. Examine the cap on the pot to take a peek inside. Grab the matches.

  8. While you're still zoomed in on the shelf with the pots notice the intricate swirls. You can shift the pots around by clicking on them to get a better view. Zoom out.

  9. Investigate the cabinet with the dishes and pick up the bowl stacked in with the plates to the left of the teapot. Move back.

  10. Notice the blue and red knobs to the left of the fireplace. Look at them more closely.

    • You will need to press on the blue or red in the correct sequence based on the clockwise and counterclockwise whirls you saw behind the pots.

    1. Red.

    2. Blue.

    3. Red twice.

    4. Blue.

    5. Red.

  11. Click on the doors to open them and pick up the pan. Notice on the right door there is a lock in need of a four digit code.

  12. Go right. There's a black piece of paper underneath the grandfather clock. Click on it to try and move it and notice that you can't. Bring out the cats. Click on the biggest cat first then the grandfather clock. Click on the medium sized cat and then the grandfather clock. Click on the smallest cat last and then the grandfather clock.

  13. Pick up the black paper and notice something on the wall is sparkling. Click on the medium sized cat and then the sparkling spot to retrieve a key.

  14. Take the candle on the right side of the door.

  15. Go left then go right again to return to the grandfather clock which is now turned around. Investigate and pick up the red paper.

  16. Move back and turn left to face the wall with the stove and cabinet. Use the key on the locked cabinet holding the dishes. Open it up and nab the flour. Look at the lockbox and notice the shape of the circles.

    • The order the circles need to be pressed is based on the sequence of the skillets hanging from the wall above the stove.

    1. Press the biggest circle first.

    2. Press the smallest circle.

    3. Press the second smallest circle.

    4. Press the remaining circle.

  17. When the box opens pick up the wooden spatula.

  18. Step back and examine the stove top. Place the pan on the stove top the pour the water filled ladel in followed by the flour. Move back and place the rumpled paper in the fireplace then light it with the matches.

  19. Go back to the pan and stir the ingredients together with the wooden spatula. Use the bowl to scoop up the glue.

  20. Move back and go left to face the wall with the desk and books. Zoom in on the candle holder on the desk and place the candle on it.

  21. Click on the black paper and hit About. Use the glue on the bottom edge where it says Paste Here.

  22. Choose the red paper and place glue on it. Do this same thing with the blue paper and green paper.

  23. Examine the black paper once more and place the red paper, blue paper, and green paper on the black paper. When done click on the black paper to roll it up into a cylinder.

  24. Place the black paper on the candle. Zoom in on the top of the cylinder and use the matches to light the candle. Go back and then zoom in on the cylinder. Notice the digits now visible.

    1. Blue= 6.

    2. Green= 8.

    3. Red= 5.

  25. Move back and go right and open the cabinet with the lock in it. The code needed to open this can be found with the numbers you just found and the math equation in the green book.

    • 8+5+(6x865). Order of operations means you multiply 865 by 6 then add 13 to it.

    • Code is 5203.

  26. Press the button when you enter the code and take the knife. Choose the pie and hit About Item. Use the knife on the pie. You receive a key. Back up and turn to the door and use the key.


OK. I'm stuck already.

I have the pie, matches, dish & blue paper. I have used the wok, ladle, broom, red jar and candle.

I can't use any of the items I have, and I seem to have checked everywhere. Help!

sullytyme March 15, 2013 12:30 PM


There's something sleeping in the corner. Why don't you try and wake it up?


Wow, I NEVER would have found that. Thanks!


Stuck. I have

the green book, and the paper candle shade with the numbers

but I can't seem to make the math work? I keep getting

a five digit number?


I'm having trouble

lighting the fire: "We can't make a fire with only a match" even though I've already

set up the wok and filled it with water and flour

and getting

the crumpled paper under the bed: "It's too far to reach."


Noelle: I had the same problem, then I realized my mistake.

Remember Order of Operations from math class.

I kicked myself for that.lol


@ Noelle:
you have to follow the order of operations. (multiply before adding)

6x865, then add 8+5, then add the two totals

so the answer is




time to ask for help!

kitty in the corner


I have

pie, spatula, matches, dish, and the black, red and blue papers

I've used

wok, flour, ladle, key, broom, pot and candle

no idea what to do now.


Thanks, LuLu! :) Don't know why I thought of it other times but not this time.


**facepalm* Thank you!


Now have

Pie, matches, glue and the black, red and blue papers


Finished now., don't need help

tabstopva March 15, 2013 1:56 PM

@SHAZAM: Do you have

a green object

that might contain

the green paper



When I got the knife, I'll admit, I thought this game was about to go in a very different direction.

And just when I think it's back on track, here comes amateur surgery.


There seems to be a bug, the lockbox won't go away.


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