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Wake Up The Box 2:
Office Edition

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4.3/5 (141 votes)

Wake Up The Box 2 is a physics puzzle that has you attaching various wooden pieces to objects in order to wake up the tie-wearing Mr. Box. The game includes interesting contraptions, new gameplay elements, and a few surprises along the way. It's a solid, casual game that fans of the series and physics-aficionados should enjoy. The title feels even more refined and smoother than its predecessor. Give it a try!

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Walkthrough Guide

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Wake Up the Box 2 Complete Walkthrough

Unlike other physics puzzles, the Wake Up The Box series involves combining various pieces of static shapes to other shapes in order to add mass and momentum to them. Remember that you're essentially adding weight to certain objects to make them move in certain ways.

  1. This level teaches you to attach wooden pieces with other wooden pieces, and it doesn't necessarily have to be on the edge. Just follow the instructions for the first level. Grab the circular wood part and place it in the dotted area to the right of Mr. Box, and down he goes...

  2. Behold, wood can't be combined with metal or brick. It can be combined with other wood pieces, though. Just attach the horizontal piece to the right side of the spinning wheel and watch Mr. Box's flimsy contraption fall down.

  3. Aha, a new object to the Box series: dark purple-textured objects that are "aggressive" to wood. These special objects will make anything they touch that's made of wood disappear. Make Mr. Box's wooden platform vanish by attaching the vertical piece to the bottom of it. This causes the dark purple piece to touch the whole wooden platform, sending Mr. Box to the bottom.

  4. Staples? I think Eugene Karataev means paper clips. Oh well. This level shows that the "aggressive" texture will make paper clips disappear too. Just lengthen the hammer's handle by adding few extra box shapes to the left side. This will send the pivoting hammer head up towards the paper clips. Be careful not to make the hammer head go too fast, or it will take out the wooden circle that's waking up Mr. Box.

  5. On this level you get to see a neat walking contraption on wakeup duty. Just place the vertical piece on the pivoting arm of the block as it rotates toward the 12 o'clock position and watch the block shamble towards Mr. Box, knocking him over.

  6. Awww, how cute... Mr. Box is sleeping next to the wooden man-shaped object. Notice how the man's right pivot arm is being held in place by the wooden scale above him? Just tilt matters by attaching the circle to the left side of the scale, and watch the wooden man give Mr. Box a push...

  7. Everyone likes trampoline! Everyone but a sleeping Mr. Box, that is. Help wake him up by adding more girth to the small bouncing wooden ball. Just attach the large circle piece to the small wooden ball and let the trampoline do the rest.

  8. This one's called mutual annihilation for a reason. Just attach the wooden piece to the wooden "plane" holding the "aggressive" bomb. The moving, aggressive cloud will hit it and make the plane disappear, causing the bomb to hit the house that Mr. Box is sitting on.

  9. This is madness! Re-enact the scene from "300" by putting the circle piece on the far-left side of the see-saw on top of the screen, causing the aggressive weight to fall on the block holding the wooden man's foot in place.

  10. Okay, now we get to the trickier puzzles. First attach your circle piece to the upper-left part of the pendulum. This will cause the ball to miss the bottom metal portion. Before it gets there, attach the long horizontal piece to the bottom-left section of the lower wooden block, so it lies right above the pit. The ball will hit that (and Mr. Box's lower platform) before touching the pit, waking up Mr. Box.

  11. To beat this one, attach the horizontal piece to the third circle on the right, causing the aggressive stone hit the paperclips, cutting the weight loose and making Mr. Box fly off his perch.

  12. This one requires quick placement. Attach the first piece to left-segment holding the three metal balls. If you place it right, the rotating level should hit it, causing the balls to spill down. Quickly place your other piece on the right-most edge of the other wooden platform. This will block the balls so they fall into the hole and get pushed into Mr. Box by the wooden pusher-block.

  13. There are two rotating wooden wheels here, but you only need to focus on the first one on the left to wake up Mr. Box. Just add a horizontal piece to the left edge of the wheel, then wait for it to come around again and extend the piece with a second one. Now add the vertical piece when the wheel comes around again, and it should be long enough to snag the tethered ball and knock Mr. Box off his perch.

  14. The quickest way to beat this level is to add the horizontal piece to the left side of the vertical wooden pole in the middle of the screen, near the top. This will cause the pivoting pole to fall to the left, taking the aggressive block with it. The block should miss the aggressive circle, instead hitting the wooden platform at the bottom of the screen, sending Mr. Box tumbling down.

  15. Halfway done! Attach the square piece to the bottom of the scale on the right side of the screen. This will cause the aggressive circle to roll. Before it rolls to the second brick platform, attach the vertical piece in the gap between the two platforms, touching the wooden platform. The aggressive circle will make the platform disappear, and cause the large wooden circle to roll on the paperclips and knock off Mr. Box.

  16. This one's fun. Just add the large circle piece to the smaller circle above, making sure they overlap quite a bit and the whole thing leans over the right side. The circle will roll towards the catapult, sending the aggressive pellet towards the paperclips, and the hammer will fall under Mr. Box.

  17. You can beat this level with only three pieces. Attach a horizontal piece to the left side of the bottom circle, around 9 o'clock. As it leans downward, add another horizontal piece to the end of that. Repeat this a third time, and your makeshift "leg" will kick Mr. Box, sending him rolling off screen.

  18. See how the rotating piece has indestructible metal on the bottom? Wait until the platform rotates 270 degrees, and place your vertical piece at the bottom of the wooden platform. It will jam when it hits the brick platform, leaving the metal piece facing up. The rolling aggressive contraption will proceed to knock Mr. Box into wakefulness.

  19. What a cool walking contraption! Notice how the device walks up the wall when the pegs are spaced just so? Help it walk higher by adding the horizontal platforms in the proper spacing above the bricks on the left and right. Finish it off by adding the vertical piece to the upper-middle portion of the contraption, and it will poke Mr. Box and wake him up.

  20. See momentum at work! Attach the first circle to the right-most vertical stick, near the bottom, and to the right. Watch the stick bounce off the trampoline and make the sticks fall to the left. A perfect ramp! Now just add the small circle to the circle at the top of the ramp (protruding slightly to the right) and it should roll down and hit Mr. Box.

  21. This is one of the trickiest levels in the game. You need to hook Mr. Box's sleeping platform to wake him up. Place the first vertical piece at the end of the horizontal wooden piece near the middle of the brick platform. Place the horizontal piece on top of that one, so the right edge is just touching Mr. Box's head. Place the next vertical piece so it's just to the left of Mr. Box, acting like a hook that can grab Mr. Box's sleeping platform. Now, carefully place the last vertical piece so the upper-left edge of it is exactly touching the 9 o'clock position on the spinning wheel. If you don't place it exactly right, the platform will not get snagged correctly, so restart if necessary, and try placing it a little higher.

  22. Quickly place the first diagonal piece so the bottom right portion touches the upper-right edge of the top-most block. If done correctly, the blocks will form a ramp for the rolling wooden circle after the aggressive circle takes out the piece holding the blocks. Once the ball rolls down the ramp, place your vertical piece exactly next to Mr. Box, through the gap. The circle should roll down and hit the piece, sending Mr. Box down.

  23. The train is coming! You don't need the first circular piece - just place it in the bottom-left corner of the wooden support in the lower-left portion of the screen. Now give that paperclip bridge support by placing the horizontal piece just below it, either on the left side or the right. Make sure it's placed as close to the paperclips as possible. The train should get across and survive enough to hit Mr. Box.

  24. Neat physics trick with the trampoline, huh? To give the stick enough momentum to poke Mr. Box off, just add the circle to the bottom of the stick on its way up toward Mr. Box after the third bounce.

  25. Place your first horizontal piece so the edge is touching 3 o'clock on the rotating circle. When it comes around to the 9 o'clock position, place your vertical piece so it's nice and straight, about a quarter of a way from the left edge. It should be enough to poke Mr. Box off his spot when it comes around.

  26. This level can be beaten with only one piece! Just wait for the pinwheel on the contraption to move to the left. Place your vertical piece so the upper edge touches the lower edge of one of the pinwheel spokes. It will then jam the mechanism and cause the whole thing to wheel right instead of left, and eventually push Mr. Box off his platform.

  27. Wait for the aggressive circle to roll down the platform and take out the block jamming the mechanism. Once it's gone, you can place the big wooden circle at the top of the wooden circle on the left. This will add momentum to the block that pokes Mr. Box awake.

  28. Place the circle piece on the left side of the small circle so it falls onto the wooden platform. Place the horizontal piece so the left edge is touching 12 o'clock on the circle you just placed. Put the vertical piece on the lower-right section of the wooden platform. The aggressive piece will strike the wooden platform, making it disappear and causing your new catapult to poke Mr. Box into consciousness.

  29. Add your first vertical piece to the upper-left edge of the first platform on the left. Add your second vertical piece to the upper-right edge of the second platform in the lower-right. Finally, add the last vertical piece to the right-most circle, just to the left. It will cause the other circle to break free, and do a double-jump swing to take out Mr. Box.

  30. Last level! This one requires the trickiest placement yet. Place your first horizontal piece onto the small circular wooden piece supporting the aggressive ball, just to the right of the large circle. This will swing down, cutting the ball loose and releasing four small wooden balls, which roll down. Place your second horizontal piece on the circle supporting the aggressive ball in the upper-left, releasing that ball. You want to time it so at least one wooden ball survives the slope while two aggressive balls touch each other. Wait for three balls to disappear before placing the piece. Now the hard part: Place the final diagonal piece so the edge is sticking slightly through the lower-right portion of the wooden piece at the bottom of the slope. It should form a sort of protruding L shape. If you place it right, the ball will get caught in the angle, tipping it over and hitting Mr. Box. This one may take many restarts until you place it exactly right!


Anonymous October 7, 2010 8:16 AM

i am really stumped on level 21. i can't access youtube so can't see the walkthrough. anyone want to give me some hints?


I'm stuck on 13. Anyone got it yet?


My friend and I were playing this a few days ago and got stuck on level 21, thanx J-Witz! =D


I don't like this version. I didn't know where to even start with some of the puzzles and had to look at the walkthrough.

And by the way, I hate when the level that you're on isn't indicated anywhere on the game's screen and you have to go back out to the main menu to figure out where you are.


I got 21 the long way...

So I did the whole hook-setup on the right with mr. box, but I guess i put the last peice wrong, and it threw the hook up into the top and all i had left was the base of the dragging piece. so, the arm attached to the spinning wheel kept hitting the block and knocking into mr. box, slowly waking him up. It was slow, but it worked.


I like this series of games, but this one wasn't very challenging at all.


huge fan of wake the box one. this one is disappointing. the music had some abrupt changes so lost its effect. the puzzles weren't interesting. also i prefer designs where there can be more than one way to solve something. i like finding a solution that later (when i look) isn't in the walkthrough. these forced mostly single solutions with little flare. the purple which erased wood was annoying and not in a challenging, good way. just not fun. might a suggest the next game, set the box on fire? this one just didn't feel mousetrappy. missed the mark. also the difficulty was either nonexistent or too high. no decent ramp up in difficulty. blechhh. still i won it but feel no sense of accomplishment (in casual game sense.). much preferred red box eliminator.


This game is not too bad, but the levels are either too easy or too hard. Some levels rely too much on timing, making the annoyance factor rather high.

Anyway, for level 30, there is an easier solution, with minimal timing needed.

Put the first horizontal piece at the right edge of the wooden plank. The combined wood rests on the brick platform below with the first horizontal piece extruding from the platform on the eight side. Put the second horizontal piece at the tiny wooden circle just on the right of the huge wooden circle, releasing the aggressive piece. It will release four small wooden balls, of which one will survive. Before the ball reaches the platform, put the third diagonal piece below the first horizontal piece, with one edge touching the first horizontal piece and the other edge just to the right of Mr Box. The surviving small ball will roll off the wooden structure, adding weight to the structure causing it to rotate, and resulting in Mr Box being pushed off.


i just cant get past level 14 i've tried everything!!!


I got the last level first shot ;D


lol i am on 21 and stuck and also i have a netbook that dosent work utube and it a pain in th @$$

Anonymous January 22, 2011 8:37 PM

The last level has an easier solution using only two pieces and without any timing problems:

Put the first horizontal piece in the rightmost small wooden ball, sticking out to the left. Place it so the rightmost edge of the piece is exactly in the center of the ball.

You should end up with the plank that starts on the board on the lower platform leaning left (but not touching the middle platform).

Then put the next plank on the left-hand side of the plank on the board, and it should spin around and poke Mr. Box from the left.


you can actually do the last level in 1 block

place the first block on the right hand side of the straight block almost directly above him

emeraldnana March 11, 2011 12:46 PM

In Wake the Royalty, I do not understand what is needed for level 14. A vertical bar, a horizontal bar and another vertical bar, one royalty moving across to the right, another royalty sleeping on a swing. So far, in 3 weeks of sporadic play, nothing I do wakes more than a small eyelid? I suspect that my system is inadequate but maybe not.

Help ?

[Please do not post questions about Wake the Royalty on our Wake Up The Box 2 review. Please use this page to post your question: https://jayisgames.com/archives/2010/02/wake_the_royalty.php ...this comment will be scheduled for deletion soon. -Jay]

Chromestone May 8, 2011 2:35 PM

Level 22 is a living hell, pain in the horse, cigarette butt. How do you even do it? The walkthrough for it dosn't make sense! Horse crap.

Chromestone May 21, 2011 4:50 AM

Goes for level 21 too.


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