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Sneak Thief 1: Prime Catch

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Sneak Thief 1: Prime Catch is a point-and-click adventure from Pastel Games where you play a thief, a sneaky one if the title didn't tip you off. In it, you're tasked by a man called Don Fabiano to retrieve the inventions of Prof. Bellamy. For your efforts, you will be paid top money and isn't that the best kind of money?

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Walkthrough Guide

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  1. Grab screwdriver

  2. Click to the right to turn toward the grate

  3. Use screwdriver on grate

  4. Get piece of paper

  5. Click the bottom of the screen, then go left

  6. Click the desk, then click the bottom of the screen

  7. Click the tubelick the circular object, enter the code from the paper you just got. When the draw opens click inside to grab the fish net

  8. Click the top of the screen twice, then go left

  9. Click the TV screen, notice how the monkeys are positioned

  10. Go right one screen, click on the desk

  11. Make the monkeys match those on the TV

    Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil

  12. Click the tube, then click the newly added blueprint in your inventory to view it

  13. Click the top of the screen twice, then go to the right twice

  14. Grab the drinking glass

  15. Go to the right

  16. Grab the knife embedded in the book on the left

  17. Click the lampshade, grab the lightbulb

  18. Click the fishbowl, use the fishnet on the fishbowl, click the fishbowl

  19. Go back, go to the right

  20. Click the phone

  21. Use knife on the wire, grab wire, go back

  22. Go to the right, click the clock

  23. Set the minute hand at 12 and the hour hand at 5, click the device

  24. Go back, click the chair

  25. Use knife of the chair, grab gem

  26. Go back, go two screens to the right

  27. Use the device and the light bulb on the coat rack.

  28. Use the fish bowl on the space right next to the coat rack.

  29. Use the wire on the space in between the coat rack and the fish bowl.

  30. Use the gem on the device

Sorry, this is my first time putting a walkthrough together. I hope it was coherent and useful.

UPDATE: The errors in the walkthrough have (finally) been corrected.


Rather disappointed that the game starts out by saying 5 items, and you're done after you quickly get 1 :/


Pretty straight forward game. I like it alot.

I'm stuck at

the part where I have to find the jewel to activate the contraption.



use the sword to cut open the chair :)


Ah, yet another PastelGames game. Unfortunately, this game could have used some 'onHover cursor changing' over movement hot spots like arrows. That said I've enjoyed the game so far but am stuck despite knowing what it is I need to do.

The red telephone feels like a literal red herring right now though there is a part from it that I would like to grab if I could. Odds are I've missed a tool somewhere or the right hotspot. The color scheme works well to help you know what is important but if you miss the 'hidden' blue stuff its rather frustrating...


Finished game. A little searching but nice short game.


That was fun! Very 'Pink Panther' sort of mood. Solved it easily enough, but:

What was the deal with the 2nd TV screen? The one that said 'error'? It had clickable buttons but didn't seem to do anything. Red herring?

davy crickett September 10, 2010 6:57 PM


look closely at the "fishbowl on table" scene. there's an important tool that's easy to overlook. it has 2 purposes, which i'm sure you'll recognize quickly.

how can this be categorized as anything other than "escape the room?"

its short alright. the video walkthrough on YouTube is 2:07 from standing in front of the desk to out! thankfully, it takes a bit longer than that to solve it the first time, LOL!

well crafted little time killer. i'd recommend this to anyone with at least 2:07 to spare.


One thing I dont like:

You cant zoom and tear the chair until you get the crystal

Patreon VIP Chiktionary September 10, 2010 7:31 PM

Where is this


you speak of Artic?

Patreon VIP Chiktionary September 10, 2010 7:34 PM

Never mind...


Great game, Brad! A few confusing bits but hooray for no pixel hunting.

Humppakummitus September 11, 2010 4:53 AM

I got stuck once. I didn't understand you could

drag the clock hands

. How embarrasing.

Time for criticism!

- When you point at an inventory item it moves upwards, dodging the cursor. Only Steve Jobs gets away with this one. :)
- When you want to put an inventory item back, you have to point at the exact item, which is a bit unnecessary. How about just dropping it anywhere on the inventory bar.
- Zoom out areas aren't marked. I had to guess which corner works in each screen.

You give the player a screwdriver that only works on one set of screws.


Sorry, I'm completely unable to assemble the thingy at the end.. I've tried every click at every point with every item. Nothing works...

The Great Dane September 11, 2010 10:36 AM

Nice game. But VERY easy. It wins on the presentation, but the puzzles could be more challenging.

I love the humour - especially when the fish lies in the glass.


can't do...

the clock. I set it at 4:00 but doesn't work. the note on this says to look at something on the screen left but no matter what i do,doesn't work. Any ideas?



Add an hour


question toward the end

where to you put all 4 items on the coat rack? i can only put the gadget and lightbulb on it. the other 2 i cannot figure out. Any ideas?

OCYorkieMom September 11, 2010 5:25 PM

Nice short game. Can't wait for the next episode. Hope it a little more challenging...



fish tank - on the floor around where the door is
wire - between fish tank and coat rack.


I have everything for the end part. But what is the Device? I'm not able to put anything any where after I do the bulb and bowl.


Very nice game, highly remeniscent of the Escape From... series.

But whenever a new Mateusz game comes out, there's a tiny part of me thinking "Why isn't he working on the next SubMachine, darnit?" :-). They're always so cool it's a very tiny part, though.

Everyone having trouble with the endgame:

It's all on the blueprint: lightbulb at the top, fishbowl at the side, clock innards in the upper-middle and wire from the clock to the fishbowl. Then the gem in the middle of the clock.


Did anyone ever find a use for the

second television screen with the pushable buttons?

Other than that one unused object, this was a really fun game. I like easy ones every once in a while.


Wow, that WAS easy. I can't remember the last time I actually beat a point n' click game without looking at a walkthrough!

Fun, though.


I think I have found a frustrating glitch. No matter how many times I program in the 3 symbol code on the drawer lock, it plays the animation showing the lock falling off, and then zooms out to display the lock still on the drawer.

I've tried this so many times, and it never lets me in the drawer after I unlock the lock. Anyone else have that issue?


I think there's a couple of things missing from the walkthrough...


I think the clock hand goes to 5, not 4


there's no mention of the blueprints, which you need to be able to put the gem in the device.

And of course I can't find those! o.O


For those of you having problems with the clock

I was looking at the wrong clock. I was actually looking at the guage which, according to the walkthrough, is on the left of the clock. The real clock is above the chair. Doh...

My time was 5.00 so I don't know if there's a mistake in the walkthrough or if it's a randomised time.

I am registered but can't remember my user name. Bad memory!


Your spoiler fails, you give the incorrect time to set the clock.


Play Sneak Thief 1: Prime Catch...


A couple of minor annoyances, but what bothered me in particular was that there were no arrows to indicate zooming out or switching screens. Even though I knew it, I still couldn't shake off the feeling that maybe, just maybe there was an object close to the end of the screen that I had to find, and ended up switching screens back and forth several times during the game.

Other than that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable 10 or so minutes.


and if you look carefully, you can see that you don't need to do the actions in an order except the scene that needs a knife


Alright so, it took me about 20 minutes just to figure out how to

cut the freaking chair open.

I didnt know you had to zoom in first -.-


where do you get the dovis on the clock?


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