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Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4

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4.4/5 (275 votes)

The monkey is back! Or rather, one big monkey and lots of adorable little ones. In the newest instalment of the Monkey GO Happy series, as usual, your job is to put a smile on your furry friend's face by solving point-and-click puzzles. This time, however, each level has three coins which you can collect and buy toys for the mini-monkeys. In a word, adorable.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Monkey GO Happy Marathon 4 Walkthrough

Stage 1

Click on the chair to make the waiter fall over it.

Stage 2

Click on the fisherman's boot to make it fall into the water, then click on the float.

Stage 3

Click on the door to open and close it repeatedly, until the snow from the roof falls on the kid.

Stage 4

Open the fridge, click on the energy drink to make it fall out, click on the turtle to make it drink.

Stage 5

Click on the mouse under the table, then on the bottle on the table.

Stage 6

Open the shed, take the paint brush and paint the donkey.

Stage 7

Click on the clown's suspenders to make them fall off.

Stage 8

Click on the egg to make it hatch, then take the drum stick and give it to the dinosaur.

Stage 9

Click on the rock at the right side of the pool, then on the eel to make it come out.

Stage 10

Click on the bonus balls.

Stage 11

Click on the window to open it and let the wind in.

Stage 12

Click on the cutlass on the right side of the ring, use it on the rope tied around the ladder on the left, then click the ladder to make it fall.

Stage 13

click on the trash can on the right to make the bread fall out, then click on the pigeon, and click on it again when it's in the tree.

Stage 14

Click on the cactus to take it, then on cowboy to make him stand up. While he's standing, put the cactus on the rock he sits on.

Stage 15

Click on the brick in the wall to the right to take it, use it to smash the padlock on the apple truck.

Stage 16

Click on the car trunk to get the petrol, then on the lighter in the shopping cart. Pour the petrol into the barrel, then light it with the lighter.

Stage 17

Take the bread and the magic potion. Open the window, put the bread on the sill. Wait for the bird to come, then pour the potion over it.

Stage 18

Take the key in the left corner, open the door with it.

Stage 19

Take the spoon, use it to take some batter from the red bowl. When the batter is poured into the pan, click on the pan to send the pancake flying.

Stage 20

Click on the bonus balls.

Stage 21

Take the log on the left, put it in the river.

Stage 22

Press the red button to make the man in the game jump. Jump just before reaching a ladder to climb it. The goal of the game is to get to the dollar sign.

Stage 23

Click on the satellite dish thingy, then click on the lever.

Stage 24

Punch in the code 2318008.

Stage 25

Open the door, take the manhole cover lifter, lift the manhole cover.

Stage 26

Match the colours of the triangles to the drawings they're pointing at. Blue for the wave, white for the snowflake, yellow for the sun and grey for the rain.

Stage 27

Take the trash can, put it over the guy's head. Take the magnifying glass and use it to burn the guy's behind.

Stage 28

Slick on the dog to make it poo. Take the poo and put it on the kid's ice-cream.

Stage 28

Click on the bonus balls.

Stage 30

  1. Go to the second floor and take the fly.

  2. Go to the third floor and give the fly to the lizard, take the key it spits out.

  3. Take the light bulb.

  4. Open the window and take the valve. Note the colourful lines on the wall.

  5. Go back to the first floor and put the light bulb into the green socket.

  6. Put the valve on the green pipe and turn it. Note the colourful lines on the wall.

  7. Go to the second floor and open the door with the key, take the broom.

  8. Click on the globes around the safe according to the colourful lines on the walls: top left red, top right green, bottom left yellow, bottom right blue.

  9. Go to the third floor, take the wing from the vent.

  10. Go to the first floor, use the broom on the pipe opening, take the other wing.

  11. Go to the second floor, put the wings on the dragon.


Wow. These Monkeys sure enjoy schadenfreude.


Yeah... I found the schadenfreude a little disconcerting. Are they running out of ways to make the monkeys happy perhaps? One thing that bugged me...

To write BOOBIES in a calculator is 5318008 because you turn it upside-down. So even though it gave the clue "reversed", I kept trying 5 instead of 2. Not that I've ever written BOOBIES on a calculator of course. I'm far too mature. ;)


Since there isn't a level reset, make the balloon your last purchase. I made it my first and it messed me up on level 28 when I inadvertently clicked the balloon when I meant to click the ice cream. It confused the game and lost the poo, and forced me to start over.

robinvencel August 29, 2013 5:29 PM

Hi Zeke, I took a look at the level you mentioned with the dog poop and made some changes. Hopefully the level should work now so if you're ever in the mood to replay please give it a go. Thank you for playing Pencilkids Games!

There were a small number of levels where your goal was a childish prank but the overall message of the game for the majority of the levels was to have you as a enforcer of right and wrong, you punished the bullies in the levels. eg: a kid destroying a snowman and being mean, a circus owner hitting an elephant, bride bullying the groom, a shark wanting to eat a small fish, an old man swinging his cane at pigeons, a cowboy wanting to shoot a coyote, a car speeding in a school zone, a kid burning ants, another kid being mean at a dog, a cat wanting to eat a fish etc......

The message of the game was certainly NOT to cause harm to anyone aimlessly.

I don't think Schadenfreude is the correct term to use.

Schadenfreude Definition: pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others



@Robin What about

tripping the waiter carrying a lot of fragile dishes, pantsing the juggling clown, or ruining this one guy's house of cards just as he was going to put the last one on top?

Seems to me like monkeys are jerks.

robinvencel August 29, 2013 10:36 PM

Hi Rygar, yes you are correct that those are the few levels I left in as childish pranks. I guess I did not realize that pulling down a cartoon clowns pants or ruining a house of cards was going to cause an over reaction and label the monkeys attitude "schadenfreude" when 90% of the games levels are positive.
I will make sure to cut all levels which could be labeled "schadenfreude" out of my future Monkey GO Happy Games :) Thanks for playing anyway :)


@RobinVencel... Who's overreacting? Observing what is present in the game and using the correct term for it is hardly an overreaction.

"Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others" perfectly describes making the monkey happy by slapping a hungry person in the face with a pancake or causing an overweight man to fall and get stuck in a manhole.

Schadenfreude isn't everyone's taste in humour, but nobody is saying that it should be removed from future games. Looks like the only person overreacting is you. For the record 66.6% of the levels have a positive message, not 90%.

vulpisfoxfire August 31, 2013 10:48 AM

Hate to say it, but Schadenfreude fits in *all* the cases--whether they actually 'deserved' it or not, you're still taking joy from the misfortunes of others. Then again, that's been true for a long long time--it's tragedy when it happens to you, it's comedy when it happens to someone else..

robinvencel August 31, 2013 5:13 PM

Hi Guys :) I hope I didn't come across like I'm over reacting to your comments, that was not my intent, just please understand that I put my heart and soul into my games as most creators. I sit by the computer late into the night hoping to create something positive, so when I feel my intentions may have gotten misunderstood and may have a negative impact on how the game is perceived then I try and explain myself.

I'm always happy to hear your criticism and always use your comments to better my games. So thank you for playing and commenting and I hope you will keep playing the games in the future even if they happen to be Schadenfreude :) haha


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