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Monkey GO Happy Adventure

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4.3/5 (201 votes)

An evil king has stolen the monkeys' favorite playthings, making them go very sad. Make the monkeys happy again by going on a point-and-click puzzle adventure. Explore the kingdom, gathering up helpful objects and using them correctly to work your way into the castle and rescue the toys. As long as you aren't squeamish about a stinky spider poo, completing your quest quickly should be no problem. Which is a good thing—the sooner you finish, the sooner the simian weeping turns to joyful leaping.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Happy GO Monkey Adventure Walkthrough

Scene 1: Village Center

  1. Pick up the 3 coins that are in plain sight:

    • bottom left corner of the barn (1/20)

    • between barn and butcher (2/20)

    • on the "shop" roof (3/20)

  2. Move the bush in the bottom right corner of the screen:

    • pick up the fourth coin (4/20)

  3. Enter the "butcher's"...

    • Grab the SMALL FLY that's buzzing around the sack in the corner.

    • Click on the butcher to find out price of the ham leg; come back when you have 10 coins to buy it.

    • Exit the butcher's shop.

  4. Enter the "SHOP"...

    • Pick up the EMPTY JAR in the corner.

    • Learn from the shopkeeper that you need 10 coins to buy carrots.

  5. Go forward to scene 2.

Scene 2: Well at the Crossroads

  1. Pick up the 4 coins that are in plain sight:

    • on the ground between the mini-monkey and your monkey (5/20)

    • at the bottom of the signpost (6/20)

    • perched on the "forest" directional sign (7/20)

    • on the grass at the edge of the well (8/20)

  2. Click on the dog and read the sign on the well: put something in it to make it bigger.

  3. Go left to scene 3.

Scene 3: Spider Cave

  1. Pick up the 3 coins that are in plain sight:

    • on rock, left edge of the screen (9/20)

    • just above the pink stone (10/20)

    • at bottom of the "smell spider poo" sign (11/20)

  2. Click on spider to see it wants something, but currently nothing in your inventory works.

  3. Go right two times to reach scene 4.

Scene 4: Gingerbread House

  1. Pick up 2 coins in plain sight:

    • on the grass below the berry bush (12/20)

    • on the ground below the gingerbread house (13/20)

  2. Move aside the bush on the left to reveal...

    • another coin; pick it up (14/20)

  3. Pick the WEIRD BERRIES from the bush.

  4. Try to grab the gingerbread man from the house, but it won't let you near it.

  5. Go left then forward to scene 5.

Scene 5: Castle Gate

  1. Get the 3 coins that are in plain sight:

    • on the pathway, bottom left corner of the screen (15/20)

    • by the guard's coffee mug (16/20)

    • on the grass between the mini monkey on the right and your monkey (17/20)

  2. Make a note of how that guard drinks from his mug, that the castle gate has a red keyhole and of the markings on the flags along the castle's wall.

  3. Go right to scene 6.

Scene 6: Ant Hill

  1. Get 2 coins from plain sight:

    • on the grass in the bottom left corner of the scene (18/20)

    • at the bottom of the ant hill (19/20)

  2. Move aside the bush on the right...

    • get the last coin (20/20)

  3. Pick up the STICK.

  4. Click the large ant to see it wants a gingerbreadman cookie.

  5. Return to scene 1 by going left twice and then down.

Return to the Village Center: Shopping

  1. Enter the butcher's...

    • Buy the HAM LEG by dragging your coins to the butcher.

  2. Exit the butcher and enter the other shop...

    • Buy the CARROTS by dragging the rest of your coins to the shopkeeper.

  3. Leave the shops and go forward to the Growing Well.

Return to the Well: Doggie Bye Bye and Fly

  1. Give the HAM LEG to the dog.

  2. Open the well and put the SMALL FLY (from inside the butcher's shop) inside it. Now you have a GIANT FLY.

  3. Go left to the spider cave.

Return to the Spider Cave: Padlock Key and Poo

  1. Use the STICK (found by the ant hill) to lift up the pink stone...

    • Get the PADLOCK KEY

  2. Give the GIANT FLY to the spider....

    • Use the EMPTY JAR to collect some SMELLY POO.

  3. Go back to the village.

Village Center, Again: Inside the Barn

  1. Use the PADLOCK KEY (from under the stone by the spider cave) to open the barn. Click the door to open it then go inside...

  2. Give the CARROTS to the horse.

  3. Take the PITCHFORK.

Gingerbread House Redux: Gingerbread Man

  1. From the village center, go forward then right to return to the gingerbread house's forest.

  2. Use the PITCHFORK (from the horse in the barn) to grab the GINGERBREAD man

  3. Go right, forward and then right again to return to the ant hill.

Return to the Ant Hill: Gingerbread Gift

  1. Give the GINGERBREAD to the ant.

  2. Get the RED KEY.

  3. Go left to the front of the castle.

Entering the Castle Gates

  1. Put the WEIRD BERRIES in the guard's mug. He'll drink them and fall asleep.

  2. Next, use the RED KEY to unlock the castle. Click the door to open it and go inside.

You're Getting Closer: Inside the Castle

  1. Use the JAR WITH SMELLY POO to scare away the guards.

  2. Pick up the STRANGE DIAL in the corner below the torch on the left.

  3. Click on the treasure chest on the right...

  4. Go left twice to visit the "Growing Well" again:

    • Put the tiny gold key into the well to make a HUGE GOLD KEY.

  5. Go forward, re-enter the castle, and use the HUGE GOLD KEY to unlock the inner door.

Opening the Toy Vault: Victory!

  1. Once inside the final room, put the STRANGE DIAL (found in the first room of the castle) on top of the large vault.

  2. Next, click on the dial and solve the puzzle...

    • Moving first the black, then the white and finally the yellow clock hands, enter the correct settings on the dial.


      The answer is written on the front of the vault. Yellow Roman numerals 16 equals 4 o'clock on the dial (16:00 hours), while the black 22 refers to 10 o'clock (22:00 hours), and white 8 is simply 8 o'clock on the dial...

      Screenshot: Vault Dial Solution

  3. With the toys freed from the vault, your adventure is a success. Congratulations!


I had to disable adblocker so this game would load. I've never had that happen before.


I meant enable, sorry. It played an ad and then the window vanished and nothing happened. I refreshed twice to no avail and then turned my adblocker back on and it worked. I disabled it again after I played it.


*Two* video ads before the game starts? Automatic one shroom.


Why wouldn't you guys want Jayisgames to get paid?

They're providing a valuable service. I adblock a bunch of stuff, but these guys are on my whitelist.


I would humbly request that if you dislike the ads enough not to play, you refrain from voting, because a vote is supposed to be for the game itself, and by voting for it without playing you're doing the game and the system a disservice. :)


"Why wouldn't you guys want Jayisgames to get paid?"

I do want them to get paid popjunky, that's why I whitelisted them after they asked everyone to. I had to turn adblock back on so this game would run and turned it off again after I played it. It wasn't a big deal but I thought I'd mention it because if it happened to everyone or started to happen frequently then that would be bad for JIG.

And voting based on ads is just low.


I had the exact same experience as Dandy--I've whitelisted Jayisgames, but this game would NOT load until I had re-enabled Adblock. I tried at least four times with Adblock disabled and it locked up every time.



@Charles and Dandy

I tried in both Firefox and Chrome, with Adblock running and Jay white listed and had no problems loading at all. Also I only got one add not two, so I am not sure what is happening to you guys there. Maybe it is regional ?

Also, Tenzhi, I am surprised at you - rating a gae for an ad problem - really ?


Absolutely. A game that throws up an ad video between every level, for instance, will get a low rating from me. I don't mind a single ad at the beginning, provided it has a built-in volume control if it is a video. But two video ads before the game even starts? That's just annoying.

Note that I did not, in fact, avoid playing the game. However, if I tried to play a game and found it unplayable for whatever reason - be it bugs, game balance issues, or ads - then I would give it an appropriately low rating. If we the gamers have to accept ads as part of the gaming experience, then, like any part of the game, they should affect the rating.



Thanks for the note, and thanks for checking. I'm using Chrome, so not sure what the deal is.



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